Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Well I seemed to be doing OK after my first acupuncture session, getting changed as soon as I got home and going on to cook my meal.... but by about 5pm I suddenly dropped like a stone and all I wanted to do was go to bed! Not good when there was a Circle to go to!

I persevered and went anyway, arriving shortly before S1. Aureen said she hadn't heard anything from La or A but Sh had texted to let her know that she wouldn't be coming as she was unwell. We chatted as we waited for a while, acupuncture being one of the subjects, but no one else turned up and Aureen said that if she had known there were only going to be the three of us she would have cancelled the session, though we'd go ahead now anyway and see what happened as sometimes the smaller groups could be surprising.

Once in the other room we settled into the approximation of a Circle. As we weren't a full house we obviously couldn't do the meditation to meet our Spirit Guides so Aureen decided to do what she called the Rainbow Meditation, followed by clairvoyance afterwards.

We opened our small Circle, protected and grounded ourselves then went into the guided meditation. For the meditation we had to slow our breathing and relax into listening to our heartbeats and sound, really chilling down, then had to imagine our roots as tree roots, going deeply and firmly into Mother Earth, seeing ourselves as trees with our branches going high into the air on a bright, sunny day. Then we had to take our time on opening each Chakra at a time, imagining each colour in turn and as strongly as we could. We then had to imagine drawing a rainbow, one colour at a time, drawing it from under and up from our left foot to our crown on the in breath and down from the crown to under our right foot. When we had done this we then had to do it all again but this time doing it from front to back, imagining ourselves surrounded by the rainbow light and gathering any impressions we received. We then allowed the energy to flow away and came back to being aware of ourselves sat on our chairs and the room around us.

Aureen and S1 felt a little dizzy initially so had to ground themselves again. I felt OK. We talked through what had happened.

S1 had seen twisty curly roots which she felt had been unusual (I didn't say anything but that's how I always see my roots going into the Earth!) and her tree had been a big oak tree. She'd seen the Chakra colours and made several remarks on how these had seemed but I can't remember them (I really must write these posts up immediately, while everything is still reasonably fresh!). The rainbow was clear and she'd really enjoyed the meditation.

Initially I saw brown bark and thought of and saw an oak tree, so I said I felt I'd picked up on S1's oak tree, but that quickly went, to be replaced by an extremely clear image of a silver birch tree..... and not one of the wispy ones but a beautiful, well established tree with a large trunk, high and strong branches and lots of leaves. Even before Aureen mentioned it being sunny I saw it in bright light - it was the clearest and strongest image I've received so far. S1 then said she had initially seen a silver birch but that had quickly gone and been replaced by her oak tree - it looks like we were picking up on each other quite well! I saw able to see the Chakra colours well and, once I'd got the hang of the in and out breaths, had been able to draw the rainbow quite well. It was a wonderful meditation and I'd thoroughly enjoyed it and felt really relaxed and peaceful after it.

Aureen said that this was a really good one to do at home, to help develop our skills and told us that Sh had loved this meditation when she had done it at her previous Circle and practised it regularly and had felt that it had helped her a lot.

Unfortunately I can't remember what Aureen's tree had been.

Next we were to open for clairvoyance, concentrating on one person at a time - that person had to sit and send out positive energy whilst it was going on and concentrate on anything in particular that they wanted picking up.

As I didn't get to have this done last time I was first up and it was a bit weird sitting there trying to think of something, especially as I was feeling tired - the old brain was flitting about like a butterfly! LOL
S1 had seen me dressed in walking clothes and boots with a rucksack on my back, striding out on my own and very happy. I used to do an awful lot of proper hill walking, pre-bad health/weight gain/agoraphobia etc, but last year, after getting myself sorted out, I finally got my walking gear on for the first time in years and did some walking in the Lake District while we were on holiday there ( a 4 mile walk initially, then a 6 mile walk another day). I felt this was a symbolic image too, with me being alone: me, striding out into the future with confidence and enjoyment, unafraid...... finally being the otter and not the mouse. A lovely feeling and thought. :0)
Unfortunately I can't remember what Aureen saw for me.

For Aureen I had the Beatles song I Wanna Hold Your Hand go through my head two separate times; saw an amethyst geode and something else that I just can't remember now. The song itself wasn't one that meant anything specific to her but she said that perhaps someone from Spirit wanted to hold her hand (it has been only a short time since her Mum passed away); she would love an amethyst geode but can't afford one, as they are really expensive; can't remember this bit because I can't remember the relevant thing I received.
S1 saw Aureen sat at a round kitchen table and reading a particular story in a broadsheet newspaper, naming it. It was absolutely spot on. There were some other things I can't now remember.
S1's jaw almost dropped and she looked at me and said she felt a bit stunned. I smiled at her and nodded and said I know, despite the fact that we know we are there to develop these skills when we get direct hits it still freaks you out a bit.

For S1 I got Egyptian images coming through again, this time a definite image of a Horus statue and also a view of either a Pharoah or one of the gods with staff in hand, again more of a statue then a wall image, then the image of a baby surrounded by white light. Aureen said she wasn't surprised that I was picking up on this again as this was a very strong lifetime for S1 but I said I'd been frustrated with it as I felt it was just re-hashing what I'd got last time... but realised afterwards that, as the images were different, I should probably have opened to it more and see if more came up. (Since then every time I think of this the words Temple at Edfu keep coming up - need to do a little research!).
Unfortunately I can't remember all of what Aureen got for S1 and what I can remember was quite personal.

Not long after we closed ourselves down and closed the Circle. We chatted a little afterwards and S1's throat problems were mentioned again, so I asked her if she tended to bottles things up. She said she does and I mentioned how I recognised it after having throat problems in my 30's which resulted in having my tonsils out, though in hindsight now recognised that it probably had more to do with the throat Chakra being blocked due to my bottling things up. I said she shouldn't be afraid and to speak her truth more often... and Aureen promptly said: see, you are getting things. LOL

As we were heading for the door S1 asked me if I was tired, which I admitted to, and she said that I looked quite drawn. I said I had a feeling that it was something to do with the acupuncture but that I would see how it went the following week, though I was going to ask to change the day anyway - doing both on the same day was making things too rushed and I preferred to have a quieter day, to stay nice and chilled before the Circle, so I was in the right frame of mind when I got there.

With that we said our goodbyes and left. Needless to say I asked DH to take us straight home and I had an early night.

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I nice little intimate group this week, perhaps this was more beneficial for you both