Monday, 23 November 2009


On arriving at the Clinic - a little later than I usually manage, due to sleeping through the alarm a little - I found Jan and Aureen chatting in the reception area. After saying hello Jan took my coat and said I looked a little bothered - a little, as I hate running late so had walked quite fast down the street. When I'd caught my breath Aureen took me through to the treatment room.

This time Aureen said she was going to concentrate on bringing in lots of peace, to help keep me calm for my operation, and surrounding me with lots of healing energy. As we were talking I mentioned about the names I had got in a couple of Development Circle sessions: when I think of the first name I heard I see it written in my minds eye as high up and to my left (where I "heard" it), medium sized lettering and light green colours, fairly large and with fluffy edges; on the other hand, when I think of A's name and the word job I see them low down and to my right, and as long, thin letters in white. Aureen said that it was symbolical and that I would have to work out what these things mean to me, but for her the greens for her represent the heart Chakra (love) and the fluffiness would mean that they were in need of some comfort: so she would take it that the person concerned was in need of a little more love, along with a few hugs for comfort, than usual - I said that definitely fit, as it was L's DSis and she was to undergo some treatment shortly. She didn't go into the symbolism for the other - we had to start the session and I feel she wants me to work that one out for myself....... it may take a while. LOL

So Aureen washed her hands, came back and started the CD and the session began. There was the usual movements starting the session and she held my head in her hands but very little other contact (that I was aware of) in this session. I was still aware of Aureen's movements, especially when the CD finished before the end of the session and she went over to switch it on again.... but I wasn't fully aware, as in focusing full attention on them, as I seem to do sometimes. I seemed slightly disconnected from it, though not in a negative way - I think it was more to do with being so deeply relaxed that the every day "noticing" side of my brain just wasn't concerned with those things right then.

At the end of the session Aureen gently called my name and touched my shoulder, to fetch me back, and asked if I felt peaceful. Oh, boy - did I! LOL I felt extremely peaceful and calm and a couple of times I'd actually felt like I was floating and other times it felt like I might even drift off to sleep. It was pretty obvious I was relaxed as I was slightly slurring my words initially. I then told her that I didn't know if it was due to the music or not, as it was different to the usual one, but I kept getting the oddest feeling that there had been Fairies around me and also butterfly wings and dragonflies. She laughed and said that she had also been aware of Fairies, and also Elementals, which she had thought was odd...... because the music she had played was actually an Angel music CD and she works with the Angels during her Reiki sessions. But she said that it wasn't surprising though, not only as I am a Pagan, but because I'm very strongly grounded in the Earth - they had been bringing in healing Earth energy for me. :0)

A really odd thing happened whilst Aureen held my head in her hands: I had a very clear vision of our Earth (the iconic globe as seen from space) cupped in a pair of hands - and suddenly my head was that Earth cupped in Aureen's hands and it was the weirdest sensation I've ever felt. Then it went back to the same image in front of my minds eye and the Earth changed into a crystal ball, still cupped in those hands. Then it was gone and Aureen removed her hands. I know this held a message for me.... I just have to work out what it is. Though I do feel it's relevant to what happened when I got my pack of Angel Therapy cards out the night before: I pulled out the Earth Angel card, read the details and, as I wasn't sure its message was relevant, had then put it back in the pack, shuffled again..... and out popped the Earth Angel card again. I guess it is relevant after all. :0)

Aureen then told me that part way through the session she had visualised a pyramid above the treatment bed, with the corners aligned to the four corners of the bed, and had placed us inside it. She had then visualised us inside the healing crystal cavern, within the pyramid. It made me laugh because, as I told her, believe it or not I had "seen" a quick image of the Giza pyramids and part way through the session had actually caught myself wondering if I should be doing the crystal cave meditation! She said everything showed that we had both connected extremely well during the treatment - I was so happy to have picked up on so much and am hoping that it means I am beginning to do what the message I received last week was telling me to do: to stop listening and listen.

She then told me that my Guide had appeared and stood at the bottom of the bed through much of the treatment. His message for me: he would be with me throughout on Friday and afterwards, to help give me the strength and courage to get through it. I smiled and said I had a feeling he was there, as I'd seen his face at one point during the session - it was also good to know he'd be with me, especially on Friday..... the nerves are beginning to creep in.

I then told Aureen about something that had happened on the previous day: I'd been having a nosey on eBay (as you do, LOL) when I was pulled up short by two pictures of charts that showed two different Native American's in full war bonnet style headdress. One was wearing the typical eagle feather bonnet and I enlarged the picture for a better look - great image but not enough to tempt me to buy. The other NA was wearing a bonnet made of fluffier feathers, really unusual and not one I'd seen before, so I enlarged the picture for a better look....... and promptly got the weirdest sensation in my body, sort of a dropping combined with a pulling towards the image on the computer screen - this had never happened to me before. As I told Aureen, this wouldn't be my usual choice of picture to stitch but there was something about that reaction that tells me I have to get the chart and stitch the piece for my home.

