Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Well things almost didn't go to plan this week and I was wondering if I was going to miss my final pre-op session at the Circle due to DH being really late back from work....... it wasn't until I left a voice mail message asking where he was and suggesting that I might just have a go at driving myself in his precious Honda that he contacted me to say he was on his way home. Thankfully he was fine about waiting for his tea until after he'd dropped me off....... the thought of another meal from the chippy (something we rarely have these days) kept him happy. Whoever said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach was a genius........ and must have been a woman. ROFL

Just to be safe I sent a text to Aureen to let her know I was on my way, as I didn't want to turn up to find that they had already gone through to start the session, so wouldn't answer the door. When I got there I wasn't actually the last to arrive, thankfully, though I apologised. Aureen said not to worry as she'd asked S1 to wait until everybody was there before telling us all what had happened to her during her meditation. I was so relieved, as I'd thought I'd miss it and I'd been on tenterhooks all week wanting to know what had happened.

As we were waiting the Healing Book was circulated so names could be added before the session. Once A arrived S1 told us what had happened. When, one session, someone had asked Aureen how we would know the difference between what our minds are telling us and genuine Spirit contact she had replied that we would just know as soon as it happened. Well S1 had been practising the Root Chakra meditation when she suddenly heard her Dad (crossed over) say her name in exactly the way he used to - she knew that it was him. He gave her a personal message, something that he'd never said to her in life, and afterwards she sobbed. But it was also a healing, as it made her realise what a hard life he had had and that that had contributed to how he had been with herself and her siblings when they were growing up....... and that she herself had been her father's daughter with her own DD, as she grew up, with strictness. It also helped her to realise a few things about how she dealt with certain things in her life, so she was now consciously trying to stop negative thought patterns and use positive visualisation........ and that had helped her deal with her DD's recent health problems. We were so pleased for her...... and she seemed to have gained in confidence since the last session she had attended and it was good to see. :0)

After this we made our way into the other room to start this weeks session. Aureen did a recap on things she had told us about sitting in a Circle, such as: ensuring you have a meal at least 3 hours before coming (something I've been doing wrong, as it's usually only around 1 1/2 to 2 hours beforehand) - your body is too busy digesting and that makes it sluggish and harder to work with the energies; make sure you do eat though, as being hungry can be just as distracting; no alcohol or drugs, as you need to be in control at all times; always ensuring you have your bubble of protection in place, etc etc. These "rules" hold just as true when undertaking meditation or psychic work at home/elsewhere too. It was good to do the recap: it acts as a reminder that, although we may be enjoying what we are doing, what we are doing shouldn't be undertaken lightly and that there is a code of ethics to abide by.

Aureen then told us that this week she had decided to take us through a cleansing meditation and that afterwards we would be trying some psychometry.

After opening the Circle Aureen asked if we opened our Chakras by visualising a coloured flower. La, L and S1 did - S2 used opening curtains, A said she had tried but had seemed to change to seeing spinning discs that went through her body (it sounded very much like the image Aureen had given us of the Chakras at the beginning) and I had tried the flowers but had found it difficult to put the colours and flowers together, so had been using opening coloured doors imagery which seemed to be easier for me. She said that it seemed that A and S2 and probably me had found the way that suited us, so that was OK - though she said it would be useful to try visualising another way of opening our Chakras, as it would give us the opportunity to see if another way would work better and gave a few examples.

We went on to place ourselves in our bubbles, grounded ourselves and opened our Chakras - I opted to stay with the doors imagery, as I do struggle with visualisation at times. We kept our eyes closed and went on to listen to our breathing, concentrating on thinking In and Out as we breathed in and out - this is another thing to practice, as it helps us to focus and eventually we will find that doing it takes us into the quiet inner space within, where everyday thoughts and outside noises won't impinge. That is the place from which we will learn to "work". We then had to imagine stepping into a forest that was just ours, with no one else around and where we were perfectly safe. We were to notice what was underfoot and smell the forest. Then we walked along a path to a waterfall. We then had to walk into the waterfall and allow the water to wash over us and our auras, then into our bodies through the Crown Chakra and imagine it washing away all the negativity which flowed out through our fingertips and toes. Once it had all washed out we came out and sat on a grassy bank and allowed the sun to dry us, then walked back and came back to ourselves. We had all really enjoyed this meditation.

Aureen immediately asked S2 how she felt. Much better: she'd been having issues with her gift and it occasionally caused problems in her family when she knew things she wasn't supposed to (sounds like they don't know or won't accept that she's an extremely gifted psychic!). She felt her way of dealing with Spirit and certain issues arising from it was a touch on the brutal side and felt that this would be a much better way for her to deal with it. It sounded like she'd been carrying much of the negativity in her Solar Plexus Chakra, as she described a backache she'd developed through there....... and that had eased substantially. Later she said she had been in a winter forest and had smelt pine - after the cleansing she felt like she'd had a minty shower.

S1: I think hers was a summer forest with lovely sunshine, the water had been a vivid bluey white and she also felt all minty.
A: had walked through an autumnal forest, had been in clear water and felt refreshed.
L: I think hers was also an autumnal forest, lots of leaves under foot. Can't remember the water but she also felt fresh and peaceful.

My usual photo stills but with a little movement at times. My forest was giant redwood trees - I remembered thinking it was odd and trying to think of the many wooded areas we had walked in - but the imagery persisted. There were lots of pine needles underfoot. When Aureen said smell the scents I promptly sneezed - I apologised afterwards, as they'd all heard me, and explained that pine disinfectant makes me feel like that too. LOL The waterfall was lovely (kind of like the Jurassic Park one) and the water was white. I saw the negativity washing out as brown sludgy stuff. The grassy bank was a lush tussock. I felt as freshly scrubbed as I do when I come out of a real shower.

This was when S2 mentioned smelling pine etc.

La: I think hers was also autumnal and she had also smelt pine. She has a problem with water (presumably stemming from her past life as a fisherman, when she drowned) so only felt comfortable putting half of her body under the waterfall but had still felt clean afterwards. It was one she said she would work on and see if she could get more comfortable with the water.

Next Aureen read out a piece about psychometry, this one by Ursula Roberts and not her Guide. She said that some people were really good at it but others didn't do so well, it was basically a case of having a go and seeing what happened. We all had to gently rub our hands together, and then our fingertips, to stimulate our hand Chakras - something that healers also do, apparently -and the object had to be held in the left hand.

First S1 gave A a gold bracelet of hers. A picked up a big garden and sitting out in it. She felt a bit self-conscious with being first, I think. She also picked up a small, fluffy white dog like a Westie - not S1's but she did have a friend who had one. S1 hadn't seen her friend recently but she said she had been thinking she ought to get in touch with her - Aureen said to see it as a prompt to do so. There was also a red car and something to do with the car (A thought tax or MOT or similar) - S1 owned it, but said she was trying to sell it.

Then A gave S1 her crucifix necklace. She picked up a house with a garden that backed on to fields - A didn't recognise it but said it was the type of place she would like to live one day. The only other fields she could think of were those she drove past when going to see her OH. Can't remember if she saw anything else.

Next Aureen asked L to pass something of hers to me. There was a debate over what to give as she wore few personal items. She did have on a large watch but she said that that was someone else's, though she wore it - Aureen said to give it to me anyway and see what would happen. So I took the watch in my left hand and.......... immediately my body started reacting: I felt unwell and my heart started racing - I said: I really don't feel great. My heart is going ten to the dozen. S1 asked if it was like palpitations - yes, a bit like that, but more so. L said she could take that but needed more - the watch was M's and looked me in the eye as she said it. I didn't know who M was but closed my eyes again and immediately felt like crying and said so. L said she could take that too. I then said that I didn't like it and turned to L and virtually shoved the watch at her and she took it. My heart was gradually slowing but I still didn't feel quite right and S1 asked if it was like a panic attack - a bit like that, as I used to suffer from them and I really didn't like the sensation and didn't want it to set me off.

Aureen got me to visualise the waterfall and cleanse away the negative feelings and I felt better. She then said that I shouldn't have given the watch back to L but should have cleansed and carried on - as she explained: if, in the future, we go on to do readings for people, we can't stop just because we don't like something - we have to learn to deal with it by cleansing, then carry on with the reading and I might have picked up more, otherwise I had done really well. I said it was way more than I had anticipated, as I really didn't expect to pick up anything. I apologised to L for having shoved the watch back at her but it had been instinctive. I thought about it today and what I keep getting is that it was too close to home: the tears were L's and I think it was grieving, the heart was M's and was due to a heart problem/condition. Too much like my own circumstances with my Mum - as well as it being an uncomfortable reminder of the panic attack sensations which I really don't want to revisit.

