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Despite it being my DH's birthday it was a bit of an odd day, as I'd had to go to the hospital for my pre-op checks in the morning - not quite what either of us expected to be doing, really. LOL He was also quite happy to carry on as usual and take me to the Development Circle in the evening, have his quiet session reading his paper and magazine in the car, then going off to the pub for a half before picking me up again later.

When I arrived this week S2 had gone up the drive literally seconds before I got out of the drive and L and La were already inside. They asked how it had gone at the hospital - Aureen already knew, as she'd phoned me last week to ask - so I gave the others the run down on the outcome of the Consultant's appointment and the checks I'd had that morning. A and Sh arrived soon after, A saying that she would only be able to attend every other week until she could find a reliable babysitter - such a shame, so we hoped that she found one very soon. Aureen then told us that S1 wouldn't be coming this week: her DD was having problems again so she had gone to Manchester to be with her but she had asked how my appointment had gone and, as Aureen knew, had told her - she wished me all the best for the op. Such a kind thing to do. :0) She was also very excited about something that had happened during a meditation she did at home and had so wanted to share it with us, but it would now have to wait until the following week - I am so hope we do both manage to attend, as waiting a whole week to find out what happened is bad enough, I can't wait until after I've recovered from the op! We all told Aureen she was a cruel woman, telling us a little but keeping the best bit back. LOL

As we were all there who were expected this week we went through into the other room to sit in the Circle. This week La sat across from me, rather than next to me......... she wasn't too keen on risking a repeat of the previous weeks experience, as I found out later. I had S2 to my left and A to my right. Aureen told us that this week we were going to do a meditation that she had chosen specifically with me in mind (stunned me) because of my present circumstances, as it was one she had found particularly useful when she had undergone the same op some years previously. It was a healing crystal meditation and it was one we would all find useful to go back to from time to time, but I would benefit from it whilst in hospital and recuperating. Before starting it the Healing Book was circulated for us to put names in and send healing into and Aureen said she had already put my name in, so I thanked her. :0) Unfortunately no one had written and brought a prayer - S1 had said she would write one fully expecting to be here, so none of us had. I did mention having read a Gaelic Blessing a few days before that I loved and wondered if it would be appropriate to bring that one week - Aureen asked if it was about healing.... well, healing was mentioned, so she said to being it. (Note to self: don't forget to write it out and take it in next week!).

Once the book had been handed back to Aureen she put it to one side and reached for a large clear quartz crystal: as the meditation was going to involve a visit to a crystal cave she had brought one of her own crystals to help us connect with crystal energy, and she placed it on the floor in the middle of the Circle. I so wanted to put my hands near it, to get a feel of the energy from it but there wasn't the opportunity to do so. It was explained that once the Circle was opened we were to protect and then ground ourselves but not to open our Chakras, as that was to be part of the meditation and she would talk us through it.

Without further ado the Circle was opened etc. Aureen then turned the lamp off and the meditation started. The Chakras were opened in turn, with us imagining that each was a spinning wheel in the appropriate colour (sheesh, I've just got used to seeing opening coloured doors to do this - spinning wheels was difficult). We then had to see ourselves walking along our country lane, seeing the gate to our garden but passing it by, then another gate to an open meadow but passing it, then arriving onto a view of a beautiful beach of white sand with the sea to one side, smelling the sea air and feeling the sun shining. As we approached the beach there was a horse waiting and we were to take note of it's colour etc, then we were to climb on its back and ride it long the beach, smelling its smell etc. The horse would take us to a cave further along the beach where it would stop and we were to climb off and go into the cave, taking note of sensations etc. As we got deeper into the cave we would enter a cavern covered in crystals, noticing colours etc, then see a bed which we were to lay on and place crystals on our Chakras and see what happened. After a while we were to get up and walk back to the entrance but noticing a crystal that we were to pick up and take with us, as it was ours - giving thanks for all that we'd received as we left. We then had to get back onto our horse, to take us back to the country lane, dismounting and thanking him/her, walk back along the country lane and come back to ourselves. Quite a journey!

La's horse was white, can't remember her bed or crystal, and she had seen everything really well and felt the difference walking from the sunny beach into the cave.

