Friday, 19 March 2010


As we missed the first M,B&S event of the year in Grimsby and the next local one (Lincolnshire Showground) isn't until June we decided to head on over to the one being held at Elsecar Heritage Centre. So we were up early, packed lunch made and put into the cool box and the car loaded and journey started. After a niggling start (busy garages making getting diesel a real pain, having to stop to close the bonnet as DH had managed to catch the button when he opened the fuel flap and the satnav detoured us off at Doncaster, just for the hell of it which had DH revising the route) we eventually got there - as it was dinnertime by then we opted to sit in the car and have the packed lunch before going into the venue.

Once we'd eaten and used the facilities we went in. Whilst the Heritage Centre as a whole was a tad busy (it was Mother's Day) the hall itself didn't seem overly crowded, so we were able to get round all the stalls more easily than last time. The first thing I did was to find my regular card reader, Leonie, to book a slot. Someone was just about to sit down at her table, so she booked me in the next slot.... half an hour to kill, so we started wandering round to look at the stalls. First up was the Moonshadow stall which is very Native American based. These were my buys:

The dragonfly on jade piece is beautiful and has a lovely feel to it and the incense will be good to use for Spirit Garden/ Safe Place and Earth oriented meditations. We wandered a little further, looking at several other stalls, then headed for the He Hi She Lo stall, as I wanted a piece of snowflake obsidian to pop into the glovebox of my new car, as it's a good one for protection whilst travelling. Unfortunately he didn't have any but pointed us in the direction of another stall that did but we left that for a little later, as it was then time for ym reading.

DH went for a sit down and cup of tea whilst I had my reading, which was, as always, interesting. At the end she asked if I had any questions. Instant brain blank (as usual) but then I thought of something: I said I didn't want to give too much away initially, but I was doing something at the moment and I wondered if she could tell if I was on the right path. She paused and looked to one side (this I recognise as "talking" with Spirit) then said yes, I definitely was... then asked what it was I was doing. I told her that I'd been going to a Development Circle, to which she instantly warned me not to go paying an arm and a leg for this and I reassured her that I don't. She then said that I didn't really need to go to a Circle as I was a natural at communicating with Spirit and would also be so with healing - that made me really smile, as I hadn't mentioned healing to her. I told her that I was going to attend a healing course in May and she said that that was good..... and also said that in a few years time she could see me sat where she was, doing what she was doing! It certainly gave me a bit of a boost after the poor sessions of Clairvoyance I'd been having recently. LOL I thanked her and rejoined DH, who had finished his drink by now, and headed for the other crystal stall where I found the perfect piece of snowflake obsidian:

A small palmstone sized piece that we both thought would be better than a tumblestone, as it wouldn't rttle around so much in the glovebox. :0)

Next stop was the Magik Thread book stall. No M,B&S event is complete without a good look at the books. :0) I found something of interest once again:

This is jumping up to the top of my To Read list - next one, after I've finished the menopause book and a novel I'm currently reading. I reasoned that, as I'm (trying) to work with Spirit, it's best to gen up on as much information as possible. ;0) There were lots of books that were of interest but remembering all those Hospice Bookshop buys waiting to be read at home made me keep it to one buy. LOL

After wandering a bit further we came across a stall that had Angel bits and pieces on it, called A New Belief. I spotted the Guided Meditation CD's and immediately liked this one:

My Archangel, healing and crystals - definitely one I wanted to try out. I have done since and it was a lovely one to do..... and I'll be listening to it again soon. :0)

We also stopped by another of our favourite stalls: Dragonfly Moon. I'd received their email newsletter earlier in the month and it had the news that Susan's solo CD was now available, so that was a must-buy.

I haven't had the chance to listen to it yet..... but I'll be rectifying that situation shortly. I also asked Susan about a carrying case for my drum and whether it was best to keep it in one all the time, which led to an interesting conversation about various theories on this..... which boiled down to personal preference. Unfortunately they hadn't got any of the right size in stock, though were expecting a delivery soon.... so we said we'd hopefully see her again at the Lincolnshire Showground event.

We stopped off at the Zone of Tranquility for a sit down, to catch our breaths.... and to add a couple of names to the healing curtain. Just five minutes in this little oasis of quiet sets you up for another foray. Soon after we had a stop by the JM Soaps stall, to stock up on a few goodies:

Those bath melts and soap smell divine. The Pine essential oil is for my burner, adding to my little stash of aromatherapy bits. Then we stopped by the Blue Moon Goddess stall. I wanted a sticker for my car that says: Never drive faster than your Angel can fly - they had some but they were bright sparkly ones and I didn't like them, so didn't bother. I spotted these bookmarks instead:

The figure in the one on the left reminds me of myself, walking my Path..... and the saying is to act as a reminder of the truth of that saying whenever I start to get impatient with my slow or lack of progress in Circle. LOL The Celtic Blessing is one I love and it is so beautifully decorated too. I don't intend using them - they are purely decorative reminders. :0) DH made me stay away while he bought some cards - he likes to buy alternative type cards for me (birthday, anniversary etc) as he knows I love the images on them. :0)
Time was marching on by now and most folks had headed for home already, so we went back to a stall we'd had a quick look at earlier: Life's Treasures. This had a selection of cold packs for natural pain relief...... but what first attracted me was the small pack for use to stop snoring. Not for me.... for DH. I decided it was worth a try, as it would be far less damaging than the usual elbow in the ribs...... and would save me from doing time, should I be driven to the final resort: the pillow smothering method. ROFL It was really interesting to talk to the lady and get to handle some of the sample products. Here's what we came away with:

The larger one is for using on neck, shoulder, back, elbows and knees and the smaller is for slotting in the end of DH's pillow. The Biofreeze sachets were freebies for us to try - it's another natural pain relief product and all are safe for diabetics to use, unlike some over-the-counter products. I'll let you know if the stop snoring pack works. LOL
By this time we had about done and the event was winding down for the day. I'd considered having an aura photo taken, to see if there had been any changes due to my attending the Circle, but DH reckoned it would be too soon, so best to leave it until June: I will have been to far more Circle sessions and done many more meditations etc by then, plus had more acupuncture and Reiki, so any changes should be much more noticeable by then. It confirmed some of what I'd been thinking, so we decided to call it a day and head home.

The journey back was uneventful (unlike start of the journey there!) and we were soon home and unloading our bags. We rounded the night off with a take out curry (usually a Saturday night happening but we decided to do it Sunday instead) and an early night, as we were both shattered. It had definitely been a lovely Mother's Day outing. :0)


jane said...

sounds like a great day out. Let us know how the stop snoring kit goes!

Julie said...

Hope the stop snoring kit works.

Nice stone for the glovebox