Thursday, 16 July 2009


There wasn't a Reiki treatment in June due to dates not aligning, which meant Saturday 4 July was my next Reiki treatment, so off I trotted down the High Street for the appointment.

Time for a quick chat with Ann before Aureen called me through to my favourite room in the Clinic. I gave Aureen a quick run down on the encounter with my DSis's neighbour: her view was a little different and gave me something else to think about later. Aureen herself has a problem neighbour and had had two stand up shouting matches with him in the past - whilst it left her shaken the neighbour seemed to thrive on it (another of those negative souls who like to feed off bad energy). So she changed her tactic: she bombarded him with love and light, with the help of the Angelic Realms, instead - he steers well clear of her now, so it seems he can't hack it. He's still a cantankerous old so-and-so, as is my DSis's neighbour, but asking the Angelic Realms to surround them with love and light will help to neutralise some of their negative energies...... and what we send out into the world comes back to us, so reaping a little of that positive act is to our benefit. :0)

I also told her about something that happened in two recent meditations. One meditation I undertook outside, during the nice weather, when I was at a low point and decided to ask for help from my angel: though it was a warm day I was sat in the shade and there was a cool breeze but several times I felt warmth on my left side, as if someone was stood there; once again the colours were vivid in my mind's eye, this time deep pink was predominant and three times, in the midst of the colour, I got the impression of a slightly feminine face. Not clear enough to see every feature, just the impression of it. Aureen felt, as I do, that this was my guardian angel, letting me know that she was there for me.

The second meditation I decided to do one morning whilst I was still in bed and still a little upset. Whilst everything came through very clearly at the time and I understood every word spoken I struggled to recall it clearly later, but this was the gist of it: once again there was a figure stood to my left but this time she stepped forward saying "I am called Petra and I am here to help". Then she said something about an Archangel (though I can't recall which) and something about being sent from the Seventh Realm and as she placed her hands on my stomach and shoulder a feeling of warmth and calm enveloped me. I must have fallen asleep then because I started to have a really surreal dream (lots of symbolical meaning in it) and was startled awake big time when the phone rang. (Don't you just hate that? My poor heart took ages to settle down to a normal beat again! LOL)

Aureen smiled and confirmed that there is a Seventh Angelic Realm but she didn't give me much more information...... I have the feeling I need to be patient and wait, take time to develop further and then the significance of it will all become much clearer to me. :0)

On to the bed to relax under the fleecy blanket whilst Aureen went to wash her hands, then the treatment began when she returned.

This time, though my eyes closed immediately, my mind seemed determined to stay pretty active and kept wandering off at a tangent.... which initially made me wonder if I was ever going to relax enough to get into it. I really should know better by now: the things that kept my mind active were the things I needed to deal with, to acknowledge them one more time before letting them go/handing them over to the Universe to take care of. (Told you I am a slow learner, didn't I? LOL). Each thought came..... then went..... and each time I felt more relaxed and more at Peace.

There were the usual colours behind my eyes, though deep blue seemed a little more dominant this time, and that was especially vivid when Aureen worked on my third eye, and there was a flash of peacock colours in there too. Again I had the impression of wings, then a swift vision of the white dove of Peace. Aureen's hands seemed quite hot through most of the treatment and there was the distinct buzz in my ears when her hands were working on my head and occasionally there seemed to be a slight vibration through the treatment bed. When she was working on my base chakra her hands were on my hips but then I got a little confused as I could hear her walking around the bed, ready to work on the opposite side of me, but could still feel hands on my hips. Yes, just confused and not freaked out - I seem able to accept whatever happens in that room as perfectly natural. It would be good to gain that level of trust and acceptance outside of the treatment room, so I don't get into a flap whenever I see or hear anything that is "out of the ordinary"....... I so look forward to that day. :0)

As the treatment went on I gradually felt myself becoming deeply relaxed until, once again, it felt as though I was going to fall asleep. Yep, Aureen had worked her mojo on me once again. LOL

Discussing everything with Aureen afterwards she said that immediatley she started the session an Angel entered the room: he didn't say anything, just smiled and enfolded us both with his wings and brought Peace (so that explained the wings and the white dove); as she worked on me she felt my third eye was much more active and when she worked on it her own third eye got really hot and she felt the energy from her being pulled through her third eye into my body through mine, which she felt was a good sign and said I would probably start to notice that mine will become much more active now. As she worked on my throat chakra she saw deep turquoise blue (peacock colours I saw?). As for the hip thing: my base chakra was hard work to open, as it was coiled as tight as a spring - it was the wrong end of the month and I'd been getting quite a bit of discomfort this time round, so we both thought that was part of the problem. As she was working on it she was actually bent over me and a Guide came in, stood behind her and told her to stop slouching and stand up straight (she laughed and said she'd been told off, LOL) - the hands that I could feel after she moved were his, as he probably felt more help was needed there. She didn't say so but I think the Guide was mine - unfortunately, apart from the hands, I didn't see or sense anything else at the time and Aureen won't tell me more, as she feels it's part of a persons development to meet and learn more about their Guides for themselves. Fair enough. :0)

As I was getting ready to leave she then told me that there was some good news: she hopes to be re-starting the Development Circle very soon. S, the young woman who attended the Angel Workshop, is definitely interested in being part of the Circle and a woman who was having a Tarot reading that afternoon had previously expressed an interest, along with a friend of hers, so she was going to speak to her again about it. Aureen would be happy to run the group with just the four of us....... so fingers and everything else crossed that they are still interested and it starts again soon. Yay!

After saying my goodbyes I saw Ann and paid my dues but I couldn't book my next Reiki appointment: Aureen's next available date is 1 August...... the day we are travelling back from our holiday in the Lake District and there's no way we could get back in time for me to make it to the Clinic. I asked Ann to make a note that if Aureen was able to make another date in August to please let me know, so I can book a session - otherwise I just have to wait until September. After another natter with Ann I then headed home, feeling very relaxed and much more at Peace with the recent happenings. :0)