Saturday, 26 September 2009


Humans are made up of many Chakras. We have seven major, twenty-one minor, forty-nine minute and numerous minuscule Chakras. They are wheels of Divine light.
The seven major Chakras radiate out from different points along the spine to the top of the head. The Chakras profoundly affect your spirit, mind and body. It is through the Chakras that these aspects of your being are connected and can be aligned and balanced. They are not in the physical body - they are a part of the Subtle Energy body. They do, however, have direct correspondences in the body and mind.

ROOT CHAKRA: is the seat of your security and stability. When it is open you are in tune with your deepest sense of belonging, of safety, of being at home in the world and your body. Its colour is red.

SACRAL CHAKRA: is the seat of your creative energy on every level - physical, artistic and sexual. When open you are capable of feeling joy in your body. You are radiant and alive. Its colour is orange.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: this is your connection point to your will and personal power. When open know that you are strong and whole and able to do all the things you came into this life to do. Its colour is yellow.

HEART CHAKRA: is the seat of love and emotions. Connect with your loving nature, the strength and tenderness of your feelings. Know that you are a being of love, born to give love and to receive love. Its colour is green.

THROAT CHAKRA: is the seat of compassion and peace; feel your connection to friends, family and to all of humanity. Know that you are a part of all that is. Its colour is blue.

BROW CHAKRA: is the seat of expanded awareness, of psychic perception. Know that you can awaken your extrasensory perception to see, hear and feel into other worlds. Its colour is indigo.

CROWN CHAKRA: connects you to your God-consciousness, to your Higher Self. Its colour is violet.

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Julie said...

mmm i am now wondering if that is why i am drawn to greens and purples?