Monday, 19 October 2009


Situated about two inches below the navel is the second Chakra, which is known as the Sacral Centre. This is the sacred home of your inner Self. This Chakra resonates with the moon and feminine energy. It is the centre of divine beauty and the centre of inner wisdom and self-knowledge.

In your body this Chakra governs the whole pelvic region. It is responsible for the ebb and flow of your emotions and feelings. Sensuality and sexuality are experienced from this Chakra. It is also a moon centre with water as its dominant element. If we watch the moon in the night sky we will see that she follows a 28-day cycle. The moon changes from the invisible dark moon to the new moon, which lights the sky with a shining crescent, and her cycle is completed with the rounded fullness of the full moon.

Just as the moon affects the sea, so too does she affect the waters that flow within us, our moods swing and our tides change.

The Sacral Chakra is connected with the developmental stages that take place between the ages of three to eight years. Its main colour is orange and it has secondary colours of amber and gold.

The key words are: security, sense of others,sexuality, creativity, relationships and sincerity. Its sense is taste and its kingdom is plants.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with the womb, genitals, kidney, ovaries, testes and bladder - all are water related body parts and each one is affected by our emotions. There is also a glandular connection to the lymphatic system and to muscles. As the centre of emotion the Sacral Chakra triggers the physical expression of our feelings.

Connecting with this Chakra helps you to connect with the divine Self and inner wisdom and when energy is allowed to flow freely through it intuition will be stronger.

Quietening fragrances for the Sacral Chakra are musk and amber. Rosemary and rose geranium will stimulate it. Its crystals are: amber, citrine, topaz, moonstone and jasper.

Its symbol is the crescent moon.

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