Friday, 2 October 2009


Another month meant another visit to the Clinic to see Jan, my Herbalist, to review the previous month's happenings. So, on Thursday 1 October off I trotted for my 10am appointment.

Arriving there I found Jan was doubling up as Receptionist again, as well as ensuring the acupuncturist locum was settling in OK and knew where everything was so she could deal with Janet's clients, as Janet was off sick, recuperating from recent surgery. Jan showed me through to the treatment room to wait whilst she sorted a couple of things, gathered my file and then came through.

We firstly spoke about my last monthly: for the first time I'd had a 10 day one, with a couple of problems with clotting during it, which I hadn't been overly happy about. She assured me that, whilst it may be upsetting, what's happening is a good sign and something that will eventually improve. It's also best it happens this way: the alternative is to go and have the uterus lining cauterised (basically burnt off) which could lead to problems with scar tissue; or, if I don't lose the way I am at the moment, it could, in the long term, lead to cancer. OK, I was convinced - I'll put up with the inconvenience and upset because I really don't fancy either of those alternatives, thank you........ but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the improvement comes around pretty soon. LOL

I mentioned that I was due to go for a smear test but was waiting on DH to book the appointment at a time convenient for him, so he could take me. I explained that, though I'm much better at going out and about now I still can't go to the GP's on my own - I hate going and always have (same with hospitals). Some of it is because I don't like sitting in a room full of folks and she said "who are coughing, snotting and sneezing all over". It's partly that - let's face it, you just don't know what other lurgy you could be catching - but mostly it's down to the anxiety and worry that most of them are feeling because I pick up on it and it affects me. She understood what I meant and said that just prior to and especially when she first started treating clients she used to use some Bailey Flower Essences drops called Protection and Clearing that would be perfect for me - also useful as I had started going to the Development Circle. She said she didn't need them anymore, as she had learnt her own Protection techniques now, so they were a gift from her. Such a nice thing to do. :0)

I told her about going to the Harrogate Health and Healing Festival at the weekend and Jan asked what I'd thought, so I told her - it seems she'd been the previous year and had been disappointed in it for the same reasons: we both said we probably wouldn't go again. I told her about having the Chakra/aura pic done and that healing had come up again in that, as well as at the Development Circle (see past DC post), so she said it was another reason to take those drops: if I do go on to do some form of healing work they would be very useful. I then touched on what the lady had said about my solar plexus Chakra being closed tight and that, funnily enough, my stomach (which it is associated with) had been playing up that day and for a few days beforehand....... and I'd realised that the two were probably linked (though it's not obvious which of these is cause and which is effect), so from now on I would attempt to do some self-healing on that Chakra to see if it helped. Jan wondered if the stomach problems might flare up as a cause of my getting overly emotional/upset about something - I couldn't actually remember anything specific having happened but she said to keep it in mind and to make notes on my food diary sheets. Interesting - never thought of that - so I'll be watching for it in future.

I also mentioned about buying the wrist warmers to keep my hands warm, especially whilst on the computer, and how chilled I feel when that happens (generally the only way I warm up again is by eating something). Jan said that could be down to blood sugars (it does tend to mostly happen a while after my last meal and before the next, though not always). She looked at my food diary sheets and said that I ate a good range of foods, so that was fine and not causing a problem. I mentioned I had been eating quite a few of those tortilla chips this month though and her response was that salt really isn't good for someone who has had high blood pressure problems (I know but the cravings won't be told! LOL), so she checked my BP....... and it was in the normal range, though the pulse was up at 90, which suggested a little anxiety or tension. Odd because I didn't feel anxious or tense.