L: can't remember her horse but she had felt the sun wrinkling her face, felt colder when she'd walked into the cave. Can't remember her bed. She came away with a dark green crystal, though she didn't know what it was called.

A: think her horse was a chestnut with a black mane. She had a bed with ornate brass head and foot boards and she had placed the appropriate coloured crystals on her body and also a clear quartz one with each (clear quartz is an amplifier of other crystals). Her crystal was an amethyst, exactly the same as one she bought a while ago but had mislaid. Aureen said she should try to find it, as it was obvious she was being told she needed to work with it. She said she wasn't sure where it was but she'd look for it - then said she'd just been told it was at the back of her bed, so she would check when she got home.

I told them that I don't seem to see the meditations unfold like a film as they seem to do (and am left wondering that I may not regain this knack), but tend to get key images, like photo stills, flash into my minds eye: the country lane I can hold for a while (but not see me walking along it); the gates; a sunny beach and sea; initially a black horse but this changed to my pinto pony (whenever I was swinging on a swing as a child I always saw myself as a Native American girl riding across a huge plain on a pinto pony - no problems visualising then); the cave entrance; the crystal cavern, sparkling with rainbow colours; swirls of Chakra colours behind my eyes; an old-fashioned four poster bed (that surprised me - so unlike my real one!); a rose quartz crystal. I had felt deeply relaxed throughout, occasionally a drifting sensation (not unpleasant - totally different from the feeling you get when you're not properly grounded) and had really enjoyed it. I didn't mention the feelings of cobwebs on my face I'd also had at times.

S2: a black horse (perhaps I'd picked up on that initially?); rainbow crystals in the cavern; a stone bed with a thick white fur on it; a rainbow coloured crystal, the same as one she had at home but didn't know the name of (perhaps a rainbow quartz, rainbow moonstone or mystic topaz).

Sh: initially she had a gentleman come up to her but she told him not now, come back later (he did). I can't remember her horse, she had a plain camp bed - spartan but really comfortable - and I think hers was a clear quartz crystal.

There was more from everyone but I can't remember it - there was an awful lot happened.

Aureen felt we had all connected really well and had each gained something from it. One of the girls said she hadn't wanted to leave the crystal cave as she felt she had forgotten something but Aureen said not to worry, as this was a lovely meditation she would like us to do again whenever we felt the need and that if she did she would probably connect and discover what it was another time. I shall definitely be doing this one again in hospital, and afterwards, so long as the pain doesn't stop me from focusing too much.

Next we were to open ourselves for clairvoyance, so off went the lamp again. I have no idea how long we wait during this but sometimes it seems ages, others no time at all. :0)

La saw: a bossy lady with brown curly hair and wearing tweeds for me and she was giving me a pearl necklace and yellow tulips but I couldn't think who it was, unfortunately; she saw a little boy in wellingtons for A (she has 3 boys) and saw them visiting a museum, with penny farthings and similar - A said she hadn't been anywhere like that she could think of but may well end up doing so; for S2 she saw a large, fluffy white rabbit - she recognised it as a childhood pet.

L: had thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as always, but felt her brain had just gone in to free-wheel mode and that she hadn't got anything.

A: had seen random images but didn't know who they were for. Aureen felt that most of what she had received was for herself and that A needed to think about how they could apply to what was happening in her life at the moment and also meditate on them and see if anything else was given. She had felt a woman between herself and me, which had La and me looking at one another, but said that her shoulder and arm had felt really warm. La and I laughed at that and said that it was a total change from the previous week and, as A hadn't been there, explained about the man who had half frozen La.

I didn't see anything but had the cobweb feeling across my face so badly that I had desperately wanted to rub my hands over it. I'd also distinctly felt a poke to the side of my left knee and then, a little after, one to my left upper arm and I knew that it wasn't S2 that had done it - both hadn't frightened me but they had made me jump, which meant I'd had to settle myself down and start over again with the focusing. S2 said she knew what that was about but would wait for her turn to say. I'd also heard two words, very softly spoken and to my right, the side A was sat: A's name and Job. I said that I really wasn't sure if it was just me (like L's free-wheeling brain thing) or not but I had to ask, so turned to A and asked her if she had an issue about or with a job - not her partner but her - although I didn't know what it was about. She looked a little startled and said that yes, she had actually, though didn't go in to details then. Not as startled as me, as I'd almost said I hadn't received anything! LOL I couldn't help it, I said: Yes, I got something. At last! Thank you! That made everyone laugh.

