Thursday, 25 February 2010


Well this Tuesday certainly got off to an odd start! I was laying in bed and in that lovely half asleep/awake, drowsy mode, vaguely wondering if I should make the effort to pull round and get up but being far too warm and comfy to want to bother, when I clearly heard a voice say: Ken got sick. To say I jumped would be an understatement.... I was lucky I didn't have to change the flippin' bedding! LOL I tried to relax and see if I could get any more than this (who it was, what it was about etc) but it was too late - I was wide awake and unable to relax enough to do it. Plus the fact that I hadn't been aware of being open and it happening outside of the Circle had left me feeling slightly freaked by it. So I made a mental note to ask the girls if it meant anything to them.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, apart from DH leaving it right until the last minute to get in from work, but a quick text to Aureen to warn her that I was running late ensured that she knew I would be there, so she said they would wait for me. :0) Luckily DH made up some of the time on the journey (thank goodness there weren't any traffic cops around, is all I can say! LOL) and I got there just seconds after Sh had arrived..... but it did leave me feeling totally unrelaxed by the time he dropped me off. LOL He went off to visit the local fish and chip shop.

When I got there and had greeted everyone I asked them if Ken meant anything to any of them and there was a general shake of heads from all bar Aureen: she asked why, so I told her what I'd heard and the circumstances it was in. She queried how I'd heard it, so I told her it was one of those inner ear things, rather than with my "proper" ears, but definitely heard. She asked what time it had happened.... well, I couldn't say what time exactly but some time between 9.30 and 10am, give or take a few minutes. She then told me that she used to have a neighbour called Ken, a lovely man who lived across the road, and he used to pop over regularly just to have a wander round her garden or a check of her greenhouse or a chat but had recently sadly passed away and his wife had since had to go into a nursing home. That morning, when opening her bedroom curtains, she had looked over at the house and thought about him and how much she missed him since he'd "got sick" and died. The spooky thing being that she had been thinking this around the same time as I'd heard the words. OK, some might call it a coincidence.... but I don't know any Ken's (which is why it didn't make any sense to me) and I don't know where Aureen lives or anything about her life, outside the few things we've discussed within Circle and before/after Reiki sessions - and that hadn't been one of them.
I've made sure I've noted this in a special book, a kind of Spiritual journal, that I've started to keep, in which I jot down any relevant happenings (such as this). I also jot down notes about specific meditations I do at home and anything that comes through whilst I'm doing them, as well as particular messages the girls have given me etc, leaving a space after each....... I then go back through them occasionally and note anything that has happened since, confirmations received or a fulfilment of what has been seen. It's a good aide memoire..... and it allows me to gauge how my skills, and which ones, are developing.

A didn't turn up again, so Aureen is going to either phone or text her to see if she is OK. She did say that we would hopefully have someone new joining us next week: G, the receptionist at the Clinic, whom I'd been talking to about our group, piquing her interest. Aureen had rung her and had a chat. :0) Time to go through into the other room. Before opening the Circle Aureen took out the Healing Book and read out a few names that had been added (first names only) and their health problems - the most recent ones were people with various forms of cancer, Bless them - then we all prayed for all who needed healing (within the book and all around the world) whilst passing the book around to physically pour healing into it, adding names if we needed to.

Aureen then mentioned the questions we'd asked from the previous week and said that what she tells us is the truth as she is given it and how she sees it, though she doesn't expect us to take it as absolute truth because what is right for her may not be right for us. What we could accept is that she would speak to us in total honesty and it was up to us to do what we wished with it - we should always question and look for our own Spiritual truth. She then told us about a question she'd felt compelled to ask herself some years ago and asked it of us: did we know the difference between Spirit and Soul? None of us did.... but it's one of those questions that make you feel like you should, at some deep inner level, know the answer to. She told us how she asked her earthly teachers (reply: they are the same) and friends (some didn't know, some said the same) and not being satisfied with them. So she then thought to ask her Spirit Guide. Her Guide: they are the same and yet they are not, then used the anology of an apple: look at one and you think of it as a whole, and it is, but look deeper and it is actually made up of parts: the core, the seeds, the flesh and the peel. The seeds are the aspects of a person, each separate but part of and contained by the whole. The core is the soul. The flesh is the Spirit. The peel is the body that contains all, as well as the whole that contains all that is. It was very deep and she did go into more detail but much happened after that so I am struggling to remember it all, unfortunately. It did make us all think and also made a difficult concept much easier to grasp. She had her answer and was satisfied.

