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The weekend of the 7th and 8th of November was the second and final Mind, Body and Spirit event of the year at the Lincolnshire Showground, so DH and I opted to go there for the day on the Sunday. As it was also Remembrance Sunday DH and I saw several gatherings around the War Memorials in the local villages during our journey - very moving, especially seeing some of the veterans amongst the gatherings.

After arriving and going into the Epic Centre we headed straight for the Shifa Meditation stand as it was very close to the entrance. I had a shopping list in my hand this time and goodies from this stand was on it. Of course I didn't restrict myself to the list, once I realised that there were some other items that were new since we saw the chap at the Harrogate event: two new types of incense and some incense sticks:

I've burnt one of those incense sticks since and they are well worth the money, as they burn for much longer than other ones I've used, and have a lovely distinctive smell to them. The chap remembered us from the previous event too.

From there we had a wander down to the Magick Thread book stand, another one on my list, to look for the Angel Cards and Crystal book I wanted. Again I couldn't find the specific cards I wanted but as I was looking I spotted some others that I'd seen at Harrogate and discounted, as they weren't what i wanted. This time I picked them up and had a shuffle: the Crown Chakra card came out with an appropriate message. OK, I'll see what happens when I shuffle again, though I - and as I shuffled one card literally jumped out of the pack and fell to the floor. When I picked it up it was...... yup, the Crown Chakra card. Right, message received loud and clear - they were coming home with me. I then found the book I wanted and, after a chat with the stallholder, found out that it was a follow on and not a repeat of the other two books I already had, so that came home with me too:

The bags was heavy and the room was getting quite busy so, as it was close to dinner, we headed back to the car for our packed lunch. That's when we realised that dark clouds had built up while we were inside and it started to spit with rain as we headed for the car, then had quite a downpour whilst we were eating. Timed that right! LOL Meal eaten, drinks drunk and everything tidied away we headed back in - quickly as it was still spitting and another lot of dark clouds were heading our way...... we managed to get back into the Centre before that little lot dropped. :0)

From here we did the same circuit of the hall, making our way back to the He Hi She Lo crystal stand so I could see if they had the crystals that were on my list. Thankfully the chap wasn't as busy this time round so I was able to chat to him: he didn't have the longer silver chains he said he may have for this event as they'd decided to stop selling jewellery and concentrate on the crystal side of the business. He did have the Angelite and Seraphinite tumblestones and I found two suitable ones amongst them. I asked if he had any other Angelic stones and he pointed to some Celestite palmstones but they weren't right, then he said he had two clusters and I went to have a look at those. My eyes went immediately to one in particular, so I picked it up.... instantly I could feel its strong energy and it opening my Third Eye Chakra and starting on the Crown Chakra. I put it down - I really didn't want to be so fully open at a busy event where I'd be picking up on other people all the time. I picked up the other piece but didn't feel much of anything. OK, instinct worked well again: the first piece is definitely mine (as in, that it is happy to work with me), so I picked it up again, just to check and yes, the same rush to the same Chakras. I put it down and asked DH to handle it from then on. Lovely man that he is, he said he would buy it for me as a Christmas gift. :0)

Unfortunately my pics don't show the the crystals at their best, or convey the lovely energies they all contain.

We wandered a little further round the hall and found the JM Soap stand, which was another one on my list. I love these natural soaps, not only for the lovely smells they have but because they don't dry my hands out as badly as the other sort do. I spotted that there were a few new goodies too. Here's what we bought:

As the soaps are really good I decided to try the body bar, which felt really moisturising when I touched the sample...... I was rubbing it into my skin for a good few minutes afterwards. It also smells rather nice too. :0)

As Dragonfly Moon were about to give their performance we headed for the sitting area where the musical performances were being held - the top end of the hall, in a curtained off section. We were both ready for a sit down by then too. :0) As always the performance was thoroughly enjoyable and, as I listen to their CD's regularly, instantly recognisable to the extent that I now know most of the words. LOL What I do like is that Susan (one half of the duo) explains the legends or story that each song is based on: many Celtic stories, but especially leaning towards the British myths and legends.
After the performance we had another wander around the hall and I bought a CD from another stand. I'd had my eye on this one on eBay but hadn't bought it as the P&P costs seemed a little steep, so I was pleased to get it here (see last pic).

After this I felt drawn to a stand that held colour essence bottles, something I'd always walked past at all the previous events we've been to. As we were looking at all the prettily coloured bottles the chap came back to his stand and asked if he could help. So I asked what it was about and he explained about colour and the effects it has on our moods and even our body and that the colours we were drawn to could tell much about us.... and a few other things beside that I can't quite remember. OK, interesting but I wasn't too sure so thanked him and said I'd think about it. Off we wandered back down the hall....... only for me to stop and tell DH that, actually, I felt the need to go back and see what he had to say. So DH said he'd take the bags back to the car and go and sit in the Zone of Tranquility for a while.