I then handed L a ring of mine telling her that I bought it secondhand but have had it donkeys years. She held it for a while and then said that she wasn't really getting anything....... though she said the ring felt really cold to her and that she'd felt her throat tighten up, feeling constricted. I smiled because there she was saying she wasn't getting anything and she had: I told her about the regular problems I have with my hands going really cold and struggling to get them warmed up again (what I'd forgotten was something relevant that had happened that day: the heating boiler lost pressure in the early afternoon and I ended up freezing my backside off for ages, wondering why it wasn't getting any warmer when I tweaked the thermostat up - until I finally felt the radiators and realised what the problem was, tweaked the valve and got it working again. Must remember to tell her about that!); the throat constriction stems from problems I had in my early 30's, when all of my throat area used to swell up like a bullfrog's - it used to restrict my wind and food pipe and made swallowing food and water really difficult and I couldn't lay flat on my back as I couldn't breathe properly, which resulted in having my sinuses flushed and an op to remove my tonsils, since then I very occasionally get a minor flare up of swelling when I get a bout of sinusitis. Well done L! :0)

Next La handed a swipe card to S2: she picked up all kinds of details about the type of job she did; something she'd done at work; food; something about a door and a few other things too. La owned it all - the most impressive thing being that the food was actually what her kids had had for tea that night! Aureen asked her how she got these things, whether she saw them or felt them. She sees them as a movie in her minds eye - that meant she was getting them clairvoyantly.

S2 handed a piece of jewellery to La (I think): La got her parents; her dog; flowers and several other things that I can't remember. S2 owned every one of them. Aureen asked how she got them and I can't remember quite what she said but what she saw was veiled, or like looking through a veil. Clairvoyance again, I think.

Next it was our turn to pass a ring of Aureen's around the Circle to see what each of us could pick up on. There was an awful lot of information here and it's a struggle to remember it all. Suffice to say that all the girls came up with something different, usually several somethings, and all had hits (her cat, pottery she collects, links with friends and places among many). I didn't get anything. My hand felt warmer when I held it (and even tingled a little afterwards) but I told her I felt blocked with her, partly because she gives me Reiki - I know a few things I've gathered there, so I kept thinking that I couldn't say any of these things..... and was so busy doing that I didn't get anything - plus she's the "teacher" and it felt odd to do it, iykwim. I didn't say but I the incident with L's watch had freaked me out a tad and I wasn't too keen on risking a repeat.

Aureen said that she was surprised that I hadn't picked up something, as there was something in particular that she felt me of all people would have got. She wouldn't say what that was, as we would be doing this again some time and she hoped I would get it then.

Of course it's left me wondering what on Earth it is..... LOL

Next was a check that everyone that wanted to had had the chance to add names to the Healing Book. I said I hoped it was OK that I'd put my cousin's name in again - last time I hadn't known the date of his op and now I did. He's having a major back operation on the 4th December, to relieve painful nerve pressure on his spine - there's only a 40% chance of it working and there's a high risk of him ending his days in a wheelchair.... he's just into his 40's. He's in so much pain he's willing to take the risk. He needs all the prayers and Good Luck vibes going. I also put a couple more names in too. :0)

A couple of the girls asked if my name was in it and Aureen said that it was - I knew she had already put me in, as she told me earlier, and I thanked her for it.

With this it was time to close our Chakras, protect ourselves, release our anchors and close the Circle. The closing prayer Aureen said this week included asking for healing and protection for me during and after my op and a hope that I would soon be back with all within the Circle. So thoughtful and kind. :0) As the prayer was being said L's hand tightened on mine, as if adding a little extra support and strength - she really is a very caring and compassionate person. I thanked them all and said that I hoped to be back with them.... and had had a couple of weeks in my head. Aureen said she thought that I probably wouldn't be and it would more than likely be the other side of Christmas before I felt like sitting long enough to get through a session. I said deep down I realised that, being realistic, her estimate was more likely but I was thinking positively and going to hope for the best. I said I'd know when I was ready to cope with a session because I'd be able to sit up to my computer to do my blogging, emailing and catching up with my Forums. LOL

There was a quick discussion on whether everyone wanted to carry on with the sessions through Christmas and New Year, as Aureen was quite happy to do so, or if they wanted a break. La, L and S2 were going to be away for some of the festive season so it was decided that the 15th would be the last session and they'd recommence on 5th January. I made a note of it in my diary and Aureen remarked that by then I would definitely be OK for rejoining the group. Yay! :0)

We all started heading for the door then so, as I wouldn't be seeing them beforehand, I wished them all a good Christmas and New year. L gave me a hug and peck on my cheek and S2 gave me a hug too. La said she wasn't the touchy feely type so she'd give me a wave instead and I laughed - I commented that I used to be very much like that but that I was getting better. S2 made a crack about that making her want to grab me again. LOL So we said our goodbyes and headed for cars. I will really miss them and the sessions, so am going to concentrate on getting better a.s.a.p. LOL

The chip shop smell hit me as soon as I got in the car...... fishcake, chips and mushy peas had been on the menu. Oink! LOL He asked how it had gone so I told him some of what had happened - the bits I knew he'd be comfortable with. A quick stop off at Tesco Express for a few bits and pieces and then home and a quick phone call to my DSis to tell her all about the evening, then a watch of Most Haunted to round the evening off nicely.

I was well ready for my bed that night, I can tell you. :0)

Monday, 23 November 2009


On arriving at the Clinic - a little later than I usually manage, due to sleeping through the alarm a little - I found Jan and Aureen chatting in the reception area. After saying hello Jan took my coat and said I looked a little bothered - a little, as I hate running late so had walked quite fast down the street. When I'd caught my breath Aureen took me through to the treatment room.

This time Aureen said she was going to concentrate on bringing in lots of peace, to help keep me calm for my operation, and surrounding me with lots of healing energy. As we were talking I mentioned about the names I had got in a couple of Development Circle sessions: when I think of the first name I heard I see it written in my minds eye as high up and to my left (where I "heard" it), medium sized lettering and light green colours, fairly large and with fluffy edges; on the other hand, when I think of A's name and the word job I see them low down and to my right, and as long, thin letters in white. Aureen said that it was symbolical and that I would have to work out what these things mean to me, but for her the greens for her represent the heart Chakra (love) and the fluffiness would mean that they were in need of some comfort: so she would take it that the person concerned was in need of a little more love, along with a few hugs for comfort, than usual - I said that definitely fit, as it was L's DSis and she was to undergo some treatment shortly. She didn't go into the symbolism for the other - we had to start the session and I feel she wants me to work that one out for myself....... it may take a while. LOL

So Aureen washed her hands, came back and started the CD and the session began. There was the usual movements starting the session and she held my head in her hands but very little other contact (that I was aware of) in this session. I was still aware of Aureen's movements, especially when the CD finished before the end of the session and she went over to switch it on again.... but I wasn't fully aware, as in focusing full attention on them, as I seem to do sometimes. I seemed slightly disconnected from it, though not in a negative way - I think it was more to do with being so deeply relaxed that the every day "noticing" side of my brain just wasn't concerned with those things right then.

At the end of the session Aureen gently called my name and touched my shoulder, to fetch me back, and asked if I felt peaceful. Oh, boy - did I! LOL I felt extremely peaceful and calm and a couple of times I'd actually felt like I was floating and other times it felt like I might even drift off to sleep. It was pretty obvious I was relaxed as I was slightly slurring my words initially. I then told her that I didn't know if it was due to the music or not, as it was different to the usual one, but I kept getting the oddest feeling that there had been Fairies around me and also butterfly wings and dragonflies. She laughed and said that she had also been aware of Fairies, and also Elementals, which she had thought was odd...... because the music she had played was actually an Angel music CD and she works with the Angels during her Reiki sessions. But she said that it wasn't surprising though, not only as I am a Pagan, but because I'm very strongly grounded in the Earth - they had been bringing in healing Earth energy for me. :0)

A really odd thing happened whilst Aureen held my head in her hands: I had a very clear vision of our Earth (the iconic globe as seen from space) cupped in a pair of hands - and suddenly my head was that Earth cupped in Aureen's hands and it was the weirdest sensation I've ever felt. Then it went back to the same image in front of my minds eye and the Earth changed into a crystal ball, still cupped in those hands. Then it was gone and Aureen removed her hands. I know this held a message for me.... I just have to work out what it is. Though I do feel it's relevant to what happened when I got my pack of Angel Therapy cards out the night before: I pulled out the Earth Angel card, read the details and, as I wasn't sure its message was relevant, had then put it back in the pack, shuffled again..... and out popped the Earth Angel card again. I guess it is relevant after all. :0)

Aureen then told me that part way through the session she had visualised a pyramid above the treatment bed, with the corners aligned to the four corners of the bed, and had placed us inside it. She had then visualised us inside the healing crystal cavern, within the pyramid. It made me laugh because, as I told her, believe it or not I had "seen" a quick image of the Giza pyramids and part way through the session had actually caught myself wondering if I should be doing the crystal cave meditation! She said everything showed that we had both connected extremely well during the treatment - I was so happy to have picked up on so much and am hoping that it means I am beginning to do what the message I received last week was telling me to do: to stop listening and listen.

