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I'm afraid I've left the write up a little late this time around, thanks to having a stomach upset and generally feeling unwell last week, and as a consequence can't remember a great deal. I'll write what I can remember though.

I arrived first this time around, though only by minutes, which was just time enough for Aureen to ask me how the scan had gone that morning. Confusing was my reply: the left ovary was showing OK this time, it was the right ovary that was showing a cyst. It could mean that the ovaries were twisted and that was what caused me all the pain - or that the left ovary was now clear and the right ovary was showing a cyst because I was due my monthly any day. Who knows? Hopefully the Consultant will shed some light on it when I see him on the 11th.

With that L and her DD La arrived, closely followed by S1 and S2, Sh and A - a full house. :0) Unfortunately A's birthday plans of seeing Colin Fry hadn't panned out: Colin had had to cancel as he was ill with pneumonia.... all the alternative plans made didn't quite work out either, so it hadn't been a good celebration, though she could laugh about it. Apparently this type of thing always happens on her significant birthday's (it was her 30th) - she's decided she's not planning anything for her 40th as she doesn't want to risk it. LOL

We went through to the other room and settled ourselves in the circle of chairs. This week it was to be the Third Eye or Brow Chakra meditation. Aureen read us a piece by Guatama Buddha about Belief. She felt that some of us perhaps had doubts and so we needed to develop Belief - in ourselves and in what we were given and in what we felt. She told us about a time, when she was in her 20's, when she was going through a particularly bad time and had really begun to doubt everything, especially from Spirit and what happened: she woke during the night to see a shaft of light going across her bedroom and when she looked at where it was, saw a beautiful Spirit child of about 18 months just sat playing with some beautifully, brightly coloured bricks. She fell into a peaceful sleep after watching the child for about 20 minutes. She came to understand that this was Spirit's way of giving her proof that what she was truly receiving from Spirit. If she'd woken and found an adult male or female figure in her bedroom she would have felt scared and/or threatened and wouldn't have been receptive - the child was the gentlest way to be shown what she needed to see. She believed fully in herself and in Spirit from then on. What a lovely experience. :0)

I know I have doubts - self doubt in my abilities more than anything - so it was particularly relevant. Self doubt/lack of belief is probably the reason why I am blocking myself at the moment, so that list of what I need to develop is getting longer every week. It's a work in progress. :0)

Aureen then read us the piece on the Brow Chakra (separate post, as usual). With that we opened the Circle and protected ourselves - no opening of Chakras, as that would be part of the whole meditation. A deep blue candle was lit and the meditation, connecting with the darkness and light of the Celestial Realms, began.

We started by relaxing ourselves, then staring into the candle flame and see all the rainbow colours in the flame, then enter the universal light. Calm our breathing and start to open each Chakra individually, allowing each colour to wash through our whole bodies, in turn, culminating with the Brow/Third Eye Chakra. With the Brow we were to visualise the whole of the rainbow colours merge and become a black screen, on which there was a shimmering golden light - we were to go into the light and hopefully sense the stars, Angels, Gods and Goddesses all around us; absorb the energy around us and see if we heard or were given anything; then Thank them and come back to ourselves.

S2 had felt her Angel, an ever comforting presence she has been aware of for a long time, and came away with messages for a couple of the girls. Aureen said this was unusual, as usually this meditation involved receiving for yourself. S2 is a very loving and giving person - she is happy to give of herself and receive messages to give to others but seems to find it difficult to accept thing for herself, thinking it selfish. I guess some of her journey involves learning to receive.

Sh really connected again and was led further into the Light, through several of the Realms: she knew that she could have gone further, if she wanted to, but also understood that if she had she wouldn't come back. She chose to stay, as she felt there was more for her to do here. Amazing experience.

