Monday, 22 March 2010


I had an 11.30am appointment this week, so I was up and sorted and out of the door by around 11.20, so I could have a steady walk down to the Clinic. It was a reasonable day, too, so it was quite pleasant out... though busy with traffic and people, with it being Market Day.

When I got there this week it was to find Anne in Reception again as G was still poorly and voiceless, Bless her. I had a quick chat with Anne until Janet came through to take me into Treatment Room 2: I needed to rewrite the cheque for the Shamballah Healing Course, as it should have been made out to the chaps business name and not his actual name (quickly sorted). She popped the cheque in the drawer for Jan to collect next time she was in.

Once settled Janet asked how things had been going this week. Not too great, actually: the hot flushes and especially the night flushes were being a bit of a bugger the last few days and I was having a few mood swings/dips.... and explained that my 28 day cycle was up that day, so that might have something to do with it. I said I didn't understand the mood dip otherwise, as I had had a brilliant weekend - she asked what I'd been doing and I told her about putting a deposit on the car and going to the M,B&S event and what Leonie had said about me being a natural and the lift that had given me. I told her I was going to be picking up the car Friday night and was looking forward to that, though a little nervous as it would bring a big change with it -  a necessary one, but I can't help but feel nervous about it.

She asked me how Circle went that week One word answer: cr*p. I felt that quite a bit of what I got was a rehashing of things that had come up before. She said that I seemed to be doing OK, mentioning the song from her Grandma and the Deidra things - yes, it seems I'm getting a bit more outside of Circle but I was bothered by the fact that I couldn't seem to give more back to the other girls. She took a few notes as I spoke and then asked: if I had to use one word to describe how I currently felt, what would it be? I thought a little and she said not to think about it, just say the first thing that came into my head. OK, that would be fed-up, then. Yes, I know - not strictly one word.... but it did sum up how I was feeling...... and it was more polite than the one I used earlier. LOL

Whislt Janet took my Chinese pulses I mentioned that we were also going to be visiting to my DSis's on the following Sunday and I was feeling slightly anxious about that and that I felt it was due to my DSis having a lot of bottled up anger, thanks to what had happened at work and the way Human Resources had handled it and how badly they were now dealing with her request for a letter of exoneration to be added to her work record, and I was really picking up on it. She noted my pulse results and said there was definitely some tension in there, though the pulse wasn't nearly as rapid as it had been previously. Whilst I was taking off my shoes and socks, hair scrunchie and specs and prepared to lay on the bed she asked if I had a strong bond with my DSis, then went to close the blind. Yes, despite the fact that when we were kids the three of us often used to try and half kill one another, we are very close. I told her about the morning I was taken into hospital with the severe abdominal pain: all the while I was in pain my DSis kept getting real bad twinges of pain in her stomach that almost had her keeling over (it got her and the staff really worried) then, just as suddenly as her pains had come they went.... right around the time that the morphine jabs had finally kicked in to ease the pain for me. She didn't get the pain again and realised why she had got it when my DH rang her up that night to tell her what had been happening (she has since told me that she's really glad I can't have any more babies..... she really didn't fancy going through labour with me ROFLMAO). Janet's reaction was: Wow, you really have got a link there. I told her my DSis really should be doing Development too, as she actually sees Spirits regularly - she doesn't want to though, as she doesn't want to have any more happening than what does already... it freaks her out, with her being on her own, so she tries to blank it.

Once on the bed she said she would mostly concentrate on the hormonal side and easing the tension. This time she applied needles to: all round my ankles; the ones for my liver, in the tops of my feet (stung again); the ones on either wrist (heart meridian); in the thumb crease and one in my head, about an inch and a half to two inches above my hair line. When I queried the lack of a third eye needle she said she wouldn't put one in there this time, as she felt this may now be over-stimulating my third eye, possible causing some of the Circle problems. She then warned me she was going to adjust a couple of the needles and to say when they "bit". it was the two in the tops of my feet again and they definitely bit. LOL I asked if I could have the silver foil thingy over me this week, in case I got as cold as last time....... she said she could do better than that this time and pulled out a lovely, thick cotton blanket. As I hadn't got any needles in my legs or torso it was possible to have the blanket on my body and legs and have the towel draped over my toes to keep them warm. Perfect! LOL With that she popped on the music, made sure I was settled, switched off the light and left me to relax.

