Saturday, 31 October 2009


The Throat Chakra is a powerful Spiritual centre that resonates at a high frequency. It is positioned in the throat region, between the third and fifth cervical vertebrae. Ether, the subtlest of the elements, is closely aligned with pure Spirit. The throat Chakra gives rise to ether energy in the body.

The prime function of this Chakra is communication. Firstly it is about communicating with your creator. It also connects you to your inner Self and the Gift of Divinity (God - or, as I prefer, Goddess) that lies within. Through the throat centre you can learn to accept your true nature and acknowledge your divinity. This Chakra connects deeply with your soul and allows you to listen as your soul speaks. It is also about communicating with others through words and creativity.

Psychic ability and communion with those from other realms resonates at the throat centre. We can learn to connect with our Spirit Guides, ancestors, Angels and helpers through the throat Chakra and the ether element.

The key words are: expression, responsibility, communication and universal truth. The developmental age is between 15 and 21 years. The main colour is blue, with subsidiary colours of silver and turquoise. It's element is ether and the kingdom is the Angelic Realm. Its symbol is a circle. The glandular connection is to the thyroid and parathyroid.

Lavender and hyacinth are quietening fragrances for this Chakra and patchouli and white musk are its stimulants. The crystals are: lapis lazuli, aquamarine, turquoise and sapphire.

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