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I shall try and remember what happened at the Circle way back on the 6th but an awful lot has happened since then, including a stay in hospital for what was initially suspected to be gallbladder/stones problems but which turned out to be a large ovarian cyst instead. That will teach me not to delay in doing my blog write-ups in future! LOL I have also had a bit of a think about some of the content I have been including in these write-ups, namely that which concerns the other participants in the Circle, and have decided that it is unfair to include some of the very personal experiences that come from the meditations etc. So, in future, I won't include them unless I've been given permission to do so - hope you understand.

Everything went very smoothly beforehand so I actually ended up arriving a little early, which gave Aureen and I the opportunity to have a quick chat about how I'd been since the Reiki session: I mentioned having a couple of weepy sessions which had had me a little concerned, considering I'd walked out of the Clinic on such a high, but she reassured me that it was natural and all part of the healing process - it was the grief coming out and I was to allow it to happen. OK, concern gone now. With that L and Sh soon arrived. Not bad going, to say that it was turning absolutely foul out, with some really bad downpours. S1 wouldn't be coming, as she'd had a family emergency, but A and S2 were expected.......... and didn't show up. After waiting a while longer Aureen decided we should start anyway and see what would happen with the reduced numbers, so we went through to the other room.

This week we were concentrating on the Sacral Chakra and Aureen read out a piece that gave us more information on it (will do a separate post). This weeks meditation would centre on this Chakra and involve connection with the waters of our body and thus to those of the Earth. We were asked if we had any questions before we started. I quickly piped up here and said that I didn't have any questions about this but could I just ask if the name Janice meant anything to anyone, explaining about realising on the way home that I'd heard this name. I was delighted when L claimed it: it was her DSis's name and she'd been on her mind a lot the previous week, as she'd been diagnosed with a non-cancerous tumour in her pituitary gland (brain) but had been told she'd still have to undergo radiotherapy to shrink it. (She also told us a couple of other things about the situation but as they were personal I don't feel it would be fair to put them on my open blog). I'm not sure who was the most stunned by such a spot-on hit..... there was also some relief on my part because, as I said to the girls, I didn't feel like the total dunce in the class any more - just annoyed with myself for not having gone with the flow last week. LOL It was certainly something of a confidence booster. :0)

We then went on to open the Circle, protect ourselves and open our Chakras. No grounding this week, as we were working with the Water Element. Aureen proceeded to lead us on a guided meditation where we connected with the fluids pulsing through our bodies, then on to a stream that flowed into a river that flowed into the sea. We were to try and connect with the Mother of the Ocean and see what message or gift we were given, then were brought back to the present.

Sh had another profound experience, going deep into the meditation. Not only did she see herself stood in the sea of a cove and all that unfolded from it but she was also able to understand the message it was giving to her and gave us her interpretation of it. Her confidence and depth of connection are what I strive towards. :0) Aureen felt it was a very good interpretation and positive experience which went to show just how far Sh had come since last attending the Circle, when she had held back through lack of confidence.
Next was my turn: I said I felt I was currently at the stage Sh had been at before. During the meditation I initially felt my body pulsate with the ebb and flow of the fluids within it; I had the impression of being under the water - no crashing surf, just the tranquility of deep water, and beautiful rainbow coloured fish calmly swimming around in front of me; there was something else but I'm afraid that has slipped away in the meantime. I said I could see a theme developing here, with the peace and harmony I had picked up the previous week, and felt that it was all telling me that these were the things I needed to gain within, so I could go on with my development and reach the next stages. Aureen felt it was a fair assessment and recommended that I meditate regularly, as this would help me to develop inner stillness and focus. I was quite pleased with how it had gone.
L had also felt the pulsing but said she was still aware of the room, although she had the feeling of vastness and had felt that a pearl necklace had been placed around her neck - she had felt that quite distinctly, as she's not normally a jewellery person. Aureen related this to pearls of wisdom, something L feels she is gaining from the Circle. She is so enjoying the whole journey it's a joy to see. :0) Aureen herself had had to pull herself back from her meditation, as she felt she was about to be shown something rather special that would have taken a lot longer than the time we had alloted...... she was going to go back to this meditation when she was on her own and had more time.

