Sunday, 27 June 2010


I was relieved when Thursday came around this week as my left knee had played up badly on Wednesday, even making me wonder  if it was developing bursitis, just like my right one. It didn't help that, as I was limping badly it also affected the calf muscle, the back of my thigh and even into the small of my back. OK, I didn't do the Shamballah healing Course for nothing, so did some Self-healing on Wednesday night - it did improve by Thursday morning, though far from 100%.

I hobbled down the street to the Clinic and very steadily climbed the stairs and was glad to sit down when I reached the top. Thankfully it wasn't long before Janet called me into the treatment room. I told her what the problem was and also briefly discussed Tuesday night's Circle and those fleeting images during the clairvoyance session. It's so good to know that, unlike with most GP's, Janet fully understands and is happy to treat Spiritual problems, as well as physical ones - the beauty of alternative therapies! :0)

This week I had to take off my jeans, as well as socks and shoes and specs and lay on the treatment bed on my front. When I was ready Janet came back in and proceeded to check the extent of the problem by pressing various areas from the small of my back and down my left leg and her conclusion was that if I'd left it much longer I'd probably go on to develop sciatica. Nope, definitely do NOT want that, so please treat whatever needs treating says I. This led to her applying needles to: the small of back (two or three, can't remember); several down the left buttock; quite a few more dotted along the channels down the thigh and calf; the usual hormone ones in my ankles; the ones in the tops of each foot; also several in my wrists and back of hands and the single one in my third eye Chakra. Did I feel like a rather full pincushion this time around! LOL It was interesting to note that quite a few of the needles barely registered as they went in.... several gave me a pinprick sensation and a couple more gave me a right belt, whilst the third eye one gave me the slightly whoozy "must close my eyes" sensation. I now realise that the ones that give me a right belt are the ones that are needed the most, as the Qi is strongly reacting to the needle - a moment's discomfort for a great deal of benefit, so it's well worth putting up with. But I never know which ones will have the strongest reaction, so it's a bit like playing Russian Roulette... with needles instead of bullets. LOL

I can't remember if I laid on my front or side for this session. I do know that laying on my front isn't comfortable for the full legth of a treatment though and isn't something I'd want to repeat in a hurry... not without some extra padding round the face hole in the bed..... and some for my poor boobs! Laying on my side is better, providing the upper leg is supported by the bolster cushion, otherwise that gets really uncomfortable after a while. Yes, I'm spoilt - I'm used to a comfort foam and sprung mattress that moulds to my body when I lay on my bed.... and there's a lot less extra padding on my bones these days too. Not that I'm complaining about that! LOL The most relaxing treatments are definitely those when I can lay on my back.
When the treatemnt time was up and Janet came in to take out the needles we talked a little about the Shamballah course and I mentioned the feeling of sadness I felt wash over me when I thanked Wayne and hugged him on that final day, just as I was leaving - sometimes being clairsentient has its drawbacks and picking up on other people's emotions can be disturbing when you're unprepared (yes, I should have ensured protection was in place but I was in lovely surroundings and with people I liked, so didn't think it was necessary). On the final day we'd all pulled a card from his Ascended Masters oracle card pack and Janet's had been the  "Go Now" card - that had unsettled her (mine had been White Buffalo Calf Woman - again the NA influence creeps in). I guess it's something she needs to look at more deeply and understand why. Once the needles were all out she left me to get dressed again, with the usual admonition to take some sips of water before venturing out of the room.

As I sat up I realised the ache in my back had gone and as I made my way over to my jeans also realised that the knee was hardly bothering me at all and the calf and thigh just had that slightly bruised feeling you get when you've been walking awkwardly to compensate for a gimp knee. Another fab result. As I told G when I went out to reception: I certainly wouldn't be up to doing the hop, skip and jump any time soon but the difference was great - I hobbled in but I'd be walking out. :0)

After thanking Janet again, making my next appointment and paying my dues I headed down the stairs and along the street to my favourite shop once again. There were some more books in there again just begging to come home with me:

I'm looking forward to reading the Jane Boleyn book. She's one of those characters from history that I have mixed feelings about, so it'll be interesting to get another perspective on her and the happenings she was involved with during Henry VIII's fateful marriages to Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.
Not sure what else I did after this - no notes!


