Monday, 16 November 2009


The Crown Chakra lies at the top of the head. It is positioned over the place we call the soft spot on a new born baby's head.

This Chakra is often referred to as the "thousand-petalled lotus", the petals facing upwards and the stem going down into the central column.
The keywords are: soul, surrender, release and incoming will. The main colour is violet with white and gold as subsidiary colours. The symbol is a circle. The element is Spirit. The kingdom is the The Creator. The glandular connection for this Chakra is the pituitary. The quietening fragrances are rosemary and bergamot, with violet and amber as stimulants. The crystals are: diamond, white tourmaline, White jade and snowy quartz.

The Crown Chakra is the home of pure Spirit. This Chakra carries us beyond duality into the realms of oneness where we become united with our creator. Being in harmony with the Creator is the ultimate goal of spirituality and the ultimate desire behind most of our actions. As humans we long consciously or unconsciously to experience the bliss we once knew, the bliss of wholeness - total absorption in the divine.We are tiny drops of divinity, like rivers we flow towards our source.
We constantly search for wholeness. Each step we take on life's long journey brings us closer to our Creator. We may appear to step away from the divine path, yet all steps eventually lead us forward. Even the most horrific and tragic happenings can lead to peace. It is in the darkness that light shines the brightest. When things get really low and we become totally disillusioned with life and the material gains it offers we search for something more. We want to know the reason for our pain. We are forced to stop looking outside of ourselves and find the spirit within.

It is at the Crown Chakra that we eventually find peace. Here, where everything is still, we become the pure spirit we have been looking for. At the Crown Chakra we become whole again. We are totally embraced by our creator. This union creates the lasting bliss we long for. In oneness we can simply Be.

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