Tuesday, 23 February 2010


This time around S2 was already there when I arrived and had been chatting with Aureen. It wasn't long before Sh and S1 arrived. I asked about La and Aureen said she had texted her and read out her reply: basically, life was somewhat hectic now and due to the pressures she'd decided not to come to the Circle for now... almost word for word what her Mum, L, had said when she exited. So she's definitely not coming back and I don't think any of us were surprised - rather had been expecting it. It's a shame but these things do happen, as Aureen told us..... though she said she will be looking to find someone else to join us, as we needed to ensure there were enough of us to make the group viable, considering illness and holidays. She said she had always found that the right person or people usually come along just as they are needed. :0)

We went through into the other room and Aureen talked more about the different planes of existence and raising our vibration and awarenes to contact the higher levels and the lower levels and the kinds of Spirits that gravitate there and why - a subject she had touched on the week when there was just S1 and myself who turned up. It was interesting, thought-provoking - some of the things I had read about before and it was good to get a different "take" on it.
Whilst she was talking I saw the glow of her aura gradually build up around her. I've had this happen slightly before but this time it was much more definite and clear: it was a golden light all around her which was interspersed with other brilliant Chakra colours, a little like a prism, initially only about an inch above her physical body but gradually expanding to about four inches away all round....... though the more I concentrated on it the less distinct it became. I guess the knack is to concentrate on what is being said and only have half a mind on the aura, and to stay relaxed throughout. Hope that happens again as it was a beautiful thing to see. :0)

As we discussed Karma and how that affected a souls progression S2 asked a question, linked to something in her past, and how she couldn't forgive the person involved (she didn't go into details). Forgiveness is about one of the hardest things we have to learn to do and one of the main things that can affect our development, for good or ill depending on if we can or can't forgive someone. Not being able to let go of the hurt and forgive someone for what they have done can link us to the person/soul through successive lifetimes, destined to continue what can be a negative cycle, until we can learn the lesson and forgive, allowing us to grow and move on. S2 said she understood what Aureen was saying but she really wasn't sure she could do it. I remembered what I had said to my DSis during her recent problems at work, caused by a particular person - that though she couldn't forgive him for his sake, then do it for her own sake - and said this to S2. Whatever happened has left some very deep scars though...... she would try but didn't sound overly optimistic at this stage. I wanted to hug her.

This week, after we opened the Circle, we added names to the healing book and put much healing into it. As A wasn't here, so we couldn't do the Spirit Guide meditation, we were to do another garden meditation... this time to meet a fairy/elemental or similar.

The meditation: we had to protect ourselves, open our Chakras, ground ourselves then slow our breathing, listening for our sound. We then had to walk down the country lane to the gate, open it and enter in. First we walked around out garden, noticing sights, sounds and smells, then we were to notice a seat ( a bench or similar) and go over and sit down. As we sat we were to become aware of an orb of light coming towards us, noticing it's colour. As it came to rest in front of us a being would come out of it - a fairy, gnome, Elemental or similar - and we were to greet it and ask it's name and then ask it if it had a message for us. Once we had the message we were to thank it and say goodbye, get up and take a final wander around the garden, then exit the gate and walk back down the country lane. Then back to awareness of the room.

Aureen then went to each of us in turn to see what we had seen and what message we had been given.

Sh was right there in her garden again and the birds were singing and the butterflies back again. She described the orb as purples and the fairy was called Amethyst (funnily enough I'd been drawn to wearing all amethyst jewellery that night - weird, or what? LOL). She was given a lovely message (can't remember all of it - but it was personal so I wouldn't put it here anyway).
S2 said she struggled to get into the whole fairy thing, despite having a pretty fairy ornament in her real garden, and is more drawn to and connects with Angels...... so it was an Angel she saw and spoke to (personal). Aureen said that she did have a strong connection to the Angelic realm but not to neglect the other realms, as she would benefit from that contact too and gain much from it. Something for her to practice at home.
I saw some elements of my garden and was drawn to sit on the ground under my silver birch tree. I saw an orb of different blues but I didn't see the fairy that clearly, though felt I got her name (either Llira or Llyria) but had struggled from then on and didn't feel I'd received a message. Aureen said she was surprised as she'd expected, with my beliefs, that I would strongly connect with this meditation. I think part of the problem is that I haven't been able to get outside into my real garden for months now, so am feeling disconnected from that side of things... because when I am out there I do get the corner of the eye glimmer thing and often get the feeling that I'm not alone out there, as well as having been told in the past that fairies etc are drawn to me. I feel this is another meditation that I need to do out in my real garden, once the weather has warmed up, so I can feel the Earth with my bare feet and connect more deeply.
S1 saw herself in her garden and this time there were lots of roses (though she felt they were only there because they seemed fairly easy to look after LOL). She freely admits she's no gardener and only goes out there to sit and read and catch some rays. I can't remember what else she saw and I can't remember what Aureen told us she'd seen.

Next it was time to open for Clairvoyance.

Sh saw a piece of amber for Aureen but wasn't sure of the relevance of this and said I probably would, being into crystals etc. I know it's considered to be the Witch's Stone and is worn for protection (though didn't say that) but couldn't remember the healing properties of it offhand - Aureen seemed quite happy with it though, as she also loves her crystals and stones. Sh also saw the black cat for me again, this time it was sat on my knee and I was stroking it - I said now I knew it was my cat. No mallen streak but the vet once told us that it was a sign of scarring on her body, due to an impact or operation (we couldn't say: she was a rescue cat and we didn't know her history), so I guess it's her way of letting me know she's fully healed now. I can't remember what she was for S1 and S2.

