Tuesday, 23 February 2010


I wasn't actually due to go for my next Reiki session until Monday but a phone call from Jan first thing Saturday morning changed all that - she'd had a cancellation and the 12pm slot was now available. Needless to say, I snapped it up.  I hurriedly got myself showered, hair washed and sorted  and a meal eaten. By the time I'd done everything needed to be done to be ready to leave the time had disappeared on me and I made it out of the door with just five minutes to go.

When I arrived at the Clinic Jan was there as Receptionist and her and Aureen were chatting. They asked how I was doing - great, though in a bit of a whirl and thinking the Universe had had a hand in how things had worked out. When I'd seen Aureen at the last Circle I'd said how odd it would feel to have Reiki on the Monday (it has always fallen on a Saturday previously); DH and I were supposed to have been going off to a Mind, Body and Spirit event in Newark that day but the night before there had been a fire on the steelworks and he'd been called into work to deal with the aftermath, which left me free to take up the cancellation slot. So things had worked out perfectly! LOL

Jan then mentioned the Shamballah Healing Course that I'd expressed an interest in attending. The dates have been changed to April, to the two weekends following on after Easter, and will be held at her new home, which is out in one of the villages. I said I'd definitely need to be mobile by then which made both her and Aureen look startled and ask if that meant I was going to start driving again. So I reminded Aureen about the amber traffic lights and Ready, Go that she'd mentioned at the last Circle: I said that as well as having a set of lights outside my drive there was also something I hadn't mentioned, in the hopes that someone might pick it up - that the weekend before DH and I had actually been to a garage to have a look at a couple of cars that were for sale. The prompt for that was DH telling me that, as he was now Stage Manager for the Blackadder performance in May, he wouldn't be available to take me to Circle on Tuesday night.... and neither would DS, as he's in the performance - my reaction being: OK, then I really need to be mobile by then, don't I? So I'm currently looking for a female instructor I can go to for refresher lessons and on the look-out for a nice little run-around. They both said what a huge step forward that was and that it showed just how much I'd improved. Definitely: I now feel, despite the occasional glitch, a totally different person to the one who first walked into the Clinic back in November 2008. :0)

I made a note of the dates for the course and told Jan to let me know when she needed the deposit for it. She then told me that around the end of March/beginning of April (depending on when she was fully settled in) she was also going to set up a women's group in her home - very informal, it would touch on all kinds of Spiritual things.... the kind of group where we chat and swap ideas, each learning from the others experiences. Hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks would be on offer too. It's just the kind of thing I would love to be involved in, meeting more like-minded people, so I smiled and said that I definitely need to be mobile then! LOL

With that it was time to go through for my session with Aureen. This time we were to be in the other Treatment room, which is usually referred to as the Colonic room as that's where they are given. It had been re-jigged especially and the treatment bed had been moved away from the side wall and placed in the centre of the room. As I took off my rings, brooch, belt etc Aureen and I chatted.  I mentioned about being a little disheartened after the last session but realised that it was down to me, having had a Spiritual hand slap (You get out what you put in) and she said that Spirit was testing me. I had a feeling they were and said that I'd always felt that I would need to work a little harder to prove myself to Spirit after having given up meditation previously.... and though I had felt a little disheartened I certainly wasn't going to give up. I explained about struggling to fit things in, as the days just seem to get away from me quite often and, before I know it, my DS is back from work and it's time to prepare tea and then I have no chance to practice. Aureen said that things got like that for her too, so she tended to do some of her meditations etc when she first goes to bed. I've tried that but usually end up falling asleep.... Aureen said that sometimes happens to her too but it isn't anything to worry about - at least I'd be getting some practice in. So I'll be trying that more often from now on.

I then told her about some research I'd been doing. Since she gave me the message about the holiday in the USA and going to visit Sioux land, every time I thought about it I kept getting the word Oglala. As well as that, whenever I think of my Spirit Guide now I associate him with the name Red Cloud. This week I had a nosey around on the internet and made some discoveries: within the Sioux Nation there are different tribes.... and one of those tribes is called the Oglala Sioux, now living on a reservation in South Dakota; further Googling revealed that there was a Chief of the Oglala tribe called Red Cloud during the 1800's during the wars with the settler's and American Army. It was one of those amazing, jaw dropping moments when I saw all this, as I hadn't had the foggiest idea beforehand. Aureen said it would be interesting to see what happens when we do the Spirit Guide meditations. So hope we are able to do these soon. :0)

I laid on the bed, was covered with the fleecy blanket, the CD turned on and the session begun. I wasn't sure how it would go this week with it being in a different room, and the sun was shining brightly through the blind and right onto my face, making me turn my face to the left slightly to avoid it. I needn't have been concerned though, as I soon settled down and relaxed into it.

