Saturday, 31 October 2009


The Throat Chakra is a powerful Spiritual centre that resonates at a high frequency. It is positioned in the throat region, between the third and fifth cervical vertebrae. Ether, the subtlest of the elements, is closely aligned with pure Spirit. The throat Chakra gives rise to ether energy in the body.

The prime function of this Chakra is communication. Firstly it is about communicating with your creator. It also connects you to your inner Self and the Gift of Divinity (God - or, as I prefer, Goddess) that lies within. Through the throat centre you can learn to accept your true nature and acknowledge your divinity. This Chakra connects deeply with your soul and allows you to listen as your soul speaks. It is also about communicating with others through words and creativity.

Psychic ability and communion with those from other realms resonates at the throat centre. We can learn to connect with our Spirit Guides, ancestors, Angels and helpers through the throat Chakra and the ether element.

The key words are: expression, responsibility, communication and universal truth. The developmental age is between 15 and 21 years. The main colour is blue, with subsidiary colours of silver and turquoise. It's element is ether and the kingdom is the Angelic Realm. Its symbol is a circle. The glandular connection is to the thyroid and parathyroid.

Lavender and hyacinth are quietening fragrances for this Chakra and patchouli and white musk are its stimulants. The crystals are: lapis lazuli, aquamarine, turquoise and sapphire.


Thankfully my energy levels are gradually improving, though there are still occasions that leave me tired (such as my first trip out shopping on Saturday, since being in hospital), but I decided not to push things too much...... I kept the day jobs to an easy level and made sure I got plenty of rest. As a result I felt pretty good about going to the Circle this week, rather than being worried that I might be a drain on the energy.

This week I arrived at the same time as L and her DD La. They asked me how I felt: getting there was my reply. We had a surprise when Aureen opened the door: she'd had her hair dyed and it was quite a vivid colour, sort of autumnal orange/brown, which suits her well. I asked how her foot was: she seemed to have a delayed reaction at the weekend, feeling pretty grotty, and most nights she had felt it throbbing enough to be aware of it but that today was the first day it felt OK. Thank goodness - stings can be nasty, especially if you're the poor person who has an allergic reaction. She asked how I was: again I said getting there - occasionally feeling tired but that was getting better. I mentioned getting my dates through from the hospital: ultra-sound scan on the 3rd and seeing the Consultant on the 11th. They wished me well.

Very soon S1, S2 and Sh arrived - no A this week, as she was going on her birthday trip to see Colin Fry. Aureen introduced S1 and La, then we all made our way through to the other room.

This week we were going to do a meditation on the Throat Chakra (will do another post on this), so Aureen proceeded to read out a piece about it. There was also a piece on benefits to be gained by working with Spirit (which makes you think) and another about Honesty, another chanelled piece from Ursula Robert's guide Rhamadan, that she didn't read out but wanted us to read for ourselves at a later date. The meditation would involve us asking a question and we were to think of this beforehand. I asked if it should be a personal or more general question: Aureen replied that it had to be something we were comfortable with sharing with the group, so was probably better being more general. OK - good job she'd warned us as my when anyone ever says to me "Have you got any questions?" my mind instant;y goes blank! LOL With that we opened the Circle, protected and grounded ourselves and opened our Chakras.

With the Circle open a blue candle was lit and the meditation begun. For this one we had to go within ourselves, listening to our breathing and allowing it to become slow and deep, then listen for the sound our bodies make - a unique sound that the Spirit World hears and responds to - and we had to concentrate on that sound, allowing our Helpers to hear it and come to us. When we felt that our Helpers were gathered around us we were to ask the question, wait for a response, then thank them and come back to ourselves...... all under Aureen's guidance. Why is that sound important? Because we need to be able to connect with it and know how to make it reverberate, as it is how we alert Spirit/our Guides that we wish to communicate.

When done Aureen asked each of us in turn if we had heard our sound - unfortunately I can't remember much of this (why is it that some weeks I can remember lots and others I can't?!!). I couldn't say that I'd heard anything but I did feel my body pulsating. I found it a little difficult to describe, as it wasn't the usual hearbeat type pulsing that you sometimes become aware of in quiet moments, it was different somehow, sort of a cross between a vibration and a pulse. My throat felt a little tight, though not uncomfortable, and my third eye area also seemed to pick up on the vibe (Aureen said it was good, as it was a sign it was working).

L said she had felt the throat sensation but had also got a tightening in her heart Chakra area, with more of a pulsing than an actual noise.

Aureen then asked each of us what question we had asked and what reply we had received. I can't remember S1 (other than that when she gazed at the candle the light from it had expanded quite a bit), La's or L's, unfortunately. I said my question would probably sound corny but it was something that I continually ask myself because I don't understand why it should happen: why is suffering in the world allowed? I didn't mean just on a personal level, such as why perfectly nice people develop terminal illnesses, but in a more general one too, such as why children are abused, why mass famines occur with many deaths, etc etc. The word I got was: Growth. I said that I needed to think about this more, as I felt that it meant growth in a much wider sense, ie more than just an individuals personal growth. Something about this prompted L to ask if I was intending being a healer - I said I hoped to but I would wait and see what developed. Who knows what Spirit may have planned? It could be something completely different....... and I'm fast learning not to try and second-guess things. LOL

S2 was a little upset. She said the question she had asked sort of linked in with my question...... and she knew Aureen had said not to ask personal questions but she felt she needed to ask it, even though she already knew the answer. It was linked in with various stages in her life that had made her suffer (she didn't go into details because we are encouraged not to share personal details at the moment - the less we know about each other the more we will know that messages we are given for/about the others in the group are from Spirit and not from things we already know). She'd known from an early age that whatever she suffered was to help those around her to learn and grow and that was the answer she had received. I guess, in a way, that she asked because what she was really seeking was confirmation or validation. She was tearful so I touched her arm for a while, then handed her a tissue saying: it's not been used, honest. It made everyone, including S2, laugh and lightened the mood a little, allowing her to regain her composure. Bless her: I think I know some of the issues she's faced....... will wait and see what the weeks ahead reveal.

Sh had asked a superb question, in light of all the New Age predictions: was the world going to end in December 2012. She said she asked it several times and had just thought that she wasn't going to be given an answer and was thinking of another question to ask when she had a reply: basically it was up to us, humankind. If there was a change in the selfishness of many and enough of us developed our Spiritual side and worked for good, trying to bring about a change for the better, then there was hope for us all. If not, Sh stated that one man had the power of destruction.

Aureen's question was along the lines of: how did the Spirit world see our group? They were drawn to it. Each of us within the group had our own Light that was seen and liked by the Spirit world but the combination of those colours was beautiful and shone brightly to Spirit, attracting them to us. It boded well for the way things would develop as we continue to work together.