Back at the stand I said OK, I was curious, wanted to know more and asked how much. At £5.00 for a three bottle reading I thought it was worth satisfying my curiosity. So he sprayed my hands with a spritz of a lemony substance which I had to sniff - and boy, did that give a bit of a hit, really clearing out the sinus and head LOL - then had to choose the three coloured bottles I felt drawn to the most. The first one was easy, I'd been drawn to it immediately I'd looked at the stand (two violet shades), the second one was a quick choice (two pretty shades of green) and the third took a little longer but then I felt the need to draw out a bottle that contained lilac and pink - odd because I love lilac but pink is definitely not my favourite colour.
I then sat behind the table with the chap and he placed the bottle in front of us. He asked if I knew about Chakras and I said I did - OK, the first thing that was really obvious was that I'd picked out two Chakra bottles: one for Heart and the other for Third Eye and Crown. The odd thing was that, although I know about Chakras, I hadn't actually thought about those when I chose the bottles - that was mostly done on auto-pilot. The Third Eye and Crown (first choice) was linked with Saturn and he told me some things about it. Some of it was to do with judging yourself harshly (which I do tend to do) and he explained how I could turn that around. The second bottle is linked with Mercury, changing from Trickster to Magician: signifying change and a letting go of the masks we hide behind (being my true self, rather than hiding behind the things that other people expect me to be) - Honesty. Freaky, because that was what one of the recent pieces we read for the Development Circle! It also links with the Heart Chakra through the way the bottles are numbered and there was a bit more information from that (though I can't now remember it).
The third bottle was directly linked with the Heart Chakra and is about the Spiritualisation of the heart, unconditional love plus transformation that will link me with the rest of the universe/multiverse.
He felt that the first two bottles were the past and present, or where I was and am, the third the future or where I am going to be. He asked if I could own any of it.
I admitted to being a bit stunned as to how much could be read from colours in three bottles and that I could own it all. I told him about attending Development Circle classes - something that was finally for me - and that I felt I was slower at it than the others and got frustrated with myself because of it, but that I was hoping to go on to do healing - he said the colours showed that that was what would happen. Then I told him that before I'd set out I'd asked the powers that be to guide me to whatever was needed, be it healing, a reading or whatever. He laughed and said that at the start of the weekend he'd asked the powers that be to guide those he could help to him. I'd walked away but then had felt the need to go back - I think that could be classed as being guided. It had been extremely interesting and I was pleased I had gone back. I paid, thanked him and went to find my DH.

He was sat where he said: chillin' in the Zone, so I joined him and told him what the chap had said. As we were nattering Leonie, the lady I go to at the beginning of every year for a reading, walked towards us, obviously heading off for a break. She stopped and said hello and then got a beady look in her eye and asked how things were going, so I told her about the unexpected hospital stay and the cyst they found and waiting to hear the verdict - she looked off to one side, which I recognise as listening to Spirit, then smiled and said not to worry as I would be alright. I thanked her and beamed a big smile, then she said goodbye and went on her way. I looked at DH and he said: now wasn't it worth coming just for that? A freebie from Leonie. LOL The worry definitely receded on hearing it. :0)

Time was marching on by this point, so we decided to have a final wander around the hall. There was another stand selling natural bath products and other goodies so we headed over there. I tried a little of the coconut body butter but found it too much - though it smelt gorgeous I had to keep rubbing it into my skin for ages and it left my arm feeling slightly greasy, something I really don't like, so I didn't bother with that.... but they did have a wonderful coconut candle that tempted me. Why coconut? Well, at the Development Circle one week Aureen said that Spirit was offering me a coconut: I can't eat it anymore (it does terrible things to my system!) but she and the girls suggested trying a handcream, incense or something similar to see what effects it had. I opted for the candle.

The last stop, after buying a tumblestone crystal from another stall (intended as a gift) was at a stand that was selling the lady's own Angel book and guided Angel meditation CD's. There was no sign of the lady, so a woman from the next stall came over to see if I was OK, though she didn't know where the standholder had gone. I had noticed her walking around the hall earlier in the day (she was wearing a distinctive dress) and wondered if she was off on another wander - anyways, the helpful woman said that if I didn't want to wait any longer she would take the money and pop it behind the table for her and let her know what it was for. After waiting a bit longer and realising that she might have gone to the music area to listen to the current performers, so would be gone a while yet, I opted to leave the cash with the other woman for her.

It made DH and I wonder just how much business she may have lost that day - or items that may have gone missing - by going off wandering like that, as not all people would hang around and some less honest folk may not pay for the goods. Still, it looks a really interesting book so I was pleased to have been able to pay for it, even if it was a bit of an unusual way of doing so.

With that we had done, so we headed back to the car. A couple of times during the day we had bumped into our DS, who was there with our friend Alex, and he'd told us he was eating at Alex's house that night...... so we decided that neither of us felt like going home to cook and opted to go to the pub for a meal instead. Very nice it was too and it rounded the day off perfectly. :0)

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