Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I wasn't quite as organised this week, eating a little later than planned, but it was still early enough. Unfortunately my stomach wasn't very happy and I'd been feeling nauseous on and off since Sunday but I decided to ignore it, as my stomach is prone to these occasional problems. Although we were a little later at setting off this week I still managed to arrive first... just. A arrived just as I'd sat down in the living room. We had some general chit chat whilst S1, S2 and Sh arrived. La couldn't come as she had to work.

We went through into the other room and took our usual places, then Aureen told us that this week we would be doing some psychometry and clairvoyance after doing an initial meditation to prepare ourselves. That created a bit of a buzz. OK, though I, I won't expect too much after freaking myself out with the watch the previous time we'd done the psychometry, I'd just go with the flow...... and I'd just see what happened when we did the clairvoyance.

Before starting Aureen told us a little more about the Spirit Guide Silver Birch and read out a piece that consisted of questions that had been asked of him and his answers. It was extremely interesting and helped me to confirm some of the beliefs I have and think about others - lots to digest further later.

After this it was time to open the Circle, protect ourselves, ground and open our Chakras. From there we went on to breathe deeply, listen for our heartbeat and breath, then listen for our sound, then invited our Spirit Guides to step forward to help us.

Discussing how we felt we had done afterwards it was soon realised that the listening to our breath and for our heartbeat had been a bit of a struggle to do. S1 hadn't liked it and it felt like the start of a panic attack for her but, on the bright side, rather than it going on to develop, she'd managed to control it and just concentrate on her breathing and it had gone better. A had struggled a little but felt she had got there anyway. I found it dificult to do both at the same time, as my breathing went out of whack when I tried to listen for my heartbeat.... and I don't reckon I really hear my sound as such, it's more a sensation I feel than anything else. S2 seemed to connect OK and finally got to see part of her Spirit Guides face, something that hadn't happened before. Sh has done this before, so did better too, though I can't remember all of what she said.

Next we did the psychometry. For this Aureen said that, rather than us doing this on each other's belongings, we would all do this with one item and proceeded to take a ring off her finger and handed it to A first, then for it to be passed around the Circle: S1 next; then me; then S2 and then Sh. This proved to be quite interesting. A felt it was something passed down; she sensed happiness and sadness and something about a little girl with blonde hair. S1 said all she saw was a spanned bridge. I felt my heart beat a little quicker but associated it what had happened last time so didn't mention it (should have though!) and said that it reminded me of my Mum's wedding ring and that it made me think of my Mum...... a thought I should have followed but didn't. S2 picked up the most: that it was passed down and was a mother to daughter feeling; that there was happiness and sadness attached to it; a tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing (which she didn't like the feel of) and quite a bit more besides. Sh I can't remember.
Aureen said we had all done well but she wouldn't go into it in more detail until after we'd done the clairvoyance session.

So the lamp was turned out, so we were sat in the dark, and we went on to open our minds and see what we could pick up. This was another good session but unfortunately I can't remember all of it. Here's what I do:

Initially I "saw" movement slightly to my right, like a shadow moving, about the height of a reasonable sized adult, then got a fleeting image of a cat, then I was drawn to Aureen and I felt sadness. I got myself convinced that her cat had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, jumping to conclusions rather than letting things come to me. Next my eyes felt very irritated, kind of sore and watering, then I got a banging headache on the left side of my head, thought I saw some blue flowers (possibly irises) and my crown Chakra was tingling and throbbing like crazy.
S2, Sh and Aureen all try to get round everyone to give messages and they gave them. All three had picked up on me walking in my garden in Spring, very happy. Aureen had seen lupins and S2 had seen a similar flower (can't remember what it was called) and Sh had seen lots of flowers. I laughed and said that must mean we're finally going to be buying and planting some, then. LOL S2 said I was dressed in a vest type top and was really buzzing - not the type of thing I usually wear but who knows, if I lose more weight? LOL They all said that it would be a turning point point and Sh said that it would be the end of a lot of sadness and a turning to happiness. It was all very positive and seemed to indicate some of what I've been feeling is starting to unfold.... and they didn't know it but I'd only recently said that I was fed up of the lousy weather and was really looking forward to Spring this year, when I could get out into my garden again. :0)
S2's message to Aureen consisted of two words: Ready Teddy. She didn't know what that meant and when she asked her Guide he told her that didn't matter - Aureen would know.

When we'd all given our messages or impressions and discussed those that were relevant to other people Aureen then went on to tell us that she would now tell us what she wouldn't earlier: her Mum had passed away on the previous Friday morning. She had thought about cancelling the session but then decided to go ahead, as she felt that we would help to cheer her up. My heart went out to her and I told her that I just wanted to go over to her and give her a big hug (not possible, as it would break the Circle). We told her how sorry we were but this was obviously affecting her, so she went on to tell us how what we had picked up was relevant.

For the ring: it was her Mum's wedding ring, passed from mother to daughter. It was associated with the happiness of the wedding but now the sadness of her passing - also happiness that her Mum was where she wanted to be, in Spirit. That's where S1's bridge came in - symbolism for her Mum having crossed over. My own observations were relevant....... and if I'd followed those thoughts through, as I should have, would have made the connection..... though I do feel something at the time stopped me from doing so. All of S2's observations were spot on and the tightness in the chest/breathing problems was the pneumonia Aureen's Mum had at the end - so the change in my heartbeat had been relevant.

For the clairvoyance: Aureen had also seen a cat and it was for S1. I have since wondered if it was symbolic for Aureen, as her animal in the previous weeks meditation had been a cat, so that the grief I'd felt and associated for with the cat was hers (this symbolism business can really make it difficult to always know/understand what you're receiving!). The eye irritation: her Mum had complained the day before that her eyes were very sore and bothering her. The banging headache: her Mum had had a fall some weeks before and banged her head and that had still been bothering her. I guess the crown Chakra thing was because it was fully open to Spirit but I don't know what relevance the blue flowers were (unless I'd picked up on what the others were picking up for me, maybe?).
As for S2's Ready Teddy: there was a tradition of teddy buying between Aureen and her Mum and she was currently carrying around two teddies in the back of her car that were to go into her Mum's coffin. So it was literally a case of Ready Teddy Go - they were waiting to go.

There was more but I'm afraid so much has happened since Tuesday - some of it very stressful - that I am struggling to remember...... a lesson on making sure I post things much sooner!

So the Circle drew to a close with the usual procedure, ending with Aureen giving us the print out of the Silver Birch session. When we stood up to go S2 gave Aureen a hug first (she lost both her parents within the last two years) and then I went over and gave her the big hug I'd wanted to give her earlier. She needed it by then I think, as she looked extremely drawn by this time. After this we all said our goodbyes and left, with Aureen saying that we would be doing a lovely meditation that Sh had reminded her about....... if she could remember how it went.

It had been a very good session in one way but one that was tempered with sadness too. We'd made sure Aureen's name was in the Healing Book during the session and she's been in my Angel Prayers ever since.

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Poor Aureen, what a sad loss for her.