Hearing both Sh's and Aureen's questions and replies brought to mind something I read years ago, long before all the 2010 hype began, but I can't remember where or who had written it. The gist of it: that the future survival of all would depend on small, independent groups of women, from all faiths, countries and backgrounds; each individual group working together, be it for healing, faith development, a prayer group or whatever; each acting as beacons of Light shining across and around the world. That has stayed in my subconscious all these years and after this session it makes me wonder: we are working on all aspects of our Spiritual development, with some of us hoping to go on to do healing or similar things, could ours be one of those groups? (Hope that doesn't sound arrogant or pompous, as it isn't meant to - it just seems to be one of those strange moments that have strands of the Web from different times in my life that suddenly show that they are connected, iykwim). It's certainly going to be really interesting to see how everything unfolds. :0)

Next it was time to turn out the light and open ourselves to see if we were given any messages or symbols.

Sh had been drawn to L again and described what she had seen, to do with small boats and her wearing one of those waterproof yellow jackets - L owned it as, oddly enough, she was going on a cruise soon. Sh said: well, don't go in the water. L laughed and was quite pragmatic about it, saying that she was going in a big boat but if it was her time then she wasn't afraid and wasn't going to worry about it. Aureen told Sh what she had seen for her but I can't remember it.

S2 said she had started seeing one thing but had thought it was for her again, so had pushed it away. She did see something else that I think was for La but I can't remember what it was - she said she had also seen a long-haired tabby cat weaving around my feet. Oddly enough the week previously (and I'd forgotten about this until this cat was mentioned) A had seen a white Persian around my feet. Now neither cat is anything like our Sally, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2006, so I couldn't claim them. La wondered if they were Spirit Guide animals - I can't say. I have wondered since though if it has something to do with my sound (the one we'd done the meditation on - the vibration/pulse I'd felt) and if the Spirit cats were attracted to me because of this. Will have to wait and see what will be revealed, I guess. Aureen told her what she had seen for her - can't remember but it was very positive.

I said I was beginning to think I was a one hit wonder (getting the Janice name) as I didn't seem to get anything. I had thought I had seen a light again, over by La, but when I looked there was a bright reflection on the wall anyway. Nothing else. Aureen said that, despite this, she thought I had looked much more relaxed with the meditation and with this and I felt I had been but it didn't seem to help me see anything though. She had seen lots of different coloured Spirit Lights of loved ones around me - can't remember much more, but I think it was that they were there to wrap me with their love and give support. It's comforting to know. :0)

L also hadn't seen anything and asked if it was possible that she was somehow blocking herself. I said I'd wondered the same about myself, too. Aureen said that it was more than likely with both of us - sometimes, when you want things really badly, it can stop you from achieving what you want and also that the Spirit World do test you too. It all came back to patience and perseverance again...... both L and I admit we are both lacking in the patience department. LOL She told L (occasionally glancing at me, as she said it - so this held for me as well) that what she needed to do was to start talking to her Guide/s, asking him/them questions - after a time she will find that she will start to connect and will get answers. Aureen then looked at both of us and said that L and I both had very strong Guides and that we would find that once we did connect with them we would be off and there would be no holding us back. Am sure L was as relieved to hear this as I was. :0) I can't remember what else Aureen had seen for her.

La had seen a little boy for S2 and described him - she owned him. She had had a miscarriage and had always felt (and been told by several psychics) that he was a boy - she had felt him around her at times and had even heard him calling Mum to her on one occasion. Aureen told her what she had seen for her but it was personal.

I can't remember what S1 had seen. Aureen said that she saw her as full of energy and as a result she was the power house of the group, which was why the candle's light had expanded for her. It would be very beneficial for the group as a whole by helping to feed the energy we build within the Circle and helping us to connect more easily to Spirit. How cool is that!

Next was the Healing Book. I added my cousin's name, as he will be undergoing a serious back operation soon - one surgeon refused to operate as it's such a serious one and isn't guaranteed to work....... and there's a big risk of it leaving him crippled for the rest of his life. My cousin is in such chronic pain with it he's willing to take the risk. Aureen read out the prayer she'd written (I'm afraid I'd forgotten all about her asking us to write one).

She then told us we would be doing the Third Eye meditation next week and that we were in for a real treat, as it was a really lovely one to do - as well as being important. She also reminded us to read the channelled piece by Ursula Roberts before the next meeting too. With that, as we were running over again, we closed our Chakras, cloaked ourselves and closed the Circle. We said our goodbyes and left. I was glad to realise that this week I just felt a bit tired, rather than the absolutely shattered of the week before - another post-hospital stay improvement. :0)

After a quick stop off at Tesco Express on the way home I settled in front of the TV for the night: it's currently the Most Haunted Live Halloween 8 night special: Eight Faces of Evil. It's the longest Live session ever - I so haven't got the stamina I used to have and reckon all these late nights might just finish me off! LMAO

So looking forward to next week...... in the meantime: I have a Herbalist appointment and a Reiki session to go to, as well as the Heart Chakra post to do, and the Lincolnshire Showground M,B&S event to go to so it looks like there's going to be plenty for you to read in the coming weeks. LOL :0)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


May you all have a Blessed and fruitful Samhain.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Angels act as a bridge between the physical and Spiritual world and many people have described how these remarkable messengers have helped and guided them. Using this insightful and practical reference book, you will discover how to work with Angels to develop wisdom, strengthen self-understanding and overcome obstacles. Discover the Angels' connection to crystal energy, essential oils, the kabbalah, astrology and the Chakras, and find out how to create an altar, keep a gratitude book and meditate. Filled with affirmations, exercises and wisdom, The Angel Bible will help you experience the power of angels and show you how to invite them into your life.

It's roughly an A5 sized book, though a reasonably thick one, and is absolutely crammed with way more information than the synopsis mentions. If there's anything you ever wanted to know about Angels then you will probably find it in here.

The book is broken up into chapters with headings like: Angel Hierarchies; Angels and the kabbalah; Angel colours; Angel Meditations etc etc, then each of these is broken down into two or three page sections on various aspects that come under each of the heading. Some of the subjects covered (such as the kabbalah) are pretty deep but the way the book is sectioned makes it easier to read one in a few spare moments, allowing you to think on and absorb the information.

It's an extremely good and informative guide and is one I will keep handy, as the meditations are ones I would go back to whenever I feel drawn to do so and the information on essential oils and crystals is something I will also use regularly. It was also good to discover which Angels are alloted to which seasons, months, days of the weeks and even hours of the day....... very useful for working out the best time for working with or appealing to that Angel for particular purposes.

The RRP for this book is £12.99 and, imho, consider it a price well worth paying for all the information and extra insights it has given me into the Angelic Realm. :0)

Friday, 23 October 2009


The Heart Chakra is found on the same level as the physical heart but in the centre of the body. Heart Chakra energy is familiar to us all. We already realise that the heart has many qualities apart from the physical role of keeping us alive. We know the feeling of opening our hearts or closing down our hearts. We know how it feels to have a broken heart or to put our heart fully into something. Most of us know what it is to love with al our heart and the truth expressed when we cross our heart and hope to die. These energetic qualities are stimulated by the heart Chakra.

The heart Chakra sits in the middle of the seven Chakras. It is symbolised by two interlaced triangles, which form a six pointed star. The star represents the movement of energy upwards from the earth and down from the Heavens. It is at the heart centre that these two forces are united. This is the place of balance and divine harmony. It is at this centre that we move from the personal realms of the lower Chakras into the universal consciousness of the higher Chakras. Having ascended the first three Chakras and dealt with personal issues relating to survival at the root Chakra, self-knowledge at the sacral Chakra and personal power at the solar plexus Chakra we are now ready to move from embodiment to enlightenment.