S2 said for me a man had stood between herself and me and had poked me and said: Stop listening and listen. It was so accurate I rolled my eyes and gave a wry grin - message received and it had to be from my Guide. :0)

For A she mentioned her partner, working with music and her feeling lonely, plus a couple more personal things. A owned it: it seems that her partner had decided to get a job as a night club DJ again, which would mean her hardly seeing him and would leave her feeling lonely and she definitely wasn't happy about it but didn't have much choice. So that explained what I had got too.

She then described seeing La as a boy and man in Scotland in 1703. L was La's mother then too and had the same name as she does now. S2 saw herself as a man - she placed her arms and hands in a triangle shape, faced towards them both, and said that's how she saw the three of them linked. I'm not sure what the others think but I am convinced that S2 was describing a former life in which they were all a family...... and it would explain why S2 said she felt immediately drawn to L when they first met. S2 says she actually scares herself and it freaks her out when this type of thing happens. La said she would own it, as she loves Scotland and has felt that she may have lived there previously. Then L told us the circumstances of when she was born and how it led to her being called her name, which hadn't been the one her Mum had originally planned on calling her. All three said they were going to do some research and see if they could find anything out. I found it totally fascinating and can't wait to see if they do discover something..... or until we go on to do some of the past life work! :0)

Sh said she had also had the cobweb feeling during the meditation and the clairvoyance thing and that the man who had appeared during her meditation had come back. She felt it was for La, told them his name and described him and thought he was from the 40's or 50's and was some kind of salesman in a van. It didn't ring any immediate bells for La but it reminded me of the old Betterware roundsmen I remembered from my early childhood, so I mentioned that - but that didn't stir any memories for her, but she said she would look into it.

For A she saw little brown rabbits: she hasn't got any but her partner had been talking about wanting one.

Aureen had seen something for each of us and told us about it after we had said what we had seen. I can't remember a couple of them and the others were a little personal, so I'll leave them out. For me she had seen the Angel of the North, with its outstretched wings, and that it was a sign of strength and courage - that I was being given it and had it for the coming weeks. She also saw a lot of red..... not blood, but representing solid grounding. I then explained why I'd gasped when she'd mentioned the outstretched wings: I told them about re-doing the throat Chakra meditation at home and that I'd seen my Guide, who was definitely a Native American, and that he had had his arms outstretched too.... and that when I'd seen Isis, in the throat Chakra meditation within the Circle, She had also had her arms outstretched. Aureen said, as I had felt, that there was a message in it for me. I thanked her.

As we were running over a little (Aureen made a comment about my DH waiting patiently) we then closed our Chakras, protected ourselves and closed the Circle. Aureen gave us a printout, to read at home, of a guided piece from Ursula Roberts Guide Ramhadan about Tolerance. That made a few of us give a wry chuckle. LOL We then started making for the door. La asked if I would be there the following week and I said I should be and that it was the week after, and probably the week after that too, that I'd be missing. La said that she didn't mean to be funny but that, although she'd miss me, she wouldn't miss the bossy ladies or the freezing man while I was away. I said neither would I and still couldn't believe what it had been like. She touched my arm and said that there was also a lot of love around me too and I thanked her for telling me.

It wasn't until later that I realised that how La said it made it sound like the man had been there for me - I'd only sensed that someone was there (nothing more) and had assumed that, as he was in La's aura and affecting her so much, that he'd been there for her. I shall have to ask her next week.... and ask her (and the other girls) to tell me if that ever happens again, so that I can ask whoever it is to step back from them.

We all said our goodbyes then, with Aureen saying she'd see me on Saturday for my Reiki session - good job she mentioned it as I'd almost forgotten. Oops!

DH was there and we went straight home. I told him a little of what happened - though not too many details, as he can get uncomfortable about some of what we do. After watching this weeks episode of the new Most Haunted series I went to bed, as it had been a long day with a lot of happenings.

Roll on Saturday and next Tuesday! :0)

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How strange that Aureen has had the same operation you are having ... i'll correct that and say 'that you have had' as its saturday evening now and i am hoping you are recovering nicely. xx