Thursday, 4 March 2010


I changed my appointment back to Tuesday this week, as the intention is to go and spend a few days with my DSis this week. Luckily the appointment was for 1.30pm, making it slightly less of a rush for me to have my evening meal and get ready for Circle afterwards.

When I arrived this time it was to find Jan back in the receptionist's chair. I gave her a cheery greeting and asked how the move had gone.... not well, judging by the hassles that occurred on the day. It seems to have had a knock on effect, as she was obviously not having a very good day and was quite fraught. I was glad I'd put up quite a good psychic barrier before leaving the house, otherwise it would have really affected me.... as it was I just felt a little tense, nothing more. Jan then asked if it was OK to move my next appointment from a morning session to an afternoon one - I was the first in and the session was to have been in Treatment Room 2 but that would be needed for a colonic for the next session in there, which would mean the colonic machine would be whirring and buzzing away. I didn't really fancy the distraction of that, as I find the ticking clock in there a bit of a niggle anyway (I can't stand hearing ticking clocks and refuse to have any in the house). The appointment won't be until 3pm, so it will give us chance to do a few things beforehand. Then she told me that the Shamballah Healing workshop was now being held a weekend later than previously planned, as a couple of people couldn't make the first proposed weekend. It doesn't make any difference to me - we aren't going away on our regular May holiday with my DSis this year, so it's not a problem. The workshop is getting close now, so she asked if I could take my deposit cheque in next week. I so hope I do better at this than I've been doing at Circle just lately! All the other attendees are already qualified healers of some kind... I'm the only newbie at this. It's still being held in Jan's new home - I told her it would be lovely to see it in person, after seeing the estate agent pics she showed me. :0)

Janet was ready by this time so she showed me through to Treatment Room 2 (minus colonic machine noises today LOL). She sat down and asked me how I'd been. Well, from around Sunday my stomach had kicked off again, complete with the anxiety sensations that always seem to accompany it and I explained what had been happening. I told her I was supposed to be going to my DSis's home to stay with her for a few days, from Wednesday until the weekend, something I'd done before and thoroughly enjoyed, so couldn't understand why I should get these feelings when I'm going to be doing something I've been looking forward to. It's not only perplexing but also frustrating. There were also a couple of current things that seem to be getting to me more than usual.... so much so that my DS's response was to ask me what bug had crawled up my ass. Charming!

Janet is the first person who has told me that she wasn't surprised I was getting the anxiety sensations along with the stomach problems and told me that they are energetically linked. She asked me where the anxiety sits and I placed a clenched fist around my solar plexus Chakra area, as it's a good way of showing what it feels like too. She said I wasn't the only person that she's treating who also has these anxiety feelings attached to stomach problems, though with the other lady (no names or particular circumstances mentioned) the anxiety was lower in her stomach and she usually also had pain with hers. I don't get pain, just niggles and general discomfort.... and that bloody awful anxious feeling. She asked me a few more questions and I answered her, then she took my Chinese pulses and wrote the results down.

She turned to me and said OK, your pulse is a little raised - nothing to worry about but it was in keeping with what was going on with my Qi energy at the moment, showing that it was out of balance. I wasn't surprised it was out of balance, as I told her I felt a little out of kilter (not as badly as I've felt at other times but enough to let me know something isn't right). She said that although the current things were bothering me they were actually acting more like a trigger to the older stuff that was in there. She likened it to having a pressure cooker sat inside my body... everything was OK whilst the lid was fastened tight but occasionally, as was the case now, the lid slightly pops and lets a burst of emotional "steam" out from these previous issues. Instead of being contained within the heart meridian, the proper channel for emotional issues, mine had burst out into other areas.... affecting the liver and gall bladder and hormonal channels (explaining why the hot flushes were becoming a bit more noticeable again). She explained that it didn't mean that I hadn't been addressing these older issues (I've been doing a lot of releasing and cutting cords during Reiki sessions, with Aureen's help) but that it points to the fact that though I've been letting go of a lot it has left some residual energy in place.... and that is what is affecting me and it takes a while to disperse it. She didn't need to know what the issues were - just asked if she was right. It fits and I told her so and, thinking about it later, felt she couldn't have picked a better analogy; although I've done a lot of letting go it does still feel like thoughts from the past just bubble up out of nowhere at times.