From a combination of these things she thought it pointed towards a slightly under-active thyroid and asked what my GP had said about it. Well the test I'd had some years previously had come back "normal" and nothing came up with the most recent blood tests I'd had. She decided she would add a different herb to the mix this time (she did say what but I can't remember it) to help my thyroid - and she said not to be surprised if, when it starts to kick in, I lose another half stone in weight. WhaayHaaay - I shan't complain at that, says I and she laughed. Well I used to be a size 12 (back when I was young, free and single LOL) but I wasn't going to go there - what I'd said all along was that if I could get down to a size 14 I'd be happy. She said it wasn't unreasonable to expect or be able to manage that. :0)

Then she mentioned water retention: I told her I didn't think I was having too many problems, especially in the morning: I likened it to gushing like a drain, especially as I often get through a full 500ml bottle of water just taking my tablets..... and usually got through 3 1/2 to 4 of those bottles in a day. She warned me to be careful not to drink too much water, as that could lead to its own problems - and may be why I've been craving tortilla chips for the salt - so I was to rein this back and only get through half a bottle when having my tablets. Her gut instinct told her that she should treat me for water retention, so she decided to also add dandelion to the mix and I was to up the dosage to 7.5mls.
With this it was time for the weigh-in. Again I wasn't expecting much - like I said, I'd been scoffing way more tortilla chips than I should have - but the scales were very kind. So last month I was at 11stone 13.......... this month I was 11stone 12. Only 1lb but a loss is a loss and I'd rather a small loss than any kind of gain. :0)

So I went back through to Reception while Jan went to mix my new potion. In came a lady I'd noticed out in the street when I'd glanced out of the window: she had one of those vicar's dog collars on, which is unusual to see. She sat on the sofa next to me and I told her that Jan was just mixing my meds and wouldn't be long. My "thing" kicked in and she became quite chatty: she was a something or other chaplain and specialised in helping people with mental health problems (which is the place I'd just seen her coming away from); what Jan was treating her for; and we touched on the various treatments and Reiki and a few other things besides. Then a second lady arrived and I told her Jan wouldn't be long and she came through then, on the phone talking to another client, and she took the chaplain lady through to the treatment room to wait and the second lady joined me on the sofa: and she was having the Candida treatment too, had had the food intolerance testing (and she told me what she was intolerant to) and that she'd had one Reiki session, the reason why and what the result had been. If I'd been there much longer with both of the ladies I probably would have heard a whole lot more besides (it's just what happens) but Jan was back with my potion and it was time for me to get the other items I needed and to pay, plus make a follow-on appointment. This done I said I'd see her again on Saturday (Reiki day), said goodbye and left (after first using the facilities - told you mornings were bad for that! LOL).

Out on the street I first headed to Hospice Bookshop for a quick nosey. I had intended to walk right past but something said to go in, so I did and found the book on the right:

I don't usually do spellwork but this seemed quite an interesting little gem, full of other information besides the spells...... and it was in pristine condition and only £1. It's amazing what I find in there. :0) I do like to read a wide range of esoteric books too: some things in them don't always interest me, some things I may even disagree with, a little nugget of information that gels, or sparks and starts new thought processes going - whatever, there is always something to be learned from them and helps me to develop in some way. That is worth more than money. :0) As for the other book: it was in the window of the RSPCA charity shop and I spotted it as I was passing. I know, I've been decluttering and ousting some books but this one has been on my want list for a while as I love the design on the front. When I looked inside there were a few more designs I liked so at £1.50 it just had to come home with me. :0)

After calling in at a couple of the Building Societies to sort a couple of things out I then decided to head for the local market for a look round and it was disappointing to see just how it had deteriorated in the time since I'd last been there, in pre-agoraphobia days. I did buy a few things from a stationery and card making stall:

They were all bargains (buy 2 get 1 free on the envelopes, and I always struggle to find these square ones so they were a must-buy, plus a price reduction for buying 3 lots of card). Nothing else appealed - especially not the clothes (bit like chav central!) - so I headed home, only calling off at the Hospice charity shop when I spotted the Egyptian plates were still there (see other blog).

So now I'm hoping the new potion kicks in reasonably quickly, to help boost the weight loss...... and that reducing my water consumption will help ease the salt cravings so I can get off those flippin' tortilla chips, which will also help with the weight loss. Fingers crossed for a much better scales result next month. :0)

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Julie said...

Nice morning out for you, friendly chats and bargains, what more could a girl want.

1lb is a loss, thats great news, bet the water weight heavy in you!!