Aureen did discuss several other things at this point but I'm afraid these have slipped from my memory too...... I'm blaming it on the morphine injections I was given in hospital. ROFL Next we had to sit in the dark room, still our minds and see if we were given anything. It's odd but the atmosphere definitely seems to change slightly at this point, though not in any sinister or frightening way. Sh had seen a meditation style "vision" for Aureen, involving a man walking on his own but who was constantly looking back for her - Sh told us what she felt it meant and Aureen said both the vision and interpretation were spot on, so she would be taking that on board.
Trying to remember L's experience but struggling - I don't think she felt she'd seen anything or been given any messages but she felt happy and relaxed and had enjoyed the whole experience and that's what mattered most for her.
As for me: well I'd gone into this fully expecting to hear something again and hadn't, so it had confused me. So I was saying that I hadn't gotten anything, with Aureen saying now are you absolutely sure (thinking about the previous week)? Weeeelllll, I thought I saw a light by L. Aureen's response: so you did get something, laughingly saying "Ooo she's a little monkey, isn't she?" Then Sh said that actually, she also thought she'd seen a light by L too - she'd opened her eyes a little sooner than Aureen had said to and had spotted a small light by L but had assumed it was a reflection from a chink in the curtains or something. What kind of light? Small, circular - we both agreed it had been goldy/yellow in colour. Lights off to check for a reflection: yes, there was a light but this was window shaped and on the wall behind L - not where either of us had seen it or anything like what we'd seen. Aureen asked if I'd seen it with my third eye or physical eyes: third eye because I'd not opened my physical ones throughout, though I'd actually tried to look towards it with them behind my eyelids and couldn't. She asked what I thought it had been: immediately I said I wanted to say a Spirit light. Aureen then confirmed what we'd seen by telling L what she'd seen for her: a lady stood to her right (where Sh and I had seen the light) and gave a description and what she had felt about the lady - L said it sounded very much like her grandmother, someone she hadn't had much to do with in life (family problems) and had regretted this, as she felt she had a lot in common with her.

Lessons I learnt from this: don't try and second guess Spirit or make any assumptions - use all your senses and be open for anything.

I can't remember what Aureen had seen for Sh but for me it was a Victorian policeman stood at my left shoulder, who she felt was a family member: I wasn't aware of there being a policeman in our family but have since asked my Uncle (the family history buff) and he says it's a possibility - he has a Victorian photograph of my Great-great Uncle Sam, in uniform and sat astride a horse. He'd always assumed he was in military uniform but the braiding isn't right, so it could well be a police dress uniform - he's going to check that out. She also saw blue velvet: it didn't mean anything to me but did make me think of the song - the words don't mean anything to me really, nor can we think of any association to the song for family..... but one of the groups who sang it was called....... The Moonglows. LOL Then my DSis told me later that, when she was little, she used to have a blue velvet dress she loved and was gutted when she couldn't wear it to a school Christmas party because it was too small for her. I hadn't remembered that.

Time was drawing on so it was time to end the session, with the usual closing of Chakras and drawing on of our protective cloaks, followed by the closing of the Circle. Aureen then gave us the print outs for this week, along with the Chakra one for last week. The time just goes so incredibly quickly! We were also very pleased with how much had happened too, considering the reduced numbers this week - Aureen felt it was yet another sign of our being a really good group that would work well together.

Recounting the whole light thing to DH later I said I had to really stop my mad sense of humour kicking in, as I hadn't wanted to offend anyone (especially Spirit).......... but I just couldn't get the Bruce Willis/Sixth Sense film quote out of my head: I see dead people. LMAO So I now know I am capable of seeing things and do hear things (clairaudience), as well as feeling things - it's not all in my imagination, there is something there that's worth developing.......... can't tell you just how good that feels. :0)

Unfortunately I missed last weeks Circle, with the Solar Plexus Chakra meditation, due to being in hospital, but I will do a write up on the Chakra when I have my sheet. Yes, I have all intentions of going to this weeks Circle......... Universe and health willing. :0)

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