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Well things almost didn't go to plan this week and I was wondering if I was going to miss my final pre-op session at the Circle due to DH being really late back from work....... it wasn't until I left a voice mail message asking where he was and suggesting that I might just have a go at driving myself in his precious Honda that he contacted me to say he was on his way home. Thankfully he was fine about waiting for his tea until after he'd dropped me off....... the thought of another meal from the chippy (something we rarely have these days) kept him happy. Whoever said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach was a genius........ and must have been a woman. ROFL

Just to be safe I sent a text to Aureen to let her know I was on my way, as I didn't want to turn up to find that they had already gone through to start the session, so wouldn't answer the door. When I got there I wasn't actually the last to arrive, thankfully, though I apologised. Aureen said not to worry as she'd asked S1 to wait until everybody was there before telling us all what had happened to her during her meditation. I was so relieved, as I'd thought I'd miss it and I'd been on tenterhooks all week wanting to know what had happened.

As we were waiting the Healing Book was circulated so names could be added before the session. Once A arrived S1 told us what had happened. When, one session, someone had asked Aureen how we would know the difference between what our minds are telling us and genuine Spirit contact she had replied that we would just know as soon as it happened. Well S1 had been practising the Root Chakra meditation when she suddenly heard her Dad (crossed over) say her name in exactly the way he used to - she knew that it was him. He gave her a personal message, something that he'd never said to her in life, and afterwards she sobbed. But it was also a healing, as it made her realise what a hard life he had had and that that had contributed to how he had been with herself and her siblings when they were growing up....... and that she herself had been her father's daughter with her own DD, as she grew up, with strictness. It also helped her to realise a few things about how she dealt with certain things in her life, so she was now consciously trying to stop negative thought patterns and use positive visualisation........ and that had helped her deal with her DD's recent health problems. We were so pleased for her...... and she seemed to have gained in confidence since the last session she had attended and it was good to see. :0)

After this we made our way into the other room to start this weeks session. Aureen did a recap on things she had told us about sitting in a Circle, such as: ensuring you have a meal at least 3 hours before coming (something I've been doing wrong, as it's usually only around 1 1/2 to 2 hours beforehand) - your body is too busy digesting and that makes it sluggish and harder to work with the energies; make sure you do eat though, as being hungry can be just as distracting; no alcohol or drugs, as you need to be in control at all times; always ensuring you have your bubble of protection in place, etc etc. These "rules" hold just as true when undertaking meditation or psychic work at home/elsewhere too. It was good to do the recap: it acts as a reminder that, although we may be enjoying what we are doing, what we are doing shouldn't be undertaken lightly and that there is a code of ethics to abide by.

Aureen then told us that this week she had decided to take us through a cleansing meditation and that afterwards we would be trying some psychometry.

After opening the Circle Aureen asked if we opened our Chakras by visualising a coloured flower. La, L and S1 did - S2 used opening curtains, A said she had tried but had seemed to change to seeing spinning discs that went through her body (it sounded very much like the image Aureen had given us of the Chakras at the beginning) and I had tried the flowers but had found it difficult to put the colours and flowers together, so had been using opening coloured doors imagery which seemed to be easier for me. She said that it seemed that A and S2 and probably me had found the way that suited us, so that was OK - though she said it would be useful to try visualising another way of opening our Chakras, as it would give us the opportunity to see if another way would work better and gave a few examples.

We went on to place ourselves in our bubbles, grounded ourselves and opened our Chakras - I opted to stay with the doors imagery, as I do struggle with visualisation at times. We kept our eyes closed and went on to listen to our breathing, concentrating on thinking In and Out as we breathed in and out - this is another thing to practice, as it helps us to focus and eventually we will find that doing it takes us into the quiet inner space within, where everyday thoughts and outside noises won't impinge. That is the place from which we will learn to "work". We then had to imagine stepping into a forest that was just ours, with no one else around and where we were perfectly safe. We were to notice what was underfoot and smell the forest. Then we walked along a path to a waterfall. We then had to walk into the waterfall and allow the water to wash over us and our auras, then into our bodies through the Crown Chakra and imagine it washing away all the negativity which flowed out through our fingertips and toes. Once it had all washed out we came out and sat on a grassy bank and allowed the sun to dry us, then walked back and came back to ourselves. We had all really enjoyed this meditation.

Aureen immediately asked S2 how she felt. Much better: she'd been having issues with her gift and it occasionally caused problems in her family when she knew things she wasn't supposed to (sounds like they don't know or won't accept that she's an extremely gifted psychic!). She felt her way of dealing with Spirit and certain issues arising from it was a touch on the brutal side and felt that this would be a much better way for her to deal with it. It sounded like she'd been carrying much of the negativity in her Solar Plexus Chakra, as she described a backache she'd developed through there....... and that had eased substantially. Later she said she had been in a winter forest and had smelt pine - after the cleansing she felt like she'd had a minty shower.

