Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Time for my second session of acupuncture and I was really curious to see how things went this time, compared to the first session. I set off 10 minutes beforehand so I would have plenty of time to take a steady walk and have time to settle down before going in for the session.

I had a surprise this week when I saw Anne on reception. It was nice to see her and have chance for a quick natter. She seems to have recovered well from her knee surgery and had a new hair cut and colour which suits her well.

Janet (the acupuncturist) saw her previous client out to reception then, after saying goodbye to her, took me into the treatment room. First thing she did was to ask me how I'd been since my first session. Well... I'd been OK up until about 5pm when I suddenly dropped like a stone and all I wanted to do was to go to bed but I had the Development Circle to go to. I told her about finding the Circle a bit of a struggle to do (probably also not helped by there only being the three of us there) and of S1 asking if I was tired, as I looked it. Janet said that it was perfectly normal and was actually a good sign, although it may not have felt like it at the time. It meant that my body had taken to the treatment and that the Qi was being pulled around it as my body carried on with self-healing: it didn't always happen but was quite typical of sensitives like us (she also has a heightened degree of clairsentience). As I have more sessions and my body gets used to the Qi energy flowing it will settle down and become more balanced, so the sudden tiredness won't happen anymore. It was good to know. I did ask, though, if she minded if I moved future appointments to another day, even though the tiredness should improve - it's mostly because I'm finding it a bit of a rush to have a treatment, get back home and then organise myself for going to Circle. I prefer a much quieter day so I can stay chilled and get myself in the right frame of mind for it. She told me she was in on Thursday's too, so to just mention it to Anne when I went out and she would sort it for me. :0)

I also asked why the needle in my heart meridian had irritated so much. Again it's all part of a good reaction to the needles. Whilst Reiki works on the Chakras and aura, acupuncture is much more direct, because the needles go through the energy meridians and deep into the body, and irritation shows a strong response to this. She gave me an example of how she and fellow complimentary therapists she works on (those who work with energy/light) often feel itchy after a treatment, especially one particular lady who is left with red blobs at all the acupuncture sites. These are nothing to worry about and they soon fade, as does the itching. I thought it through and said now I understood, and it made sense, as to why the heart meridian site bothered me and left me with a raised bleb: it's not just due to grief related issues but because I'm mainly clairsentient - that means I work with feelings/emotions a lot which involves mostly using my heart Chakra.

Some of the things we have in common, as clairsentients: neither of us like being in overly busy places, especially pubs. Janet can't abide being around drunks and the vibes they give off, especially when they are in pubs and nightclubs, and tries to avoid them as much as possible. I don't go to lively pubs in an evening: if we go to a pub these days it's usually for a meal and I always ask for a quiet corner, away from noisier folks. I don't do parties if I can avoid them. I especially don't do busy supermarkets at Christmas, as the vibes given off then are really unpleasant. There are some days I really don't like the feeling in the air that is around here, likening it to "as if something is about to kick off", so I avoid going out then - Janet also feels that there have been some weird vibes about around here for several years now and she also finds it unpleasant..... one of the reasons she lives out in one of the villages, rather than in the town. It's good to know that it "isn't just me", iykwim. As we were chatting I also mentioned that I would have to ask the girls at the Circle about a tune that had been going around my head ever since I'd woken up: One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus (as in, sung by Daniel O'Donnell song). Now as a Pagan this isn't the usual kind of song I'm drawn to, so it's a tad unusual LOL. Janet then told me that the song was played at her Grandmother's funeral, the one they play when everyone is leaving the service.... only someone had forgotten to unlock the exit door so they were all stuck there having to listen to it. LOL I will still ask the girls if it means anything to them... but it looks like it may well have been for Janet. How weird is that?