This week saw me driving to Circle solo for the first time..... and it wasn't as scarey as I thought it would be. :0)

We were a full house this week, all present and correct - and everyone said how glad they were that I'd taken the plunge and driven myself. I was buzzing.... since completing the Healing Course things have started to change even more: I feel I've found that direction and purpose that has been missing for much of my life; I know I am on the right Path and I feel like things are starting to open up... and it's a great feeling. :0)

I'd also remembered to pick up the Melody book on the way out of the door so, when we were all sat I brought it out and asked Aureen whether or not she already had this book and handed it to her. It made me smile to see her avidly riffling through the pages... I think she'd have happily browsed it all night, if we hadn't had the Circle to do. LOL I explained what had happened for me to end up with two copies and, as she hadn't got this one already, told her it was hers - it was lovely to see the smile on her face. :0)

After Aureen had (reluctantly) put the book away she told us that this week we would be doing a special meditation, to go into our heart chakras and go on to meet a Higher Being, where we could ask a question of this Being. This asking questions is OK but it's a beggar to think of something at times! LOL

Once we'd opened the Circle, protected ourselves and opened our Chakras we went straight in to the meditation. After relaxing and settling to the breathing we then had to breathe up Earth energy through our base and into our heart Chakra, followed by breathing down cosmic energy through our Crown and into out heart Chakra. After allowing the energy to mingle we were to expand our heart Chakra (sometimes done as visualising a green flower bud with golden edges opening to a large flower), seeing ourselves and going into the green with gold tinged heart centre. From here we were to walk down our country lane to the gate of our garden and go in, where we met and walked with our Power Animal, allowing all of our senses to open. We were then to notice a shaded area of the garden off to the right, where there were nine steps.... walk up the nine steps and see a crystal building and walk through the door. Inside was a long corridor which we were to walk along, noticing red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet doors: we were to choose one, knock and enter. Inside was a desk, with a chair to one side at the front and behind it was sat an Enlightened Being, surrounded by gold light. We were to approach and sit in the chair, then ask the Being our question and wait for an answer. Afterwards we were to thank them, get up and go to the door - once there we were to look back and see they were gone. We then exited, closing the door behind us, retrace our steps out of the building and back into our garden, where our Power Animal was waiting. We went into our garden and sat communing with our PA for a while. We then has to say goodbye, go back through our garden to the gate and back along the garden gate, back to ourselves.

It's too far back for me to remember what the others saw but my experience was: I raised my arms and just seemed to float into my heart Chakra - no flapping of arms or jumping, just a very gentle float. I saw the country lane and picket gate as still images. When I entered my garden this time I got the impression of more flowers and trees, including trees with blossom on them and, as always, my silver birch tree.

Wisdom the elephant, my PA, was there but I got a little confused as to gender, thinking Wisdom was a she but saying he, so I need to commune more often and sort this out. I saw the steps in the shaded area and the crystal building at the top was a little like the Taj Mahal frontage, but with turrets instead of minarets, then saw the corridor as a still image. When I saw the doors I thought I was going to go through the blue one.... but the image suddenly changed to a green door and I "walked" through that. Inside I had the image of a bank managers type desk in red wood flash through my minds eye and a matching chair with a green "velvet" seat. Behind the desk was golden light with a sparkly area in the centre and from this I got a quick image of a stern-looking middle-aged Native American wearing a cougar/puma headdress.

My question was: What is the next step on my Path? Fully expecting something along the lines of being pointed in the direction of what course to take next or perhaps a relevant book to read, or something similar I was totally unprepared for what I did hear: you must learn to love yourself. It wasn't an order, just a simple statement, and I felt the implication was that to do this would open up everything. I was left feeling very emotional, though managed to thank him and just sat quietly with my PA afterwards, before finishing the rest of the meditation.

