Friday, 4 September 2009


As I'd had quite a change in my medicine mix Jan wanted to see me as soon as we got back from our weeks holiday with my DSis and family, so off I trotted to the Clinic on Tuesday 1st September.

As we went through to the Treatment Room Jan apologised and explained that she had to take her phone through with her and would have to answer it should it ring: not only was she doubling up as receptionist again but her Mum had been ill and she was expecting a call from her. As she told me about her Mum's health problems (probable cancer) and the fact that her Mum was tired of living and ready to cross over, it prompted me to start talking about my parents. I was finally able to speak about Mum's last day: having to put a DNR Order on her (do not resuscitate) and that I wasn't there when my Mum passed away, had missed the chance to say goodbye and how guilty I'd felt about that ever since. Jan apologised for having stirred this all up but there was no need: as I said, I felt this was all part of the deep healing process that Aureen had initiated with her last Reiki treatment - that it was enabling me to finally talk about the guilt and to release it.

I went on to tell Jan about a dream visit I'd had since I'd last been to the Clinic: the initial part of the dream was a bit confused but there was something about my family having been on an aeroplane somewhere but had come back to the airport again. I was driving to the airport, determined to get there before the plane left again with then on board. Inside the airport I saw my Mum and Dad but Dad seemed to wander off, leaving Mum and myself alone, amidst all the usual comings and goings and plane departures. Mum and I were able to talk and to hug, then she had to go, to catch her plane, and got on an escalator that was taking her down to the departure hall: we said "I love you" and were waving goodbye to one another. A youth in a baseball cap kept bobbing between us then (I remember feeling really annoyed about that LOL) and when I got a clear view again Mum had disappeared but in her place was a square card: at the time I saw the image on the card clearly but when I woke up all I could remember of it was the perfect pink heart that was placed over part of the image. I woke up crying and I cried as I told Jan and am crying as I write this but they have all been tears of release and healing - I feel Mum and I had finally been given the chance to say all the things we needed to, including that all important goodbye, something that hadn't been possible at the time of her physical death and that I hadn't been able/wasn't ready to do until now.
It has been such a major step forward and I was in heartfelt agreement with Jan when she said: isn't Aureen really good?

I'd settled down by this time so we went on to discuss my food diary sheets and how the meds were working. My stomach is much better on the digestive capsules so I carry on with those; the potion seems to be doing its stuff as my mood has lifted again and I'd been quite active whilst on holiday and since getting back and though it was monthly time whilst I was away it hadn't given me any problems (no flooding! Yay!) so Jan is happy to leave the mix as it is - apart from dropping the echinacea which has now done what needed to be done. I had to have chips more times than I like whilst away (even now not many places have rice on the menu, unfortunately) and seemed to have the occasional going to the loo problems, possibly as a result of that, so was glad to be home and getting back to my usual healthy whole grains regime again. I'm also getting on OK with the Candigest tablets (no nasty cardamom burp-back like there is with the Candaway tablets) - I haven't yet completed a months course and two months of treatment is the optimum, so that will continue. She was generally pleased with how things are going.

Jan then told me about an event she'll be attending in one of the local church hall's next Monday (7th) and which she thought I'd be interested in: a kind of mini alternative therapy health fair. She mentioned Vortex healing, something I've never heard of before, as something she thought I'd be very interested in and that there were also other therapies that I may not have heard of before. I think it's being held by another alternative health clinic (it's based in the town centre) and is something like £3.00 or £3.50 entrance fee but then everything after that is free, apart from anything that the therapists may be selling. It all sounds very interesting and, as it's in the evening, DH should be available as taxi service (barring any problems at work) and is interested enough to want to go too. Am really looking forward to it. :0)

Jan also mentioned the Shamballah Healing course that I'd expressed interest in: this is now set to go ahead in April and if I attend there will be six of us, which will make a nice group. Aureen rang me the Sunday after I returned home: the Development Circle is starting again on Tuesday evening (8th) so I'm hoping that by the time April comes around there will have been enough of a development within me that I'm able to get the most out of the course, rather than it all going over the top of my head. LOL

Next was the weigh-in. Bearing in mind that it was only two weeks since my last appointment and that I'd just had a weeks holiday where I'd not only had chips quite a few times but had also eaten tortilla chips galore in the evenings (during our Trivial Pursuits sessions)........ I wasn't expecting much. I was quite pleased when the scales showed that my weight had stayed the same: 11stone 13lbs. Jan asked if I was OK with that and of course I was - I'd rather stay the same than have put weight back on again! LOL

I waited in reception whilst Jan made up 4 weeks of potion for me. I added some more digestive capsules and herbal teas to the bill and made my next appointments: Reiki is on the 12th and Jan is happy to leave my next appointment with her until 1st October. I told Jan that I hoped things went as well as they could for her Mum - she goes to see her at the weekend - and I'll be thinking of them both and that I would hopefully see her Monday night, then left.

When I was out in the street again I phoned DH, who had the day off, to come meet me and that rather than standing around I'd be in the Hospice Bookshop - much nicer surroundings to wait than a noisy street....... not that I needed an excuse to go in though. LOL By the time he made it down to me I was paying for this little lot:

The book on the left and the one on the right I hadn't heard of before but it's unusual to find this type in there so I had to take the opportunity to add them to my collection and reading list. The other two are about Egypt....... need I say more? ROFL

After that we went down to Wilko's to get a few things, including a new curtain track for the little bedroom, then came back up the High Street and called in at the other Hospice shop where DH was able to find a couple of pairs of trousers for work (why buy brand new when they're bound to get covered in muck and dust at the steelworks?) and I got a couple of really cheap picture frames for framing my own cross stitched pieces. Happy with our hauls we headed home.

It had been an emotionally tiring day but much good came out of it........ and it now makes me wonder what will come out of the next Reiki session with Aureen. :0)

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Julie said...

Lots going on for you, hope you have a good time tomorrow evening an Tuesday eve goes well too, looking forward to hearing how you get on.