Then she came to the questions we had asked the previous week and gave us the answers we had received. I think I'll do a separate post on those though, or this is going to turn into a mega post.

We then went on to open the Circle etc and then, as time was a little short, we went straight into doing Clairvoyance to see what we would all receive, first concentrating on our breathing, then calling our Guides to us and asking him/her to help us receive messages clearly.

When Aureen called us back and turned on the light I had to quickly dig into my pocket and fish out a tissue to wipe my eyes which had everyone concerned. Aureen asked if I was OK and I said yes, it was just that my eyes felt so flippin' irritated it just wasn't funny. She looked and they must have looked it because she looked concerned and said that when things like that happened I had to ask for it to be taken off me. I said I had remembered to do that and had also done the waterfall cleansing thing too and they were just starting to ease off. Because of this Aureen decided to ask me what I'd received. Well not a lot really: initially I'd seen what was either a lotus or pond lily - it made me think lotus, so I thought I was with S1 and into the whole Egyptian thing again.... but then my eyes had started to really bother me and once they had started not a lot of anything else came through. I said that as it was my eyes affected again, and going on the last time that had happened, I would say that Aureen's Mum was there again. She said she was. I had also gone absolutely freezing around my knees, as if something was there, but I couldn't say what - though S1 said she had felt it too, in the same area. Unfortunately I couldn't say any more than that. Sheesh! I seem to be getting worse at this, rather than better. LOL Aureen said not to worry and that it would come.

Aureen had seen the traffic lights for me again.... but this time it was a big green light, for go - that it would be a new beginning and there would so much freedom for me. I know this is referring to my decision to look for a car so I can start driving again, so it was nice to receive this. There was an older Spirit woman with a round, stern face and a slightly heavy (chunky) build who was there pushing me on (basically, go on and get on with it). There was also a male Spirit there for me, a large man and kindly, who passed away in his 50's (too soon) and he showed her a bag of concrete.
I said the woman could fit several of the female relatives on both sides of my family and for several generations back, including the Grandma's. Aureen felt that it probably was one of them (rather than my Mum or further back). The male immediately made me think of my Uncle Bill (or, rather, great-uncle - he was my Grandma's brother) - he died when I was a child and I think he was in his 50's at the time... a sudden heart attack, so definitely too soon. I referred to him as a gentle giant of a man and Aureen said that was a good description of him - I also often think of him, which fits with her saying that he is often around me. I couldn't relate to the concrete, but then I don't know what his job was, so I said I would ask my Uncle T.