I actually saw all of the colours in the candle - it was so pretty it made me smile - though when it came to the colours in the meditation it was a little hit and miss, as I found some much easier to visualise than others (more practice needed). Things seemed to start for me when we got to the Throat Chakra: I felt a definite ache (not uncomfortable though) and saw a figure in my minds eye: initially I thought it was a Native American in full eagle feather war bonnet who stretched out his arms, but it then seemed to be a winged Isis, arms/wings outstretched, all in outline that was a glowing coppery colour.... and then seemed to be an Angel. I didn't really see any more that was clear when we moved to the Third Eye: it was all fleeting images, sort of like those all shades of grey to black images you get on a really dodgy old black and white TV - enough to know there's an image there but not clear enough to make out what it actually is. I also felt very relaxed and peaceful.
I didn't mention the Native American, as it wasn't until later that I realised I'd seen him first: I did mention thinking I'd seen what I thought was either a winged Isis or Angel and Aureen asked what I felt it had been and I said Isis, because She had been the most clear, but then said that that would be what I would hope to have seen.... and stopped, as I almost mentioned that Her image was on my bedroom altar at home and saying that would reveal that I am a Pagan and give more details than I want to at the moment, and be more than Aureen wants us to give away. I was warm throughout but I got really warm at that point LOL. I was really pleased with what I'd seen and Aureen said I should be, though she thought it was odd that it had happened at my Throat Chakra - what I didn't mention was that in the afternoon I'd redone the Throat Chakra meditation at home: I'd got to the bit about asking a question and did so but hadn't been sure I'd got a reply, so had gone on to ask my Guide to come forward....... and saw an image of a Native American in a long-sleeved buckskin "shirt", that had some kind of leather fringing hanging from the sleeves, and buckskin "trousers" and he opened his arms wide - I felt it was an opening and welcoming gesture.
As I thought about the evenings meditation later I feel the theme continued. The Throat is all about communication: I was shown my Guide, my Goddess and my Angel and I think it was telling me that the channels of communication are now open. :0)

La hadn't been too happy with her experiences this week. She felt she hadn't really connected and instead had seen images that she'd found upsetting, such as a woman with an empty pram. She felt that what she'd received were messages for someone but none of us could relate to them.

L had also felt she hadn't connected fully but had enjoyed the experience nonetheless. She tended to feel things with the colours rather than seeing anything. She was glad not to feel the previous time's frustration.

I'm afraid I can't remember S1's experiences. A felt she had been with her Guide and they had floated out into space, where they had looked back at Earth, then she got a bit giggly and said that she wasn't too sure about wanting to say what else she'd seen (I recognise the giggle as a sign of nervousness with her, showing that she's really unsure about the reactions she'll get and worried we'll think she's odd or mad). Aureen encouraged her and, with the occasional giggle, she said she had seen the face of an alien looking back at them. She'd been worried and brought her Guide's attention to it - he told her it was OK and to ignore it, but she was glad to come back from the meditation and really didn't know why she'd seen this. Aureen said not to worry about it and that the reason for it could well be revealed further along.

As it was such a long meditation there wasn't time to open for messages (although some had received them anyway! LOL) so we then passed around the Healing Book and this week L read out the prayer she had written. It was lovely - written from the heart. La volunteered to write the prayer for the following week. We are all encouraged to write one and I am struggling with inspiration for it.... and so dreading it. You'd think with all the healing I've been receiving just lately that it would be easy, wouldn't you? LOL

With this we protected ourselves and closed the Circle. Aureen then gave us this weeks printouts, then we said our goodbyes and headed home. Yes, we had the usual stop-off at Tesco Express on the way back. :0) DH and I were both tired that night, DH more so as he'd been given the ordinary flu and pneumonia jabs the previous week and had had the swine flu jab that afternoon..... needless to say, his was one of the names I added to the Healing Book that night.

So next week it's the Crown Chakra meditation. Can't wait. :0)

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How cool to see your american indian with his arms outstretched. I keep getting the urge to stitch another one to add to the one i already have (maybe i need to listen to myself!)