Wednesday, 23 September 2009


This week the timings went even better so there wasn't the mad dash in the car to get there in reasonable time but more of a leisurely drive...... much nicer on my nerves. :0)

When I arrived this week S2 pulled up in her car at the same time and when we went in we found one of the new ladies had arrived, L, and Aureen introduced us. L hadn't been to a Circle before but she did already know quite a bit about Chakras and Auras, saying she was very well read - for some reason I felt relaxed with her immediately. Aureen had been giving her a run down of what we'd covered the previous two weeks and given her the print outs for them, so she could read them at home and practice the techniques.

Aureen then asked us if we'd been practicing the Aura sensing at home. S2 had done a little on herself and had also tried it with her pets - she seemed to be doing pretty well. As for me, eeerrmmm....... well I can do the hand energy sensing technique quite nicely - in fact that seems to feel much stronger/intense to me - but as I couldn't remember how to do the Aura sensing bit I wasn't sure if what I did the once I tried was actually right. I don't like doing these things when I don't know if I'm doing them right, as I don't want to drain my energy or inadvertently leave myself open to anything....... the bit on improper psychic activity causing your Aura damage sticks in my mind. By this time S1 and then A arrived. Sh was on holiday...... it's beginning to look like the other two ladies are going to be permanent no-shows.

We went through into the other room and took a seat. This time I opted for a chair on the opposite side, next to the patio doors and away from the dividing wall with the neighbours, and next to S2. She was a bit surprised and said something about me swapping sides, so I said after last week I thought it might be better to be away from........ and she immediately said: the noisy neighbours. It seemed worth the try - though, as Sod's Law always dictates, they were a darned sight quieter this week anyway. :0)

Aureen then said we would be working with all of our Chakras this week and read out a little about each of the Chakras and their "functions" (not sure how else to phrase it - will do a separate post on these). She then went on to ask if any of us had been noticing colours more since last week: the colours our homes were decorated in; the ones we seem drawn to; the colours of our clothes etc etc and how these colours made us feel. Oddly enough all of us - bar S1, who was on holiday last week - had chosen to wear something red, be it a top or woolly. I have been noticing but, up until recently, it's been much more on a sub-conscious level - such as feeling drawn to wearing certain colours at certain times, in the same way that I'm drawn to wear or use a particular crystal at certain times and not at others. I don't usually consciously think about it because I've long since accepted that these things happen for a reason: they are instinctive, in response to some subliminal need. I answer that need - I benefit from it. (Just makes me wonder: if I have to consciously think about these things will I lose the instinct?).

After a brief discussion we then went on to open the Circle, placed ourselves in our bubbles of protection and grounded ourselves. Aureen checked we'd all done it, especially L with her being new, and said that, as the weeks go on, she won't talk us through the protection, grounding and opening of Chakras but will just tell us to do it, as she will expect us to be practiced enough to do this on our own. This should make this part go quicker, leaving us more time for the "fun stuff". Next Aureen led us through Chakra opening but with a difference: we had to concentrate on each Chakra, starting at the Root and working up to the Crown, concentrating on the colours. She read out several associations for each of the colours, such as: fire engine for the Root; oranges for Sacral; daffodils for Solar Plexus; grass for Heart; summer sky for Throat; velvet curtains or night sky for Third Eye and African Violets for Crown. As each Chakra was reached and the associations read out we had to visualise the colour spreading through our bodies, from our feet up to our heads. Then we had to visualise the colours merging - can't remember quite what we did with it then.
I do know we then had to visualise our roots growing down deep into Mother Earth, spreading wide, then pulled up the energy through those roots and into our bodies - then visualise branches growing out from our Crown Chakras, up into the Cosmos and spreading far and wide, then pulling that white light energy into our bodies. Then we breathed Earth energy up and Cosmos energy down, allowing the two to meet and mingle (can't remember if it was at Solar Plexus or Heart level though). After a little while we allowed the energy to flow out and pulled in the branches, opening our eyes and turning our hands over when we felt ready.

Aureen went around the group asking each of us in turn how it had gone. S2 said she'd felt herself go quite deeply into the meditation, though she felt it was a bit too deep as she'd had to consciously make the effort to stay awake a few times (I know that feeling well - unfortunately I don't manage to stay awake when I'm at home! LOL). She admitted that she did feel a little tired so Aureen felt that was probably why. It had gone OK for L (being a keen gardener she visualises her Chakra colours through flowers anyway), S2 and A. I seemed to be having a better time too: I had my usual lukewarm start with the colours but as soon as Aureen gave the associations for them they suddenly became much stronger and clearer; visualising roots I can do, the branches a little harder but I felt it had gone OK. Aureen asked about us feeling any differences between the two energies but at this point I couldn't really tell. Much of what we're doing is new to me and I'm getting used to that and having to zone out all those other folks deep breathing (don't get that at home as I'm on my own when I meditate).... so reckon it'll take a bit longer and more practice for me to pick up on such subtleties.

