Friday, 31 October 2008

Samhain Blessings!

On this day I remember all my loved ones who have crossed to the Otherworld - my life is all the richer for having known them - and honour the ancestors.

Brightest Blessings to one and all. :0)

Thursday, 30 October 2008


I've always liked certain crystals and gemstones. When I was pre-teen I loved rainbow moonstone and had a necklace which had a piece of this in it....... along the way I was drawn to other pieces too. Back then, and for many years afterwards, I was totally ignorant of the fact that crystals and gemstones could be used for anything other than decorative purposes.

So when did I first start to develop a deeper interest? Well...... I'd gradually been picking up various bits of information, almost by osmosis, over the intervening years whilst, at the same time, questioning more and more of the Protestant indoctrinations I'd received as a child. Then, back in early 2003, I was trawling eBay (as you do) when I spotted all the gems and crystals on there, which then led me to a seller called gaia33. Each of her entries had lots of info on the qualities and usages of the gem and crystal items she was selling and a tiny little light bulb went off in my head.

The first piece I was drawn to and bought for its healing properties was a little green aventurine point pendant (see pic): I'd recently recognised that I was suffering from agoraphobia and panic attacks and needed to tackle them somehow; green aventurine is a good stress reliever, a balancer of male/female energy, promotes mental and emotional well being and wards off anxiety and fear, among other things. Very shortly after buying this piece my Mum was rushed into hospital, where her heart condition was finally recognised and diagnosed. I wore the pendant to each hospital visit.

How do I know it worked/helped? I was agoraphobic, suffered from panic attacks and loathed hospitals but I got to her and back home every visit without a single panic attack in sight. After the first time I wore it, on the first visit to see her, I took it off after getting home and the crystal was so hot to the touch I had to drop it - yet it hadn't burnt where it laid on my skin whilst I was wearing it nor had I been aware of it being hot. It was proof enough for me and from then on I not only continued to tackle the agoraphobia etc but had a deep interest in the positive healing powers of gems and crystals and from then on have actively researched it and regularly used them.

The other piece in the above pic is a smokey quartz tumblestone. It has a multitude of uses, among which: it's a really good stress reliever and helps with fortifying resolve and tolerating difficult times, helps to ground you (so good to hold during meditation) and is a good protective stone. This was also one of my earliest buys and initially I just carried it in my pocket (for protection) but went on to use it as a worry stone - a distraction technique and part of my coping strategy when I am out and about and finding any situation a little difficult, with the potential to trigger a panic attack. It is a lovely, tactile piece that also has a nice "feel" to its energy, and is the ideal size for rolling in my hand - I concentrate on it, taking my attention away from whatever is upsetting me, and my breathing automatically slows and I become calmer and feel better able to cope. It's also discreet - you can practice this technique anywhere and no one is the wiser. :0)

This is one of the books I use for reference. It has lots of clear pics in it, so is useful for identifying any crystals you've put away but forgotten to name (why do I keep doing that!) or aren't overly familiar with. I picked up my copy from The Magick Thread stall at a Mind, Body and Spirit event.

In the listing for each piece it gives details of each crystal's/gem's colour, appearance, rarity and source/s. Further headings are: Attributes - the problems it can help with; Healing - which areas it can help; Position - where to place it for the desired help/relief; Specific Colours - some crystals/gems can come in different colours to the main one, so it gives details of them and their uses as they can sometimes differ.

This book is a recent acquisition. I popped into the local Hospice Bookshop on Wednesday morning and was absolutely gobsmacked to find this copy of Melody's book in the Non-Fiction section. I'm amazed anyone would want to part with this, as it can be difficult to get hold of and is a little expensive to buy new, but I am so glad they did. I've lusted after a copy of this since first hearing about it and I'm still smiling at getting it for the grand total of £2.00. :0)

The timings etc that occured for me to get my hot mitts on this little beauty also make me smile in gratitude for receiving a helping hand from the Universe. :0)

There are no pictures at all in here but what it does have is the most in-depth, all inclusive information of just about every crystal and gemstone produced by Mother Earth and of the properties they hold. A fantastic reference book to have on my shelf. :0)

There is so much more I could write on this subject but I think I'd better call that it for now. If any of my wafflings, whatever they are about, ever have you curious to want to know more or if you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to let me know via the Comments area on this blog. If I can help in any way I can I will - though if I feel it is too personal/intrusive I reserve the right not to do so.


Monday, 27 October 2008


One of the biggest banes of my life.

Sometimes I feel like Marley's ghost.....

...... only my chain is made up of every scrap of cr*p that has been hoarded in and around this house over the years. At times, despite all best intentions on my part, that chain has just seemed to keep on getting longer and longer...... and most especially with the help of my DH and DS. :0(

DH has a seriously bad habit of storing dead electrical items around the house "just in case they might come in useful some time". I guess it comes from being an electrical engineer and thus having a strong interest in these things but it's still a right royal pain in the ass having these dead items sat taking up much needed space *grrrr*. Well, I finally managed to persuade him that we really don't need them, that we need the space much more, and that they should be allowed to go to the big electronics graveyard down the road.... the electronics skip at the local amenities site. Yay!

Bet you're wondering why I'm making such a song and dance about it. Well..... there are two old computer monitors (about obsolete, thanks to flatscreens), a huge VCR that came from my Dad's (which is definitely now obsolete, even if DH ever did manage to fix it) and an old family-sized George Foreman grill - all of them big, bulky items that add to the overall look of the place that is somewhat reminiscent of a tinkers scrapyard.

He duly took the lot to the amenities site on Saturday afternoon, despite the lousy weather, and while he was going he also took a plastic patio chair with a broken leg and a dilapidated old wicker laundry basket - both of which were stored down the side of the house and were nothing more than tripping hazards. Once that little lot had gone I felt a lovely sense of relief - like part of the weight had been lifted, that chain getting a little lighter. Result! Is it only me or does anyone else feel like that when getting rid of clutter?

In case you think it's all one-sided I can assure you it's not. I've been having an ongoing de-cluttering session of my own for a long time that's seen no end of stuff come out from the backs of cupboards, wardrobes and drawers to depart this house, never to return again. As many of these unwanted items as possible have been recycled in one way or another.

The bulk of things that go to the council's local amenities site, including those dead electrical items, are recycled by them and any money made from this is donated to various local and national charities. There's a deal of satisfaction in knowing that items we dispose of are not only helping to save some of our Mother Earth's dwindling resources, but they will also go to achieve some good in the world too. :0)

I'm also a huge fan of our local Freecycle site and quite a number of things we no longer need have been gifted to people who can make use of them. It's another great way of keeping as much stuff out of landfill as possible....... and the old adage of one person's junk being another's treasure certainly holds true. Some of the items re-homed this way: a cycle helmet, cake decorating items, a chest of drawers to someone setting up their first home, bags and bags full of used bubble wrap and Jiffy bags (these can be used more than once - just cut off the back of a used A5 or A4 envelope for an address label) and, most recently, a bag full of toiletries from a bathroom cupboard clear-out, to name a few. I can recommend Freecycle, not only as a useful recycling venue, but as a nice way of spreading a little good will around. :0)
My battle against clutter continues......


Let the Meanderings Commence

Welcome to my little corner of the Web. :0)

At the moment I have no set plans for how I wish this blog to develop - it has been started with the intention of it being a place where I will waffle on, to my heart's content, about anything and everything that affects, concerns or interests me as I walk my Path in this lifetime.

To any who care to take the time out of their busy day to read this blog: I hope you find something to interest you and thank you for your time.