Monday, 15 March 2010


Back to a Thursday for my regular acupuncture session this week - I am definitely happier with it being on this day, rather than on a Tuesday, as I can take my time.... and it means I get out twice a week. :0)

This week Anne was receptionist and, as Janet was still dealing with a client in Treatment Room 1, she took me into Treatment Room 2 for a natter.... after I handed over a cheque as deposit for the Shamballah Healing Course I'm taking in May. It's always good to chat to her and this time it was really useful, as she gave me her DH's card - he's a joiner who has been in the business for donkey's years.... and it's always useful to know someone in the trade. :0)

Janet came through before we had chance to settle in for a really long chinwag, so Anne went back to reception whilst Janet got my notes, then asked how things had been going. Well, Circle still isn't going well as far as Clairvoyance is going but the meditation side of things does seem to be getting better. I told her about the meditations we'd done: how meeting myself etc had been emotional and that I felt there were still some things to be dealt with there and the very vivid visualisation of my Safe Place. It seems the third eye is beginning to I'll happily put up with getting a needle jabbed into it every week. LOL She said that I hadn't been doing so badly with the Clairvoyance and pointed out the "hit" I'd had with her and her grandmother. That was good... but things hadn't gone quite so well since, barely getting much of anything and never really knowing who it's for. She said that that was often the way and that I might find that some messages I get will, invariably, be for myself. I laughed and said that that might be happening already and told her about the young girl and Deirdra. She also thought that it was a message for me and said it would be interesting to see what unfolded. from it.

She asked how my stomach and the anxiety had been. I told her about not having been well, due to some kind of bug kicking off the evening after the session, and having to call off the visit to my DSis's, as I'd spent the best part of two days in bed. She told me that if you have an acupuncture session session early enough when you're coming down with something, it helps to kickstart your immune system into action to fight it. This results in you not feeling very well for a day or two, then being OK....... whereas, if you hadn't have had the acupuncture, you may well end up being ill for one or two weeks. I did seem to get over it a lot quicker than I have done in the past, so feel there's some truth in it. Once I started to feel better my stomach improved and the anxiety soon disappeared. Guess you can call that a goos result. :0)

She then asked how the hot flushes/sweats had been. Reasonable, although I'd had a couple of belters the previous couple of days. I told her about running out of the herbal medicine I'd been taking and going on to take some red clover leaf extract capsules instead, along with a Vitamin C supplement - I was also going to add in a Vitamin E capsule, as that should also help with those. I'm also adjusting my diet slightly, to try and help. I've already done much of what is recommended (cutting out alcohol and caffeine in all forms and generally eating healthier, thanks to the Candida diet I've stayed on) but tweaking the protein (eating less of it) and the carbohydrates (eating a little more) and generally eating more veggies also helps. It's a case of waiting and seeing what affect this has, once my body gets used to it. Janet said she could adapt the treatment to help too.

With this she took my Chinese pulses: they weren't as rapid as they'd been the previous week, which was good, but there was still signs of imbalance there. The upshot was that she would be adapting the treatment to help cool my blood and this should help sort out those tropical moments, these beig extra to the needles that were for the hormonal and Spiritual things. This week I could keep my top on but I would need to roll my sleeves back, so she could get to my elbow area, but I would need to take off my shoes, socks and jeans. The day had been warmer so I wasn't wearing the thermal longjohns this week.... that made things a tad easier. LOL After closing the blinds she left the room while I got myself sorted and settled myself on the treatment bed.

When she came back in she set about inserting the needles: ones in the fleshy areas around my knees, all the ones around my ankles and in the tops of my feet; the heart meridian ones in my wrists; extra ones either sides of the thumb creases in both hands and one in each arm, close to the elbow crook; the final one in my third eye. Again, some of the needles I barely registered whilst others stung quite a bit and I could feel those slight shifts inside my body that tell me the energy is moving.... and I had to consciously make myself relax, as I tensed up a little as it happened. The third eye needle had the usual effect of making me feel slightly whoozy. Once I'd relaxed my muscles Janet adjusted a couple of the needles, after telling me to say when they "bit". Yep, I definitely let her know, as it does give a bit of a belt when she does that. Back to getting my muscles to relax once again and, once this was done, she switched on the CD, adjusting it to a comfortable level, switched off the light and left me to chill out.

