Monday, 16 November 2009


Friday the 13th and it was time for my review with Jan, to discuss the results from my recent blood and smear tests and relate what the Consultant's appointment had revealed, and take my treatment from there. I was anticipating a reasonable long session so set off in plenty of time.

When I arrived Jan was sat in Reception and called me in immediately. She wasn't expecting any interruptions so she said we would stay in there, as it was the warmest room in the place. I didn't mind as the leather sofa is huge and comfortable. :0)

So what had been happening? Well, I told her all about what Mr Roberts, the Gynae Consultant, has said: that the cyst was definitely benign; that because it was a large cyst it was making one ovary heavier than the other and this was making the usually mobile ovaries prone to twisting - it was due to them twisting (torsion) that had given me all the pain that resulted in having to go into hospital; that until they go in there they are never really 100% certain which ovary it is in anyway; that it was definitely still there and wasn't going to go away on its own; that if I left it there was always the chance that I'd end up with the same problem occurring; that, due to my age, it was best to take both ovaries and that that greatly reduces the risk of my developing ovarian cancer in the future (it is still possible, but the form that takes is extremely rare); taking both ovaries will mean full on menopause commencing.

I've been in peri-menopause for some time, so have already had a hint of what is to come, and that doesn't hold any worries for me - in fact I've been looking forward to my Crone/Wise Woman years and the next stage along my Path....... it's just going to come a little sooner than Nature intended, is all. :0) The biggest plus of it all is no more monthly problems and the saving of a small fortune, due to not having to buy the necessaries any more........ but mostly the no more monthlies. Yay! So I said to Mr Roberts: Bring it on! First time I've seen a Consultant crack a real smile - though he did duck his head to try and hide it.

So Jan asked if they had given any indication of when the operation would take place. Well.... Mr Roberts had quoted a Waiting List of around 18 weeks to us, which had me thinking that it was fine - far enough away not to get into a sweat about it yet. I opted for normal surgery, rather than keyhole, as I would get in quicker and avoid further delay from having to be referred to the keyhole surgeon (no straight onto his list, I'd have to be referred so I could be seen by him first, then be put on his list and then get an op date). But the lady in the Booking Office had a surprise for us: she'd got a cancellation slot so I could have my pre-op checks done on the 17th and the op on the 27th of this month.
Oh! Well I guess it's quick enough that you won't get yourself worked up too much, was the response.
Ah, don't you believe it, was mine. So I told her about when I'd had to have my tonsils out in my early 30's and the state I got in then (though it was my first ever operation), then asked her if there was anything she could give me to try and keep me calm. She said there was. Thank goodness for that! LOL

Next was a review of my food diary sheets. The tortilla habit was mentioned. They are about the only snack item I can actually eat these days, as everything else is banned (too much sugar or got dairy or yeast or another no-no ingredient in them), but I am having them quite a bit - though some of that is due to the fact that my stomach can go acidic or I just plain feel hungry, so need something. So Jan said she would make me a new mix to have after meals that would contain some herbs to help calm the acid and some to keep me calm. Meantime I was to also carry on with the last medicine mix (the before meals one) - with what was left of that and what she would give me of the new one, both should run out a bit before I am due to have my op. Ideal, as she doesn't want me taking anything whilst I am in hospital or recuperating at home afterwards except the zinc, L-Glutamine (both will aid with the healing), the Acidophilus, digestive capsules and Osteoguard - though she said nothing in the herbal mixes should cause a problem with the anaesthetic or painkillers. That was another concern cleared up. :0)

I then asked if I could be weighed. If the tortilla chips were doing any damage I needed to know, then I would know I needed to get seriously strict with myself about them. Had I put on weight? Nope. I was at 11stone 9lbs last time around................ this time I was spot on 11 1/2 stone, or 11stone 7lbs. Well I must be doing something right......................... although I have a feeling that might have been more down to the stomach upset I'd had not so long ago, rather than the diet. Not the best way to lose weight, and I really wouldn't recommend it, but still: it was a minus and not a plus. :0)

After that Jan went to mix my new, temporary medicine. When she came back I added a couple of herbal teas and some tablets that I was getting low on and paid my dues. We didn't make another appointment: basically I am to wait and see how I go after the op, then give her a ring when I feel up to going down there and she'll fit me in, hopefully before Christmas. Jan wants me to have a while herbal medicine free after the girls come out - it will allow the menopause symptoms to begin and she will be better able, then, to gauge how my hormones are reacting and how I am feeling and mix something to suit. Sounded good to me so, as her next client was on the way up, I thanked her and she wished me well and I left.

Out on the High Street I was going to walk past the Hospice Bookshop but there was a new arrangement in the window that drew my eye....... and something seemed to tell me to go in. When I did I had a look at the fiction section but nothing really drew my eye, so I wandered over to the non-fiction bit where they usually have some of the esoteric books (if they've got any). My eyes nearly popped open when I saw quite a few books with Angels as the subject, including several by Jacky Newcomb. One of the books was called An Angel a Day, so I picked it up to have a nosey......... and my jaw dropped when I saw the entry for the 13th, as the first words were: If the stores are open today, visit a bookshop and search the shelves for books on Angels. Now that was a message I really couldn't ignore, so I snapped up the ones that I didn't already have:

When I showed the lady behind the counter she couldn't believe it either. The thing is, in all the times I've been inside that book shop I have only ever found two Angel books, a lone Jacky Newcomb one that I bought and another that I already had - certainly never as many as these. I can't wait to tell the girls at the Development Circle about this. LOL :0)

I paid for them and the lady allowed me to leave them behind the counter while I went to do a bit more shopping, then I picked them up on the way back home. The bag was heavy but it was well worth the aching arms to get them home and I'll certainly enjoy reading them........ and I'll have plenty of time to read whilst I'm recuperating. LOL

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