S2, L and myself had all felt really warm throughout the whole meditation (S2 and L actually had to take their woollies off for a time) but S1 and A had felt cold. A said she didn't know why but she'd been left feeling happy and giggly - we didn't figure that one out. LOL Aureen did warn us though that, as we went on to work with Spirit, we may well find ourselves being affected when Spirit was trying to get a message across and may well find ourselves suddenly bursting into tears and if that happened we were to go with it, always knowing that our Guides wouldn't allow us to be harmed. I'm an emotional person anyway (Cancerian)...... goodness knows what I'll be like then! Guess it's a good job I always carry plenty of tissues around with me. :0)

We then went on to do another guided meditation, this time visualising going into a garden, our "safe place". This involved walking down a country lane, going through a gate that we closed behind us and on into our garden, wandering around it and taking notice of what was there, sitting for a while on a seat that was there, again noticing sights, sounds, feelings and tastes, before walking back through the gate and back up the country lane and returning.

S2 walked through a door, which she said was the Secret Garden door (invisible to all but her) and she always visualised her parent's garden, from when she was a child, and where she always felt safe: a high wall around, lots of flowers and trees and a water feature with pond and some fruit around - she tried the strawberries but it wasn't strong like real ones, sort of "washed out".

L walked through a five-bar farm gate (I think) and visualised her Dad's garden (where she gets her love of gardening) in all its glory and she also tasted fruit: cherries. I think her garden was open (ie no walls or fences).

S1 (can't remember the gate) has an OH who turned their mostly grass garden into one with lots of flower beds and she preferred the minimalistic garden: hers was mostly grass, which felt very spongy underfoot, and I think she said a small water feature - much as she'd preferred the real life garden to stay. I think she had walls around hers.

I surprised myself this week: I walked down the lane (walked plenty of these IRL, so that was OK), saw a white picket gate and walked through it and then saw lots of beautiful flowers, all awash with colour, and a high wooden fence all around, then it became less vivid and went to impressions: got an impression of a small fountain (that surprised me because I want a waterfall and pond IRL) a wooden garden bench that had a wrought ironwork frame/arms and a gorgeous Silver Birch tree. Aureen said Silver Birch? I said yes, well actually IRL I originally fancied a Weeping Willow tree but it's far too big for my garden so now I have a real yen for a SB tree instead - the one I saw was fully grown, lots of trailing branches and leaves and had a wooden seat built around the trunk. She then gave me another of those beady looks and a big smile and asked if any of us had ever heard of Silver Birch the Spirit Guide - no, we hadn't. She told us he was a well known Guide in Spiritualist Circles and she told us a story of her friend, another Spiritualist, who had once gone looking for books in the gardening section of a book store and picked one up that had Silver Birch in the title, expecting it to be about trees......... and it was about the Guide. It gave them both a good laugh - but what are the odds on that? :0)

A (can't remember the gate) had the typical flowery garden, no wall or fence, and had enjoyed the wander around initially but she said it then changed, she didn't know why, and she hadn't like it. She'd walked out of her garden and suddenly found herself on a clifftop, with a lighthouse along a ways, and the sea far below - she mentioned a man being there and feeling like jumping off. Scary stuff - not surprising she didn't like it!

Aureen mentioned the high walls/fences that three of us had - meant for keeping people out, not for sharing and did we feel like that? We all did for varying reasons, mine being to do with the agoraphobia keeping me isolated from all but close family and one friend and now having to re-learn certain social skills as a result. Aureen said we would have to lower those walls/fences to develop the trust necessary to work well as a group (something I realised last week) and then laughed and said with the exception of A, and that we'll have to make sure she's got a small fence to keep her safely in her garden. LOL It helped to ease A's worries - though I noticed she hung back when we were leaving, so I think she and Aureen will have talked further about this after the rest of us had gone.

Aureen recommended that we practice this garden safe place meditation at home, as we would be visiting there quite a bit as we worked: presumably we will go there, on separate occasions, to meet our Guides, Guardian Angel and Totem Animal/s, at least. She then asked if we had any questions, so I asked her just to run through what I had to do for the Aura sensing as I couldn't remember it and had had problems with it - and it seems I had about done what I was supposed to on my sole practice last week, which was heartening. Out of curiosity L asked S2 if, when she was in her safe place - her parents' garden - did she also see herself as a child again and she said she usually did. I was reaching for my bottle of water to have a drink (had almost knocked it over, so had most of my attention on juggling it) so missed the last bit of this.

As there were no other questions the Circle was closed. Just as an aside: L was sat to my left, her grip on my hand when opening and closing the Circle was solid, confident and assured (not like one of those clammy, half-hearted efforts some handshakers give - you know, the kind that usually leave you surreptitiously wiping your hand on your trouser leg). It underlined my first impression of her. Aureen then said she thought the evening had gone really well (we agreed) and that we were certainly further along than she would have expected at this stage - that boded well for how we would work together. We did have to realise that not everyone would be good at everything we covered (eg psychometry: some folks can pick up lots with this and others absolutely nothing), there were bound to be a mix of strengths and weaknesses, but we definitely had the makings of a really good group. :0)

So this week I came away feeling much less like the dunce of the group and much more positive and "bouncy"........ and definitely excited about what's to come. Next week it's a Root Chakra meditation, so the red woolly my DSis gave me last weekend will be having another outing (good job she gave me it!)...... and I'd best go have a ferret round to see if there's anything orange in my wardrobe/drawers for the following week. ;0)

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Julie said...

A good week!

'Silver Birch' looks interesting, have saved that for a better read.

The psychic news was always on our coffee table at home and some paragraph or other marked by one of my parents.