She then told me that my Guide had appeared and stood at the bottom of the bed through much of the treatment. His message for me: he would be with me throughout on Friday and afterwards, to help give me the strength and courage to get through it. I smiled and said I had a feeling he was there, as I'd seen his face at one point during the session - it was also good to know he'd be with me, especially on Friday..... the nerves are beginning to creep in.

I then told Aureen about something that had happened on the previous day: I'd been having a nosey on eBay (as you do, LOL) when I was pulled up short by two pictures of charts that showed two different Native American's in full war bonnet style headdress. One was wearing the typical eagle feather bonnet and I enlarged the picture for a better look - great image but not enough to tempt me to buy. The other NA was wearing a bonnet made of fluffier feathers, really unusual and not one I'd seen before, so I enlarged the picture for a better look....... and promptly got the weirdest sensation in my body, sort of a dropping combined with a pulling towards the image on the computer screen - this had never happened to me before. As I told Aureen, this wouldn't be my usual choice of picture to stitch but there was something about that reaction that tells me I have to get the chart and stitch the piece for my home.

I then told her that normally, if I was ever going to stitch a NA piece, it would be for my cousin who remembers a former life as a NA brave - in fact he even remembers his death in that lifetime.... shot by a cavalryman. It was so vivid that he used to have nightmares about it when he was a child (and still doesn't sleep well as an adult). Aureen said she felt that I had probably been a NA girl in that same lifetime and had known my cousin then..... and that my Guide may well have been known to me in that lifetime too. That gave me the collywobbles and I then told her something that I hadn't shared when I told her about redoing the throat Chakra meditation at home, when I had seen my Guide with his arms outstretched towards me. I had also heard one word as he did that: Daughter. I don't know yet if it was meant as a generic term (as in, daughter in spirit, iykwim) or literally. I guess, as Aureen said, that is something that will hopefully be revealed some time in the future. :0)

As I was putting my jewellery and shoes back on I mentioned to Aureen what La had said to me as I left the Circle last week (about being sorry that I would be missing the sessions soon, but that she wouldn't miss the bossy ladies or the freezing cold). I told her that, although I had sensed something was there I hadn't known their sex or who they had been there for - I'd just assumed that, as he was right in La's aura, he was there for her..... so I felt I'd better explain that to La and ask her if he was for me. Plus also ask her (and the others) to tell me if that happens again so that I can ask whoever it is to step back and stop bothering them. Aureen said not to worry: that knowing who it was etc would gradually come to me, it's a matter of practice and reading the symbols correctly. I still think it best to check with La though......... I wouldn't want her thinking I'd deliberately ignored what was happening.

With that I gathered my bags and we headed back to reception as I thanked her. A lady was sitting on the sofa and I said hello before turning to Jan to pay my dues. I looked at the lady again when Jan introduced Aureen to her (it was her first Reiki session) - she had been one of the other attendees at the Angel Workshop, the one who lives further down the same road that I live on. I smiled at her again, then she went through for her session with Aureen. Another one of those strange coincidences...... and I do wonder if she will be joining our Circle. :0)

I paid my dues and Jan gave me a time for the next due Reiki session: the 12th December. I laughed and said that, although I'd probably be feeling very much in need of another session by then, I thought it very doubtful I'd be able to walk down to the Clinic by then. Oops! LOL

I then told Jan about the chat I'd had with the Staff Nurse about the herbal medicines I was on and that she had rung Jan as she'd wanted to speak to her about which herbs I was taking, as she'd researched them and there were certain ones that had to be stopped before having an operation. Apparently some are a blood thinner, which means problems with bleeding too much; another makes a person who has had a general anaesthetic much sleepier during and after than they should be - in all, around a dozen that could be a potential problem in various ways. So Jan felt it wise for me to stop taking the pre-food medicine after my last dose on Saturday and the post-food one after my last dose on Sunday, just to be safe. I'd already stopped taking the digestive capsules anyway. So I'll not be taking anything to keep me calm on the run up to the op now. Oh, joy! LOL

With that I was ready to leave, so she wished me well for Friday and reminded me to ring her when I was home again, to let her know how everything had gone. I thanked her and left, then rang DH to meet me in the Hospice Bookshop (far warmer in there than out on the street!) so we could go on to do some shopping. I hadn't expected to find anything in there, as I'd already raided the shelves of most of the Angel books they'd had...... but I was wrong.

As you can see I found a couple more good books to add to my esoteric collection. Strange how they've rarely had these types of books in before.... and now there are useful gems in there almost every time I go in. A big thank you to the Universe! :0)

DH arrived just as I was paying, so we went to do the shopping: a pair of slippers for me, for hospital wear (my usual sandals are looking a tad too disreputable and I don't want to be accused of spreading any nasty bacteria around ROFL; a shop in Wilko's for a couple of bits I need to take in with me and some cleaning products to stock up my cupboards. We were glad to get home after this, as the bags were heavy. The rest of the day was spent pottering doing bits and pieces around the house and DH actually got on and started cutting some of the new flooring to size, ready for it to be laid in the little bedroom - my future Craft Room. The day was completed with our regular take-out curry and an evening in front of the TV. It seemed such a mundane way to finish the day after such a wonderful Reiki session........ but at least it keeps my feet firmly planted in this world. LOL

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Despite it being my DH's birthday it was a bit of an odd day, as I'd had to go to the hospital for my pre-op checks in the morning - not quite what either of us expected to be doing, really. LOL He was also quite happy to carry on as usual and take me to the Development Circle in the evening, have his quiet session reading his paper and magazine in the car, then going off to the pub for a half before picking me up again later.

When I arrived this week S2 had gone up the drive literally seconds before I got out of the drive and L and La were already inside. They asked how it had gone at the hospital - Aureen already knew, as she'd phoned me last week to ask - so I gave the others the run down on the outcome of the Consultant's appointment and the checks I'd had that morning. A and Sh arrived soon after, A saying that she would only be able to attend every other week until she could find a reliable babysitter - such a shame, so we hoped that she found one very soon. Aureen then told us that S1 wouldn't be coming this week: her DD was having problems again so she had gone to Manchester to be with her but she had asked how my appointment had gone and, as Aureen knew, had told her - she wished me all the best for the op. Such a kind thing to do. :0) She was also very excited about something that had happened during a meditation she did at home and had so wanted to share it with us, but it would now have to wait until the following week - I am so hope we do both manage to attend, as waiting a whole week to find out what happened is bad enough, I can't wait until after I've recovered from the op! We all told Aureen she was a cruel woman, telling us a little but keeping the best bit back. LOL

As we were all there who were expected this week we went through into the other room to sit in the Circle. This week La sat across from me, rather than next to me......... she wasn't too keen on risking a repeat of the previous weeks experience, as I found out later. I had S2 to my left and A to my right. Aureen told us that this week we were going to do a meditation that she had chosen specifically with me in mind (stunned me) because of my present circumstances, as it was one she had found particularly useful when she had undergone the same op some years previously. It was a healing crystal meditation and it was one we would all find useful to go back to from time to time, but I would benefit from it whilst in hospital and recuperating. Before starting it the Healing Book was circulated for us to put names in and send healing into and Aureen said she had already put my name in, so I thanked her. :0) Unfortunately no one had written and brought a prayer - S1 had said she would write one fully expecting to be here, so none of us had. I did mention having read a Gaelic Blessing a few days before that I loved and wondered if it would be appropriate to bring that one week - Aureen asked if it was about healing.... well, healing was mentioned, so she said to being it. (Note to self: don't forget to write it out and take it in next week!).

Once the book had been handed back to Aureen she put it to one side and reached for a large clear quartz crystal: as the meditation was going to involve a visit to a crystal cave she had brought one of her own crystals to help us connect with crystal energy, and she placed it on the floor in the middle of the Circle. I so wanted to put my hands near it, to get a feel of the energy from it but there wasn't the opportunity to do so. It was explained that once the Circle was opened we were to protect and then ground ourselves but not to open our Chakras, as that was to be part of the meditation and she would talk us through it.

Without further ado the Circle was opened etc. Aureen then turned the lamp off and the meditation started. The Chakras were opened in turn, with us imagining that each was a spinning wheel in the appropriate colour (sheesh, I've just got used to seeing opening coloured doors to do this - spinning wheels was difficult). We then had to see ourselves walking along our country lane, seeing the gate to our garden but passing it by, then another gate to an open meadow but passing it, then arriving onto a view of a beautiful beach of white sand with the sea to one side, smelling the sea air and feeling the sun shining. As we approached the beach there was a horse waiting and we were to take note of it's colour etc, then we were to climb on its back and ride it long the beach, smelling its smell etc. The horse would take us to a cave further along the beach where it would stop and we were to climb off and go into the cave, taking note of sensations etc. As we got deeper into the cave we would enter a cavern covered in crystals, noticing colours etc, then see a bed which we were to lay on and place crystals on our Chakras and see what happened. After a while we were to get up and walk back to the entrance but noticing a crystal that we were to pick up and take with us, as it was ours - giving thanks for all that we'd received as we left. We then had to get back onto our horse, to take us back to the country lane, dismounting and thanking him/her, walk back along the country lane and come back to ourselves. Quite a journey!