This time I remembered to mention that I have a bit of a problem with my back: back when I used to go to the gym, to do fitness training, whilst on one of the old machines (one where you push against pads with your forearms and bring them together in front of you) the instructor got me to use it the other way around, as it helped to tone up a different set of arm muscles (help make those "wings" disappear!). Only when I tried it something in my spine, just below my shoulder blades level, "crunched" and gave me a right belt of pain that made me cry out. After resting it seemed fine so I carried on training (though the right way round on that machine from then on!). It wasn't until I stopped doing the fitness training a while later that I started getting some problems with intermittent back pain.... right where it had "crunched". It seems to aggravate when I do alot of computer mousework and stitching, making a muscle across my back ache which bothers my neck/shoulder and usually triggers a bit of a headache. It was bothering me today and I'd got a bit of a headache so Janet said she would do something to help that.

After she took my pulses and closed the blind I took off my shoes and socks and went to lie down on the treatment bed. This time she used two Western needles, one in either temple, which was to relieve the headache... and it was very effective for that. Then she placed five needles in the crown of my head (they barely registered, just felt like a little pressure being applied) then a needle in the inner ankle area. The one in my left foot pricked like hell when it went in and bothered me immediately and, as it continued to bother me, Janet took it out. This one was in the hormonal area and had reacted because the Qi energy had immediately rushed to, then up the needle and pulled down what it needed very quickly. Instantaneous reaction meant it had worked straightaway, no need to leave it in. :0)

When Janet had made sure I was comfortable she turned off the light and went off to leave me to relax. I had a similar reaction as last time: an odd shifting movement in my body and the need to close my eyes. This time I could see particular upper Chakra colours whirling behind my eyelids: Spring Green (heart); not much blue (throat); lots of indigo (brow/third eye); lots of violet (crown) and lots of lovely healing purple. If my feet had been a little warmer I could have been tempted to drop off to sleep.  LOL Except occasionally it felt like the treatment bed moved a little, which I've also occasionally experienced during Reiki sessions - whilst the times during Reiki didn't bother me I found this mildly disconcerting. My mind just free-wheeled throughout the session and fleeting images kept coming and going, too quickly to really see what they were. Towards the end of the session I was really aware of the chit-chat in the other room and at reception and of the traffic outside so I was ready for Janet coming back in minutes later.

Janet asked how I was and I said fine and she quickly removed the needles, once again dabbing the puncture sites. I carefully sat up but there wasn't really any feeling of disorientation or anything. Once thing that was immediately self-evident though: that niggling headache had gone! Janet just smiled when I told her - and she told me to remind her about the back next time and she would see what she could do for it. If it's as effective as the headache needles I'm up for it! LOL I told her about the Chakra colours and other things, chatted about a few other inconsequential things, thanked her and then she went out to see her next client.

By this time I'd had some sips of water and put my socks and shoes back on. I felt OK, so I didn't wait around long after Janet had left the room. Anne booked my next appointment for the morning of the following Thursday - the beauty of that being that it's market day, so I'll be able to pop down there for a nosey afterwards, should the fancy take me. I paid my dues and was just gathering my things together when Jan arrived. It was basically a hello/goodbye though, as she was obviously wanting to get on.

When I left the Clinic I decided to pop into my favourite place...... yes, the Hospice Bookshop. This time I did find something I wanted:

I reckoned that menopause book would be interesting reading.... if only to help me gather enough information together so I can go back to see my GP with a shed load of questions that I didn't have chance to ask at the hospital. LOL  I decided to grab the other one because I part saw the film The Celestine Prophecy the other week which has made me want to read the books..... and once I've read those, then I already have this one to look at things more in-depth. :0)

From there I popped over the road to the greengrocers to get some diabetic biscuits for DH, then to Tesco Express for a little shopping, then home. By the time I put things away and got changed it was time to get my meal sorted, to make sure I'd eaten a couple of hours before the Circle was due to start. The time just shot past. See what I mean about it all being rushed? LOL

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Julie said...

How briliant that the headache went, this seems to be having a good effect on you.

You'll be there now, or maybe wandering around the market, hope you had a good session and a nice morning.