Thursday, 5 November 2009


Saturday 31st October was the date for my next Reiki session with Aureen. As it was Samhain and the first treatment since my recent unplanned stay in hospital I did wonder what might be in store for me. :0)

I arrived in plenty of time for the session start so there was time for a quick chat with Jan, who was doubling up as receptionist again, to check a couple of details with my new treatments. She also mentioned some new healthy snack foods she'd come across whilst attending a Herbalist's Conference the previous weekend: she was hoping to start stocking them soon and got her own supplies out for Aureen and myself to try. One was a slightly sweet snack with lots of seeds and grains with currants and raisins and a light coating of honey - so light it would be OK for me to have - and it was quite tasty. The other was more savoury: different nuts coated in something that I recognised the smell of but couldn't name but it did smell good. Hope she gets them soon as it would be nice to have something healthy to nibble on when I have the munchies, instead of all those tortilla chips. :0)

It was then time to go through to the treatment room. Aureen asked how I was and I said a bit so-so. She placed her hand low and level and said that I seemed a little flat.... it was a good way to describe it. I told her about the session with Jan the day before and the new treatments and that it had made me face up to something I'd been quite happily ignoring up until then. She told me not to worry and try to think positively, as what we think we can manifest for ourselves: the key is to continually think of myself as fit, well and healthy and see white light washing through my body. My name was in the Healing Book so that would help too.

That led on to her asking how I was enjoying the Development Circle: enjoying it and I really look forward to attending each week. I then told her about the piece I'd remembered about the groups of women being beacons of light around the world (see previous Development Circle post). We agreed it was odd how things like that stayed buried in the subconscious, only to pop up years later - she also said I bet you didn't expect to be part of one of those groups, did you? I certainly didn't and her words confirmed what I had been thinking too. :0)

It was time to start the session. This time there was a different music CD in the background, one with more water and woodland sounds, which I really liked.

This session proved to be much gentler than the previous ones and with very little direct hands-on contact from Aureen, apart from when opening and closing the session and when placing some crystals on my body: afterwards she told me that this time she worked on my aura, rather than my physical body, as this would work more slowly and be longer lasting, so that I would still feel the benefits from it when I have to go to the hospital for the scan and Consultant appointments.

There was no psychic surgery or sudden rushes of energy or fractured rainbows this time. There were plenty of Chakra colours swirling behind my eyes throughout and when the CD played sounds of running water I could clearly see pictures of the places where I'd walked by rivers at various points in my life, including my most favourite place in the Lake District. There was also a point when Aureen was working on one of the Chakras when I had a really odd sensation on my tongue and my saliva glands went into overdrive and I had to swallow alot - which also coincided with running water on the CD. Not had that happen before. There was also an instance of mild nausea but that quickly went. I also saw an image of a face in my minds eye but wasn't really sure who it may have been and also, at another point, the vague outline of a figure that seemed to be dressed in buckskin "shirt" and leggings - these were a little too fleeting to be really sure.

Discussing everything with Aureen afterwards she had picked up on the nausea: I said it could well be down to the treatments Jan has me on, as I'd otherwise felt fine. She said she had been pleased to see that all my Chakras were glowing strong and bright and spinning well, a sure sign of someone who is working regularly with them. She also said that she hadn't sensed anything nasty in my abdomen when she was working on me (nor had she done so in previous sessions either) and reiterated the point about thinking positively. She also said that Archangels Rafael and Chamuel helped with the healing, which I found reassuring. :0)

She also told me that, towards the end of the treatment, the sun was shining a little through the blind and three small circles appeared across my chest/heart, then another two circles appeared, making them five, and they all stayed there for quite a while. She said it was probably to do with the way the sun shone but what she found fascinating was that they were absolutely perfect circles in a dead straight line - something she hadn't seen or had happen before. It made me smile and feel that my heart was given further healing - reinforced when I later read that Archangel Chamuel heals all heart matters. :0)

I didn't tell Aureen but I'd asked the Angels, beforehand, to give me whatever was needed to help: what I received was Peace, deep relaxation and a calming of my thoughts, along with the healing. :0)

As we were chatting Jan knocked on the door to say that Aureen's next client had arrived and that her own was also there for a colonic and she needed to take my payment and book my next session before she could see to her client. We hadn't realised the session was running over, we were so involved in our chat. Oops! So I thanked Aureen and quickly went to sort this out, then said goodbye to them both and left.

As I'd already paid a visit to both my favourite shops the day before I didn't bother this time and headed back home, via a quick visit to Tesco Express. I ended up having a sleep a little later in the afternoon. Unfortunately the rest of the weekend didn't go well for me as I came down with a stomach bug on Sunday (the reason for the flat feeling, nausea and odd sensation on my tongue perhaps?) - it also came back to haunt me Monday night but thankfully cleared up after that. To be on the safe side I phoned Jan first thing and she recommended I stop all my treatments until Wednesday, then restart the medicine at 3ml and gave me a schedule for reintroducing all but the garlic and turmeric capsules. I see her again on the 13th, when we'll discuss the hospital verdict and the treatment, along with the gall bladder flush and those other two meds. Meantime, she's emailed me details for the cholesterol diet that will help relieve the gallstones problem. I'm already avoiding some of the foodstuffs, thanks to the dairy intolerance and Candida diet - the main difference with it is that pork is off the menu now, as is roast chicken (though cooked other ways is fine). Keep going at this rate and there's going to be a very limited range of things left to eat! Still it's better than surgery - especially after what I heard about the keyhole op going wrong! LOL :0)

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