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Thankfully my energy levels are gradually improving, though there are still occasions that leave me tired (such as my first trip out shopping on Saturday, since being in hospital), but I decided not to push things too much...... I kept the day jobs to an easy level and made sure I got plenty of rest. As a result I felt pretty good about going to the Circle this week, rather than being worried that I might be a drain on the energy.

This week I arrived at the same time as L and her DD La. They asked me how I felt: getting there was my reply. We had a surprise when Aureen opened the door: she'd had her hair dyed and it was quite a vivid colour, sort of autumnal orange/brown, which suits her well. I asked how her foot was: she seemed to have a delayed reaction at the weekend, feeling pretty grotty, and most nights she had felt it throbbing enough to be aware of it but that today was the first day it felt OK. Thank goodness - stings can be nasty, especially if you're the poor person who has an allergic reaction. She asked how I was: again I said getting there - occasionally feeling tired but that was getting better. I mentioned getting my dates through from the hospital: ultra-sound scan on the 3rd and seeing the Consultant on the 11th. They wished me well.

Very soon S1, S2 and Sh arrived - no A this week, as she was going on her birthday trip to see Colin Fry. Aureen introduced S1 and La, then we all made our way through to the other room.

This week we were going to do a meditation on the Throat Chakra (will do another post on this), so Aureen proceeded to read out a piece about it. There was also a piece on benefits to be gained by working with Spirit (which makes you think) and another about Honesty, another chanelled piece from Ursula Robert's guide Rhamadan, that she didn't read out but wanted us to read for ourselves at a later date. The meditation would involve us asking a question and we were to think of this beforehand. I asked if it should be a personal or more general question: Aureen replied that it had to be something we were comfortable with sharing with the group, so was probably better being more general. OK - good job she'd warned us as my when anyone ever says to me "Have you got any questions?" my mind instant;y goes blank! LOL With that we opened the Circle, protected and grounded ourselves and opened our Chakras.

With the Circle open a blue candle was lit and the meditation begun. For this one we had to go within ourselves, listening to our breathing and allowing it to become slow and deep, then listen for the sound our bodies make - a unique sound that the Spirit World hears and responds to - and we had to concentrate on that sound, allowing our Helpers to hear it and come to us. When we felt that our Helpers were gathered around us we were to ask the question, wait for a response, then thank them and come back to ourselves...... all under Aureen's guidance. Why is that sound important? Because we need to be able to connect with it and know how to make it reverberate, as it is how we alert Spirit/our Guides that we wish to communicate.

When done Aureen asked each of us in turn if we had heard our sound - unfortunately I can't remember much of this (why is it that some weeks I can remember lots and others I can't?!!). I couldn't say that I'd heard anything but I did feel my body pulsating. I found it a little difficult to describe, as it wasn't the usual hearbeat type pulsing that you sometimes become aware of in quiet moments, it was different somehow, sort of a cross between a vibration and a pulse. My throat felt a little tight, though not uncomfortable, and my third eye area also seemed to pick up on the vibe (Aureen said it was good, as it was a sign it was working).

L said she had felt the throat sensation but had also got a tightening in her heart Chakra area, with more of a pulsing than an actual noise.

Aureen then asked each of us what question we had asked and what reply we had received. I can't remember S1 (other than that when she gazed at the candle the light from it had expanded quite a bit), La's or L's, unfortunately. I said my question would probably sound corny but it was something that I continually ask myself because I don't understand why it should happen: why is suffering in the world allowed? I didn't mean just on a personal level, such as why perfectly nice people develop terminal illnesses, but in a more general one too, such as why children are abused, why mass famines occur with many deaths, etc etc. The word I got was: Growth. I said that I needed to think about this more, as I felt that it meant growth in a much wider sense, ie more than just an individuals personal growth. Something about this prompted L to ask if I was intending being a healer - I said I hoped to but I would wait and see what developed. Who knows what Spirit may have planned? It could be something completely different....... and I'm fast learning not to try and second-guess things. LOL

S2 was a little upset. She said the question she had asked sort of linked in with my question...... and she knew Aureen had said not to ask personal questions but she felt she needed to ask it, even though she already knew the answer. It was linked in with various stages in her life that had made her suffer (she didn't go into details because we are encouraged not to share personal details at the moment - the less we know about each other the more we will know that messages we are given for/about the others in the group are from Spirit and not from things we already know). She'd known from an early age that whatever she suffered was to help those around her to learn and grow and that was the answer she had received. I guess, in a way, that she asked because what she was really seeking was confirmation or validation. She was tearful so I touched her arm for a while, then handed her a tissue saying: it's not been used, honest. It made everyone, including S2, laugh and lightened the mood a little, allowing her to regain her composure. Bless her: I think I know some of the issues she's faced....... will wait and see what the weeks ahead reveal.

Sh had asked a superb question, in light of all the New Age predictions: was the world going to end in December 2012. She said she asked it several times and had just thought that she wasn't going to be given an answer and was thinking of another question to ask when she had a reply: basically it was up to us, humankind. If there was a change in the selfishness of many and enough of us developed our Spiritual side and worked for good, trying to bring about a change for the better, then there was hope for us all. If not, Sh stated that one man had the power of destruction.