La's horse was white, can't remember her bed or crystal, and she had seen everything really well and felt the difference walking from the sunny beach into the cave.

L: can't remember her horse but she had felt the sun wrinkling her face, felt colder when she'd walked into the cave. Can't remember her bed. She came away with a dark green crystal, though she didn't know what it was called.

A: think her horse was a chestnut with a black mane. She had a bed with ornate brass head and foot boards and she had placed the appropriate coloured crystals on her body and also a clear quartz one with each (clear quartz is an amplifier of other crystals). Her crystal was an amethyst, exactly the same as one she bought a while ago but had mislaid. Aureen said she should try to find it, as it was obvious she was being told she needed to work with it. She said she wasn't sure where it was but she'd look for it - then said she'd just been told it was at the back of her bed, so she would check when she got home.

I told them that I don't seem to see the meditations unfold like a film as they seem to do (and am left wondering that I may not regain this knack), but tend to get key images, like photo stills, flash into my minds eye: the country lane I can hold for a while (but not see me walking along it); the gates; a sunny beach and sea; initially a black horse but this changed to my pinto pony (whenever I was swinging on a swing as a child I always saw myself as a Native American girl riding across a huge plain on a pinto pony - no problems visualising then); the cave entrance; the crystal cavern, sparkling with rainbow colours; swirls of Chakra colours behind my eyes; an old-fashioned four poster bed (that surprised me - so unlike my real one!); a rose quartz crystal. I had felt deeply relaxed throughout, occasionally a drifting sensation (not unpleasant - totally different from the feeling you get when you're not properly grounded) and had really enjoyed it. I didn't mention the feelings of cobwebs on my face I'd also had at times.

S2: a black horse (perhaps I'd picked up on that initially?); rainbow crystals in the cavern; a stone bed with a thick white fur on it; a rainbow coloured crystal, the same as one she had at home but didn't know the name of (perhaps a rainbow quartz, rainbow moonstone or mystic topaz).

Sh: initially she had a gentleman come up to her but she told him not now, come back later (he did). I can't remember her horse, she had a plain camp bed - spartan but really comfortable - and I think hers was a clear quartz crystal.

There was more from everyone but I can't remember it - there was an awful lot happened.

Aureen felt we had all connected really well and had each gained something from it. One of the girls said she hadn't wanted to leave the crystal cave as she felt she had forgotten something but Aureen said not to worry, as this was a lovely meditation she would like us to do again whenever we felt the need and that if she did she would probably connect and discover what it was another time. I shall definitely be doing this one again in hospital, and afterwards, so long as the pain doesn't stop me from focusing too much.

Next we were to open ourselves for clairvoyance, so off went the lamp again. I have no idea how long we wait during this but sometimes it seems ages, others no time at all. :0)

La saw: a bossy lady with brown curly hair and wearing tweeds for me and she was giving me a pearl necklace and yellow tulips but I couldn't think who it was, unfortunately; she saw a little boy in wellingtons for A (she has 3 boys) and saw them visiting a museum, with penny farthings and similar - A said she hadn't been anywhere like that she could think of but may well end up doing so; for S2 she saw a large, fluffy white rabbit - she recognised it as a childhood pet.

L: had thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as always, but felt her brain had just gone in to free-wheel mode and that she hadn't got anything.

A: had seen random images but didn't know who they were for. Aureen felt that most of what she had received was for herself and that A needed to think about how they could apply to what was happening in her life at the moment and also meditate on them and see if anything else was given. She had felt a woman between herself and me, which had La and me looking at one another, but said that her shoulder and arm had felt really warm. La and I laughed at that and said that it was a total change from the previous week and, as A hadn't been there, explained about the man who had half frozen La.

I didn't see anything but had the cobweb feeling across my face so badly that I had desperately wanted to rub my hands over it. I'd also distinctly felt a poke to the side of my left knee and then, a little after, one to my left upper arm and I knew that it wasn't S2 that had done it - both hadn't frightened me but they had made me jump, which meant I'd had to settle myself down and start over again with the focusing. S2 said she knew what that was about but would wait for her turn to say. I'd also heard two words, very softly spoken and to my right, the side A was sat: A's name and Job. I said that I really wasn't sure if it was just me (like L's free-wheeling brain thing) or not but I had to ask, so turned to A and asked her if she had an issue about or with a job - not her partner but her - although I didn't know what it was about. She looked a little startled and said that yes, she had actually, though didn't go in to details then. Not as startled as me, as I'd almost said I hadn't received anything! LOL I couldn't help it, I said: Yes, I got something. At last! Thank you! That made everyone laugh.

S2 said for me a man had stood between herself and me and had poked me and said: Stop listening and listen. It was so accurate I rolled my eyes and gave a wry grin - message received and it had to be from my Guide. :0)

For A she mentioned her partner, working with music and her feeling lonely, plus a couple more personal things. A owned it: it seems that her partner had decided to get a job as a night club DJ again, which would mean her hardly seeing him and would leave her feeling lonely and she definitely wasn't happy about it but didn't have much choice. So that explained what I had got too.

She then described seeing La as a boy and man in Scotland in 1703. L was La's mother then too and had the same name as she does now. S2 saw herself as a man - she placed her arms and hands in a triangle shape, faced towards them both, and said that's how she saw the three of them linked. I'm not sure what the others think but I am convinced that S2 was describing a former life in which they were all a family...... and it would explain why S2 said she felt immediately drawn to L when they first met. S2 says she actually scares herself and it freaks her out when this type of thing happens. La said she would own it, as she loves Scotland and has felt that she may have lived there previously. Then L told us the circumstances of when she was born and how it led to her being called her name, which hadn't been the one her Mum had originally planned on calling her. All three said they were going to do some research and see if they could find anything out. I found it totally fascinating and can't wait to see if they do discover something..... or until we go on to do some of the past life work! :0)

Sh said she had also had the cobweb feeling during the meditation and the clairvoyance thing and that the man who had appeared during her meditation had come back. She felt it was for La, told them his name and described him and thought he was from the 40's or 50's and was some kind of salesman in a van. It didn't ring any immediate bells for La but it reminded me of the old Betterware roundsmen I remembered from my early childhood, so I mentioned that - but that didn't stir any memories for her, but she said she would look into it.

For A she saw little brown rabbits: she hasn't got any but her partner had been talking about wanting one.

Aureen had seen something for each of us and told us about it after we had said what we had seen. I can't remember a couple of them and the others were a little personal, so I'll leave them out. For me she had seen the Angel of the North, with its outstretched wings, and that it was a sign of strength and courage - that I was being given it and had it for the coming weeks. She also saw a lot of red..... not blood, but representing solid grounding. I then explained why I'd gasped when she'd mentioned the outstretched wings: I told them about re-doing the throat Chakra meditation at home and that I'd seen my Guide, who was definitely a Native American, and that he had had his arms outstretched too.... and that when I'd seen Isis, in the throat Chakra meditation within the Circle, She had also had her arms outstretched. Aureen said, as I had felt, that there was a message in it for me. I thanked her.

As we were running over a little (Aureen made a comment about my DH waiting patiently) we then closed our Chakras, protected ourselves and closed the Circle. Aureen gave us a printout, to read at home, of a guided piece from Ursula Roberts Guide Ramhadan about Tolerance. That made a few of us give a wry chuckle. LOL We then started making for the door. La asked if I would be there the following week and I said I should be and that it was the week after, and probably the week after that too, that I'd be missing. La said that she didn't mean to be funny but that, although she'd miss me, she wouldn't miss the bossy ladies or the freezing man while I was away. I said neither would I and still couldn't believe what it had been like. She touched my arm and said that there was also a lot of love around me too and I thanked her for telling me.

It wasn't until later that I realised that how La said it made it sound like the man had been there for me - I'd only sensed that someone was there (nothing more) and had assumed that, as he was in La's aura and affecting her so much, that he'd been there for her. I shall have to ask her next week.... and ask her (and the other girls) to tell me if that ever happens again, so that I can ask whoever it is to step back from them.

We all said our goodbyes then, with Aureen saying she'd see me on Saturday for my Reiki session - good job she mentioned it as I'd almost forgotten. Oops!

DH was there and we went straight home. I told him a little of what happened - though not too many details, as he can get uncomfortable about some of what we do. After watching this weeks episode of the new Most Haunted series I went to bed, as it had been a long day with a lot of happenings.

Roll on Saturday and next Tuesday! :0)

Monday, 16 November 2009


Friday the 13th and it was time for my review with Jan, to discuss the results from my recent blood and smear tests and relate what the Consultant's appointment had revealed, and take my treatment from there. I was anticipating a reasonable long session so set off in plenty of time.

