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This week went to plan with meal times and everything and I actually ended up arriving a little earlier and at the same time as L. Am hoping this timing thing wasn't just a fluke but a sign that I'm dropping into a regular routine now. LOL

L and I were the first to arrive so we sat and chatted to Aureen whilst we waited for the others to come. We were asked if we'd been practising any of the techniques. I had but with varying success: I still keep falling asleep at some point during the meditations when I'm at home, especially if I do them in the afternoon. BUT before I fell asleep on that afternoon's session I'd been practising expanding my aura...... can't say as I saw anything particularly when trying to sense it but I did get the weirdest sensation of being "stretched" as I tried to fill the room. From what Aureen said it looks like I managed to achieve it. Yay!

L had enjoyed reading through the printouts she'd been given and had been fascinated to find that the Chakras are each linked to one of the aura bodies - this hadn't been plain in some of the other reading she had done. She said she didn't necessarily see anything when meditating, more sense things (very much like me) but she'd decided that: it didn't matter whether she saw anything or not or whether she was able to do some of the things or not - after years of putting her children, and latterly her grandchildren, first she was now doing something for herself. She was excited about it all and thoroughly enjoying herself and what mattered the most wasn't the result but the journey. Love that attitude! :0)

S2 then arrived and she was obviously a bit upset: in the course of giving a client an Indian Head Massage treatment she'd sensed that the lady had a problem area on her face - the lady's mother had had skin cancer treatment and S2 felt this was what the problem was. She wasn't sure what she should do, though she had gently suggested (trying not to worry the lady, who has anxiety problems anyway) that she should think about having it checked out. Aureen said she had done the right thing and there was nothing more she could do - it was now up to the lady to take the next step of going to her GP. She also pointed out that anyone who did, or intended to do, healing needed to ensure that they had adequate protection in place before commencing, otherwise they were in danger of constantly taking the other person's problems home with them. Multiply that by the 6 or 7 clients you may, like her, treat in a day and it means having bad problems with energy depletion etc - I guess you'd reach burn-out point pretty quickly. So the protection is to ensure that doesn't happen by helping the healer to leave the person's problems, especially when they are very deep ones, at the door. S2 does put protection in place but I think Aureen was suggesting that she needs to reinforce this somehow. It was interesting though and gave me something to think about.

By this time Sh had arrived and it became pretty apparent that A wasn't going to. Aureen hoped that her scary experience of travelling beyond the garden during the previous weeks meditation hadn't put her off - though she had had a babysitter cancel last minute last week and had hurriedly had to find another, so it was possible that babysitting was the problem this week. Aureen will be contacting her to check all is OK as we all felt it would be a shame if she did drop out: it's shaping up to be a nice group, with a good mix of ages, so it would be a real shame to lose the youngest member so soon - especially as she seems to be strongly psychic. We already knew S1 wouldn't be there, as she was away on holiday.

We took our seat in the other room (me heading away from the neighbours side again! LOL). This week there was a small table in the middle of the circle which had a red candle in a holder on it....... which went nicely with the red articles of clothing we were all wearing. :0) Aureen then showed us the symbol for the Root Chakra and told us more about it, as we were going to do a Root Chakra meditation (unfortunately we didn't get a printout of this, otherwise I'd have done a separate post about it). Among other things, it is the Chakra for the physical body and our connection to and with Mother Earth and the meditation was to connect strongly to the Earth and meet with Mother Earth to, hopefully, receive a message.

The Circle was opened, protection put in place, grounding done and we proceeded to open our Chakras. This done we then went on to more deeply ground ourselves, visualising the branches extending not just from the soles of our feet but also from our Root Chakra..... going deep into the Earth, trying to feel it, and firmly anchoring ourselves before drawing up red energy from the Earth and into our Root Chakra, then into all the Chakras and our whole body. Next was to envision sitting on Mother Earth's lap and connect with Her, allowing ourselves to go wherever she chose to take us and listening to whatever we were told. After a while Aureen drew us back and we opened our eyes, then she asked each of us in turn what we had seen and heard.

Sh had had a pretty profound experience and was a little tearful: she had "left" the room and been taken to woodlands, a beautiful and serene place that she really hadn't wanted to leave, as it's the place of peace and calm she had been looking for and had always wanted to find (her inner sanctum, I guess) and had always felt she hadn't managed to. She felt she had been taken there to show her that she just had to look inside herself: she could find it and return there whenever she wanted/needed to. What a lovely experience! Though I found it odd that Sh felt she hadn't found the calm and peace she wanted, as she really does give the impression of being a really calm person. Aureen said that Sh's experience went to underline what she had said the previous week, about feeling emotional, and the need to cry within the Circle - so be prepared.