When I related this to everyone I got a little tearful... and Aureen beamed at me and said she saw this as a major breakthrough: I actually saw much more through this meditation; the Native American influence seems to be very strong, with this Shamanistic figure; after all the hard work, through Reiki healing and the Circle, the crux of the matter has been reached with this one statement that has been long needed. I said that, now that the Shamballah Course was over, it felt like the right time to have a make-over and that I would like to book S2 to cut my hair and do my eyebrows for me. S2 was pleased and said she would be happy to. Aureen's smile got even wider and she said this was, after going back to driving, the biggest step forward, as it said, more than anything else, "moving on". The girls said they couldn't wait to see what my new look was going to be. :0)

After everyone had revealed what had happened in their meditations (sorry, not even a vague memory is left - it's over a month since this session) Aureen pointed out a rather odd happening: Sh and S2 were sat together one side of the Circle and both had gone through the violet door; G and s1, sat next to each other on the other side of the Circle, both went through the blue door; Aureen and I, sat opposite, had both gone through the green door. How odd was that!

After this we opened for Clairvoyance. Again I've only got the notes in my special book to go on and I always only write down those things which are relevant to me, so they can be referred back to occasionally when I want to redo the meditations or need to check details (such as names) - plus it's only a small book and writing down everything that happens each week would soon fill it! LOL

S2 came straight to me. She'd seen a rather stroppy lady in a tweed type skirt and jacket who had said "At last!" while busily brushing down the front of her skirt. Her message was: tell her she is loved, has always been and always will be. I felt a bit emotional again, though still wondering who this tweedy lady is as it's not the first time she's come through for me. S2 then said that, as a child, whenever she saw a lady she wanted to tell them that they looked beautiful, as that's how she saw them (am thinking she was able to see the inner light/beauty of each soul) and then said that's how she saw me: I was the most beautiful person she'd ever met and that I radiated it, along with love and caring. This deeply moved me and it was all I could do to thank her without blubbing all over the place.

Aureen saw me wearing a pink dress and a magic wand was being waved above me, sending lots of golden sparkles raining down over me - very much a Fairy Godmother and trasformation. I couldn't help but giggle at this, hold my hands towards S2 and say: Meet my Fairy Godmother..... then asked her if she also did the white mice to horses bit as well, which got everyone laughing.

I got lots of fleeting images for G but they had been too quick for me to make out what they were. I also got a really strong smell of baking but had been so busy trying to work out what the images had been that I didn't follow up on this. Sh asked what type of baking smell and I said it was like cakes and all that kind of warm smell of baking goodies - she thought it may have been relevant to her. Aureen said it may have been better to have followed up on the smell, so it's something I need to remember for future reference. It's not often I get this in clairvoyance sessions so it tends to take me by surprise.

After all the messages were given we went on to close down and then close the Circle. I made an appointment with S2 to come and do my make-over on Thursday 13th. As we were wandering towards the door I remembered to tell the girls about the hit Sh had had with Bernard: it turns out he was my Aunty M's brother and best friend of Uncle W (Dad's favourite DBro) and he was Best Man at their wedding. He'd been hit over the head with a glass bottle and that incident totally changed his personality... and, rather sadly, he'd taken his own life (though Aunty was told that he'd had a fit). He'd crossed over when he was 25 years old.... in the same year that I was born. How spooky is that.... and I'd known nothing about this until my DSis checked with Uncle. So Bernard was right.... I did find out. LOL Sh's accuracy with names is really good and each conformation is giving her more confidence. :0)

With this we all said our goodbyes and headed home. Thankfully it was still reasonably light for my solo journey home.... not too many wrong gears either. LOL It was good to get home though, as it had been a much more emotional evening than usual and I was feeling quite tired after it.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Would you believe, I've actually made a few notes on this session, though not about what was treated, which I can't remember.

