Friday, 6 November 2009


The Brow Chakra is more commonly known as the Third Eye. It is situated slightly above and between the eyebrows. This is the centre of divine wisdom and knowledge. It is the home of inner vision. From here we can visualise our destiny and make it our reality. Whatever you can perceive, you can achieve.

The soothing midnight blue of indigo has a calming effect on your body and soul. This psychic centre enhances clairvoyance and expands your psychic vision. Because indigo stimulates the right side of the brain it triggers your creative imagination and deepens your intuition.

Indigo often shades into purple and violet tones in the aura, these colours connect you with higher levels of consciousness, bringing peace and spiritual harmony.

The key words are: spirit, completeness, inspiration, insight and command. The main colour is indigo, the subsidiary colours are turquoise and mauve. The kingdom is the Archangels. The element for this Chakra is darkness and light. The glandular link is to the pineal gland.

White musk and hyacinth are quietening fragrances for the Brow Chakra and violet and rose geranium will stimulate it. The crystals are: amethyst, sapphire, lapis lazuli, jet and black opal. There is no associated developmental age. The symbol is two snake's heads and eagles wings.

As you fully open to Spirit at this Chakra, through disciplined spiritual practice, you will experience an altered state of consciousness that brings harmony to yin and yang - these are spiralling life currents with opposing qualities. Yin is negative, while yang is positive. Everything is made up of varying degrees of these energies. They flow like day and night, the sun and moon. Together they weave life's rich web of activity. Sometimes we are yin - receptive, feminine, dark and still like the night - and other times we are yang - masculine, light and active like the day.

The Ancients thought of the brow Chakra as the seat of the soul. It is the gateway to knowledge and expanded consciousness.

This is the last Chakra before we unite again with our creator at the crown Chakra.

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