From Aureen: when she came to me she said she'd seen an amber traffic light and heard the words get ready. Sh said she had picked up on the traffic lights, thinking that's what she'd seen for Aureen initially, but it had then become the amber stone. I said that we had a set of traffic lights right outside our driveway and smiled - what I didn't say, because I wanted to see if anyone would pick it up at some point, was that my DH and I had been to look at a couple of cars at the weekend. Yes, I am finally getting my act together, ready to start driving again! :0) She said she had also seen a vicar stood behind me all night and I laughed and said I wasn't sure why...... though refrained from making a joke about him probably trying to save my Pagan soul! LOL As far as I'm aware there weren't any vicars in either family so Aureen said it probably meant that a church event was coming up, either a wedding, funeral or christening. There's nothing on the cards at the moment... but I sincerely hope that it's one of the happy events, as there have been enough sad ones already in recent years to last me a very long time. Again I can't remember what else Aureen had seen for the others.

S2: I can't remember what she saw for me, Sh or S1 but for Aureen she saw an old lady. She described her white hair, facial features and even the dress she was wearing and said that she was sat at a round table and was holding a china teacup and saucer - there were people gathered behind her but she couldn't see them distinctly, just their shapes. I got goosebumps and said: it's your Mum Aureen. It was lovely to see the huge beaming smile on her face as she said that yes, it was. S2 had described her perfectly, the dress was the one she had been buried in and she had also loved to drink tea out of a proper china cup and saucer... and the kitchen table is round. What a lovely way for her Mum to let her know that she had arrived safely in the Otherworld and was with all her loved ones already over there. And how amazing S2's skills are! :0)

I had struggled again. I "saw" definite movement in front of me, as if someone had walked from the left of the Circle to stand in the middle of it, and then saw lot's of fuschia's. That was all. I said I didn't know if it was male or female (but then felt it was a man as I said it) or who it was for. Aureen said that I needed to ask and I said that I had done but just didn't seem to get anywhere with it. I thought it was a bit too vague but Sh claimed it - one of her loved ones (not sure she said who but he was male) used to grow prize fuschias. I do feel frustrated when these things come through and I don't know who they are for, especially when the other girls have given me such lovely messages - I know how much comfort they give me, so I'd like to reciprocate. Aureen said not to worry and that it will come.

S1 felt she had struggled again, hadn't really got much of anything for anyone, and felt frustrated and a bit down about it, though felt it was partly her fault - she hadn't been practising as much as she should, due to time constraints. Aureen said that we can't expect to be on form every week and mentioned again that this kind of thing would happen occasionally, as Spirit will test us.... it's up to us to persevere. I've since asked Aureen if it was possible for S1 and I to be picking up on one another and she felt that we probably were - I shall have to be careful in future not to get too frustrated within the Circle as I don't want to be the cause of others having problems.

At the end of the session, after closing down ourselves and the Circle, Aureen said her Guide had said that if we had any questions about anything we could ask them and they would be answered next week. Initially, as always, as soon as anyone asks if we have any questions.... our minds went blank and we couldn't think of anything. But as we chatted a little Sh said she had one: if souls go on to develop to different levels, moving onto those levels when we cross over, will we still be able to meet up with all our loved ones in Spirit?
S2: also asked a question but I can't remember what it was.
Me: When people have different beliefs to their loved ones - with some believing in Summerlands, others in Heaven, others in Nirvana etc etc - do we go to those different places or are they actually all the same?
S1 said she couldn't think of a question to ask.

Aureen said they were all good questions and would give her some work to do...... and rolled her eyes upwards and said Thank you very much to her Guide. She jotted then down quickly, so she wouldn't forget. As she was doing this Sh mentioned that she had had the cobwebs feeling all night and asked if I had. I hadn't been aware of it, to be honest - though I wasn't surprised when she said this, as I had seen movement behind her earlier in the session (not a shadow - I checked). The penny dropped later: I'd seen movement behind Sh, then when we opened for Clairvoyance I'd seen movement again...... coming from her direction to the centre of the Circle. It was her loved one I'd seen coming forward..... and if I'd put those two things together earlier I would have known the fuschias were for her. Sheesh - hindsight is a pain in the butt!

After Aureen handed out the sheets for this week we wandered through into the kitchen area, chatting. Sh asked if any of us had ever seen Sally Morgan perform. I hadn't seen her live but am currently watching her series on TV and was quite impressed with her accuracy. Sh said that yes, she was good... but she had found her voice very annoying and was well ready to leave by the end of the performance - I know what she meant and at least I have an off button on the TV remote! LOL Someone then mentioned going to see Ian Lawman and asked if I'd seen him perform. I have seen him live, several times, at the Pink Pig Psychic Evenings, and the last time he'd brought through messages from our Dad only a few weeks after he'd passed and had been spot on. A little more chat and we all headed for the door, saying our goodbyes.

I always look forward to the Circle evenings but am really loking forward to next week and finsing out what replies Aureen's Guide has given to our questions. :0)

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Julie said...

Good questions, will be interesting what the answers are, i always wondered about differing beliefs and is everyone in the same afterlife