S2 next: for S1 she saw something I can't remember, then her in bed and feeling a little sad and fed-up because her leg was bothering her and painful - and she saw a child, not sure about sex but thought it was a girl, about knee height, leaning on her to comfort her, as she didn't want her to be sad. S1 could take the leg business - it had been bothering her and her back had also gone earlier in the week, on the same side, so she had been in pain and fed-up with it all. Not sure about the child, even when I said it was a Spirit child - I wondered if it was a past life child, possibly to do with the Egyptian lifetime.... but no, that had been a baby. The jury is still out on that one.
For me: she saw me in a conservatory type place, full of plants and I wanted to take her out to show her my garden and she was all excited about seeing it. I laughed and said she'd be really disappointed if she actually saw it, which made everyone laugh. She said that I took her out and showed her my garden and it was beautiful, full of all kinds of flowers and a water feature and lots of trees and she was really impressed and kept saying, Wow K, this is fabulous - but I didn't seem to be bothered. She said there were loads of Spirit people there, all around, as if waiting for me and she was really amazed by it all and I said I'll just stop here but when she tried to tell me (sort of trying to encourage or gee me up) I shrugged her off and said: When I'm ready, and again: In my own time.
I said I had a feeling I knew what that was trying to tell me and looked at Aureen and said: that's my Spirit Garden, isn't it? She said it was. And those Spirit people are there, ready and waiting to communicate but for some reason, although I'm aware, I'm not ready - I'll do it in my own time. I said to Aureen that there's obviously some kind of block there... and I wish I knew what it was that I was doing to block it so I could stop. Again she said not to worry and that everything was in place, it would happen.
For Sh: saw her as an elegant and well presented person IRL but she saw an image of her looking a little tousled, in a sunny place, described her costume, and on a lounger and said that by Easter everything would be much better (new beginning, I think). Sh could take Easter and said she only looked like that abroad - nothing like that planned at the moment... but who knows.
For Aureen: saw her Mum again (which confirmed my eye sensations), again with a china cup and saucer in her hand. Brought a gentleman through with her and described him - Aureen wasn't sure who he was, maybe one of her Great's from either side of the family, and asked that if he came through again in the future that S2 try to get more information so she could pinpoint him. He was a jolly man and S2 said he made a joke about her Mum still asking lots of questions, which made her smile.
Aureen saw: lots of fairies around S2 and they weren't going to go away until they'd made her more aware of them - she felt S2 would develop this link and be more aware of them. She also saw a man and described him..... and he was S2's Dad. A photo was described and S2 confirmed she had one just like it.
Sh next: for S1 a cottage in the country, somewhere in Derbyshire, perhaps. A short break or similar.
For me: seemed to go whooshing off across the country, over the white cliffs and over to Austria - mountains. Felt I would be doing lots of walking and enjoying myself but to be careful of doing too much, as she felt something was wrong with a knee as she saw limping. Oddly enough: I had my first ever case of bursitis in my right knee a couple of years ago... whilst on holiday in the Lake District and it has flared up a little since; the previous night DH, DS and I were discussing and finalising our holiday date for this year, with the intention of..... booking the same cottage we stayed in last year, in the Langdale Valley in the Lake District. Sh then wondered if, perhaps, the cottage had been for me too. Either way - I was to beware of over-doing things.
For S2: she saw a large snake which quickly changed into a slippery eel which slipped into a river. Along came S2, walking along the river bank, picking flowers and unaware of the slippery eel, in the water, and following her. Sh felt it was a warning about someone not being quite what they seemed, but it wasn't about anyone in the group... rather she felt it was someone at work. S2 could take it, as she'd had a conversation earlier in the day, at work, about just this thing and she always held back from being totally open with a particular colleague.
For Aureen: lots of daffodils. There was more but I can't remember what it was.
Aureen for her: I can't remember, though it was positive.

S1 next. For me: bird wings which developed into birds, then to huge birds swooping through the sky and one word: freedom. It seems to be the theme for the messages I'm getting lately, along with new beginnings - all very positive and in keeping with the way things are developing in my life at the moment. :0)
She then saw something else (can't remember) then her Dad came to her and he said: Don't. It was a message for either Aureen or S2 (she wasn't sure.... maybe it could have been both): don't go into work tomorrow. Why? Someone was coming down with the flu. S2's reaction was Oh not again! She's already had two bouts of ill health, thanks to colleagues passing their lergy on. I gave her a big grin and said you'll have to wear a mask. I guess it'll be a case of finding out next week.
I'm not sure if she got anything for Sh or not - another one I can't remember. Aureen gave her a message but I can't remember it properly.... the gist was to do with her skills and development, very positive.

Aureen then said she wanted us to close down and close the Circle as she had something to show us, which we duly did. She then went to get an envelope and told us about a trip she had had with friends (somewhere in Yorkshire, I think) where they'd come across an old abandoned Victorian-looking building and gone for a nosey. They'd been joking about buying it and renovating it for them all to live in and had taken some photos of it. Back home and they'd uploaded them to the computer and viewed them and found something unusual in one. She'd brought the blown-up image to show us and ask us what we thought. The photo was of an upstairs window with four panes, two small windows at the top and two larger ones below - the left hand larger one was clearly broken and the darker interior could be seen behind. But it was the other one that was of interest because the grey shadowy image of a man with a moustache could be seen behind it. Then we had a look again.... and images could also be seen through the broken window too. It was a seriously spooky thing to see. It turned out the building used to be an old asylum. It certainly triggered some interesting chat, though I must admit I wouldn't be tempted to buy and renovate it! ROFL

A little more chatting whilst Aureen gave us our print outs for this week and we gathered our things together, then we all started heading for the door. I remembered to tell Aureen about seeing her aura the previous week - the something else I'd wanted to tell her at Reiki but hadn't been able to remember - and described it to her. She seemed quite pleased. We then said our goodbyes and left.

We went home, via Tesco Express for a few bits of shopping. We were both tired, DH particularly so after working the weekend and having a run of 13 hour days, so we soon called it a night.

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