I do remember that G was on reception. She said that the Shamballah Healing Course, which she'd also been on, had seemed to really boost her energy levels and she'd finally started to tackle the long needed sort out of her box room. She'd been going through many of her books in there and had found some she thought I might be interested in and asked if I would like them:

I don't have them in my collection, so I said I would love to read them... they're certainly something I'm interested in. LOL She didn't want them back and wouldn't take anything for them, so I thanked her hugely... and am so glad I decided to stitch the picture of her Power Animal for her. :0) I promised her that, when I'd read them, I would bring them into Circle to offer up to the others, to see if they would like to read them too.

During the acupuncture treatment (I was laid on my back, so I know the hormones and knees would have needles in them - no idea what else) the name Jean came to me. I asked if it was Joan, as I have an Aunt of that name in Spirit, but no, it was definitely Jean. My next thought was of Janet's Grandma. I also got an image that was possibly of mountains but I wasn't sure, as it wasn't quite clear enough. When Janet came back in at the end of the treatment I asked if the name Jean meant anything to her.... she was a relative of her Grandma's. She thought maybe her Grandma's sister but wasn't really sure... her Grandma had had a falling out with her and others from her family which meant Janet hadn't had anything to do with them, so didn't know much about them. I think she said they lived somewhere in Scotland, hence the mountains. I was quite pleased at this hit, especially as things at Circle had been a bit hit and miss lately! LOL Janet was pleased to know her Grandma had been around again. :0)

After the acupuncture treatment (whatever it was on LOL) I paid my usual visit to the Hospice Bookshop. Yes, I know - had already scored two books but still couldn't resist going looking for more! What can I say.... I'm a bit of a book addict. Here's what I found this time:

Now tell me it wasn't so worth going in there! ROFL I thought I may already have the Melody book but decided to take it anyway... they rarely come up, they cost an arm and a leg to buy at Mind, Body and Spirit events (I've recently seen someone asking £60.00 for a hardback version!), it was a bargain at £3.00... and I knew someone who would love it, if I did already have it.

I asked the lady in there if I could leave the bag of books behind the counter whilst I went to do a little shopping and pick them up on my way home and she said OK. I think I just headed to Wilko's, not bothering with the market, then headed back. It was a relief to get home and drop those bags, I can tell you! LOL

I checked my book stash when I got upstairs and discovered that I did have the Melody book already. No problem.... I plan on taking it to Circle with me next week, to gift to another crystal fan. :0)


This week we were to do a basic 3-card tarot spread for ourselves using our own set of cards.

Aureen talked a little about the cards and how to prepare ourselves and the cards for a reading, so we would know what to do should we also wish to give readings to others.... something she said would be good practice for us, if we were given the opportunity. Preparation involved invoking protection, opening our Chakras and meditating, allowing us to hold the cards in our hands and visualise them being washed in white light, thus ridding the cards of any vibration from ourselves or previous clients. She always starts a reading by telling the client that she isn't a fortune teller and that the cards are there as a tool, to show possible paths, and allowing us to make decisions and choices or presenting another view - nothing is set in stone, as we have free will and some things can be changed by this. She would then give the cards to the clinet to shuffle or, if reading for herself, shuffle them herself. When this has been done she takes the top three cards from the deck for a basic three card spread reading. For a bigger reading you can fan the cards in front of you and ask the client (or choose yourself) as many cards are needed for whichever type of reading you are doing.

We then opened up the Circle, protected ourselves, opened our Chakras and meditated: this involved tuning in to our breathing, then focusing on our third eye and throat Chakras (to awaken all psychic senses to receive information from Spirit, as well as from the cards). We had to visualise a triangle, with the point at third eye level, the sides running through our inner ears and the base going through our throat Chakra, then pulling energy into the triangle. This done we then set about cleansing the cards, shuffled them and pulled the top three cards from the deck.