When I arrived Jan was sat in Reception and called me in immediately. She wasn't expecting any interruptions so she said we would stay in there, as it was the warmest room in the place. I didn't mind as the leather sofa is huge and comfortable. :0)

So what had been happening? Well, I told her all about what Mr Roberts, the Gynae Consultant, has said: that the cyst was definitely benign; that because it was a large cyst it was making one ovary heavier than the other and this was making the usually mobile ovaries prone to twisting - it was due to them twisting (torsion) that had given me all the pain that resulted in having to go into hospital; that until they go in there they are never really 100% certain which ovary it is in anyway; that it was definitely still there and wasn't going to go away on its own; that if I left it there was always the chance that I'd end up with the same problem occurring; that, due to my age, it was best to take both ovaries and that that greatly reduces the risk of my developing ovarian cancer in the future (it is still possible, but the form that takes is extremely rare); taking both ovaries will mean full on menopause commencing.

I've been in peri-menopause for some time, so have already had a hint of what is to come, and that doesn't hold any worries for me - in fact I've been looking forward to my Crone/Wise Woman years and the next stage along my Path....... it's just going to come a little sooner than Nature intended, is all. :0) The biggest plus of it all is no more monthly problems and the saving of a small fortune, due to not having to buy the necessaries any more........ but mostly the no more monthlies. Yay! So I said to Mr Roberts: Bring it on! First time I've seen a Consultant crack a real smile - though he did duck his head to try and hide it.

So Jan asked if they had given any indication of when the operation would take place. Well.... Mr Roberts had quoted a Waiting List of around 18 weeks to us, which had me thinking that it was fine - far enough away not to get into a sweat about it yet. I opted for normal surgery, rather than keyhole, as I would get in quicker and avoid further delay from having to be referred to the keyhole surgeon (no straight onto his list, I'd have to be referred so I could be seen by him first, then be put on his list and then get an op date). But the lady in the Booking Office had a surprise for us: she'd got a cancellation slot so I could have my pre-op checks done on the 17th and the op on the 27th of this month.
Oh! Well I guess it's quick enough that you won't get yourself worked up too much, was the response.
Ah, don't you believe it, was mine. So I told her about when I'd had to have my tonsils out in my early 30's and the state I got in then (though it was my first ever operation), then asked her if there was anything she could give me to try and keep me calm. She said there was. Thank goodness for that! LOL

Next was a review of my food diary sheets. The tortilla habit was mentioned. They are about the only snack item I can actually eat these days, as everything else is banned (too much sugar or got dairy or yeast or another no-no ingredient in them), but I am having them quite a bit - though some of that is due to the fact that my stomach can go acidic or I just plain feel hungry, so need something. So Jan said she would make me a new mix to have after meals that would contain some herbs to help calm the acid and some to keep me calm. Meantime I was to also carry on with the last medicine mix (the before meals one) - with what was left of that and what she would give me of the new one, both should run out a bit before I am due to have my op. Ideal, as she doesn't want me taking anything whilst I am in hospital or recuperating at home afterwards except the zinc, L-Glutamine (both will aid with the healing), the Acidophilus, digestive capsules and Osteoguard - though she said nothing in the herbal mixes should cause a problem with the anaesthetic or painkillers. That was another concern cleared up. :0)

I then asked if I could be weighed. If the tortilla chips were doing any damage I needed to know, then I would know I needed to get seriously strict with myself about them. Had I put on weight? Nope. I was at 11stone 9lbs last time around................ this time I was spot on 11 1/2 stone, or 11stone 7lbs. Well I must be doing something right......................... although I have a feeling that might have been more down to the stomach upset I'd had not so long ago, rather than the diet. Not the best way to lose weight, and I really wouldn't recommend it, but still: it was a minus and not a plus. :0)

After that Jan went to mix my new, temporary medicine. When she came back I added a couple of herbal teas and some tablets that I was getting low on and paid my dues. We didn't make another appointment: basically I am to wait and see how I go after the op, then give her a ring when I feel up to going down there and she'll fit me in, hopefully before Christmas. Jan wants me to have a while herbal medicine free after the girls come out - it will allow the menopause symptoms to begin and she will be better able, then, to gauge how my hormones are reacting and how I am feeling and mix something to suit. Sounded good to me so, as her next client was on the way up, I thanked her and she wished me well and I left.

Out on the High Street I was going to walk past the Hospice Bookshop but there was a new arrangement in the window that drew my eye....... and something seemed to tell me to go in. When I did I had a look at the fiction section but nothing really drew my eye, so I wandered over to the non-fiction bit where they usually have some of the esoteric books (if they've got any). My eyes nearly popped open when I saw quite a few books with Angels as the subject, including several by Jacky Newcomb. One of the books was called An Angel a Day, so I picked it up to have a nosey......... and my jaw dropped when I saw the entry for the 13th, as the first words were: If the stores are open today, visit a bookshop and search the shelves for books on Angels. Now that was a message I really couldn't ignore, so I snapped up the ones that I didn't already have:

When I showed the lady behind the counter she couldn't believe it either. The thing is, in all the times I've been inside that book shop I have only ever found two Angel books, a lone Jacky Newcomb one that I bought and another that I already had - certainly never as many as these. I can't wait to tell the girls at the Development Circle about this. LOL :0)

I paid for them and the lady allowed me to leave them behind the counter while I went to do a bit more shopping, then I picked them up on the way back home. The bag was heavy but it was well worth the aching arms to get them home and I'll certainly enjoy reading them........ and I'll have plenty of time to read whilst I'm recuperating. LOL


The Crown Chakra lies at the top of the head. It is positioned over the place we call the soft spot on a new born baby's head.

This Chakra is often referred to as the "thousand-petalled lotus", the petals facing upwards and the stem going down into the central column.
The keywords are: soul, surrender, release and incoming will. The main colour is violet with white and gold as subsidiary colours. The symbol is a circle. The element is Spirit. The kingdom is the The Creator. The glandular connection for this Chakra is the pituitary. The quietening fragrances are rosemary and bergamot, with violet and amber as stimulants. The crystals are: diamond, white tourmaline, White jade and snowy quartz.

The Crown Chakra is the home of pure Spirit. This Chakra carries us beyond duality into the realms of oneness where we become united with our creator. Being in harmony with the Creator is the ultimate goal of spirituality and the ultimate desire behind most of our actions. As humans we long consciously or unconsciously to experience the bliss we once knew, the bliss of wholeness - total absorption in the divine.We are tiny drops of divinity, like rivers we flow towards our source.
We constantly search for wholeness. Each step we take on life's long journey brings us closer to our Creator. We may appear to step away from the divine path, yet all steps eventually lead us forward. Even the most horrific and tragic happenings can lead to peace. It is in the darkness that light shines the brightest. When things get really low and we become totally disillusioned with life and the material gains it offers we search for something more. We want to know the reason for our pain. We are forced to stop looking outside of ourselves and find the spirit within.

It is at the Crown Chakra that we eventually find peace. Here, where everything is still, we become the pure spirit we have been looking for. At the Crown Chakra we become whole again. We are totally embraced by our creator. This union creates the lasting bliss we long for. In oneness we can simply Be.

Friday, 13 November 2009


DH had a School Governor's meeting to attend this week so things were a little more rushed than usual. I'd managed to have my meal and get ready in plenty of time but due to the meeting he got home later than usual, so he had to hurriedly get washed and changed before driving me out to the village. He planned on either visiting a local fish and chip shop for his tea or having a meal in the pub whilst I was at the Circle.

By the time I arrived L and her DD La, S1 and S2 were already there - the conversation I came in on seemed to be about blocks. It seems S1 feels she may be blocking herself too...... and I thought she was doing OK, so it was a bit of a surprise to hear. Aureen thought the best idea was for those who felt they were blocked to practice the Chakra meditations again, but this time doing each one, starting with the Root Chakra, for a whole week before moving on to the next - it would help us to visualise the colours better and to more fully connect with each Chakra. Sh arrived whilst this was being discussed. There was also a few jokes being bandied about amongst us this week, a sure sign that we are feeling more comfortable and settled with each other and allowing more of our true personalities out. :0)

It seemed A wasn't going to turn up this week so, as time was fast moving on, we relocated to the other room to begin this weeks proceedings.

Today Aureen started the proceedings by doing a recap on all that we had covered so far, then went on to read out the piece about the Chakra we were going to meditate on, as all we had done before was culminating with this this final meditation on the Crown Chakra (separate post). With this one we were aiming for oneness/uniting with the Creator, in whatever form we believed in.

As Aureen was doing the recap I became aware that S2, who always sits to my left, was looking at me in quite a concentrated way. I looked at her and she smiled and looked away - I knew instantly that she had been picking something up but I didn't have the opportunity to ask as it was essential to hear what Aureen was saying. Though a couple of times I also had to look over my right shoulder and slightly behind me as I kept getting the feeling that someone was stood there, between me and La, but shook it off and concentrated on what Aureen was saying.

The Circle was opened and we proceeded to place ourselves inside our bubble of protection, grounded ourselves and went on to concentrate on opening each Chakra in turn until we reached the Crown. We focused on the candle flame, then we had to go inside ourselves, listening to our own sound, and allow ourselves to unite with the Universal energy. We had to see what unfolded, if anything, then come back to ourselves.

Sh had another wonderful experience, being shown (from above) lots of beautiful buildings that she thought were temples and other sacred places and more.

