Friday, 23 October 2009


The Heart Chakra is found on the same level as the physical heart but in the centre of the body. Heart Chakra energy is familiar to us all. We already realise that the heart has many qualities apart from the physical role of keeping us alive. We know the feeling of opening our hearts or closing down our hearts. We know how it feels to have a broken heart or to put our heart fully into something. Most of us know what it is to love with al our heart and the truth expressed when we cross our heart and hope to die. These energetic qualities are stimulated by the heart Chakra.

The heart Chakra sits in the middle of the seven Chakras. It is symbolised by two interlaced triangles, which form a six pointed star. The star represents the movement of energy upwards from the earth and down from the Heavens. It is at the heart centre that these two forces are united. This is the place of balance and divine harmony. It is at this centre that we move from the personal realms of the lower Chakras into the universal consciousness of the higher Chakras. Having ascended the first three Chakras and dealt with personal issues relating to survival at the root Chakra, self-knowledge at the sacral Chakra and personal power at the solar plexus Chakra we are now ready to move from embodiment to enlightenment.

Embodiment is to fully embrace the personal qualities of the lower Chakras and make them part of our lives. Enlightenment is a spiritual journey, where we learn compassion and unconditional love. We learn to embrace the universal laws that govern our lives.

Compassion and unconditional love are the spiritual qualities associated with the heart chakra.

The key words are: compassion, feeling, tenderness, love of and search for the Divine, love of others and detachment. The associated developmental age is from twelve to fifteen years.

Its main colour is green, with subsidiary colours of rose and rose amethyst. Its element is Air. The kingdom is human. The glandular link is to the thymus. It is part of the lymphatic system, situated directly below the thyroid and parathyroid gland.

The fragrance of rose and sandalwood quieten the heart Chakra whilst pine and honeysuckle stimulate it. The crystals are: emerald, green calcite, amber, rose quartz, jade and pink carnelian.

Working with the heart Chakra tells us that we do not need to sit in judgement of people's behaviour, the Creator can take care of that - instead we can see the divine spirit that moves within them and encourage them to do the same. Working on the heart Chakra requires patience, discipline and a genuine desire for spiritual growth.

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