Aureen's question was along the lines of: how did the Spirit world see our group? They were drawn to it. Each of us within the group had our own Light that was seen and liked by the Spirit world but the combination of those colours was beautiful and shone brightly to Spirit, attracting them to us. It boded well for the way things would develop as we continue to work together.

Hearing both Sh's and Aureen's questions and replies brought to mind something I read years ago, long before all the 2010 hype began, but I can't remember where or who had written it. The gist of it: that the future survival of all would depend on small, independent groups of women, from all faiths, countries and backgrounds; each individual group working together, be it for healing, faith development, a prayer group or whatever; each acting as beacons of Light shining across and around the world. That has stayed in my subconscious all these years and after this session it makes me wonder: we are working on all aspects of our Spiritual development, with some of us hoping to go on to do healing or similar things, could ours be one of those groups? (Hope that doesn't sound arrogant or pompous, as it isn't meant to - it just seems to be one of those strange moments that have strands of the Web from different times in my life that suddenly show that they are connected, iykwim). It's certainly going to be really interesting to see how everything unfolds. :0)

Next it was time to turn out the light and open ourselves to see if we were given any messages or symbols.

Sh had been drawn to L again and described what she had seen, to do with small boats and her wearing one of those waterproof yellow jackets - L owned it as, oddly enough, she was going on a cruise soon. Sh said: well, don't go in the water. L laughed and was quite pragmatic about it, saying that she was going in a big boat but if it was her time then she wasn't afraid and wasn't going to worry about it. Aureen told Sh what she had seen for her but I can't remember it.

S2 said she had started seeing one thing but had thought it was for her again, so had pushed it away. She did see something else that I think was for La but I can't remember what it was - she said she had also seen a long-haired tabby cat weaving around my feet. Oddly enough the week previously (and I'd forgotten about this until this cat was mentioned) A had seen a white Persian around my feet. Now neither cat is anything like our Sally, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2006, so I couldn't claim them. La wondered if they were Spirit Guide animals - I can't say. I have wondered since though if it has something to do with my sound (the one we'd done the meditation on - the vibration/pulse I'd felt) and if the Spirit cats were attracted to me because of this. Will have to wait and see what will be revealed, I guess. Aureen told her what she had seen for her - can't remember but it was very positive.

I said I was beginning to think I was a one hit wonder (getting the Janice name) as I didn't seem to get anything. I had thought I had seen a light again, over by La, but when I looked there was a bright reflection on the wall anyway. Nothing else. Aureen said that, despite this, she thought I had looked much more relaxed with the meditation and with this and I felt I had been but it didn't seem to help me see anything though. She had seen lots of different coloured Spirit Lights of loved ones around me - can't remember much more, but I think it was that they were there to wrap me with their love and give support. It's comforting to know. :0)

L also hadn't seen anything and asked if it was possible that she was somehow blocking herself. I said I'd wondered the same about myself, too. Aureen said that it was more than likely with both of us - sometimes, when you want things really badly, it can stop you from achieving what you want and also that the Spirit World do test you too. It all came back to patience and perseverance again...... both L and I admit we are both lacking in the patience department. LOL She told L (occasionally glancing at me, as she said it - so this held for me as well) that what she needed to do was to start talking to her Guide/s, asking him/them questions - after a time she will find that she will start to connect and will get answers. Aureen then looked at both of us and said that L and I both had very strong Guides and that we would find that once we did connect with them we would be off and there would be no holding us back. Am sure L was as relieved to hear this as I was. :0) I can't remember what else Aureen had seen for her.

La had seen a little boy for S2 and described him - she owned him. She had had a miscarriage and had always felt (and been told by several psychics) that he was a boy - she had felt him around her at times and had even heard him calling Mum to her on one occasion. Aureen told her what she had seen for her but it was personal.

I can't remember what S1 had seen. Aureen said that she saw her as full of energy and as a result she was the power house of the group, which was why the candle's light had expanded for her. It would be very beneficial for the group as a whole by helping to feed the energy we build within the Circle and helping us to connect more easily to Spirit. How cool is that!

Next was the Healing Book. I added my cousin's name, as he will be undergoing a serious back operation soon - one surgeon refused to operate as it's such a serious one and isn't guaranteed to work....... and there's a big risk of it leaving him crippled for the rest of his life. My cousin is in such chronic pain with it he's willing to take the risk. Aureen read out the prayer she'd written (I'm afraid I'd forgotten all about her asking us to write one).

She then told us we would be doing the Third Eye meditation next week and that we were in for a real treat, as it was a really lovely one to do - as well as being important. She also reminded us to read the channelled piece by Ursula Roberts before the next meeting too. With that, as we were running over again, we closed our Chakras, cloaked ourselves and closed the Circle. We said our goodbyes and left. I was glad to realise that this week I just felt a bit tired, rather than the absolutely shattered of the week before - another post-hospital stay improvement. :0)

After a quick stop off at Tesco Express on the way home I settled in front of the TV for the night: it's currently the Most Haunted Live Halloween 8 night special: Eight Faces of Evil. It's the longest Live session ever - I so haven't got the stamina I used to have and reckon all these late nights might just finish me off! LMAO

So looking forward to next week...... in the meantime: I have a Herbalist appointment and a Reiki session to go to, as well as the Heart Chakra post to do, and the Lincolnshire Showground M,B&S event to go to so it looks like there's going to be plenty for you to read in the coming weeks. LOL :0)

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