Monday, 15 February 2010


A bit more disorganised me this week but it actually worked in my favour as far as mealtimes went, which actually helped, as in: I got up late so had to have a quick breakfast of puffed rice around 11.30am (too hungry to not have anything) before hitting the shower around 12pm; by the time I was sorted from that I wasn't hungry enough to have lunch straightaway and eating later would make it too close to my needing to have an early evening meal; I opted to go with an apple, a diabetic biscuit and herbal teas to keep me going through the afternoon so I'd be OK for the earlier evening meal prior to going to the Circle. It worked out well...... and even better when DH got in early, due to having to pick DS up from work, so he could have his meal, a little relaxation and get ready with time to spare.

I was the first to arrive again and it was good to see that Aureen looked much more like her usual self this week, as it had been awful to see her looking so drawn and so obviously tired on Saturday, when she'd had to give some of my treatment whilst sitting down.

We chatted a little whilst Sh, A and S1 arrived, then went through to start. This week we did a Spring Cleaning meditation: the usual opening of Chakras and going into relaxation mode by listening to our heartbeats and trying to hear our sound followed by imagining that we were going to go into a particular room - a loft or basement, or any room that called to us. We had to see a door, noting the colour, then unlock it and walk in. Inside we had to take note of what was in there and proceed to sort through and then clear out the clutter, whatever it was, then clean the room. Finally we had to look back it it as we walked back through the door, then close it. We then came back to ourselves and each talk about what we had seen and done.

It proved an interesting one.
Sh: had seen a proper loft door and had cleared her actual loft of all the old bank statements/receipts and other accumulated stuff via a builders chute; she then came down and set about sorting/shredding/throwing out etc; back up to vacuum it out, then set about boarding it out properly then putting back those things she wanted to keep. She did a job that actually needs doing in her home.

I had to be a little different but that seems par for the course! LOL Initially what I got was a little disjointed as I jumped from room to room in my home - yes, there's still clutter in them that needs sorting but my mind didn't seem to want to settle on any one of them. I then saw a black door and on the other side was a dark room with a quick flash of turquoise colour. Next I saw the sepia photo that my Uncle T had loaned us, so I could make copies, of Mum, her DBro Uncle T and Sis Aunty J as children - my eyes zoomed in on Aunty and I kept seeing her as that child, with only one quick image of her as an adult later. This then went and when cleaning the room was mentioned I had an image of a besom or old fashioned broom (a witch's broom, as some would call it) which was used to clean the room. When I first saw the besom I thought it would lead to the whole smudge stick cleansing ritual but what I saw next was a lit white candle sat on the floor in the centre of the room. As I went to leave I saw an image of a big bunch of lavender and when I left I closed and firmly locked the door. I explained that I'd had issues about Aunty as she'd done and said some awful things whilst my siblings and I were growing up - to us and to our parents, especially our Mum - and I felt I'd let something go that needed to go, a de-cluttering but of the emotional kind. Aureen smiled and explained that the white candle represented forgiveness, so that was good. I needed to work out what the lavender meant: later I found that, in the language of flowers it stands for deceitfulness. Well Aunty was certainly that! I thought it may have been Dad's way of saying that all was OK with them now, as he had given me several lavender plants for my garden in the year before he passed, but a friend has reminded me that lavender was a strewing herb in medieval times, used as part of the cleansing process so I now feel that it was probably reinforcing the cleansing and letting go.

A: her home is mostly tidy and she felt it didn't need de-cluttering but she was in the process of re-decorating her living room - she saw it done in a different scheme to the one planned and said she would probably now go ahead and do that instead, as she liked it better than what had been planned She also saw someone she spoke to and who had a personal message for her.

S1: saw a bright green door, then walked through it into her actual loft, full of all the accumulated stuff that had moved home with her several times. Much of it was receipts and old bills etc but there were also lots of photos from her first marriage. She went through it all, discarding a lot, then went on to clean out and paint the loft, then hung some pictures her and her DH bought together. She realised what this was telling her but it was quite personal.

Next we opened for Clairvoyance to see what messages we would receive for each other.
For S1: Sh saw a fair little girl, dressed for party, big balloon; not happy at being left - she felt it was her DD as a child. I saw a shawl and then Egyptian hieroglyphs and then a temple wall full of the carved imagery - Aureen said that was good and that it linked with what she had seen and would explain after A had spoken. A saw: S1 choosing a potted rosebush in a garden centre and chatting to someone who didn't seem that interested - S1 felt it was telling her to take more of an interest in the garden. Aureen saw S1 in an Egyptian past life, very vivid which was why she wasn't surprised that I had picked up on this. She gave her much more detail about it.
For A: Sh saw her and a chap abroad, in a small boat, going in and out of little coves - this turned out to be a mix of a previous Greek holiday with the boat from Phantom of the Opera, something A and herchap had seen. Me: it was really random/weird, as I got a tingling sensation on the top of my forehead, just in the browline, which I described as like a shingles sensation; I then got one word: Tesco. A wasn't sure about the head thing, though she does get tingling in various parts of her face when Spirit is about, but her chap goes off to Tesco at weird times due to odd working hours. I did get something else but I used discretion and didn't mention it - something Aureen said we would need to do at times. I can't remember what Aureen saw for her.

Unfortunately we ran out of time for me and Sh but Aureen said we would do it next time. Before closing the Circle I had to ask Aureen if someone was stood behind me, as I kept getting tingles on the back of my head, as if something had gently touched me. She said she thought it was my Mum and that she was peobablythere to let me know she was around during the recent stress. We then closed the Circle but then Aureen turned to Sh and asked if she had a big sparkly brooch because she'd just had a message from Spirit to tell her they really liked it - Sh had received one as a Christmas gift from her niece, chosen by her specially, and had just started to wear it. How cool was that? :0)

We then had a bit of a chat, when S1 told us a little more about her 1st DH, his recent passing and the knock on effects for her DD as she deals with Post Natal Depression. It's quite sad but hopefully things will start to improve.

Aureen then said that if we had full numbers next week we would be doing the first of three meditation sessions to meet our Spirit Guides. She had planned on doing it this time around but couldn't with having missing members. I said it had probably happened this way for a reason and Aureen agreed, saying that perhaps someone wasn't quite ready yet (probably me, with the recent stress and ill health!) and with that we said our goodbyes and headed for the door.

The chauffeur (my patient DH) was waiting to take us home. I'm really looking forward to next time!

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Julie said...

So pleased the Aureen is feeling brighter, time is a great healer they say. I wonder if her faith in spirit makes it easier to deal with? i've often wondered if that is so.