Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Angels act as a bridge between the physical and Spiritual world and many people have described how these remarkable messengers have helped and guided them. Using this insightful and practical reference book, you will discover how to work with Angels to develop wisdom, strengthen self-understanding and overcome obstacles. Discover the Angels' connection to crystal energy, essential oils, the kabbalah, astrology and the Chakras, and find out how to create an altar, keep a gratitude book and meditate. Filled with affirmations, exercises and wisdom, The Angel Bible will help you experience the power of angels and show you how to invite them into your life.

It's roughly an A5 sized book, though a reasonably thick one, and is absolutely crammed with way more information than the synopsis mentions. If there's anything you ever wanted to know about Angels then you will probably find it in here.

The book is broken up into chapters with headings like: Angel Hierarchies; Angels and the kabbalah; Angel colours; Angel Meditations etc etc, then each of these is broken down into two or three page sections on various aspects that come under each of the heading. Some of the subjects covered (such as the kabbalah) are pretty deep but the way the book is sectioned makes it easier to read one in a few spare moments, allowing you to think on and absorb the information.

It's an extremely good and informative guide and is one I will keep handy, as the meditations are ones I would go back to whenever I feel drawn to do so and the information on essential oils and crystals is something I will also use regularly. It was also good to discover which Angels are alloted to which seasons, months, days of the weeks and even hours of the day....... very useful for working out the best time for working with or appealing to that Angel for particular purposes.

The RRP for this book is £12.99 and, imho, consider it a price well worth paying for all the information and extra insights it has given me into the Angelic Realm. :0)

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Julie said...

Money well spent i say!