Embodiment is to fully embrace the personal qualities of the lower Chakras and make them part of our lives. Enlightenment is a spiritual journey, where we learn compassion and unconditional love. We learn to embrace the universal laws that govern our lives.

Compassion and unconditional love are the spiritual qualities associated with the heart chakra.

The key words are: compassion, feeling, tenderness, love of and search for the Divine, love of others and detachment. The associated developmental age is from twelve to fifteen years.

Its main colour is green, with subsidiary colours of rose and rose amethyst. Its element is Air. The kingdom is human. The glandular link is to the thymus. It is part of the lymphatic system, situated directly below the thyroid and parathyroid gland.

The fragrance of rose and sandalwood quieten the heart Chakra whilst pine and honeysuckle stimulate it. The crystals are: emerald, green calcite, amber, rose quartz, jade and pink carnelian.

Working with the heart Chakra tells us that we do not need to sit in judgement of people's behaviour, the Creator can take care of that - instead we can see the divine spirit that moves within them and encourage them to do the same. Working on the heart Chakra requires patience, discipline and a genuine desire for spiritual growth.

Thursday, 22 October 2009


Despite my recent stay in hospital I was determined to make it to this weeks Circle, as I desperately didn't want to miss a second one - it meant being very organised with my meals and ensuring I got plenty of rest through the day and both were achieved.

On arriving there was a new face with L, her DD La, and Aureen made the introductions. L was curious as to why I hadn't been there the previous week so I gave them the run down of what happened and the outcome. More arrivals soon followed: S2 and then A turned up again (she'd been having big problems with babysitters but hoped it was now sorted), then Sh. S1 wouldn't be coming as the problems with her new baby grandson were still ongoing. Aureen then told us about an incident she'd had before coming to the Circle: she had got in from work feeling very cold and had gone for a bath to warm up but when she'd sorted herself and was getting her shoes on she got an excruciating pain in her foot. She thought the change of temperatures had set off her rheumatoid arthritis but she checked her shoe...... and found a flippin' great hornet in it! Her OH sorted the hornet but her foot was left feeling very painful - she hoped it wouldn't affect things tonight but if it started to swell she would have to call a halt to the night. Poor Aureen - she was looking quite pale and drawn, so we all wished her well and told her to make sure she did say if she felt unwell at any point but she said she was sure she'd be OK and we went through into the other room.

Aureen then explained, for La's and A's benefit, about the Healing Book and we were all given the opportunity to add names of those people or animals we felt needed healing and say a prayer for them, sending out healing thoughts along with it. She then proceeded to read a piece about the Heart Chakra (separate post) and another piece on what she was given by her Guides when she asked them what Love Thy Neighbour meant, in response to a question posed by a former Circle's member. It was interesting and made us think about our own responses and feelings. We then proceeded to open the Circle, then protect and ground ourselves and open our Chakras - this was done with Aureen guiding us, due to La being new.

Aureen then proceeded to guide us through expanding our auras and connecting with all Circle members and then on into the Heart Chakra meditation, where we were to connect with the Air element, all living things and the Earth and see what messages we were given. It proved to be a very emotional experience for a few of us but not in the expected way: normally this has proved to be a really uplifting universal meditation but several of us had very personal experiences and found it a little uosetting.

Sh was obviously upset and couldn't talk about what had happened to her but La said I'm sorry but I have to give you a message: there's a chap called E here who is very insistent and tells me I have to give you a big bunch of white roses and she gave a description of him. Sh cried as it had something to do with her own experience: she had been upset anyway, as it was close to a special anniversary, and the meditation had obviously brought it all out. Aureen said that she felt that it might have been better if Sh hadn't come tonight because of that and she agreed..... but it was too late.

S2 said she had felt all bubbly and uplifted on the way there and been looking forward to the meeting but the meditation had resulted in her own personal experience, with her seeing her parents (they'd both passed away in sudden and difficult circumstances). She hadn't liked it and pushed it away, as she felt it was being selfish when it was supposed to be a universal connection. She then felt that she wanted to give me a hug.

I could have done with that hug! I'd also felt really bubbly beforehand. The meditation had started out OK and I felt I was connecting, as I kept getting fleeting images of all kinds of creatures of the Earth and even saw Earth as viewed from space, as if I was floating above it........ then I felt a little sad, then I saw the image of my Mum forming in my minds eye which was pushed away and then I couldn't stop the tears from falling. I got a tissue from my pocket, desperately trying to stem the flow and not disturb the others, all without opening my eyes. Aureen asked if I would be OK and I said I will be - L touched me on the shoulder, as a gesture of support. They gathered that I'd also had a personal experience and I said yes, I'd seen my Mum: she had been the mainstay throughout our childhood, as Dad had always been out at work to bring in the money to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, so she was my main focal point of and for love until I met my DH. I also knew my aura was expanded and heart Chakra was fully open because I was also getting a full on hit from everyone else's emotions too.

L felt she had done OK with the meditation and knew her heart Chakra was open because she said it felt like one of those megaphones and she said that it had almost hurt. She felt she had also connected with her Dad. I can't remember much else.

La had had the message for Sh which she had passed on but it had upset her that it had upset Sh so much. Can't remember what else.

A had a personal connection, seeing her OH, though she did say that he was very much on her mind at the moment, as he was having a rough time.

Aureen herself had seen herself as an eagle, soaring above the Earth and all living creatures on it, dropping little hearts all over everything. What a lovely vision. :0)

Thinking back on all this: I feel my initial meditation was picking up on Aureen's vision, to some extent, and that I'd picked up on S2 pushing the image of her parents away due to the image of my Mum being pushed away..... and it felt like I wasn't just crying for me, as it kind of overwhelmed me a little, in that I had no control over it.

It all went to illustrate what Aureen warned us about again: that sometimes sitting in a Circle will be extremely emotional and we won't be able to control those emotions. She gave us an instance from her own experiences and told us that we shouldn't try and fight it, as she had done that time, as it would just make it worse. If the emotions were impressed on us it was best to let them out. Well we certainly did that night! LOL

When we'd settled down again it was time to turn the light out and open ourselves up but this time we were to invite our Guides to come forward and ask them if they had any messages for us.

