Monday, 22 February 2010


Boy, did it feel rushed getting to Circle - so glad I've changed the day for acupuncture to Thursday from next week!

This week there was Aureen, Sh, S2 and me. S1 had texted Aureen to say that she couldn't make it, A had let her know she was ill. Unfortunately no word from La again... it isn't looking promising for seeing her again. :0(

Whilst chatting I asked the girls if the One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus song, a la Daniel O' Donnell style, meant anything to them - Sh said Daniel O'Donnell did but not that song specifically. I said it was OK, it was definitely that song though not necessarily D O'D - that was just who it made me think of, so I guess it was for Janet the acupuncturist after all. Will tell her when I see her again next week.

Once we'd given La more than enough time to arrive and realised she wasn't coming again we went through into the other room to make a start. As we couldn't do the Spirit Guide meditation Aureen told us we would be doing a guided meditation to meet our Goddess this week instead and then proceeded to open the Circle etc.

For the meditation we had to do the usual relaxing (breathing/sound) then walk along the country lane to our garden gate and enter. We then had to walk around the garden, noticing the sights, sounds and smells. When we were comfortable with this we then saw a small summerhouse in a corner, with three steps up to it - we had to walk up the steps and go inside. Inside we were to visualise a chair and go and sit in it, noticing there was another chair opposite. Our Goddess then came in and sat in the vacant chair - we could then ask her any question/s we wanted and see what reply/ies we got. After a while we then thanked her and left, walking back through the garden, out of the gate and back up the country lane. We then had to slowly come back to ourselves.

Aureen then asked each of us, in turn, how we had done visualising our garden.
Sh had done very well, seeing herself there and had even seen and heard butterflies and bees for the first time.
S2 again has no problem with the visualisation.
For some reason I had struggled: a few images and not very clear, though I did feel I'd heard birds singing this time.
Aureen, needless to say, has no problems with her visualisations. :0)

Next we talked about our Goddess, the question/s we had asked and the reply/ies we had had.
Sh: I can't remember if she had seen a specific Goddess but she did see her, asked a personal question and had a lovely reply. She was very comforted by it. :0)
S2 struggled to see a Goddess as she believes in a genderless Creator. She asked her question/s and received her replies.
I had clearly seen the armchair - a green, old-fashioned armchair (think horsehair stuffing and rough fabric finish). I had expected Isis but felt it was Kwan Yin who entered. After initially struggling to find something to ask I then got greedy and asked three questions. Will I be a healer, or, rather, do I have the potential to be a healer? I suddenly got extremely hot hands and the area between and including my solar plexus and heart Chakras also felt hot, almost as if they were glowing. I then asked if my DS would meet the love of his life soon...... I received the image of a large, two handled silver trophy (which I have problems with, as who wants to think of a person as a prize?) Then I asked, thinking of the current state of the world, what hope there would be for Peace amongst us - I had this strong urge to push all the energy/heat in my hands and solar plexus/heart Chakras down into Mother Earth. In fact it was such a strong urge I wanted to actually bend down and put my hands on the floor to do it.... though stopped myself, as I didn't want to freak everyone out. Aureen said that although I hadn't felt as if I'd directly spoken to my Goddess I had obviously received my replies in the images received and in what I'd felt. I realise it's the same old problem: I still need to stop expecting things to go in a particular direction and trust in and go with the flow of what I do receive.

Next we were to sit in the dark and open ourselves to messages from Spirit.
I've had a few sleeps and another Circle, plus acupuncture and Reiki since, so I am struggling to remember much of this but but here's what I can:

I saw a beautiful Queen Bee on flowers and thought it was for Aureen, but then got a strong smell of hairspray and went to S2 (she works in a hairdressers) and got an impression of willow and catkins; turned to Sh and just the word Grandfather for her. Aureen asked what I thought the bee represented - Queen of all she surveys? That seemed a bit negative to me and that wasn't how it came across. I think of bees as busy and industrious and said so and also mentioned that the bee was connected with a specific Goddess, though I couldn't (and still can't!) remember which one. I also now think my first thought was right and that this image was for Aureen and not S2. As for the willow and catkins: S2 (like myself) used to play under a huge weeping willow when she was a child, likening it to a big green tent (just how I thought of it). Sh didn't really know either of her grandfathers as they'd both passed while she was little, though Aureen felt that it probably meant that one/both of them were just letting her know they were around.

Sh saw a black cat walking in front of me, very happy to be there. That made me sit up and smile... though she said that there wasn't any other colour on it and felt that it was a symbol: lucky black cat. I didn't mention my Sally cat, who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2006 - all black, except for a Mallen streak on her flank. From S2: she saw me balanced on an edge, in shall I/shan't I mode and says she sees me like that quite often. Now, as always, there was a woman, surrounded by bright light, stood to my right - I said that wouldn't surprise me, as often when I'm meditating, or even just on the edge of sleep, I am aware of a bright light to my right - so bright it sometimes makes me open my eyes to check a light hasn't been turned on. The woman was there, finger extended and poking me to push me over but not in a nasty way - more as encouragement, as it would mean the start of a whole new me. Aureen: asked if I was afraid of flying. Yes, I'd only done it once and wasn't overly keen and have actively avoided it for years (even before the agoraphobia/panic attacks). She said that I would need to tame the fear, as I would be going on a trip to Sioux Land USA - she couldn't say what area, as she didn't know the USA well, but it was where the Sioux are based. She then asked if I had crystal books. Yes, quite a few actually - she said it would be an idea to get my books out and gen up on crystals, as she felt that may have something to do with it. She said it would all suit me well and, again, mean a whole new me. I must admit I was a bit stunned by this and said that going to the USA had never really figured on my list of places to visit: Egypt, New Zealand and Australia, and in that order of preference, would be the ones I would aim for should I ever go in an aeroplane again.

Sh, S2 and Aureen all had messages for each other too but I really can't remember them. Infuture I shall make sure I either write these things up quicker... or jot down some crib notes! LOL

As we closed our Chakras and closed the Circle I was feeling a little grumpy about not getting clearer messages through and I got a distinct message came through to me: you get out what you put in. When the Circle was closed I told the others what had happened and that I understood what it was telling me. I hadn't been practising the meditations and techniques as much as I should have been doing, as I find that the days sometimes get away from me and I don't manage to sit and do them - I don't so them.... I won't be as open to Spirit as I should be. OK, message received loud and clear! LOL

Once again I felt quite tired by the end of the session. I really need to try and get into a better sleep pattern.... though the disturbed nights, thanks to the flushes, really aren't helping there and there's not much more I can do about them.... it's a case of waiting until the effects of the acupuncture treatments start to kick in.
DH was waiting for me when we left the house... we went straight home and it wasn't long before I went to bed.

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Wow.. a visit to the native americans.. i would envy you that visit!