Tuesday, 10 November 2009


"Will you teach me to be psychic?"
Would I teach her? "It would take time," I told her. "And you would have to keep an open mind. One of the major keys to unlocking the sixth sense is belief. Belief is a magic word."

"How long would it take?"
"Six months," I decided. "Six months from sceptic to psychic."

When Mia Dolan, one of Britain's most gifted psychics, agreed to meet Rosalyn, a writer and journalist, she wasn't intending to take on a student of clairvoyance. Her student wasn't expecting to be thrust headlong into a world of mind-reading, ghost-hunting and foretelling of the future - or to see the mysteries of the afterlife revealed.
From that day they embarked on an adventure that changed them both forever...

Well the blurb on the back is a bit sensationalistic but the contents aren't. Those six months are condensed into this 314 page book, which gives a really good, practical look into how Mia taught Roz to open herself up, to use her sixth sense and allow communication with Spirit.
There are some really good hints and tips on how this was achieved and some fascinating insights into the world of Spirit and the ethics involved - some of which really hit a chord and all of which I've found really useful for my own Development, as they would easily incorporate into what I am being taught. In some instances (such as the Breathe and Drop method of relaxation) they are actually working better for me.

I've only seen Mia Dolan on TV, doing her programme about haunted homes, and had hardly been aware of her before or since, so this book wasn't one I would have automatically picked up to read, so I have my DSis to thank for the loan of it. However, it is one I would happily recommend to anyone who is thinking of developing their own spirituality, as there are plenty of nuggets of information in there that you may find of help.

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Sounds a fascinating and worthwhile read, will make a note of it. x