Sh saw a cobbled Cornwall seaside street and described it and the gentleman she saw there - A also saw the same thing - and it was for L and connected with her Dad. There was more but I can't remember it.
S2 saw a lady with plaits and dressed in a Russian style costume for La - that's all I remember.
I hadn't seen anything. Aureen asked if I was sure: yes, definitely sure this time. I was feeling decidedly tired and uncomfortable (the pincushion butt bruising was really bothering me), as well as emotionally drained, by this time. I hadn't been able to focus properly and for some reason my eyes kept wanting to open. Afterwards I wondered if this was something to do with the Clairvoyance card I pulled from my Oracle Cards earlier in the day: a way of my Guide telling me that I should be using all of my senses, including my physical ones - and perhaps I should have allowed my eyes to stay open, as I may have been shown something. I don't know but Aureen mentioned needing patience and perseverance, as Spirit does and will test us, and I told the group about re-reading the piece about perseverance just before coming to the Circle and felt it was very relevant: I'd tried meditating previously and had given up when I wasn't getting anywhere with it; I felt that now I had to prove that I wasn't going to give up - she said to myself and I said yes, to myself but more especially to Spirit. So, although I did feel a little disheartened by it - and, let's face it, probably will feel like that at other times too - I will NOT give up....... because I know I've had successes too.
L said she hadn't seen her Guide and said that, for the first time, she'd actually felt a little irritated by it. There she was inviting them in and..... nothing.... come on, then, where are you! I smiled and said: I know all about that. LOL So L felt the patience/perseverance thing was relevant to her too.
La said E, the chap for Sh, was still there but she'd also seen someone else but I can't remember who or anything else.
A had seen two people who she felt were for her: an older woman with white hair and a young man. This led Aureen to tell us a little about Doorkeepers and Guides and that one of those people may be her Doorkeeper and the other her Guide...... we'd be doing more work on both further along. A said she had also seen L's Guide stood behind her and felt he had a real sense of fun because he prodded her occasionally, as if to say "I'm here". L said: well tell him to stop poking me and come and introduce himself then, which had us all laughing.

Aureen then told us what she had seen for each of us. For me it was a white haired woman who was stood behind me but with her hands on my shoulders, giving me healing. I felt it was my Mum, who had always been there for us when we were ill.... and I got a little teary again.

Time, as always, had raced past so we then had to close our Chakras, cloak ourselves and close the Circle. A mentioned she was going to see Colin Fry and TJ Higgs that week which led to a conversation about mediums..... and I mentioned seeing Ian Lawman, the messages he'd brought us from Dad and how good he was. I would love to see both Colin and TJ at some point too. :0) With that we all said our goodbyes, with L hoping that I felt much better the following week and all goes well with the further tests, and left.

DH was waiting and we went home, via a quick call at Tesco Express for a few bits and pieces, so I could rest my poor butt on a softer chair - I was aching and shattered. With hindsight, perhaps, Like Sh, it would have been better if I had stayed away that week, to allow more recuperation time, but I couldn't bear the thought of missing yet another week and having to play catch up even more. The opportunities to meditate in hospital were non-existent (even when I felt much better) and I'd only managed it a couple of times since coming home, as I'd initially been reluctant to open myself up when I'd been on my own and not feeling 100%. Oh well, more practice now and hopefully a much better week next week. :0)


Situated just below the breast bone, extending down towards the navel, is the third and last personal Chakra, many lessons can be learnt here. From this Chakra we ascend to the Heart Chakra, which is the first of the universal Chakras.

The solar plexus is the radiant sun within your body and it supplies the body with fuel. Just as the sun provides the earth with power, so the solar plexus provides the body with power. It is the body's powerhouse and generates energy. The sun gives us light and heat and fuels growth - without it there would be no life on earth. The inner sun is also essential to life: it provides us with warmth, enthusiasm, passion and inner power. The solar plexus animates the body and keeps it alive.

Psychologically, the solar plexus is responsible for digesting emotions. The experiences we encounter as we journey through life need to be swallowed, digested and absorbed - any waste needs to be eliminated. Experiences get held in the digestive organs and soft tissues of the body where they can cause illness - holding on to old emotions create inner conflict. Anger usually hides pain, which in turn hides the treasures of your inner power. We each need time to fully digest our emotions and cleanse our systems of negativity.

Anatomically you will not find the solar plexus but you will find the coeliac plexus, which is a group of nerves corresponding to this Chakra. Digestion is a main function of the solar plexus and is associated with all digestive organs, stomach, small intestine, liver, gallbladder and spleen.

The keywords are: logic, reason, opinion, assimilation, psychic intuition and identity. The developmental age associated with the solar plexus is from eight to twelve years. Its main colour is yellow, its secondary colours are gold and rose. Its kingdom is animal.

The quietening fragrances are vetivert and rose, whilst bergamot, ylang-ylang, peppermint and ginger will stimulate the solar plexus.

The crystals for this Chakra are: yellow citrine, yellow topaz, rose quartz and tigers eye.

Its symbol is the inverted triangle.

Monday, 19 October 2009


Situated about two inches below the navel is the second Chakra, which is known as the Sacral Centre. This is the sacred home of your inner Self. This Chakra resonates with the moon and feminine energy. It is the centre of divine beauty and the centre of inner wisdom and self-knowledge.

In your body this Chakra governs the whole pelvic region. It is responsible for the ebb and flow of your emotions and feelings. Sensuality and sexuality are experienced from this Chakra. It is also a moon centre with water as its dominant element. If we watch the moon in the night sky we will see that she follows a 28-day cycle. The moon changes from the invisible dark moon to the new moon, which lights the sky with a shining crescent, and her cycle is completed with the rounded fullness of the full moon.

Just as the moon affects the sea, so too does she affect the waters that flow within us, our moods swing and our tides change.

The Sacral Chakra is connected with the developmental stages that take place between the ages of three to eight years. Its main colour is orange and it has secondary colours of amber and gold.

The key words are: security, sense of others,sexuality, creativity, relationships and sincerity. Its sense is taste and its kingdom is plants.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with the womb, genitals, kidney, ovaries, testes and bladder - all are water related body parts and each one is affected by our emotions. There is also a glandular connection to the lymphatic system and to muscles. As the centre of emotion the Sacral Chakra triggers the physical expression of our feelings.

Connecting with this Chakra helps you to connect with the divine Self and inner wisdom and when energy is allowed to flow freely through it intuition will be stronger.

Quietening fragrances for the Sacral Chakra are musk and amber. Rosemary and rose geranium will stimulate it. Its crystals are: amber, citrine, topaz, moonstone and jasper.

Its symbol is the crescent moon.


I shall try and remember what happened at the Circle way back on the 6th but an awful lot has happened since then, including a stay in hospital for what was initially suspected to be gallbladder/stones problems but which turned out to be a large ovarian cyst instead. That will teach me not to delay in doing my blog write-ups in future! LOL I have also had a bit of a think about some of the content I have been including in these write-ups, namely that which concerns the other participants in the Circle, and have decided that it is unfair to include some of the very personal experiences that come from the meditations etc. So, in future, I won't include them unless I've been given permission to do so - hope you understand.

Everything went very smoothly beforehand so I actually ended up arriving a little early, which gave Aureen and I the opportunity to have a quick chat about how I'd been since the Reiki session: I mentioned having a couple of weepy sessions which had had me a little concerned, considering I'd walked out of the Clinic on such a high, but she reassured me that it was natural and all part of the healing process - it was the grief coming out and I was to allow it to happen. OK, concern gone now. With that L and Sh soon arrived. Not bad going, to say that it was turning absolutely foul out, with some really bad downpours. S1 wouldn't be coming, as she'd had a family emergency, but A and S2 were expected.......... and didn't show up. After waiting a while longer Aureen decided we should start anyway and see what would happen with the reduced numbers, so we went through to the other room.