S2 said she had struggled to get in to the meditation this week. She found herself in a room that seemed to be fog filled, though it wasn't scary, and in there was a line of people who she knew were there to try and pass messages. She knew she was supposed to be doing the meditation so she asked them to go away, as she'd realised she needed to be able to control things and not have what she can do control her. But she said she had had real trouble with one very forceful female Spirit who wouldn't take no for an answer and had been left feeling quite bullied. Aureen asked if it was a message for someone here (meaning, one of us in the room) and S2 said it was, so Aureen said we would leave it until the end and come back to it then. I just knew it was something to do with me.

Aureen then asked me how the meditation had gone. Well, the Chakra colours were a bit hit and miss again but I felt I'd done OK with it but I can't say I really heard my sound or much of anything else. It did seem that when I closed my eyes the room got extremely bright behind my closed lids - much brighter than the low light from the lamp we have on. She asked me how I felt because I had seemed quite relaxed during the meditation: I said I did feel relaxed and also really peaceful, which was surprising, considering what was happening the next day (my appointment to see the Consultant). Aureen said it was good - it certainly seemed like I was given what was needed.

La said she had connected but had seen a special place she had often visited when she was a child but she didn't want to talk about it, as she would get upset.

L had been pleased with what she had felt - though I can't remember any more.

S1 had been slightly disturbed by half of what she had seen but had been happy with the other half. She initially saw a bubbles of red and a really dirty brown colour but this had then gone on to much nicer images. Aureen felt she had been shown the contrast between darkness and light, Earth and Spirit.

Aureen had felt and heard a heartbeat, firstly becoming aware of her own, then a more encompassing one. A link with the life force in all things.

She then asked S2 to pass on the message, if it wasn't too personal, otherwise it could be left until afterwards, when she could speak to the person on a one-to-one basis. She said it wasn't really personal, then turned to me....... as I was fully expecting her to do. My first words: OK, what have I done now? She said she wasn't sure if it was my Mum or Gran, but definitely a female relation, and she was really in her face: she had one hand on her hip and the other wagging a finger at her, saying tell her that I love her and that I have always loved her and she should know that. I was feeling pretty emotional anyway (thanks to the Consultant's verdict being imminent) so that just got me all teary (again!) and S2 put her hands towards me, with tears in her eyes, and said: Ooo don't or you'll set me off. All the girls looked concerned.

Aureen then said that it was OK, Karan has a lot going on and needs a lot of support at the moment. I gave her a teary smile of thanks. She then asked if I knew who it was and I said that my Mum so wasn't like that, though the Nana's had. S2 said that, not wanting to be rude, but the Spirit had come over as a bit of a b*tch - I said that would definitely be one of the Nana's then.

I realised that I'd been thinking about my Mum's Mum earlier in the day, so it was thought it was likely to have been her, and explained about the horrible way my Nana had treated my Mum, all through her growing up and into childhood (she hadn't wanted another child and the birth had been difficult - she blamed it on Mum!), and how she had carried that over by being lousy to myself and my DBro and DSis. It didn't matter what we did we were always made to feel that we weren't good enough. I said that I was doing my best to forgive it all, acknowledging that holding those negative feelings inside weren't doing me any good, and that I was now beginning to feel sorry for my Nana, as I'd realised that by being like that with my Mum and us she had missed out on so much.

L said my Nana had probably realised that now and perhaps this was her way of trying to say sorry. I guess so....... but it's a shame it's taken until now, for her sake more than anything else.

I thanked S2 and then asked her where the Spirit had been stood. She pointed to a spot just in front of me. OK, not where I thought and I said that I'd got the impression that someone had been stood between La and me. La said that someone was stood there and he still was and wouldn't go away - she was feeling freezing cold because of this Spirit. Aureen said that La should ask the Spirit to step back (he was standing right in her aura) and take it off her and that if ever any of us felt something that we didn't like whilst sitting in the Circle we should also do the same. La did this and started to feel a bit better.

Then the Healing Book was circulated and names were added and La read out the prayer she had written and it was as beautifully written as L's. Aureen then asked who would write one to read the following week.... and promptly looked at me. Please don't look at me, says I. She looked a little taken aback so I explained that I really would like to write a prayer but every time I try to I block (nothing new there then!) - odd, when you think about the amount of healing I've had lately and will continue to have for a while yet. She said not to feel under pressure and that she would never ask us to do anything that we weren't happy to do. I know that but this is something I really would like to do......... the inspiration just isn't there at the moment though. So Aureen said that it doesn't necessarily have to be one that we had written, it could be one that we had come across somewhere and had liked, but she felt that prayer was important and that it was something she felt we should think about more often - not just us but society as a whole - which is why she would like us to write one. OK, I shall see what happens..... she may end up having a piece of paper thrust into her hands one week. LOL

Once again it was time to end the session, so we closed our Chakras, cloaked ourselves and pulled up our grounding anchors, then held hands to close the Circle.

When we'd done this I turned to La and asked if she was OK, as her hand had been shaking the whole time I'd held it - so much so that I'd tried to send some warmth through my hand into hers, to try and help. She said she was feeling better and had actually started to warm up, it was just the after effects from it. Aureen then asked if asking the Spirit to step back had worked and La said it had, she didn't know why she hadn't thought to do it sooner.

As for next week: Aureen said she would have to get her thinking cap on to decide what we would be doing, now that the Chakra meditations had come to a close. We would certainly have more time for receiving messages and said she felt that not only S2, but La and S1 would do particularly well at that. S1 seemed a little surprised by that but, though she seems unsure of herself at this point, she is showing a strong Spiritual connection through what she has seen during the meditations.
Basically Aureen would now start introducing a wide range of things for us to try, such as automatic writing, psychometry, healing etc etc. but we would have to wait until next week to see which one we would be doing first. Whatever it's going to be we are all looking forward to it! :0)

With that Aureen gave us our print outs and we all started heading for the door, with Aureen, L and La wishing me well for the following day. S1 asked what that was about - she had been absent the week I'd been taken into hospital - so I told her what had been happening and she also wished me well. As we were heading down the drive I got the Mia Dolan book (see the review in a previous post) out of my handbag and showed it to L and asked if she had read it, as I'd found quite a bit of what was in there quite useful and related to much of it. She had but S1 hadn't, so I asked if she would like to take it to read and she did. We said our goodbyes then and headed for our cars.

DH was waiting for me........ and as soon as I got in the car I knew he'd gone for the fish and chips option for his tea. LOL (Thankfully that aroma had disappeared the next time we went out in the car). We headed straight home afterwards.

So now it's a case of roll on next Tuesday! :0)


The weekend of the 7th and 8th of November was the second and final Mind, Body and Spirit event of the year at the Lincolnshire Showground, so DH and I opted to go there for the day on the Sunday. As it was also Remembrance Sunday DH and I saw several gatherings around the War Memorials in the local villages during our journey - very moving, especially seeing some of the veterans amongst the gatherings.

After arriving and going into the Epic Centre we headed straight for the Shifa Meditation stand as it was very close to the entrance. I had a shopping list in my hand this time and goodies from this stand was on it. Of course I didn't restrict myself to the list, once I realised that there were some other items that were new since we saw the chap at the Harrogate event: two new types of incense and some incense sticks:

I've burnt one of those incense sticks since and they are well worth the money, as they burn for much longer than other ones I've used, and have a lovely distinctive smell to them. The chap remembered us from the previous event too.

From there we had a wander down to the Magick Thread book stand, another one on my list, to look for the Angel Cards and Crystal book I wanted. Again I couldn't find the specific cards I wanted but as I was looking I spotted some others that I'd seen at Harrogate and discounted, as they weren't what i wanted. This time I picked them up and had a shuffle: the Crown Chakra card came out with an appropriate message. OK, I'll see what happens when I shuffle again, though I - and as I shuffled one card literally jumped out of the pack and fell to the floor. When I picked it up it was...... yup, the Crown Chakra card. Right, message received loud and clear - they were coming home with me. I then found the book I wanted and, after a chat with the stallholder, found out that it was a follow on and not a repeat of the other two books I already had, so that came home with me too:

The bags was heavy and the room was getting quite busy so, as it was close to dinner, we headed back to the car for our packed lunch. That's when we realised that dark clouds had built up while we were inside and it started to spit with rain as we headed for the car, then had quite a downpour whilst we were eating. Timed that right! LOL Meal eaten, drinks drunk and everything tidied away we headed back in - quickly as it was still spitting and another lot of dark clouds were heading our way...... we managed to get back into the Centre before that little lot dropped. :0)

From here we did the same circuit of the hall, making our way back to the He Hi She Lo crystal stand so I could see if they had the crystals that were on my list. Thankfully the chap wasn't as busy this time round so I was able to chat to him: he didn't have the longer silver chains he said he may have for this event as they'd decided to stop selling jewellery and concentrate on the crystal side of the business. He did have the Angelite and Seraphinite tumblestones and I found two suitable ones amongst them. I asked if he had any other Angelic stones and he pointed to some Celestite palmstones but they weren't right, then he said he had two clusters and I went to have a look at those. My eyes went immediately to one in particular, so I picked it up.... instantly I could feel its strong energy and it opening my Third Eye Chakra and starting on the Crown Chakra. I put it down - I really didn't want to be so fully open at a busy event where I'd be picking up on other people all the time. I picked up the other piece but didn't feel much of anything. OK, instinct worked well again: the first piece is definitely mine (as in, that it is happy to work with me), so I picked it up again, just to check and yes, the same rush to the same Chakras. I put it down and asked DH to handle it from then on. Lovely man that he is, he said he would buy it for me as a Christmas gift. :0)

Unfortunately my pics don't show the the crystals at their best, or convey the lovely energies they all contain.