Chill out was the operative word..... those blood cooling needles really worked, as I started to feel decidedly chilled some way into the treatment, despite the heater being full on.... and one of the needles in my left hand, close to the thumb crease, really started to bother me. In fact my hand started to ache badly along the palm and up to my little finger, so I had to lay my arm down on the bed, by my side, to give it some ease. I'd not had that happen before and wasn't too sure what to do but, as Janet had gone into the other Treatment Room with another client, I decided to persevere. It was very distracting though, as was feeling so cold, so it was impossible to relax properly and drift with the music as I would have liked to have done. Of course, these days, one of the side effects of feeling chilled is the effect it has on my bladder.... as in, I always desperately need to pee. So it was a definite relief when Janet eventually came back into the room. LOL

She asked how I was so I told her about being chilled, badly needing to pee and the hand hurting. She asked where exactly it was hurting and I showed her and she said that that was exactly where the meridian ran, which was why it hurt there. She did tell me what that needle was treating but I've since forgotten - I do know that as soon as she said it, it explained why it was playing up. She did say that the room did feel a little cold to her, although the heater was on...... but I guess the cooling effect of the needles was most likely the culprit (although I have since wondered if I had also had a "visitor", as it was exactly the same chill effect La and I had felt when a Spirit had been stood behind us both). As I was so desperate for the loo she quickly removed the needles, checked when I wanted to make my next appointment (to let Anne know), said goodbye and left so I could get my gear back on. I didn't hang around - as soon as I'd got my socks, jeans and shoes on I shot out to use the facilities. Boy, was that a relief!

After going back into the room to grab the rest of my stuff I went back out to see Anne.... who was highly amused by all this. I was too, once my bladder was empty! LOL I told her about how chilled I'd been and she said that I should have shouted, as she would have got a blanket to cover me. I said I'd remember that for next time it happened. I booked my next appointment for the following Thursday, got a herbal tea and some Vitamin E capsules and paid my dues, then said my goodbyes and headed for the door.

This week I headed for the Hospice Bookshop again and found these two useful books:

Both will help me gen up in these two areas... and at a £1.00 each they were too good a bargain to miss. :0)
After that I headed for the market.... though I was now feeling quite hungry, so wasn't going to hang around. Unfortunately the craft stall hadn't got any of the boxes left that I wanted, though they did have some peel-off boxes, so I bought one of those, as I knew I could use it for organising other bits for my Craft Room. The stallholder said she would be getting more of the A4 sized ones in shortly, so I said I'd be back again another week. A quick scan round the rest of the market, adding a punnet of strawberries to my haul, then I headed back up the High Street, via the Post Office so I could post a package. I had a quick call in at the Library to ask the Adult Education folks if they still ran Yoga classes, as I feel these would be of benefit to me: apparently not, any more - due to funding restrictions they are now only allowed to offer classes that result in gaining a qualification certificate. How stupid is that? The lasy did suggest that I ask at the Leisure Centre.... but that's in town and I don't go there very often, so I shall have to find the phone number and give them a ring.

Once home I put the shopping away and then made myself some overdue dinner. Once that had been eaten I popped to the nearby Pet and Garden shop to get some wild bird seed, came back and put that in the storage tub, then set about filling the feeders. It seemed very slightly warmer out there than of late, though I didn't hang around for too long. By this time I had begun to feel a bit tired, so I realised it had been another reasonably intensive treatment, so took it easy from then on..... and was relieved not to have to go to Circle afterwards.

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Julie said...

Quite a few of our schools run daytime and evening adult ed yoga classes, although mine is run independantly by very nice lady at the local village hall.