This week we were concentrating on the Sacral Chakra and Aureen read out a piece that gave us more information on it (will do a separate post). This weeks meditation would centre on this Chakra and involve connection with the waters of our body and thus to those of the Earth. We were asked if we had any questions before we started. I quickly piped up here and said that I didn't have any questions about this but could I just ask if the name Janice meant anything to anyone, explaining about realising on the way home that I'd heard this name. I was delighted when L claimed it: it was her DSis's name and she'd been on her mind a lot the previous week, as she'd been diagnosed with a non-cancerous tumour in her pituitary gland (brain) but had been told she'd still have to undergo radiotherapy to shrink it. (She also told us a couple of other things about the situation but as they were personal I don't feel it would be fair to put them on my open blog). I'm not sure who was the most stunned by such a spot-on hit..... there was also some relief on my part because, as I said to the girls, I didn't feel like the total dunce in the class any more - just annoyed with myself for not having gone with the flow last week. LOL It was certainly something of a confidence booster. :0)

We then went on to open the Circle, protect ourselves and open our Chakras. No grounding this week, as we were working with the Water Element. Aureen proceeded to lead us on a guided meditation where we connected with the fluids pulsing through our bodies, then on to a stream that flowed into a river that flowed into the sea. We were to try and connect with the Mother of the Ocean and see what message or gift we were given, then were brought back to the present.

Sh had another profound experience, going deep into the meditation. Not only did she see herself stood in the sea of a cove and all that unfolded from it but she was also able to understand the message it was giving to her and gave us her interpretation of it. Her confidence and depth of connection are what I strive towards. :0) Aureen felt it was a very good interpretation and positive experience which went to show just how far Sh had come since last attending the Circle, when she had held back through lack of confidence.
Next was my turn: I said I felt I was currently at the stage Sh had been at before. During the meditation I initially felt my body pulsate with the ebb and flow of the fluids within it; I had the impression of being under the water - no crashing surf, just the tranquility of deep water, and beautiful rainbow coloured fish calmly swimming around in front of me; there was something else but I'm afraid that has slipped away in the meantime. I said I could see a theme developing here, with the peace and harmony I had picked up the previous week, and felt that it was all telling me that these were the things I needed to gain within, so I could go on with my development and reach the next stages. Aureen felt it was a fair assessment and recommended that I meditate regularly, as this would help me to develop inner stillness and focus. I was quite pleased with how it had gone.
L had also felt the pulsing but said she was still aware of the room, although she had the feeling of vastness and had felt that a pearl necklace had been placed around her neck - she had felt that quite distinctly, as she's not normally a jewellery person. Aureen related this to pearls of wisdom, something L feels she is gaining from the Circle. She is so enjoying the whole journey it's a joy to see. :0) Aureen herself had had to pull herself back from her meditation, as she felt she was about to be shown something rather special that would have taken a lot longer than the time we had alloted...... she was going to go back to this meditation when she was on her own and had more time.

Aureen did discuss several other things at this point but I'm afraid these have slipped from my memory too...... I'm blaming it on the morphine injections I was given in hospital. ROFL Next we had to sit in the dark room, still our minds and see if we were given anything. It's odd but the atmosphere definitely seems to change slightly at this point, though not in any sinister or frightening way. Sh had seen a meditation style "vision" for Aureen, involving a man walking on his own but who was constantly looking back for her - Sh told us what she felt it meant and Aureen said both the vision and interpretation were spot on, so she would be taking that on board.
Trying to remember L's experience but struggling - I don't think she felt she'd seen anything or been given any messages but she felt happy and relaxed and had enjoyed the whole experience and that's what mattered most for her.
As for me: well I'd gone into this fully expecting to hear something again and hadn't, so it had confused me. So I was saying that I hadn't gotten anything, with Aureen saying now are you absolutely sure (thinking about the previous week)? Weeeelllll, I thought I saw a light by L. Aureen's response: so you did get something, laughingly saying "Ooo she's a little monkey, isn't she?" Then Sh said that actually, she also thought she'd seen a light by L too - she'd opened her eyes a little sooner than Aureen had said to and had spotted a small light by L but had assumed it was a reflection from a chink in the curtains or something. What kind of light? Small, circular - we both agreed it had been goldy/yellow in colour. Lights off to check for a reflection: yes, there was a light but this was window shaped and on the wall behind L - not where either of us had seen it or anything like what we'd seen. Aureen asked if I'd seen it with my third eye or physical eyes: third eye because I'd not opened my physical ones throughout, though I'd actually tried to look towards it with them behind my eyelids and couldn't. She asked what I thought it had been: immediately I said I wanted to say a Spirit light. Aureen then confirmed what we'd seen by telling L what she'd seen for her: a lady stood to her right (where Sh and I had seen the light) and gave a description and what she had felt about the lady - L said it sounded very much like her grandmother, someone she hadn't had much to do with in life (family problems) and had regretted this, as she felt she had a lot in common with her.

Lessons I learnt from this: don't try and second guess Spirit or make any assumptions - use all your senses and be open for anything.

I can't remember what Aureen had seen for Sh but for me it was a Victorian policeman stood at my left shoulder, who she felt was a family member: I wasn't aware of there being a policeman in our family but have since asked my Uncle (the family history buff) and he says it's a possibility - he has a Victorian photograph of my Great-great Uncle Sam, in uniform and sat astride a horse. He'd always assumed he was in military uniform but the braiding isn't right, so it could well be a police dress uniform - he's going to check that out. She also saw blue velvet: it didn't mean anything to me but did make me think of the song - the words don't mean anything to me really, nor can we think of any association to the song for family..... but one of the groups who sang it was called....... The Moonglows. LOL Then my DSis told me later that, when she was little, she used to have a blue velvet dress she loved and was gutted when she couldn't wear it to a school Christmas party because it was too small for her. I hadn't remembered that.

Time was drawing on so it was time to end the session, with the usual closing of Chakras and drawing on of our protective cloaks, followed by the closing of the Circle. Aureen then gave us the print outs for this week, along with the Chakra one for last week. The time just goes so incredibly quickly! We were also very pleased with how much had happened too, considering the reduced numbers this week - Aureen felt it was yet another sign of our being a really good group that would work well together.

Recounting the whole light thing to DH later I said I had to really stop my mad sense of humour kicking in, as I hadn't wanted to offend anyone (especially Spirit).......... but I just couldn't get the Bruce Willis/Sixth Sense film quote out of my head: I see dead people. LMAO So I now know I am capable of seeing things and do hear things (clairaudience), as well as feeling things - it's not all in my imagination, there is something there that's worth developing.......... can't tell you just how good that feels. :0)

Unfortunately I missed last weeks Circle, with the Solar Plexus Chakra meditation, due to being in hospital, but I will do a write up on the Chakra when I have my sheet. Yes, I have all intentions of going to this weeks Circle......... Universe and health willing. :0)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


The Root Chakra is the first of seven Chakras - it is the foundation on which all the other Chakras sit. It is about our connection to the Earth, about stability and security in a physical and material sense.
Each Chakra looks a little like a flower, having petals and a stem. The stem of the Crown and the Root Chakras are open but are contained in a central column of energy that interpenetrates totally with the physical body. The other Chakras have petals opening into the auric field at the front and stems projecting into the auric field at the back.
Much of the colour and energy of the auric field is supplied by the Chakras (subtle energy centres). They are the points in our subtle energy field where universal energy enters and interpenetrates with our personal energy system. Most Chakras carry links to specific parts of our physical glandular system and affect, and are affected by, our physical bodies and constitution.