Well, relax was definitely the operative word this week - the tension just seemed to drain away and I got so relaxed I almost fell asleep. In fact, if it hadn't been for someone somewhere in the building dropping something that made a loud clatter which startled me big time (really not good for my heart, that LOL) I reckon I would have nodded off. I don't remember any real revelations this week, just an image of a china cup and saucer for some reason.

It didn't seem two minutes before Janet came back into the room and asked how I felt. I had to give myself a big stretch and consciously engage brain before talking - and told her it was the most relaxing session yet and felt better. I mentioned the china cup and saucer and asked if it could be linked to her Grandmother. Janet said that she used to like to drink out of a proper cup and saucer but no, this was a proper fine china cup and saucer I'd seen. She said her Mum had to have different drinks out of certain types of cups.... then she mentioned that, actually, she had a really pretty china teacup and saucer, decorated with flowers, that was on display in her home. Another one of those random things that come to me... a small hit. :0) Whilst we were talking Janet removed the needles.... and this time there wasn't a problem removing the ones from the tops of my feet, though I defintitely felt a slight "popping" sensation when they came out.

After seeing I was OK and ready to sit up and get myself sorted and checking if I wanted another session the following week, Janet said goodbye and went off to let Anne know and get the other room ready for her next client. I had a few sips of water and put my things back on, then went out to reception. I made my next appointment and paid for the session, then Anne told me that the lady who had been due in for a Reiki session before me on Saturday had rung to cancel - would an earlier appointment be of use to me? I realised I was the last booking of the day, so asked if that meant that Aureen could go home sooner if I did - it did, so I said OK. It didn't make a huge difference to my plans but it would give Aureen chance to do more afterwards. With that I said my goodbyes and headed for the door.

First stop, as usual, was the Hospice Bookshop and this was my find this time:

Past Life Regression is something I am really curious about and have been considering doing at some point.... providing I can find someone I can trust enough to do it. Am hoping the book can answer some of the questions I have about the process.

From there I headed on down to the market. Unfortunately the Craft Stall lady didn't have any more boxes in yet, it would be another couple of weeks before they arrive - time for patience then. I had a quick scoot around the rest of the stalls and got myself a punnet of bargain strawberries at just £1.00. Hunger had started to kick in by now so I started heading back up the High Street, first calling in at the Greengrocers for some diabetic biscuits... and discovered that they now stock some small Nak'd bars, so added a few of those to my basket too. After paying I headed to Tesco Express for a couple more items, then carried on home. Once there I put my buys away, got changed and made myself some lunch.

I thought I was going to have a quiet day after that. Wrong! A knock at the door revealed a chap, friend to Corus Pete next door, enquiring about DS's old Mini - apparently Pete had mentioned it was for sale and his DS had decided he'd like one after seeing the one he'd bought for his DD. I gave him my DS's mobile number as I didn't know any details about what it had failed its MOT on or how much he was asking for it. He promised to phone DS - though I did warn him he may not answer it, with being at work, and if he didn't he would phone him back later. You could have knocked me down with a feather when a second chap knocked within the hour, also enquiring if the Mini was for sale. He gave me his mobile number so DS could phone him later. A third knock around half an hour later had me wondering what was going on.... though this time it was the postie with some packages. If it had been a third enquiry it would have seriously freaked me out. Why? Because only a few days beforehand I'd been thinking that we could really do with selling the Mini, to get it out of the way and make more room, ready for my new baby arriving.... and I'd casually thought (nope, hadn't even said it aloud) that it would be nice if this could happen soon...... and along come these two chaps. :0)

Unfortunately the first chap was only willing to offer silly money and the second chap dropped out after initially saying he would have it (though that wasn't a surprise, to be honest). But along came a phone call from one of DS's work colleagues on Friday (DS had booked the day off) to ask if he could come and view the Mini.... and he offered a more reasonable sum. DS is now thinking about it.... fingers crossed he decides to take the offer, as I don't think he'll get a better one at this point. Meantime I've thanked the Universe for the help. :0)

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Julie said...

Hope the mini sold ... the one here is halfway out the door!!

Someone in your neighbourhood must be on the same pathway as you, i wonder if the books that you keep getting are brought into the shop by the same person each time?