Wednesday, 27 January 2010


On chatting with Aureen I'd asked her how she was doing. She didn't look as drawn as she had done on the Tuesday night but was obviously still feeling tired, as she was sitting down as much as she could. I told her about not having been well since I'd last seen her and the incident at my DSis's work that was causing some upset at the moment and how worried my DSis was (the added stress). I said I was looking on the bright side and doing my best to keep my DSis positive too: we'd all called on the Angels for help and when, later in the week, I thought of her and pulled an Angel card it was the All is Well card. This indicates that although it may not seem like it at the moment, whatever is unfolding will have a positive outcome with unforeseen benefits. I then had to pop out with Jan to pay - she then stayed at the reception desk to await her next client.

When I went back in the room I took off my rings, scrunchie and shoes and went to sit on the treatment bed. Aureen asked if I was feeling stressed and I admitted I was, though was doing my best to stay calm and help my DSis stay positive, plus I was also feeling the lack of a session in December. So she told me she would do a gentle treatment this time to try and help me with relaxation.

I laid down and mentioned how odd it felt not being in the other room, as I loved the feel of it in there. Aureen said she knew what I meant and said it probably had something to do with all the positive healing energy having built up in there. Well, whoever gets to use that room next will surely benefit from it. So I settled down under the fleecy blanket, the relaxation CD started and the session began.

There were no swirling colours or revelations, as such, this time.... it was every bit as gentle as Aureen had said she would make it. She didn't so any Chakra work, just concentrated on grounding me and working on my head area. When she first touched my head I had a fleeting image of the head and shoulders and swept back wings of an Angel, very similar to the new Angel ornament my DH bought me just before the festive season. When she placed her hands over my third eye I saw the caduceus and when she placed one hand on my third eye and one on my heart Chakras for some reason my saliva glands kicked in my mouth began to water a bit.... it had been quite dry up until then. I also felt the knot in my stomach unravel and go and I became more and more relaxed.

Before I knew it the session came to an end. Aureen gently touched my shoulder and said my name and asked if I was OK. I sighed and stretched slowly and said: I'm fine, you can just leave me here, as I could quite happily nod off now. She said not to worry if I ever did do so - apparently others had done so during treatments. LOL I told her that it had been a lovely session and I'd been pleasantly surprised: I'd been a little concerned at how things would go since the move into the front room, with it being closer to the road, but I needn't have. I'd been aware of it initially but as the treatment progressed it faded into the background and hadn't bothered or concerned me at all. Aureen said that showed a real improvement and I realised that it also held true at the latest Circle sessions too: noises that used to distract me previously now, in the main, fade like that.

I told her about the knot disappearing and how much of a relief that was. The Angel was expected, it being Angelic Reiki. When I told her about seeing the caduceus I said: that's the doctor's sign, isn't it? thinking it represented healing but she smiled and said that it was very good to see, as it meant kundalini energy had been rising. I said I hadn't felt any sudden surges or anything like that during the session, which is what I thought would happen with that, only deep relaxation. She didn't say anymore on it, just smiled at me. She also told me that my Guide had been present again and that he wanted me to be aware that he was there to help me through the stressful time. I hadn't really been aware of him during the session but there had been times duing the previous few days when I would suddenly think of him and felt it was because he was there. It's a comforting thought: no matter what is going on in your life and no matter how much you think you're on your own..... you're not, because your Guide and your Angel are there, ever present and ever willing to help. :0)

She asked me if I'd had any problems with my right arm. I said I do have occasional aches, mainly in my shoulder and up my neck, that was probably aggravated by repetitive movement from stitching and computer mousework. But no, not there and she pointed to the elbow area. Nope... at least not at the moment, so she said just to watch for it as it had come on her and she knew it wasn't associated with her. OK, will keep that in mind. Funnily enough, at the end of the session, I'd felt an uncomfortable sensation in my right foot that I didn't think was me but forgot to mention it (one to ask on Tuesday night).

By this time I could sit up and started sipping the water Aureen handed to me. We began to talk about the Circle and some of the events there and I told her that I thought I'd improved recently because I'd sussed out that I worked differently to the others which had stopped me worrying that I might be doing something wrong and explained why I thought that (mentioned in other posts). She said that everyone worked differenlty and picked things up in their own way, using one or more methods and to a greater or lesser degree. It looks like I am predominantly clairsentient, though this doesn't mean that I can't/won't develop further with the clairvoyance or clairaudience. Since I'd realised this it made me aware that those times I said I hadn't got anything I probably had, I just hadn't realised it because I hadn't gone with what I'd felt at the time - the change is that now I do. My poor Guide: he must have been banging his head on a Spiritual brickwall up until then! LOL

As we carried on chatting I started donning my scrunchie, specs, rings, shoes and coat. When I was ready Aureen mentioned again that she planned on doing the clearing the clutter meditation at our next Circle meeting - I was looking forward to it. With that we said our goodbyes and I walked home.... on my own.... and it felt good to get through tht barrier again. :0)

Later in the afternoon I ended up grabbing the fleecy blanket and laying under it on the settee and promptly fell asleep for about an hour and a half and felt very refreshed when I woke and still minus the stomach knot. That was a truly lovely session. :0)

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Julie said...

Clairsentient ... enjoyed reading that.

I went to a friends Friday and she had lost her valuable bracelet and couldnt find it anywhere, without thinking i said 'look in the bottom of your handbag' she thought it unlikely that it was there, but did so and hey presto... i found bracelet!