The Root Chakra is located in the perineum, which is the area midway between the anus and the genitals. The petals face downwards, between the legs, and the stem faces upwards into the central column (the central column is a little forward of the spine). It is naturally and healthily slightly open. It is linked to the developmental stage that takes place from birth to 3 or 5 years of age. It's main spectrum colour is red, having secondary colours of brown and mauve.
Its element is Earth, its kingdom is mineral, its sense is smell.
Keywords are: rootedness; incarnation; acceptance; preservation and concept.
The Root Chakra is associated with the physical body and the gonad glands (testes in men - ovaries in women); legs; bones; spine; colon and red blood cells.
The fragrances of cedarwood and patchouli will quieten and calm this Chakra, whilst musk and lavender will stimulate it.
Its crystals are: smoky quartz; garnet; alexandrite; ruby; agate; bloodstone; onyx; tiger's eye; rose quartz; red jasper and red jade.
Its symbol is a square - this represents strong foundations and solidity. The 4 corners symbolise the 4 directions: North; South; East and West.

Monday, 5 October 2009


It was time for my next Reiki session on Saturday 3 October, so back to the Clinic went I for the second visit of the week. When I got there Jan told me there was a stack of books on a table behind the door and to have a look and see if I wanted any. Free books? Now I definitely didn't need a second invitation to have a nosey and these were the two that made it into my bag:

Jan recommended one of the other books to Aureen, so she took that...... but there were about another 5 or 6 left on the table which were destined for a trip to the Hospice Bookshop if no one else wanted them. Not long after this it was time to go through to the Reiki Room.

I told Aureen about realising that I had received something at the last Circle meeting: the name Janice, and that I'd recognised that I not only had to learn to trust what I was being given but also to trust in myself too - she said to make sure to ask the others if the name meant anything to any of them at our next meeting. Aureen then asked how I'd been since the last treatment, when she'd performed psychic surgery on me. I said I recognised how I felt later that day as being shell-shocked but that that had eased over the next few days and lately it felt more like a time of adjustment: I'd been carrying around that ball of grief and guilt for quite some time and, even though it was necessary to my well-being to have that heavy load gone, it had become a part of me....... so it's been about accepting and adjusting to having that part of me "missing" and also adjusting to the changes it's bringing about within. All positive changes I might add. :0)

She knew exactly what I meant and said it was perfectly natural and felt it showed that she had got it all out. I said I knew she had because of something that had happened a little earlier in the week: I was in the shower, washing my hair and letting my mind wander when, for some reason, I started thinking of the last time we'd seen Helen (DH's DSis), which was in Derby Royal's Mortuary, when we'd gone to say our goodbyes - I was OK, perfectly calm; next my mind went to the last time I'd seen Mum, which again was to say goodbye, though at the Funeral Home - this would usually reduce me to a blubbering wreck but no, perfectly calm; then my mind went on to the day dad had passed away in the Hospice, with the three of us (DBro, DSis and myself) by his side - that had me a blubbering wreck. I explained to Aureen that on the lead up to the psychic surgery session I'd been thinking about Mum a lot and had had lots of dreams about her (including the visit, where we finally got to say all the things we hadn't had the chance to before she passed away) and felt that either my subconscious or above (I pointed upwards) - or both - had been preparing me for that session. Now it felt like the same process was happening but this time with my Dad. OK, was her response, then it's obviously time to tackle those issues - she would be undertaking psychic surgery again (Oh joy, thought I LOL) but this time she would be using crystals, which she would place on certain parts of my body during the treatment, so it should help to make it a gentler process.

With that I'd removed my specs, hair scrunchie and all my rings but had left on my amethyst and citrine bracelets and asked if it was OK to also leave on my moonstone pendant, explaining that I wanted to use it as an Angelic talisman and the thinking was that wearing it during the treatment (Aureen gives Angelic Reiki) would help infuse it with that intention. Normally as much metal as possible has to be removed beforehand as it can interrupt energy flows but she felt that this would be fine. Funnily enough she said she had thought about bringing some moonstone with her, to help in the treatment, but hadn't got a piece - I'd just felt myself automatically reaching for it as I got dressed that morning and knew I had to wear it. :0)

As I sat on the treatment bed Aureen asked me what emotions I felt I carried for my Dad: there was grief at his passing and anger that someone of his age should have to go through that but there was also guilt. This guilt was a hard one to talk about and it made me cry as I verbalised it: when Dad had been diagnosed and went through the initial stages of treatment I'd prayed for healing for him...... but as it became obvious that the healing wasn't going to happen I then began to pray that they would take him quickly because it was cancer and he was in pain, and I felt guilty for effectively praying for his death. Aureen explained that those prayers for healing, though they weren't answered on this plane, would have been waiting for Dad when he got to the other side and would have benefited him there. I'd never thought of it that way before but, thinking about it afterwards, it made some sense: he passed away in April, we went to the psychic evening with Ian Lawman in May and received messages from Dad via him - that is awfully quick for someone who had such a painful passing (as we understand it, those souls who had trauma at death spend time in Spirit "hospital" for some time, to help them to adapt and deal with what happened). It was good to know that no prayer is ever wasted. Then I told her that when Dad passed I'd felt relief: because it was cancer and he'd suffered.... but it was tinged with relief for myself too, as it had got to the stage where I wasn't sure just how much more I could take - so some of the guilt was because it shouldn't have been about me at all. OK, we'd deal with it - time to lay down.

Once I was laid on the bed Aureen began straightaway with the opening movements at my head and feet, before starting the music, then stood to my left and asked me relevant questions on if I had to describe the guilt and grief: what shape would it be? I started to analyse but once again something else seemed to click in and I said a diamond (like on a deck of cards but not a flat one - 3-D); what colour would it be? Green, and I said that was odd because I expected it would have been black, like the other; what weight would it be? Heavy; if it had a smell, what would it smell like? Rank; where in my body was I carrying it? I almost said heart, then told Aureen that that was the first word but that I also wanted to say stomach - she said it was obviously both so I told her that would make sense because from the time of Dad's diagnosis and throughout his treatment my stomach had been in knots, I'd grown to dread the phone ringing as it usually meant Dad was bad and we had to make an emergency dash over to Doncaster to help, and I'd suffered three really bad sessions with my stomach (severe diarrhoea, occasionally vomiting and mild fever)..... and it bothers me whenever I get stressed. Plus I told her that the Aura/Chakra pic had revealed that my Solar Plexus Chakra had been closed, instead of spinning - and my stomach had been playing up then too. She said that it made sense for that being where I was holding part of it, told me to relax and close my eyes but try and visualise the diamond as I'd described it and see the Angels come into the room to take it out and away.

