Tuesday, 16 February 2010


It was with a little trpidation that I set off down the street to the Clinic on Tuesday for my first ever acupuncture session. I don't particularly have a needle phobia (I only object to the dental needles in my gums and am not so keen on seeing my blood being taken) it was more the not knowing what to expect and wondering about what effects it would/wouldn't have.

On arriving at the Clinic I had a quick chat with Jan about the last lot of herbal mix she'd made for me: the red clover she'd put in seemed to have really helped settle down those tropical moments so I wondered if she felt it was worthwhile continuing to take it for a while, just while the acupuncture kicks in. She was happy enough for me to do this and informed Janet, the acupuncturist, of what she had used to help in her assessment and treatment of me. Unfortunately I forgot to grab the opportunity to be weighed so currently have no idea if I had lost weight during my recent stomach bout.

As I'd arrived early we managed a bit longer chat and she told me she had now bought a house in the same village as Janet. I got to see pics and it looks fabulous: all old cottage exterior and well decorated, modern refurbished interior.... she can move straight in and do nothing more than clean and cleanse it. She moves later this month. I was glad to hear that she is going to be keeping the Clinic in Ashby for at least another year to 18 months...... it will give me plenty of time to have some refresher driving lessons and find a car! LOL
With that Jan popped in to make up my medicine, then it was time for me to go through to the treatment room. Once settled in our chairs Janet proceeded to tell me some basics about acupuncture: what it is, what it does and the principles it uses and Qi (prounounced chee) energy. She also showed me some diagrams on the wall that showed the meridians running through the body and the acupuncture points:

She then went on to take my details, chat about my current health status and the main things I would like to be treated for: mostly the menopausal symptoms. There were questions about my skin, hair, nails symptoms and all kinds of things - she warned me that some questions may not seem relevant but that they all had a bearing on the state of my Qi energy and that would help her assess what areas needed to be worked on to help bring it into balance, to be healthy and, basically, firing on all cylinders.

It was quite interesting and we also touched on my past problems with agoraphobia and panic attacks and how I'd tackled them, the relevance of my being clairsentient as a contributory factor (she is also clairsentient and can't abide being around drunks or going into pubs and clubs where lots of drunken and negative behaviour has taken place), how going to a Development Circle had helped me - especially in teaching me how to psychically protect myself from negative energies/people, the occasional stress related stomach bouts, the grief issues and how Reiki had helped me with much of those and my recent operation and how that had affected me (positively, I have to say).

She felt that though I'd dealt with some of the grief issues there was still some repression going on, causing an imbalance, and that various bits would need work as they were also unbalanced. It was also possible to use the treatments to aid in my Spiritual development which I found fascinating.

Next Janet asked if she could take my pulses, explaining that Chinese pulse taking was slightly different to how a nurse or doctor would take one: instead of just feeling for the pulse in one area of the wrist there are three that are taken and each one is relevant to something.... I didn't have time to ask questions about this, as time was getting on, so I hope I can remember to ask another time as I'm finding it all fascinating and want to learn more.

With this she put a lamp on ready, then closed the blind whilst I took my shoes and socks off and went to lie down on the treatment bed for a short five minute treatment. The first treatment is mainly used to assess how the needles affect me, not only at the time of treatment but in between too. Janet then explained that she would only use six needles this time, to see how things went: I was to tell her if I got any irritation from them and that there was a possibility I may even feel itchy and would be left with a slight blemish at the needle sites but it was nothing to worry about the itchiness was a sign they were working and any blemishes would soon fade. She raised the head end slightly and placed a bolster pillow beneath my knees. With that she went on to apply the needles: one in my Crown Chakra (slight pressure as she put it in, nothing more); another in my third eye Chakra (a sharp pricking sting, nothing more); one in each inner wrist (the right one pricked and bothered me and left a blemish) and one in the top area each foot (slight pricking and minor bothering in the left one that soon eased). After making sure I was OK she told me to just let myself relax, turned off the main light and left me to chill in the lamp lit room.

I have to say that it was a really odd sensation, difficult to describe. I had to close my eyes and I felt a bit drifty but it was different to the sensation I get whilst having Reiki. With that I often feel quite definite movements or surges of energy - there was a definite change but this was more subtle and I could tell that it was involving more than just my Chakras, though I did have Chakra colours swirling behind my eyelids for some of the time. I felt relaxed but not in the deep "I'd really like to fall asleep now" kind of way that Reiki gives. All I can say is that something moved, something changed..... and it wasn't unpleasant, just different.

Janet came back in after the five minutes were up and asked how I felt and removed the needles, dabbing each entry point with an antiseptic swab. I felt OK, and I explained the sensations I'd had. She said she wasn't surprised that the right wrist needle had bothered me, as that is the heart meridian. I had to take my time getting up (you can occasionally experience disorientation or dizziness after treatment) and sip water. We both felt that the session had gone well and I was happy to go back for further treatment, initially on a weekly basis whilst it starts to have the desired effect, then going on to what she referred to as a monthly top-up.

As her next client had arrived in reception she wished me luck for the evening's Circle and went to take them through to the other treatment room, leaving me to gather myself together and go to reception when I felt ready. I felt OK so didn't hang around long, soon going to pay Jan, make my next appointment and collect my medicine. With that I thanked her and left.

I had a quick nosey in the Hospice Bookshop but there wasn't anything in there that appealed this time.... I'd been looking for specific Angel books but there were none to be seen. I then realised the time and headed home.... I had to get on and cook my evening meal so I'd be ready to go to the Circle in the evening.


jane said...

I found your account of the acupuncture session very interesting Karan - thanks for sharing it with us. I also was interested in your comment about the red clover - I am researching alternatives to HRT at present but there's not a lot of evidence and a lot of it is contradictory. Would love to find something to counteract the "tropical moments" myself!!

Julie said...

Very interesting, you are the first person i know who had had acupuncture so will read about this with interest.