At the end of the session Aureen gently called my name and asked how I was and if I felt relaxed, as I'd seemed very much so to her. I did feel relaxed, though not to the extent where it felt like I was going to fall asleep. It had been very good though. I lifted up my right hand to check and it was curled up, though hadn't been aware of it happening at the time, and I said it had felt like someone had been holding my hand - Aureen's reply was that probably someone had been. She then asked what I'd seen. Well, the Chakra colours were there, especially yellow and Spring green when she had her hands over my ears, though I wondered if that was because of the sun shining on me. I'd actually seen my garden - much better than when we'd done the meditation too, as I'd seen flowers. She was pleased because that is what she had started visualising for me at the start of the session and she asked what colours the flowers were. I couldn't say for certain as, although there were flowers and lots of them, I'd seen them more as an after-image than a clear, colour one. She said there were lots of lilacs, purples and lavender colours - with lilac and lots of lavender plants, as well as lots of herbs, along with my fruit trees. I forgot to mention that I'd seen the fairy I should have seen in a previous meditation... or that my reaction had been: fine, so now you show up! LOL

I'd seen quite a few people too: fleeting images of faces and some full figures, male and female, but too quick to say who they were; only two came through clearly, a little girl, stood in front of me and to the left, turned slightly towards but facing away from me, and a man. The man was stood in front and to my right, facing towards me, and I described him as a typical Moses type figure, with long white hair and beard, stood tall and with a staff of some kind in his right hand. Aureen had seen him too and said she'd initially thought he was a shepherd holding a crook but felt my description fitted him better. Not too sure who he was or where he fits into things.... but I guess that might come up at some point in the future.

There were times when I couldn't tell where Aureen was - she'd have her hands on certain areas, move.... but hands were still there and at one point she was stood to the right of my head and it also felt like there was someone stood at the left side too, and for quite a while. I also saw Angels in my minds eye. I didn't see them the same as I'd seen the figures though, which had been distinctly figures, albeit fleeting. The Angels had the general swept up wings and long gowns shape that is reminiscent of the "people with wings" ornaments you can buy but were totally made up of light, sort of prismatic, radiating from the centre of their "bodies" outward. I didn't see them for long, just enough to know they were there.

Aureen smiled and said that was good, as when she'd placed her hands over my eyes she had felt hands placed over the top of hers, assisting in the healing. And this time she'd called on Archangels Michael, Chamuel and Rafael to help her in the healing. She'd been working on remaining grief - as she pulled out the cords Archangel Michael cut them. I told her that, funnily enough, twice I'd caught myself thinking about my Dad - definitely Dad, rather than Mum - though not in an upset way. He'd also been on my mind a bit this week too.... and I was finding that I could think about both of them without the instant wanting to burst into tears feeling I used to get. Another sign of improvement that Aureen was pleased about and said that what she was doing was, basically, mopping up the residual stuff which would help bring about further improvements.

By this time I felt OK to sit up and started to sip some water. She then said that I was deeply grounded at the moment as my Root Chakra was showing vibrantly red and, going back to my garden, that I needed to do the Meet Your Goddess meditation again soon, as she felt that my Goddess had something to say to me and that I needed to hear it. I said I would make time to do this soon.

We then chatted a little about the group and I said that I was so glad that S2 had brought her Mum through for her on Tuesday and hoped it had helped. She said it had and she was really pleased and had a big smile on her face (yes, Julie - I do feel that her faith in Spirit does help her a lot). I said that I found S2 amazing in her accuracy - Aureen said she had high hopes for her, that she had for us all, but that S2 was a special case. Definitely: if ever you've seen Colin Fry or John Edwards bringing messages through..... believe me, S2 should be right up there with them. :0)

As we were chatting I was gradually putting my rings etc back on and remembered to mention to her about my chat with the receptionist, Gail, on Thursday and the fact that she'd expressed an interest in attending a Circle again. Aureen said what I had felt whilst chatting to Gail - that she was a really nice person and would fit in perfectly with the existing group. So Aureen is going to ring her soon.... fingers crossed for a positive outcome. :0)

By this time I was ready so we walked back through to the reception area, where Aureen's next client was waiting. I thanked Aureen and told the lady to blame me for keeping her waiting, as I'd been chatting to Aureen. With that I paid Anne, who had taken over as receptionist so Jan could go home and carry on packing. As I hadn't seen Anne for quite some time we ended up going into the other room for a bit of a chat, so we wouldn't disturb the lady's treatment. The chat was a good one that resulted in some useful information for me, as she had had a total hysterectomy some years ago and was coming out the other side of the menopause. She also told me that her DH is about to start a new job as a UPVC window repairer..... so I've asked if I can have his details, so I can arrange for him to come and give us a price for replacing the old, rotted seals on our front windows and door. A little more chat and I suddenly realised just how hungry i was feeling, so we said goodbye and I headed for home.

The day might not have gone to the original plan but it had definitely worked out much better than hoped for. :0)

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Julie said...

Sometimes our plans are better when they change at a moments notice, i know DH and i were both worried about going to London end of April, the fact we got a call with no time to spare i think helped us to cope better with it and not get pre-stressed.

BUT .. why did i keep seeing a cat come from under my chair in the hotel? was it comfort for me as i always feel less stressed when i have one of my own on my knee for a cuddle