So the session began in earnest then and I soon felt Aureen place the crystals on my body: one on my throat; another towards my feet and I'm sure there was at least one more but I couldn't tell you which bit that was placed on (probably solar plexus/stomach area). I did try the visualisation but, as usual, I couldn't really see much of anything - though the colours were swirling quite vividly behind my eyes through much of the treatment. Further into the session I got an impression of that diamond shaped thing and also felt an odd sensation in my heart/stomach area twice, one after the other, almost like a tug..... but gentle. To be honest, although it was proving to be a much gentler experience than the time before, the thought was in the back of my mind that it seemed quite a boring session really.

Hah! It was just a case of the powers that be saving the best until last. Very close to the end of the session I felt a sudden "shock", though I don't like the negative connotations of that word as it wasn't a negative experience at all - but what happened came so suddenly that it certainly startled me and almost made me jump out of my skin: my whole body felt a rush of energy through it then I actually saw the most wonderful rainbow of colours in my minds eye that had me awed........ definitely an Oh Wow moment! I wanted to stay gazing at it but it disappeared just as suddenly as it appeared, though it left me wanting to giggle out loud. When Aureen moved to my feet there were more swirls of colours behind my eyelids and a feeling of white light, especially to my right side which I assumed was from the lamp in the room, and when Aureen moved away to work elsewhere there were still a pair of hands on my feet. When she removed the crystals and closed the session a little later my feet were actually tingling.

As always she asked how I felt. So I told her about my feet, which she said was a good sign. She had removed the diamond thing and my words were: it wasn't a healthy green. No, she likened it to a swampy, gooey kind of green - yes, or that rotten flesh kind of green, which was how it felt to me - either way it had obviously been festering away in there and the gentle tug sensations I'd felt were when it was being removed. Aureen said she'd held her pendulum above the area (which I'd been totally unaware of) and it had swung like crazy in a circle above it but had been much calmer later. She also said my Chakras were also fully cleansed: she'd removed a block on my Third Eye and cleared the Solar Plexus, so I should hopefully find things going a bit better at the Circle now (fingers crossed!). She said she'd also brought in a lot of White Light and that made me smile: I told her about thinking that there was a bright lamp to my right but when I looked the only actual light was an orange glowing heater that was in the far bottom right of the room, pointed towards my feet....... there wasn't any other physical source of light in the room. Then I told her about the rainbow: I likened it to looking into a good quality opal, though without the milkiness and much more vivid, more a kind of fractured rainbow. (I tried to describe it to my friend Alex and she said like a kaleidoscope, which is much more like the look of it - though the colours of that aren't quite right). I do wonder if it was something to do with the crystals.... it was certainly to do with my Chakras, as it contained all the Chakra colours within it. It had certainly left me feeling good and energetic....... a great improvement on the last time. I had some sips of water and was given instructions to take it easy for the rest of the day and to drink lots of water, to help flush any toxins out. I thanked Aureen and she walked me back through to Reception where her next client soon arrived, so I said my goodbyes.

Jan was Receptionist again, so I got the tablets and tea I needed added to my bill and paid. She was on her own so we got talking about a couple of things, including something she'd told me on a previous visit to do with her strained relationship with her DSis: it was odd how the chat led on to that but it just seemed like it was meant, somehow. Some of what I said to Jan really hit home later: that in every situation, even the most negative ones, there is usually something positive to come out of it - it's just a case of realising it, then recognising what that positive is and being grateful for it - and that without experiencing those negatives we probably wouldn't be who we are today. I've since been looking at various happenings through my life with a different perspective, even in my dreams, and that's led on to some letting go of all kinds of negative thought patterns and feelings that I'd realised were only serving to harm me..... and that has been another positive step forward. :0)

The conversation concluded we said our goodbyes and I left, absolutely buzzing with energy. I popped into the Hospice Bookshop (yes, again! LOL) and was glad I did as I found this:

This one is not only about the archaeology of Stonehenge but about the era it was in, so it looks at the people of Britain and Ireland from that time, their physical characteristics, tools, weapons, clothing etc etc as well as how they lived. I couldn't resist, so it came home with me. Next I popped into Sew Easie, as it had been a while since I'd last been in, to have a look at the ribbons and trims and managed to find a few that were new, so that meant a few nice additions to add to my finishing stash (unfortunately I forgot to take a pic before putting them away). Then I thought it best to heed Aureen's advice and started heading home, though I did pop in to Tesco Express for a few bits we needed first.

When I got home it was to find that DH was back from the van loading session at the LTC Guild Room. He was amazed that I'd done the shopping and come home on my own, going by how I'd been after the last session. I put the shopping away whilst telling him how different the session had been and what had happened. I did say I wasn't going to push my luck though and that I'd be taking it easy the rest of the day, as advised by Aureen, and that's exactly what I did.

Sunday DH and DS were at the theatre Get In much of the day (unloading the set from the van and setting up it and all the tech stuff - lighting and sound - on the stage and checking it all worked OK) so I had another quiet day that involved completing a Halloween ornie, amongst other things. I also sat up on my bed to meditate whilst DH was home to have his dinner and to watch the Grand Prix, choosing to listen to a guided meditation CD on the MP3 player (it drowned out the sound of the TV. LOL). It was an Angel Healing meditation: I did get quite relaxed during it (a bit too relaxed again, as I kept falling asleep) but can't say I saw or sensed much of anything, then I went on to listen to another meditation CD that was just music. That was also relaxing and I didn't think much of anything was going to happen when Wham! the same sensation I'd had in the Reiki session the day before hit me again, although without the visual this time. I guess something in one of the tracks somehow affected my Chakras and triggered it........ I'll give it a few days before listening to it again to see if the same thing happens - if it does I'll have to ask Aureen about it to see if she has any ideas as to what is going on. In the meantime I'll be sticking to the aura sensing and stretching exercise, with the occasional Chakra meditation thrown in in the hopes that some kind of visualisation will start to happen....... so that should keep me out of mischief. :0)

BTW Julie: yes, I would go to the Spiritualist Church again and DH said he would be happy to as well. He enjoyed the service and the style of readings that were given - and admitted that he was pleased it had happened like that, as he'd been a bit nervous about it.
As for being drawn to particular colours: it could be to do with Chakras or with your Aura. I love sea blues and greens, as well as autumnal colours, and my Aura pic shows mine as a mix of blue and green. :0)

Friday, 2 October 2009


Another month meant another visit to the Clinic to see Jan, my Herbalist, to review the previous month's happenings. So, on Thursday 1 October off I trotted for my 10am appointment.

Arriving there I found Jan was doubling up as Receptionist again, as well as ensuring the acupuncturist locum was settling in OK and knew where everything was so she could deal with Janet's clients, as Janet was off sick, recuperating from recent surgery. Jan showed me through to the treatment room to wait whilst she sorted a couple of things, gathered my file and then came through.