S2 had had a few difficulties this time. She had "left" the room OK and had found herself in a nice place and had seen a Green Woman but with the face of her daughter, so she had thought it wasn't quite right, argued a little about it and had come back a little, then it seemed to change to a dream she had had last night, where she was in a lovely cottage and had been able to open the window and pick apples straight from the tree, which she really liked. She likened it to when she dreamt she met her Guide: he had been a Native American but she ended up getting into a bit of an argument with him as she felt it was all a bit cliche. You know: Oh, purrrleease, you had to be a Native American because aren't all Guides Native American? So then she felt bad and hoped she hadn't offended him. (Perhaps her upset over her client spilled into her meditation?).

Aureen went on to talk about Trust: trusting in what you are given and going with it. She also said that a lot of NA's are Guides because they were an especially Spiritual people, the bulk of whom have moved on to another plane as a whole people because they were Spiritually ready to do so - though many stayed to act as Guides and help others along their own Spiritual Path to Ascension. We would be doing a guided meditation to meet our Guides later, and we would see what unfolded, but for this next 7 weeks we would be doing the Chakra meditations, each one in turn.

So it was my turn. Aureen said I had seemed pretty focused. I felt I had been but it hadn't helped much: I hadn't really seen much of anything (maybe leopard spots and a whale's tale but they were so vague I didn't mention them). I had felt very heavy throughout and my hands got really hot, especially the palms which were virtually throbbing. Two words kept rolling around my head: Peace and Harmony. I said I felt this was probably telling me that I needed more of those in my life (though I guess it also goes for what's needed throughout this planet of ours!). I was left feeling a little frustrated with myself....... and like the dunce of the class again. And disappointed too: I'm a Pagan - connecting with Mother Earth in this way should come as naturally as breathing to me.

L said she hadn't "left" as she had been aware of the room throughout, as she usually was, and I looked at her and nodded, so she said "Are you finding that too?". Yes, that's how it is throughout most meditations for me..... unless I fall asleep. LOL Aureen said that losing awareness of your surroundings is something that comes with practice - S2 and especially Sh had had more practice so could do this....... as we practiced more we should gradually lose the awareness of our surroundings and go more deeply into the meditations. Sh hadn't got much from this meditation the first time she did it (at the previous Circle) but had done this time - because she was ready and it was the right time. Things will happen for us when it's right for us. L she knew it was the case for her, but did I find I was trying too hard? Again, yes. I was focused but felt I was perhaps too focused, wanting so much for something to happen - I regularly have to re-relax myself as I seem to tense up, as if I'm trying to push things along. Again: you can't force these things and it comes back to patience, which had cropped up in an earlier conversation. We would have to be patient, relax into the meditations and allow things to happen naturally. (Boy, this is flippin' hard! I've been working on patience most of my life and it's often pretty elusive stuff! LOL). It helped a little knowing that someone else is having similar difficulties though - hopefully we can both work our way through them. :0)

L then said she hadn't seen much but she had felt very heavy, as if her feet were firmly planted and couldn't be moved. She'd felt the energy as a kind of throb, with part of it going up to the base of her spine and it felt cold - she likened it to having an injection and feeling the fluid going in, though not as unpleasant. She also felt the rest was a pleasant feeling, almost sexual in nature: earthy. (Oh, to have her open and down-to-earth approach - I hadn't had the courage to mention that feeling!).

Aureen was pretty pleased with how it had gone and felt we had all done well. Am not so sure I would have said the same about my efforts, but there you go. LOL

She then talked about Astral Travel (only Sh felt she may have experienced this - I found it was different to those exhilarating dreams where you can fly) and gave an example of a recent happening. It gave an example of how your Spirit ears can understand foreign languages that you don't otherwise understand - so it doesn't matter if your Guide is Japanese or Native American, whatever, you will be able to hear and understand it, almost telepathically.

Then she spoke of symbols. The Spirit World often "speaks" in the language of symbols - it was up to us to find our own way of interpreting what these symbols represented, whether it be an actual representation or a symbolical one. If it was a symbolical one we would have to work out what it meant to us - no point in asking her, as she would interpret it totally differently. She gave some examples: a symbol that she is given regularly is someone dealing a deck of cards. She asks the person she's reading for if they knew someone, now in Spirit, who used to play cards - if yes, it's a literal image. I'm afraid I can't remember what she said what it then represented. She then mentioned other symbols and asked us to say what they meant to us. Cracked wedding ring: L said divorce, Sh a break up, I said a parting and S2 said writing in the middle (she wasn't sure herself what that meant but it's what came to her); Stork: L and I said birth, Sh and S2 said a baby; Butterfly: S2 said a happy occasion, L something along the same lines (can't properly remember), I said a soul and L said a parted loved one - for Aureen it's a happy development but one that will be short-lived; Tree: I said Tree of Life and all that goes with it, but also the Family tree, L Tree of Life (we do seem to think along the same lines!), can't remember the others clearly but they were along the lines of strength, shelter, firm grounding etc.