We wandered a little further round the hall and found the JM Soap stand, which was another one on my list. I love these natural soaps, not only for the lovely smells they have but because they don't dry my hands out as badly as the other sort do. I spotted that there were a few new goodies too. Here's what we bought:

As the soaps are really good I decided to try the body bar, which felt really moisturising when I touched the sample...... I was rubbing it into my skin for a good few minutes afterwards. It also smells rather nice too. :0)

As Dragonfly Moon were about to give their performance we headed for the sitting area where the musical performances were being held - the top end of the hall, in a curtained off section. We were both ready for a sit down by then too. :0) As always the performance was thoroughly enjoyable and, as I listen to their CD's regularly, instantly recognisable to the extent that I now know most of the words. LOL What I do like is that Susan (one half of the duo) explains the legends or story that each song is based on: many Celtic stories, but especially leaning towards the British myths and legends.
After the performance we had another wander around the hall and I bought a CD from another stand. I'd had my eye on this one on eBay but hadn't bought it as the P&P costs seemed a little steep, so I was pleased to get it here (see last pic).

After this I felt drawn to a stand that held colour essence bottles, something I'd always walked past at all the previous events we've been to. As we were looking at all the prettily coloured bottles the chap came back to his stand and asked if he could help. So I asked what it was about and he explained about colour and the effects it has on our moods and even our body and that the colours we were drawn to could tell much about us.... and a few other things beside that I can't quite remember. OK, interesting but I wasn't too sure so thanked him and said I'd think about it. Off we wandered back down the hall....... only for me to stop and tell DH that, actually, I felt the need to go back and see what he had to say. So DH said he'd take the bags back to the car and go and sit in the Zone of Tranquility for a while.

Back at the stand I said OK, I was curious, wanted to know more and asked how much. At £5.00 for a three bottle reading I thought it was worth satisfying my curiosity. So he sprayed my hands with a spritz of a lemony substance which I had to sniff - and boy, did that give a bit of a hit, really clearing out the sinus and head LOL - then had to choose the three coloured bottles I felt drawn to the most. The first one was easy, I'd been drawn to it immediately I'd looked at the stand (two violet shades), the second one was a quick choice (two pretty shades of green) and the third took a little longer but then I felt the need to draw out a bottle that contained lilac and pink - odd because I love lilac but pink is definitely not my favourite colour.
I then sat behind the table with the chap and he placed the bottle in front of us. He asked if I knew about Chakras and I said I did - OK, the first thing that was really obvious was that I'd picked out two Chakra bottles: one for Heart and the other for Third Eye and Crown. The odd thing was that, although I know about Chakras, I hadn't actually thought about those when I chose the bottles - that was mostly done on auto-pilot. The Third Eye and Crown (first choice) was linked with Saturn and he told me some things about it. Some of it was to do with judging yourself harshly (which I do tend to do) and he explained how I could turn that around. The second bottle is linked with Mercury, changing from Trickster to Magician: signifying change and a letting go of the masks we hide behind (being my true self, rather than hiding behind the things that other people expect me to be) - Honesty. Freaky, because that was what one of the recent pieces we read for the Development Circle! It also links with the Heart Chakra through the way the bottles are numbered and there was a bit more information from that (though I can't now remember it).
The third bottle was directly linked with the Heart Chakra and is about the Spiritualisation of the heart, unconditional love plus transformation that will link me with the rest of the universe/multiverse.
He felt that the first two bottles were the past and present, or where I was and am, the third the future or where I am going to be. He asked if I could own any of it.
I admitted to being a bit stunned as to how much could be read from colours in three bottles and that I could own it all. I told him about attending Development Circle classes - something that was finally for me - and that I felt I was slower at it than the others and got frustrated with myself because of it, but that I was hoping to go on to do healing - he said the colours showed that that was what would happen. Then I told him that before I'd set out I'd asked the powers that be to guide me to whatever was needed, be it healing, a reading or whatever. He laughed and said that at the start of the weekend he'd asked the powers that be to guide those he could help to him. I'd walked away but then had felt the need to go back - I think that could be classed as being guided. It had been extremely interesting and I was pleased I had gone back. I paid, thanked him and went to find my DH.

He was sat where he said: chillin' in the Zone, so I joined him and told him what the chap had said. As we were nattering Leonie, the lady I go to at the beginning of every year for a reading, walked towards us, obviously heading off for a break. She stopped and said hello and then got a beady look in her eye and asked how things were going, so I told her about the unexpected hospital stay and the cyst they found and waiting to hear the verdict - she looked off to one side, which I recognise as listening to Spirit, then smiled and said not to worry as I would be alright. I thanked her and beamed a big smile, then she said goodbye and went on her way. I looked at DH and he said: now wasn't it worth coming just for that? A freebie from Leonie. LOL The worry definitely receded on hearing it. :0)

Time was marching on by this point, so we decided to have a final wander around the hall. There was another stand selling natural bath products and other goodies so we headed over there. I tried a little of the coconut body butter but found it too much - though it smelt gorgeous I had to keep rubbing it into my skin for ages and it left my arm feeling slightly greasy, something I really don't like, so I didn't bother with that.... but they did have a wonderful coconut candle that tempted me. Why coconut? Well, at the Development Circle one week Aureen said that Spirit was offering me a coconut: I can't eat it anymore (it does terrible things to my system!) but she and the girls suggested trying a handcream, incense or something similar to see what effects it had. I opted for the candle.

The last stop, after buying a tumblestone crystal from another stall (intended as a gift) was at a stand that was selling the lady's own Angel book and guided Angel meditation CD's. There was no sign of the lady, so a woman from the next stall came over to see if I was OK, though she didn't know where the standholder had gone. I had noticed her walking around the hall earlier in the day (she was wearing a distinctive dress) and wondered if she was off on another wander - anyways, the helpful woman said that if I didn't want to wait any longer she would take the money and pop it behind the table for her and let her know what it was for. After waiting a bit longer and realising that she might have gone to the music area to listen to the current performers, so would be gone a while yet, I opted to leave the cash with the other woman for her.

It made DH and I wonder just how much business she may have lost that day - or items that may have gone missing - by going off wandering like that, as not all people would hang around and some less honest folk may not pay for the goods. Still, it looks a really interesting book so I was pleased to have been able to pay for it, even if it was a bit of an unusual way of doing so.

With that we had done, so we headed back to the car. A couple of times during the day we had bumped into our DS, who was there with our friend Alex, and he'd told us he was eating at Alex's house that night...... so we decided that neither of us felt like going home to cook and opted to go to the pub for a meal instead. Very nice it was too and it rounded the day off perfectly. :0)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


"Will you teach me to be psychic?"
Would I teach her? "It would take time," I told her. "And you would have to keep an open mind. One of the major keys to unlocking the sixth sense is belief. Belief is a magic word."

"How long would it take?"
"Six months," I decided. "Six months from sceptic to psychic."

When Mia Dolan, one of Britain's most gifted psychics, agreed to meet Rosalyn, a writer and journalist, she wasn't intending to take on a student of clairvoyance. Her student wasn't expecting to be thrust headlong into a world of mind-reading, ghost-hunting and foretelling of the future - or to see the mysteries of the afterlife revealed.
From that day they embarked on an adventure that changed them both forever...

Well the blurb on the back is a bit sensationalistic but the contents aren't. Those six months are condensed into this 314 page book, which gives a really good, practical look into how Mia taught Roz to open herself up, to use her sixth sense and allow communication with Spirit.
There are some really good hints and tips on how this was achieved and some fascinating insights into the world of Spirit and the ethics involved - some of which really hit a chord and all of which I've found really useful for my own Development, as they would easily incorporate into what I am being taught. In some instances (such as the Breathe and Drop method of relaxation) they are actually working better for me.

I've only seen Mia Dolan on TV, doing her programme about haunted homes, and had hardly been aware of her before or since, so this book wasn't one I would have automatically picked up to read, so I have my DSis to thank for the loan of it. However, it is one I would happily recommend to anyone who is thinking of developing their own spirituality, as there are plenty of nuggets of information in there that you may find of help.

Friday, 6 November 2009


The Brow Chakra is more commonly known as the Third Eye. It is situated slightly above and between the eyebrows. This is the centre of divine wisdom and knowledge. It is the home of inner vision. From here we can visualise our destiny and make it our reality. Whatever you can perceive, you can achieve.

