Saturday, 21 February 2009


This month's appointment was originally booked for Friday but had to be delayed until today (Saturday) as the Herbalist was laid low with a bad headache on Friday. I didn't mind, as folks can't help being ill - anyway, I had a productive day of it and it also turned today into a busy but very interesting day too. :0)

This time round Jan reviewed my food diary sheets and was very pleased with how I was sticking to my diet ("impressed with my willpower" were the words used!) and that the kinds of foods I've been eating and my fluid intake are spot on. I'm now drinking at least 3 x 500ml bottles full of natural mineral water (occasionally I've managed more - the tap water is full of nitrates, as well as tasting yuk!) and a minimum of 4 herbal teas per day. Yes, I'm definitely peeing for England but my body is feeling the benefits of the extra fluids - it's certainly brought home just how dehydrated I must have been previously! There were no further dietary recommendations: everything is going OK, so Jan is happy for me to carry on doing exactly the same.

Next was a review of any symptoms and how the treatment was going. The bouts of tiredness/generally feeling cr*p, plus the sensitivity to traffic noise I've noticed the last couple of times I've been out, are all part and parcel of tackling the Candida gut fungus and will probably continue on and off for a while. The good news was that I should start to feel the benefits of the change in treatment by around Easter time (Ostara to Pagans) and really feel them by around May. A definite improvement has been the relief from heartburn, indigestion and regular headaches - previously the heartburn would happen a couple of times a week, the indigestion most nights (usually getting worse as soon as I went to bed, meaning lots of sitting up to gain relief, disturbing my sleep pattern) and the headaches would occur at least twice a week (sometimes so bad all I could do was take pain relief and go to bed). Since starting this eating regime the indigestion only happens occasionally and is generally mild (soon sorted with one of the peppermint or spearmint herbal teas) there's been no heartburn and I've only had a headache twice and the second one was mostly triggered by my back bothering me and tensing up the muscles. A vast improvement! Added to this has been a decrease in the frequency of both the back pain (loss of weight helping?) and arthritic pain in the affected fingers - those only seem to really bother me now when they get very cold, so I try to avoid letting them get in that state.

Mood/depression wise there are also signs of improvement: the brooding, anger and negative thoughts over the loss of my parent's definitely seem to be easing off, though the week before my monthly has its moments. It's still early days since Jan tinkered with the herbal medicine to bring in more of the hormone balancing herbs, so that's to be expected - again more improvements should be felt after another month of treatment. I've now got some Vitex Agnus Castus (or Chasteberry) drops, to take for 14 days of each month, which are aimed at sorting out the flooding problems and to encourage a more normal flow. Yay!

No BP taken this time but it will be taken again next time to see if it's dropped any more. Then, finally, I went to be weighed and this is where a Happy Dance comes in again: last time I was 13 stone 12 and this time I weighed in at 13 stone 7. That's a grand total of 5lb lost in 4 weeks *big cheesy grin*. LOL Another great result. :0)

After paying my dues I met DH downstairs in Il Sorriso - he'd followed me down about 15 minutes later and was sat killing the time until I came out with a coffee. When he'd done we carried on down the street to do some shopping, then went home so I could have a quick drink and a snack (a kiwi fruit and a couple of small oatcakes) - then it was time to head back to the Clinic for a Reiki treatment at 11.30am with Aureen.

It was two months since my last treatment and I wasn't sure what to expect this time: the previous session (my second treatment) hadn't gone as well as the first, as I found I couldn't relax into it in the same way - not really sure why. It needn't have concerned me though: this third session was very relaxing.......... so much so I almost fell asleep. I know I almost fell asleep because I made a funny noise as I was drifting off and made myself jump..... and Aureen, who asked if I was OK. I was and explained what had happened - I've done it countless times over the years! LOL

Afterwards Aureen asked how it went and how I felt. I didn't really get the distinct impression of there being someone else in the room this time, as I'd felt on the previous two occasions - this time it was more physical sensations. I guess the snack and drink I'd had beforehand made me more grounded. As for the physical sensations: even before she started I felt heat on my head, as if her hands were already in place, and she wasn't even in the room but off washing her hands in preparation. After starting the treatment (always at my head) my eyes closed straightaway (just couldn't keep them open). When she moved to my feet, and before she placed her hands on my ankles, I felt a gentle pulling sensation from the soles. Whenever Aureen worked near my head there was a distinct humming sensation in my ears, more felt than heard - similar to that you can get when you are near high voltage power lines but gentler, IYKWIM. At one point I felt 3 distinct but gentle twitches along the muscle in my back that set off the headache the other night and it instantly felt eased. During the whole treatment I felt, one at a time, slight swirls or "shifts" in different parts of my body - a bit like the vertigo sensation you get when you stand up too quick, though gentler and without the disorientation or unpleasantness. Aureen explained that for this treatment she had concentrated on moving positivity and energy through me, imagining me hopping, skipping and jumping, to help to disperse any negative feelings - especially anger (which Aureen says has decreased a lot - another change I've noticed) - and re-energise me.

Some folks would probably class this as mumbo jumbo but there's no getting away from the fact that not only did I definitely feel the treatment working this time, I was also deeply relaxed and went home feeling very positive and buzzing with energy. :0)

Another interesting thing that came out of this was that Aureen said for the first time my Guide was with me through the treatment. He didn't speak but was there to oversee things. She said she wouldn't tell me anything about him, other than that he was male, as she preferred to let me meet him and discover more for myself when I'm ready. I explained that I knew he was male and had been told that he was a Native American and that I believed I may have glimpsed him one night, in that half-and-half state where you're not quite asleep and not quite awake. It's not every day I spot a silhouetted male figure stood near my bed, peering down at me, so that was definitely one of those jerk wide awake with heart pounding "Oh Sh*t!" moments, I can tell you! LOL Needless to say, it took me ages to settle down to sleep afterwards as well. Guess he thinks I need to prepare myself better before he shows himself again.

Aureen's plans for hosting a Development Circle should come together around the end of March or beginning of April and I've expressed an interest again. They will be 2 hour sessions, held in the home of a friend in a local village, and all kinds of spiritual subjects will be covered each time from Tarot to Angel Card readings, developing psychic awareness, scrying and many other related subjects. There's a small charge of £5 per session which I thought was extremely reasonable (my reaction was: is that all? I'd been expecting around £20 to be honest). Am looking forward to it, as it's something I've wanted to do for a long time, but am dreading it too as it'll mean going well outside my comfort zone and will involve meeting a group of total strangers in strange surroundings. Still, it definitely feels like it's one of those opportunities that the Universe has had a hand in bringing about and you just can't throw those away when they happen. At least it will be a group of like-minded people. I'll be seeing Aureen again for another Reiki treatment before the end of next month so details should be firmed up then. :0)

Jan has also arranged for Aureen to hold an Angel Workshop at the Clinic on May 30th, running from 10am to 3pm. Places are limited to 6 people so this shouldn't be as scarey, as I know the Clinic well and can get to and from it easily enough now. Still 5 other strangers there but Aureen, Jan and Ann (the receptionist) will be there and I know and feel comfortable with them. I've provisionally booked a place. Jan also has plans to further develop this more spiritual aspect, feeling it compliments the medical treatments already on offer, so it looks set to be an interesting time one way and another. It's great to know that many more of the things that deeply interest me will soon be available so close to home. Yay!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my alternative blog home - hope you found something of interest. :0)