I then told her that normally, if I was ever going to stitch a NA piece, it would be for my cousin who remembers a former life as a NA brave - in fact he even remembers his death in that lifetime.... shot by a cavalryman. It was so vivid that he used to have nightmares about it when he was a child (and still doesn't sleep well as an adult). Aureen said she felt that I had probably been a NA girl in that same lifetime and had known my cousin then..... and that my Guide may well have been known to me in that lifetime too. That gave me the collywobbles and I then told her something that I hadn't shared when I told her about redoing the throat Chakra meditation at home, when I had seen my Guide with his arms outstretched towards me. I had also heard one word as he did that: Daughter. I don't know yet if it was meant as a generic term (as in, daughter in spirit, iykwim) or literally. I guess, as Aureen said, that is something that will hopefully be revealed some time in the future. :0)

As I was putting my jewellery and shoes back on I mentioned to Aureen what La had said to me as I left the Circle last week (about being sorry that I would be missing the sessions soon, but that she wouldn't miss the bossy ladies or the freezing cold). I told her that, although I had sensed something was there I hadn't known their sex or who they had been there for - I'd just assumed that, as he was right in La's aura, he was there for her..... so I felt I'd better explain that to La and ask her if he was for me. Plus also ask her (and the others) to tell me if that happens again so that I can ask whoever it is to step back and stop bothering them. Aureen said not to worry: that knowing who it was etc would gradually come to me, it's a matter of practice and reading the symbols correctly. I still think it best to check with La though......... I wouldn't want her thinking I'd deliberately ignored what was happening.

With that I gathered my bags and we headed back to reception as I thanked her. A lady was sitting on the sofa and I said hello before turning to Jan to pay my dues. I looked at the lady again when Jan introduced Aureen to her (it was her first Reiki session) - she had been one of the other attendees at the Angel Workshop, the one who lives further down the same road that I live on. I smiled at her again, then she went through for her session with Aureen. Another one of those strange coincidences...... and I do wonder if she will be joining our Circle. :0)

I paid my dues and Jan gave me a time for the next due Reiki session: the 12th December. I laughed and said that, although I'd probably be feeling very much in need of another session by then, I thought it very doubtful I'd be able to walk down to the Clinic by then. Oops! LOL

I then told Jan about the chat I'd had with the Staff Nurse about the herbal medicines I was on and that she had rung Jan as she'd wanted to speak to her about which herbs I was taking, as she'd researched them and there were certain ones that had to be stopped before having an operation. Apparently some are a blood thinner, which means problems with bleeding too much; another makes a person who has had a general anaesthetic much sleepier during and after than they should be - in all, around a dozen that could be a potential problem in various ways. So Jan felt it wise for me to stop taking the pre-food medicine after my last dose on Saturday and the post-food one after my last dose on Sunday, just to be safe. I'd already stopped taking the digestive capsules anyway. So I'll not be taking anything to keep me calm on the run up to the op now. Oh, joy! LOL

With that I was ready to leave, so she wished me well for Friday and reminded me to ring her when I was home again, to let her know how everything had gone. I thanked her and left, then rang DH to meet me in the Hospice Bookshop (far warmer in there than out on the street!) so we could go on to do some shopping. I hadn't expected to find anything in there, as I'd already raided the shelves of most of the Angel books they'd had...... but I was wrong.

As you can see I found a couple more good books to add to my esoteric collection. Strange how they've rarely had these types of books in before.... and now there are useful gems in there almost every time I go in. A big thank you to the Universe! :0)

DH arrived just as I was paying, so we went to do the shopping: a pair of slippers for me, for hospital wear (my usual sandals are looking a tad too disreputable and I don't want to be accused of spreading any nasty bacteria around ROFL; a shop in Wilko's for a couple of bits I need to take in with me and some cleaning products to stock up my cupboards. We were glad to get home after this, as the bags were heavy. The rest of the day was spent pottering doing bits and pieces around the house and DH actually got on and started cutting some of the new flooring to size, ready for it to be laid in the little bedroom - my future Craft Room. The day was completed with our regular take-out curry and an evening in front of the TV. It seemed such a mundane way to finish the day after such a wonderful Reiki session........ but at least it keeps my feet firmly planted in this world. LOL

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Julie said...

You've got me intrigued which chartyou have seen now, i am drawn to them often and think it might be time to add another to dads eagle/warrior.

I also have dads collection of 12 NA wall plates that he used to have on his walls at home and some books that i often feel myself drawn to pull out and browse through.

Maybe one day i will come across a picture/chart of my squaw in the canoe!