The soothing midnight blue of indigo has a calming effect on your body and soul. This psychic centre enhances clairvoyance and expands your psychic vision. Because indigo stimulates the right side of the brain it triggers your creative imagination and deepens your intuition.

Indigo often shades into purple and violet tones in the aura, these colours connect you with higher levels of consciousness, bringing peace and spiritual harmony.

The key words are: spirit, completeness, inspiration, insight and command. The main colour is indigo, the subsidiary colours are turquoise and mauve. The kingdom is the Archangels. The element for this Chakra is darkness and light. The glandular link is to the pineal gland.

White musk and hyacinth are quietening fragrances for the Brow Chakra and violet and rose geranium will stimulate it. The crystals are: amethyst, sapphire, lapis lazuli, jet and black opal. There is no associated developmental age. The symbol is two snake's heads and eagles wings.

As you fully open to Spirit at this Chakra, through disciplined spiritual practice, you will experience an altered state of consciousness that brings harmony to yin and yang - these are spiralling life currents with opposing qualities. Yin is negative, while yang is positive. Everything is made up of varying degrees of these energies. They flow like day and night, the sun and moon. Together they weave life's rich web of activity. Sometimes we are yin - receptive, feminine, dark and still like the night - and other times we are yang - masculine, light and active like the day.

The Ancients thought of the brow Chakra as the seat of the soul. It is the gateway to knowledge and expanded consciousness.

This is the last Chakra before we unite again with our creator at the crown Chakra.


I'm afraid I've left the write up a little late this time around, thanks to having a stomach upset and generally feeling unwell last week, and as a consequence can't remember a great deal. I'll write what I can remember though.

I arrived first this time around, though only by minutes, which was just time enough for Aureen to ask me how the scan had gone that morning. Confusing was my reply: the left ovary was showing OK this time, it was the right ovary that was showing a cyst. It could mean that the ovaries were twisted and that was what caused me all the pain - or that the left ovary was now clear and the right ovary was showing a cyst because I was due my monthly any day. Who knows? Hopefully the Consultant will shed some light on it when I see him on the 11th.

With that L and her DD La arrived, closely followed by S1 and S2, Sh and A - a full house. :0) Unfortunately A's birthday plans of seeing Colin Fry hadn't panned out: Colin had had to cancel as he was ill with pneumonia.... all the alternative plans made didn't quite work out either, so it hadn't been a good celebration, though she could laugh about it. Apparently this type of thing always happens on her significant birthday's (it was her 30th) - she's decided she's not planning anything for her 40th as she doesn't want to risk it. LOL

We went through to the other room and settled ourselves in the circle of chairs. This week it was to be the Third Eye or Brow Chakra meditation. Aureen read us a piece by Guatama Buddha about Belief. She felt that some of us perhaps had doubts and so we needed to develop Belief - in ourselves and in what we were given and in what we felt. She told us about a time, when she was in her 20's, when she was going through a particularly bad time and had really begun to doubt everything, especially from Spirit and what happened: she woke during the night to see a shaft of light going across her bedroom and when she looked at where it was, saw a beautiful Spirit child of about 18 months just sat playing with some beautifully, brightly coloured bricks. She fell into a peaceful sleep after watching the child for about 20 minutes. She came to understand that this was Spirit's way of giving her proof that what she was truly receiving from Spirit. If she'd woken and found an adult male or female figure in her bedroom she would have felt scared and/or threatened and wouldn't have been receptive - the child was the gentlest way to be shown what she needed to see. She believed fully in herself and in Spirit from then on. What a lovely experience. :0)

I know I have doubts - self doubt in my abilities more than anything - so it was particularly relevant. Self doubt/lack of belief is probably the reason why I am blocking myself at the moment, so that list of what I need to develop is getting longer every week. It's a work in progress. :0)

Aureen then read us the piece on the Brow Chakra (separate post, as usual). With that we opened the Circle and protected ourselves - no opening of Chakras, as that would be part of the whole meditation. A deep blue candle was lit and the meditation, connecting with the darkness and light of the Celestial Realms, began.

We started by relaxing ourselves, then staring into the candle flame and see all the rainbow colours in the flame, then enter the universal light. Calm our breathing and start to open each Chakra individually, allowing each colour to wash through our whole bodies, in turn, culminating with the Brow/Third Eye Chakra. With the Brow we were to visualise the whole of the rainbow colours merge and become a black screen, on which there was a shimmering golden light - we were to go into the light and hopefully sense the stars, Angels, Gods and Goddesses all around us; absorb the energy around us and see if we heard or were given anything; then Thank them and come back to ourselves.

S2 had felt her Angel, an ever comforting presence she has been aware of for a long time, and came away with messages for a couple of the girls. Aureen said this was unusual, as usually this meditation involved receiving for yourself. S2 is a very loving and giving person - she is happy to give of herself and receive messages to give to others but seems to find it difficult to accept thing for herself, thinking it selfish. I guess some of her journey involves learning to receive.

Sh really connected again and was led further into the Light, through several of the Realms: she knew that she could have gone further, if she wanted to, but also understood that if she had she wouldn't come back. She chose to stay, as she felt there was more for her to do here. Amazing experience.

I actually saw all of the colours in the candle - it was so pretty it made me smile - though when it came to the colours in the meditation it was a little hit and miss, as I found some much easier to visualise than others (more practice needed). Things seemed to start for me when we got to the Throat Chakra: I felt a definite ache (not uncomfortable though) and saw a figure in my minds eye: initially I thought it was a Native American in full eagle feather war bonnet who stretched out his arms, but it then seemed to be a winged Isis, arms/wings outstretched, all in outline that was a glowing coppery colour.... and then seemed to be an Angel. I didn't really see any more that was clear when we moved to the Third Eye: it was all fleeting images, sort of like those all shades of grey to black images you get on a really dodgy old black and white TV - enough to know there's an image there but not clear enough to make out what it actually is. I also felt very relaxed and peaceful.
I didn't mention the Native American, as it wasn't until later that I realised I'd seen him first: I did mention thinking I'd seen what I thought was either a winged Isis or Angel and Aureen asked what I felt it had been and I said Isis, because She had been the most clear, but then said that that would be what I would hope to have seen.... and stopped, as I almost mentioned that Her image was on my bedroom altar at home and saying that would reveal that I am a Pagan and give more details than I want to at the moment, and be more than Aureen wants us to give away. I was warm throughout but I got really warm at that point LOL. I was really pleased with what I'd seen and Aureen said I should be, though she thought it was odd that it had happened at my Throat Chakra - what I didn't mention was that in the afternoon I'd redone the Throat Chakra meditation at home: I'd got to the bit about asking a question and did so but hadn't been sure I'd got a reply, so had gone on to ask my Guide to come forward....... and saw an image of a Native American in a long-sleeved buckskin "shirt", that had some kind of leather fringing hanging from the sleeves, and buckskin "trousers" and he opened his arms wide - I felt it was an opening and welcoming gesture.
As I thought about the evenings meditation later I feel the theme continued. The Throat is all about communication: I was shown my Guide, my Goddess and my Angel and I think it was telling me that the channels of communication are now open. :0)

La hadn't been too happy with her experiences this week. She felt she hadn't really connected and instead had seen images that she'd found upsetting, such as a woman with an empty pram. She felt that what she'd received were messages for someone but none of us could relate to them.

L had also felt she hadn't connected fully but had enjoyed the experience nonetheless. She tended to feel things with the colours rather than seeing anything. She was glad not to feel the previous time's frustration.

I'm afraid I can't remember S1's experiences. A felt she had been with her Guide and they had floated out into space, where they had looked back at Earth, then she got a bit giggly and said that she wasn't too sure about wanting to say what else she'd seen (I recognise the giggle as a sign of nervousness with her, showing that she's really unsure about the reactions she'll get and worried we'll think she's odd or mad). Aureen encouraged her and, with the occasional giggle, she said she had seen the face of an alien looking back at them. She'd been worried and brought her Guide's attention to it - he told her it was OK and to ignore it, but she was glad to come back from the meditation and really didn't know why she'd seen this. Aureen said not to worry about it and that the reason for it could well be revealed further along.

As it was such a long meditation there wasn't time to open for messages (although some had received them anyway! LOL) so we then passed around the Healing Book and this week L read out the prayer she had written. It was lovely - written from the heart. La volunteered to write the prayer for the following week. We are all encouraged to write one and I am struggling with inspiration for it.... and so dreading it. You'd think with all the healing I've been receiving just lately that it would be easy, wouldn't you? LOL

With this we protected ourselves and closed the Circle. Aureen then gave us this weeks printouts, then we said our goodbyes and headed home. Yes, we had the usual stop-off at Tesco Express on the way back. :0) DH and I were both tired that night, DH more so as he'd been given the ordinary flu and pneumonia jabs the previous week and had had the swine flu jab that afternoon..... needless to say, his was one of the names I added to the Healing Book that night.

So next week it's the Crown Chakra meditation. Can't wait. :0)