Monday, 7 September 2009


A lady at the Keep Yourself Right 2 Health Food shop in the town centre organised a Complimentary Health event in one of the local church halls. It was being held as a fundraiser for the Hospital League of Friends, as well as being a mini showcase for various of the local complimentary medicine/alternative therapy practitioners.

The event was from 7pm to 8.30pm and, as usual, we were running late so didn't get there until just before 8pm. Door entry was £3.50 but there was free tea, coffee and biscuits throughout and sample treatments were also free. The first thing that surprised me was just how busy it was and the room was fairly buzzing. I felt a little overwhelmed initially but quickly put in place some psychic protection and adjusted to the noise level whilst DH and I did a once around the hall lap to see who was there and what was on offer.

Natalie, the young woman who did my Food Intolerance tests, was there and was busy chatting to interested people so we didn't interrupt. Jan (my Herbalist) and Janet (Acupuncturist) were over the other side of the hall - again they were busy so I waved Hello and was going to carry on past when Jan called me over. She introduced the lady she was talking to, S - S will be going to Aureen's Development Circle tomorrow night and had told Jan she was a bit nervous as she didn't know anyone other than Aureen, so Jan took the opportunity to break the ice a little. :0)

We had a quick chat and I asked her if she'd had Reiki with Aureen, which she hadn't, so I told her how good the treatments were. She seemed OK (from what you can tell on such a short meeting) and the introduction should help us both a little when we meet again tomorrow (Tuesday) night. :0)

The folks giving free treatments seemed to have no shortage of customers...... we soon gave up any idea of trying any of them, though both of us aren't overly keen on having massages or the like in a room full of folks anyway, so it was an easy decision to make. LOL

On the first lap round I spotted a chap, Tony Kelly, who gives massage treatments for back pain, sports injuries and the like so, on the second lap round, I edged my DH over to his table to look at the leaflets. DH has intermittent back and shoulder pain - not enough to be a real problem but often enough to be a nuisance to him - but, in typical man fashion, he hasn't done anything about it as yet. He must have felt comfortable with the chap as he asked quite a few questions and had quite a natter with him, coming away with a leaflet and card..... fingers crossed he will make further enquiries and go for a treatment soon. :0)

There were several Herbalists there, another Acupuncturist or two, a Nutritionist, a Foot Health care Practitioner, Food Intolerance and Allergy Tester (Natalie), the Vortex Healer (though I never did figure out which particular person that was), a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner, Beauty Products and a Chinese lady giving rather good foot massages. Disappointingly there wasn't a Crystal Healer there though. To be honest DH and I were pleasantly surprised at just how many alternative therapists are based in and around our area - and tonight's attendees were just a small number of them.

Next we headed for the Bach Remedy Practitioner. I've heard and read a fair bit about these flower remedies and the Rescue Remedy especially, something I've often thought would be of benefit to me, for helping to combat the panic attacks and dealing with situations I find stressful, but hadn't taken any further. I had a good natter to Jennie and came away with a couple of leaflets to read through later, along with a better idea of which local shops stock them. A quick check with Jan confirmed that I can use the remedies without them clashing with the herbal medicine I'm taking....... and that Jan hoped Jennie would soon be joining her at the Clinic.

By this time it was quite warm in the hall and DH had got a thirst on...... and he also liked the idea of a free cup of tea LOL, so we headed over to get him one. No caffeine for me but I'd taken my usual bottle of mineral water along. There wasn't a seat available in the sitting area but Natalie was on her own and looking bored by this time so we we headed over to sit and have a natter with her. Boy, was I pleased when her first words to me were: you've lost more weight, haven't you. *BIG grin*. So I told her yes and that I was now down to 11stone 13 and she said it was noticeable. Happy Dancing! Yes, I know I've lost weight - the scales tell me that - but it's sometimes difficult to see where it's gone from, so it makes such a difference when someone who hasn't seen you for a while notices the change and mentions it. A real boost. :0) It was also good to discover that attending the event had resulted in Natalie getting some extra bookings, so that will also mean more people through the door at the Clinic. DH had finished his cuppa by this time and we didn't want to be in the way of anyone who wanted to speak to her about the testing, so we said goodbye and headed to the refreshment area to take his cup back.

We then took leaflets from the Foot Health Care practitioner, mostly as reference for DH as she offers diabetic foot care and advice. It seemed a good idea to have her details available for in case he needs any help or treatment at a future date.

The lady who organised the event then went on to do the ticket draw: every entry ticket had a number on the back and was automatically entered into the draw, which was for a large satchel full of health & beauty products. We didn't win but the lady who did looked well pleased with hat was quite a nice haul of goodies. Then they drew the tickets for the Raffle prizes: we hadn't really taken full notice of this so hadn't bought any tickets for it.... shame, as there were some really nice prizes and the proceeds were going to a good cause. The draw over and all prizes handed out to the winners we had a final loop round the hall.

This time we stopped off for a natter to the Nutrition Consultant. She had set up a plate full of various foodstuffs and stuck labels into them that had the names of the conditions they could help. That was quite interesting and we learnt a few things there. I knew fennel aided digestion/relieved bloating and wind and that garlic was good for Candida sufferers as it's an anti-fungal but didn't know that: walnuts can help depression; red tomatoes help prostate problems; pears aid asthma sufferers; ginger helps control high blood pressure and there were others that I can't remember now. DH was happy because he got a free strawberry to eat. LOL

By this time people were starting to wander off and some of the practitioners were beginning to pack things away so we headed over to say goodbye to Jan. I said I'd see her on Saturday, as that's when I have my next Reiki treatment, and mentioned to her that it was also my Mum's birthday and that I had the feeling that the Universe had conspired with this "coincidence". She felt that Saturday may well be "interesting" in one way or another. With that we headed home, leaflets and business cards in hand.

In the meantime I'm not going to second guess what may or may not happen on Saturday, as there's the Development Circle to go to first, which I'm really looking forward to, so I need to concentrate on that. Anyway, trying to anticipate what will happen in a Reiki session is pointless: each session gives whatever is needed the most and it's not always what you think it will be, so it's best to just go with the flow. :0)


Julie said...

Nice evening out, very imformative.
Will have to get DH to eat more pears, he had asthma attack yesterday.
Have fun tonight, will be thinking of you. xx

Karen said...

sounds like you had a good and interesting time