S1: I think hers was a summer forest with lovely sunshine, the water had been a vivid bluey white and she also felt all minty.
A: had walked through an autumnal forest, had been in clear water and felt refreshed.
L: I think hers was also an autumnal forest, lots of leaves under foot. Can't remember the water but she also felt fresh and peaceful.

My usual photo stills but with a little movement at times. My forest was giant redwood trees - I remembered thinking it was odd and trying to think of the many wooded areas we had walked in - but the imagery persisted. There were lots of pine needles underfoot. When Aureen said smell the scents I promptly sneezed - I apologised afterwards, as they'd all heard me, and explained that pine disinfectant makes me feel like that too. LOL The waterfall was lovely (kind of like the Jurassic Park one) and the water was white. I saw the negativity washing out as brown sludgy stuff. The grassy bank was a lush tussock. I felt as freshly scrubbed as I do when I come out of a real shower.

This was when S2 mentioned smelling pine etc.

La: I think hers was also autumnal and she had also smelt pine. She has a problem with water (presumably stemming from her past life as a fisherman, when she drowned) so only felt comfortable putting half of her body under the waterfall but had still felt clean afterwards. It was one she said she would work on and see if she could get more comfortable with the water.

Next Aureen read out a piece about psychometry, this one by Ursula Roberts and not her Guide. She said that some people were really good at it but others didn't do so well, it was basically a case of having a go and seeing what happened. We all had to gently rub our hands together, and then our fingertips, to stimulate our hand Chakras - something that healers also do, apparently -and the object had to be held in the left hand.

First S1 gave A a gold bracelet of hers. A picked up a big garden and sitting out in it. She felt a bit self-conscious with being first, I think. She also picked up a small, fluffy white dog like a Westie - not S1's but she did have a friend who had one. S1 hadn't seen her friend recently but she said she had been thinking she ought to get in touch with her - Aureen said to see it as a prompt to do so. There was also a red car and something to do with the car (A thought tax or MOT or similar) - S1 owned it, but said she was trying to sell it.

Then A gave S1 her crucifix necklace. She picked up a house with a garden that backed on to fields - A didn't recognise it but said it was the type of place she would like to live one day. The only other fields she could think of were those she drove past when going to see her OH. Can't remember if she saw anything else.

Next Aureen asked L to pass something of hers to me. There was a debate over what to give as she wore few personal items. She did have on a large watch but she said that that was someone else's, though she wore it - Aureen said to give it to me anyway and see what would happen. So I took the watch in my left hand and.......... immediately my body started reacting: I felt unwell and my heart started racing - I said: I really don't feel great. My heart is going ten to the dozen. S1 asked if it was like palpitations - yes, a bit like that, but more so. L said she could take that but needed more - the watch was M's and looked me in the eye as she said it. I didn't know who M was but closed my eyes again and immediately felt like crying and said so. L said she could take that too. I then said that I didn't like it and turned to L and virtually shoved the watch at her and she took it. My heart was gradually slowing but I still didn't feel quite right and S1 asked if it was like a panic attack - a bit like that, as I used to suffer from them and I really didn't like the sensation and didn't want it to set me off.

Aureen got me to visualise the waterfall and cleanse away the negative feelings and I felt better. She then said that I shouldn't have given the watch back to L but should have cleansed and carried on - as she explained: if, in the future, we go on to do readings for people, we can't stop just because we don't like something - we have to learn to deal with it by cleansing, then carry on with the reading and I might have picked up more, otherwise I had done really well. I said it was way more than I had anticipated, as I really didn't expect to pick up anything. I apologised to L for having shoved the watch back at her but it had been instinctive. I thought about it today and what I keep getting is that it was too close to home: the tears were L's and I think it was grieving, the heart was M's and was due to a heart problem/condition. Too much like my own circumstances with my Mum - as well as it being an uncomfortable reminder of the panic attack sensations which I really don't want to revisit.

I then handed L a ring of mine telling her that I bought it secondhand but have had it donkeys years. She held it for a while and then said that she wasn't really getting anything....... though she said the ring felt really cold to her and that she'd felt her throat tighten up, feeling constricted. I smiled because there she was saying she wasn't getting anything and she had: I told her about the regular problems I have with my hands going really cold and struggling to get them warmed up again (what I'd forgotten was something relevant that had happened that day: the heating boiler lost pressure in the early afternoon and I ended up freezing my backside off for ages, wondering why it wasn't getting any warmer when I tweaked the thermostat up - until I finally felt the radiators and realised what the problem was, tweaked the valve and got it working again. Must remember to tell her about that!); the throat constriction stems from problems I had in my early 30's, when all of my throat area used to swell up like a bullfrog's - it used to restrict my wind and food pipe and made swallowing food and water really difficult and I couldn't lay flat on my back as I couldn't breathe properly, which resulted in having my sinuses flushed and an op to remove my tonsils, since then I very occasionally get a minor flare up of swelling when I get a bout of sinusitis. Well done L! :0)

Next La handed a swipe card to S2: she picked up all kinds of details about the type of job she did; something she'd done at work; food; something about a door and a few other things too. La owned it all - the most impressive thing being that the food was actually what her kids had had for tea that night! Aureen asked her how she got these things, whether she saw them or felt them. She sees them as a movie in her minds eye - that meant she was getting them clairvoyantly.