We firstly spoke about my last monthly: for the first time I'd had a 10 day one, with a couple of problems with clotting during it, which I hadn't been overly happy about. She assured me that, whilst it may be upsetting, what's happening is a good sign and something that will eventually improve. It's also best it happens this way: the alternative is to go and have the uterus lining cauterised (basically burnt off) which could lead to problems with scar tissue; or, if I don't lose the way I am at the moment, it could, in the long term, lead to cancer. OK, I was convinced - I'll put up with the inconvenience and upset because I really don't fancy either of those alternatives, thank you........ but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the improvement comes around pretty soon. LOL

I mentioned that I was due to go for a smear test but was waiting on DH to book the appointment at a time convenient for him, so he could take me. I explained that, though I'm much better at going out and about now I still can't go to the GP's on my own - I hate going and always have (same with hospitals). Some of it is because I don't like sitting in a room full of folks and she said "who are coughing, snotting and sneezing all over". It's partly that - let's face it, you just don't know what other lurgy you could be catching - but mostly it's down to the anxiety and worry that most of them are feeling because I pick up on it and it affects me. She understood what I meant and said that just prior to and especially when she first started treating clients she used to use some Bailey Flower Essences drops called Protection and Clearing that would be perfect for me - also useful as I had started going to the Development Circle. She said she didn't need them anymore, as she had learnt her own Protection techniques now, so they were a gift from her. Such a nice thing to do. :0)

I told her about going to the Harrogate Health and Healing Festival at the weekend and Jan asked what I'd thought, so I told her - it seems she'd been the previous year and had been disappointed in it for the same reasons: we both said we probably wouldn't go again. I told her about having the Chakra/aura pic done and that healing had come up again in that, as well as at the Development Circle (see past DC post), so she said it was another reason to take those drops: if I do go on to do some form of healing work they would be very useful. I then touched on what the lady had said about my solar plexus Chakra being closed tight and that, funnily enough, my stomach (which it is associated with) had been playing up that day and for a few days beforehand....... and I'd realised that the two were probably linked (though it's not obvious which of these is cause and which is effect), so from now on I would attempt to do some self-healing on that Chakra to see if it helped. Jan wondered if the stomach problems might flare up as a cause of my getting overly emotional/upset about something - I couldn't actually remember anything specific having happened but she said to keep it in mind and to make notes on my food diary sheets. Interesting - never thought of that - so I'll be watching for it in future.

I also mentioned about buying the wrist warmers to keep my hands warm, especially whilst on the computer, and how chilled I feel when that happens (generally the only way I warm up again is by eating something). Jan said that could be down to blood sugars (it does tend to mostly happen a while after my last meal and before the next, though not always). She looked at my food diary sheets and said that I ate a good range of foods, so that was fine and not causing a problem. I mentioned I had been eating quite a few of those tortilla chips this month though and her response was that salt really isn't good for someone who has had high blood pressure problems (I know but the cravings won't be told! LOL), so she checked my BP....... and it was in the normal range, though the pulse was up at 90, which suggested a little anxiety or tension. Odd because I didn't feel anxious or tense.

From a combination of these things she thought it pointed towards a slightly under-active thyroid and asked what my GP had said about it. Well the test I'd had some years previously had come back "normal" and nothing came up with the most recent blood tests I'd had. She decided she would add a different herb to the mix this time (she did say what but I can't remember it) to help my thyroid - and she said not to be surprised if, when it starts to kick in, I lose another half stone in weight. WhaayHaaay - I shan't complain at that, says I and she laughed. Well I used to be a size 12 (back when I was young, free and single LOL) but I wasn't going to go there - what I'd said all along was that if I could get down to a size 14 I'd be happy. She said it wasn't unreasonable to expect or be able to manage that. :0)

Then she mentioned water retention: I told her I didn't think I was having too many problems, especially in the morning: I likened it to gushing like a drain, especially as I often get through a full 500ml bottle of water just taking my tablets..... and usually got through 3 1/2 to 4 of those bottles in a day. She warned me to be careful not to drink too much water, as that could lead to its own problems - and may be why I've been craving tortilla chips for the salt - so I was to rein this back and only get through half a bottle when having my tablets. Her gut instinct told her that she should treat me for water retention, so she decided to also add dandelion to the mix and I was to up the dosage to 7.5mls.
With this it was time for the weigh-in. Again I wasn't expecting much - like I said, I'd been scoffing way more tortilla chips than I should have - but the scales were very kind. So last month I was at 11stone 13.......... this month I was 11stone 12. Only 1lb but a loss is a loss and I'd rather a small loss than any kind of gain. :0)

So I went back through to Reception while Jan went to mix my new potion. In came a lady I'd noticed out in the street when I'd glanced out of the window: she had one of those vicar's dog collars on, which is unusual to see. She sat on the sofa next to me and I told her that Jan was just mixing my meds and wouldn't be long. My "thing" kicked in and she became quite chatty: she was a something or other chaplain and specialised in helping people with mental health problems (which is the place I'd just seen her coming away from); what Jan was treating her for; and we touched on the various treatments and Reiki and a few other things besides. Then a second lady arrived and I told her Jan wouldn't be long and she came through then, on the phone talking to another client, and she took the chaplain lady through to the treatment room to wait and the second lady joined me on the sofa: and she was having the Candida treatment too, had had the food intolerance testing (and she told me what she was intolerant to) and that she'd had one Reiki session, the reason why and what the result had been. If I'd been there much longer with both of the ladies I probably would have heard a whole lot more besides (it's just what happens) but Jan was back with my potion and it was time for me to get the other items I needed and to pay, plus make a follow-on appointment. This done I said I'd see her again on Saturday (Reiki day), said goodbye and left (after first using the facilities - told you mornings were bad for that! LOL).

Out on the street I first headed to Hospice Bookshop for a quick nosey. I had intended to walk right past but something said to go in, so I did and found the book on the right:

I don't usually do spellwork but this seemed quite an interesting little gem, full of other information besides the spells...... and it was in pristine condition and only £1. It's amazing what I find in there. :0) I do like to read a wide range of esoteric books too: some things in them don't always interest me, some things I may even disagree with, a little nugget of information that gels, or sparks and starts new thought processes going - whatever, there is always something to be learned from them and helps me to develop in some way. That is worth more than money. :0) As for the other book: it was in the window of the RSPCA charity shop and I spotted it as I was passing. I know, I've been decluttering and ousting some books but this one has been on my want list for a while as I love the design on the front. When I looked inside there were a few more designs I liked so at £1.50 it just had to come home with me. :0)

After calling in at a couple of the Building Societies to sort a couple of things out I then decided to head for the local market for a look round and it was disappointing to see just how it had deteriorated in the time since I'd last been there, in pre-agoraphobia days. I did buy a few things from a stationery and card making stall:

They were all bargains (buy 2 get 1 free on the envelopes, and I always struggle to find these square ones so they were a must-buy, plus a price reduction for buying 3 lots of card). Nothing else appealed - especially not the clothes (bit like chav central!) - so I headed home, only calling off at the Hospice charity shop when I spotted the Egyptian plates were still there (see other blog).

So now I'm hoping the new potion kicks in reasonably quickly, to help boost the weight loss...... and that reducing my water consumption will help ease the salt cravings so I can get off those flippin' tortilla chips, which will also help with the weight loss. Fingers crossed for a much better scales result next month. :0)