Unfortunately I can't remember the bits I haven't written down. Each of us had a different Tarot deck, so many of the cards had different pictures on them: I don't have their cards to act as a memory jogger and it's hard to show the meaning when I can't post a photo of the exact cards they pulled. I think I'll stick to just posting my own pics when I do posts about the Circle nights that we do Tarot or other card readings. Much easier on my brain! LOL

My own cards were:

I felt The Lord, though he looked a little severe, was strong in his masculine power. His horns represent the Horned God, Cernunnos, Lord of the Hunt. The eagle is a reminder of Cerridwen, the feminine aspect, when she became an eagle to chase Taliesin and force him into transforming, to use his newly gained powers. I felt that it was telling me I was now strong. Some of the girls have seen the eagle in messages for me, symbolising my new-found freedom.
The Eight of Swords shows a woman tied and blindfolded and hemmed in by swords, unsure of where to step. I felt I had been unsure of what step to take next along my Path but felt I did now, as the Shamballah Healing Course was making me realise I do want to develop the healing side..... though was still unsure of the direction to go after the course.
I felt the Four of Wands was a positive and happy card, as the swathes made me think of betrothals and weddings and the hearth and home image is strong - something which features strongly and is important in my life, and always has been. I was unsure of the overall message of the cards though.

Aureen's reading of the cards: I'm now strong and have the energy to do what I want; I need to be aware and looking around, so I can see all the options available - be mindful; good/happy card to finish on, as it represents a positive future/happenings/events.... I'll be happiest when doing Spiritual work. I should always do some kind of Spiritual work but always be open and aware of all the opportunities that are around me.

I felt this went to show that I was now on the right Path.... and that the Eight of Swords was telling me that I can't be open and aware if I allow myself to be hemmed in the house for most of the week..... or allow myself to be hemmed in by certain outdated mindsets that create limitations for myself. An open mind will allow me to fly as free as that eagle! :0)

When each of us had looked at all of our card readings and given our interpretations, then had Aureen's reading of them, we put our cards away and went on to open up for clairvoyance. Again, I can't remember the bulk of this as I've had too many sleeps and lots of other things have happened since. :0)

What I have noted is that Sh said she got the name Bernard for me and when she asked he wouldn't give her any more information and said: Karan will know, she'll find out. I laughed and said: Oh, great - so now I'm getting homework from the Spiritworld! Right... I'll go ask the Uncles again. LOL The girls were laughing at this.

I'm assuming I didn't get anything for anyone, as there are no notes. After all the messages had been given we went through our usual closing procedures.

After driving home, with DH as passenger, I rang DSis and told her about Bernard - the name didn't ring a bell with her but she was seeing one of the Uncle's on her day off and was phoning the other one the following evening, so she said she'd ask...... then said she hoped that, as she was doing my homework for me, that it would gain her brownie points with the Spiritworld. LOL So now I wait for her to let me know what the results of this is.

Monday, 7 June 2010


I'm afraid this session is so long ago I haven't a clue what was treated or what was talked about....... but I did call at the Hospice Bookshop afterwards, as I've got the pics to prove it:

Plus I also called at the Post Office to post a package and came out with a magazine and then on to the market, where I bought a couple of peel-off boxes, ready for getting my peel-offs sorted through and organised:

Fingers crossed I've made better notes for successive treatments...... and that I actually manage to catch up with the overdue posts and keep this darned blog up-to-date in future! :0)


This week Aureen gave us the news we were all expecting: A isn't rejoining us, as changes in her OH's and ex's shifts have meant neither can babysit for her; she also felt that she'd already missed so much she was far enough behind for it to be a problem, in that she probably wouldn't be able to catch up and she also didn't want to feel like she was holding us back. Such a shame, as she has a natural gift that will only get better with the practice... but I guess it's a case of it not yet being the right time for her. Hopefully that will change in the future and she'll be able to come back to it. :0)

This week we held the Circle sat around the table. After opening the Circle, grounding ourselves and opening our Chakras S1 brought her scarab out of her bag, so we could do psychometry on it. Unfortunately it all happened so long ago I can't remember much of what happened and only have my notes on what I got to go on.