Janet said not to worry and that she would do some work to help with this which would complement what Aureen is doing within the Reiki sessions. This week I would need to take my shoes and socks off, leave my jeans on but take my top off, as she would need to place some needles along the upper body meridians. OK, you're gonna see my rolls - hope you're prepared for that, says I. LOL She closed the shutter, then left the room whilst I got myself ready and laid on the treatment bed.

When she came back and had washed her hands she started to place the needles. This week there were the usual ones around my ankle areas, one in the top of either foot (liver), one either side of my belly button (compared to the blood thinning jabs I had in hospital these were nothing LOL), several up the centre of my body, including under and just above my breastbone, the regular ones in either wrist, one in my right ear and the usual one in my third eye Chakra. Most barely registered when they were put in: minor twangs from the wrist (way better than the first time), minor from the ear one (definitely way less than the left ear!), a couple of good belts from the liver ones in the tops of my feet and the third eye one, once again, made me feel slightly woozy as soon as it went in. I mentioned that I'd tensed up a little once the needles were in place and wasn't sure why. She came to my head and applied gentle pressure to several points on my face and head and then whispered to me that whilst I was in the room having treatment I was to know that I was perfectly safe and nothing could harm me - any tension from outside the room couldn't enter, so I was OK to relax, which I did. She said that when I had completed the treatment I would be left more open than usual, so she recommended that I take time to sit and drink a little water, then visualise myself being filled and surrounded by white light energy and, when I felt this process was completed, I was to surround myself with a strong psychic protection barrier, so the fraught feelings wouldn't affect me when I came out. I'd planned on putting up protection anyway, so this confirmed what I'd been thinking. After making sure I felt OK she checked the liver needles and said that she was just going to adjust them and that I was to let her know when they surged - she tweaked them and I let her know, as I got quite a strong belt from each. It's not pleasant but it does let her know when the needles are working well. With that she turned on the music, a New Age Peruvian blend that I like, and left me to relax for twenty minutes.

This time I didn't feel I really got anything psychically - no mental pictures or particular thoughts or messages - but what I did get was a much more relaxing sensation and feelings of calm and peace, which were more in line with what I get from a Reiki session. Unexpected, as I hadn't really felt this before, but certainly very welcome. :0)

I was surprised when Janet came back in and said that it hadn't felt like twenty minutes at all... a sure sign of how relaxed I felt. I told her that if she'd left me much longer I reckoned she might just have come back in and found me asleep. LOL She was pleased as this showed her that the treatment had worked well. She set about removing the needles and all was fine until she came to the liver one in my right foot: it twinged a little and she immediately let it go, saying that it was still working so she would leave it be for a while. I asked her how she knew/what the difference was: apparently when the needles have done their work they "pop" out easily but when they are still working they have a different feel to them, as they resist the pull out, gently pulling the skin up to a peak around them. She tried to show me but I didn't have my specs on and couldn't see that far away without them (I'm very short-sighted) but I could feel the pull on my skin. A few seconds later she tried again and I felt it pop out. Again it's a good sign that the treatment is working, as it shows that my Qi is pulling in what it needs and is trying to balance itself.

Once the needles were out Janet made sure I was OK then reminded me about taking my time and doing the protection before leaving. She asked about next weeks appintment and I said I'd like to move it back to Thursday again, as I would be back from my DSis by then, so she said goodbye and went to tell Jan. I sat up carefully and made sure I felt OK before I stood up as, being that relaxed, it can make me a bit wobbly on my pins sometimes. All was OK so I got my bits of clothing back on, then sat in the chair and drank some water from my bottle. After a few moments I did the white light visualisation and protection, as advised. When I felt all was properly in place I gathered my coat and bags and headed out to reception. Jan seemed a little more relaxed, though still not back to her usual self. I made my next appointment and paid my dues, mentioning about looking for a car at the weekend and she asked if I'd had any success - none, but at least I'd got a better idea of which cars I didn't like and which ones I'd feel OK to drive... and the search was still on. With that I said my goodbyes and headed for the door.... just as Gail, the receptionist, opened it. She waited until I came down and told me that, unfortunately, she couldn't make it to Circle that night as she was working late - she would let Aureen know. I said it was a shame but she said she would be able to make it the following week, so I told her I was pleased and would see her then.

This week I headed straight home, partly because I wanted to chill a little before it was time to make my evening meal but also because a touch of tiredness had crept in - the treatment had been, as Janet explained, an intensive one, and I was beginning to feel it.

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