S2 handed a piece of jewellery to La (I think): La got her parents; her dog; flowers and several other things that I can't remember. S2 owned every one of them. Aureen asked how she got them and I can't remember quite what she said but what she saw was veiled, or like looking through a veil. Clairvoyance again, I think.

Next it was our turn to pass a ring of Aureen's around the Circle to see what each of us could pick up on. There was an awful lot of information here and it's a struggle to remember it all. Suffice to say that all the girls came up with something different, usually several somethings, and all had hits (her cat, pottery she collects, links with friends and places among many). I didn't get anything. My hand felt warmer when I held it (and even tingled a little afterwards) but I told her I felt blocked with her, partly because she gives me Reiki - I know a few things I've gathered there, so I kept thinking that I couldn't say any of these things..... and was so busy doing that I didn't get anything - plus she's the "teacher" and it felt odd to do it, iykwim. I didn't say but I the incident with L's watch had freaked me out a tad and I wasn't too keen on risking a repeat.

Aureen said that she was surprised that I hadn't picked up something, as there was something in particular that she felt me of all people would have got. She wouldn't say what that was, as we would be doing this again some time and she hoped I would get it then.

Of course it's left me wondering what on Earth it is..... LOL

Next was a check that everyone that wanted to had had the chance to add names to the Healing Book. I said I hoped it was OK that I'd put my cousin's name in again - last time I hadn't known the date of his op and now I did. He's having a major back operation on the 4th December, to relieve painful nerve pressure on his spine - there's only a 40% chance of it working and there's a high risk of him ending his days in a wheelchair.... he's just into his 40's. He's in so much pain he's willing to take the risk. He needs all the prayers and Good Luck vibes going. I also put a couple more names in too. :0)

A couple of the girls asked if my name was in it and Aureen said that it was - I knew she had already put me in, as she told me earlier, and I thanked her for it.

With this it was time to close our Chakras, protect ourselves, release our anchors and close the Circle. The closing prayer Aureen said this week included asking for healing and protection for me during and after my op and a hope that I would soon be back with all within the Circle. So thoughtful and kind. :0) As the prayer was being said L's hand tightened on mine, as if adding a little extra support and strength - she really is a very caring and compassionate person. I thanked them all and said that I hoped to be back with them.... and had had a couple of weeks in my head. Aureen said she thought that I probably wouldn't be and it would more than likely be the other side of Christmas before I felt like sitting long enough to get through a session. I said deep down I realised that, being realistic, her estimate was more likely but I was thinking positively and going to hope for the best. I said I'd know when I was ready to cope with a session because I'd be able to sit up to my computer to do my blogging, emailing and catching up with my Forums. LOL

There was a quick discussion on whether everyone wanted to carry on with the sessions through Christmas and New Year, as Aureen was quite happy to do so, or if they wanted a break. La, L and S2 were going to be away for some of the festive season so it was decided that the 15th would be the last session and they'd recommence on 5th January. I made a note of it in my diary and Aureen remarked that by then I would definitely be OK for rejoining the group. Yay! :0)

We all started heading for the door then so, as I wouldn't be seeing them beforehand, I wished them all a good Christmas and New year. L gave me a hug and peck on my cheek and S2 gave me a hug too. La said she wasn't the touchy feely type so she'd give me a wave instead and I laughed - I commented that I used to be very much like that but that I was getting better. S2 made a crack about that making her want to grab me again. LOL So we said our goodbyes and headed for cars. I will really miss them and the sessions, so am going to concentrate on getting better a.s.a.p. LOL

The chip shop smell hit me as soon as I got in the car...... fishcake, chips and mushy peas had been on the menu. Oink! LOL He asked how it had gone so I told him some of what had happened - the bits I knew he'd be comfortable with. A quick stop off at Tesco Express for a few bits and pieces and then home and a quick phone call to my DSis to tell her all about the evening, then a watch of Most Haunted to round the evening off nicely.

I was well ready for my bed that night, I can tell you. :0)

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Julie said...

I hope all goes well for your cousin and the op will give him some pain relief.

Reading the bit about healers rubbing their hands made me think about my dads hands, he had the largest hands