I didn't see anything, just got a sweet, sort of fudgey smell as I held it. S2 picked up a small, cramped workshop, felt it had been a gift rather than having bought it herself and a few other things.
S1 told us that she had been in a shop in the bazaar area where her OH was buying various bits and pieces (he's a bit of a collector, from the sounds of things) when she'd spotted and immediately fell for the scarab. She was going to buy it for herself but the shop owner, as her OH had bought several pieces, decided to give it to "the pretty lady". The shop had been in an area where all kinds of herbs, spices and resins had also been for sale (my sweet, fudgey smell). Not alot for me but it was a hot.... S2, as always, picked up the most and was very accurate. :0)

We were going to them open up for clairvoyance but S2 had thought we were all to bring something to do psychometry on and had brought a flower with her. She asked Aureen if we could do some psychometry on it for her, so there was a slight change of plan to accommodate this.

They were very pretty polyanthus in a reddish orange colour. I think S1 felt they were given as a gift and had a view of S2 as a little girl, very happy and a few other things (can't remember). Can't even remember if G was there - think she was, but if she was I can't remember what she saw. I just got the words: They're for you, Mummy. I took this to mean that her DD had picked them and given them to her..... but it wasn't until later that I realised her DD isn't a little girl but a 17 year old!
Sh saw an elderly gentleman in a garden, S2 as a little girl and several other things I can't remember.
Can't remember what Aureen saw but remember she said that they were tinged with both happiness and sadness.
S2 said that we were all right, in a way, and enlightened us: the elderly gentleman was her Dad. The flowers had been bought and planted in her garden, by her Dad as a thank you for looking after him after her Mum had passed away - tragically, her Dad passed away suddenly, joining her soon after this. The flowers are planted where S2 can see them whenever she looks out of her kitchen window - and every time she sees them she remembers her parent's but they also make her smile, as they are such happy-looking little flowers.

We then opened for clairvoyance. I didn't get anything for anyone during this.
I can't remember what everyone got for everyone else as I only have the notes I made of what was given to me, as a reminder so that I can check relevant details and report back on hits.

S1 saw me walking on a flinty type area up a mountain but couldn't quite get the name, saying that it sounded something like Scarfeld or Scaffold. She said I was really enjoying myself and up ahead, turning back to tell the other people I was with to hurry up and catch up - she said they were amazed and couldn't get over how well I was doing.  I asked if the flint could actually be slate and she said yes, something like that, so I said that it could well be Scafell Pike.... we are going to be going on holiday to the Lake District again this year, though I hadn't currently got any plans to do quite such a strenuous walk. LOL

Sh saw me in a kitchen, making a cup of tea, where there was a wooden table. Then there were lots of other people around me, all having cups of tea or coffee, as if it were a coffee morning. She felt that it wasn't so much something I would literally be doing but more representative of how far I'd come. It was something I couldn't have considered before (in my agoraphobic/panic attack state) but was ready for now.
As an aside: I have, kind of, done something similar to this since Sh saw it - a group of us making hot drinks in Jan's kitchen, whilst attending the Shamballah Healing Course, and going to sit at a wooden table... though that was a round one and not square. :0)

Aureen said that she felt I was becoming more confident and really coming into my power now and that, as I realised this and worked with that power, I would work with Spirit fully. They are there, waiting - I just have to ask them to come closer. Meantime I just need to keep on with the practising and meditation.
Some of this is already beginning to happen, as I seem to be getting more things at home at the moment, and I mentioned having especially vivid dreams.... which I've been amking sure I write down in my special notebook. Aureen was pleased with that and said to make sure I carried on with that and that it was also something we should all be doing.

After some chat about what had been received we went on to close down and close the Circle. No idea what happened after that as it was too long ago for me to remember. :0)