We then had to close our eyes, empty our minds and see if we were given any symbols, sense who it was for and if there was anything else we'd been given. Aureen then went round the Circle, letting each of us say what we'd seen. Sh had seen a fluffy dog, sort of like a lapdog type (she referred to it as one you could carry around and was a little spoilt) and asked if it meant anything to us: S2 has dogs. She said she'd seen it sitting between herself and S2, so that would explain it, and that she'd seen it being taken somewhere and it being quite happy. S2 had taken it to the groomers to be trimmed, so it wasn't all fluffy any more - Aureen made a joke about now she knows that he was quite happy to be de-fluffed. LOL Pretty amazing accuracy!

S2 had seen a cottage (referred to as a tiny one that you had to duck under beams) but had then seen a cliff top and had looked down to see a beach with up-turned fishing boats on it - it was for L. L smiled and said that she and her DH currently live in a cottage, though not a small/duck head one - she originally came from close to the coast in Kent. Her DH is a local man and is quite settled where he is, she's reasonably content but her ideal would be to go back to live on the coast. Another good one!

The bit I'd dreaded - my turn and what had happened was far from impressive: need more practice were my first words. I did get impressions but, as I explained, when I got them I wasn't quite sure if it was what I was supposed to be getting or if my mind had wandered, so I pushed them away and tried again then didn't get anywhere. Aureen asked if I'd managed to clear my mind - I had and it had worked better than it usually does.... which is why I had a problem with it: I'd assumed I was having the same mind wandering problems I have at home, which is why I'd pushed things away and made such a bog of it. I think it comes down to Trust: I need to learn to trust in myself and my instincts more fully and in what I'm being given - if I don't then I'm not going to get anywhere. She said I'd done well to do the mind clearing as that isn't always easy.

L had got the name Peter and felt it was for me. I could only think of the two Peter's, my neighbours - a fabulous gay couple who are the best neighbours we've ever had. Far nicer than the previous miserable so-and-so and his dogs who used to live there. Another result. :0)

Aureen herself had seen a huge egg that had cracked open: it was for Sh and she felt that it was a message of Spiritual rebirth for her...... a coming into her own and a sign that that time was right for her to achieve those things she had always striven for. Sh was pleased. :0)

Aureen then asked if any of us had any questions. S2 said no question but she said she felt drawn to L because she felt, although she'd never met her prior to the Circle meetings, that she knew her. She said that she didn't want to sound weird but she actually felt like she wanted to hug her..... and that she'd also felt instantly comfortable with everyone in the group. She'd been really glad when Aureen had told her that I would be part of the group and I told her that I'd known I would see her again. Aureen explained that we didn't know each other well but had met once before, at an Angel Workshop.

Aureen said it was always good, initially, that a Circle didn't know much about each other: that way when we start getting messages and the like and have successes we'll know it's not because we know a lot about the person and are relying on that knowledge. What S2 had said was a good sign that the group would gel well.... and that she may well have known L before - in a previous life. We'd be going into past lives further down the line, so we may well have chance to find that out. :0)

Personally: I felt instantly relaxed with L, and that doesn't happen very often when I meet new people; I was glad to see S2 again; I'm drawn to Sh, for whatever reasons; I keep thinking I've seen S1 before; A has a look of Helen about her - initially a little unnerving but was OK with that last week. On the whole I look forward to each meeting and certainly felt much more relaxed with all of them this week.

With this we closed down our Chakras, pulled up our grounding anchors and wrapped ourselves in our cloaks of protection, then closed the Circle. That one and a half hours goes by so quickly! Next week it's the Sacral Chakra meditation.... not sure I have anything orange to wear but I do have an orange crystal I can take. LOL

It wasn't until I was in the car and on my way home that I suddenly realised I had been given something when we did the mind clearing bit: I had very clearly heard the name Janice....... but had pushed it away as a mind wander. I could have kicked myself! So I've made a note and will mention it next week and hope that someone can own it. So now it's a case of trying to develop those things that came out of this weeks session: patience, trust, peace and harmony. I could be gone some time! ROFL

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Lots of things to think about this week for you Karan, seems you are all moving forward well.