Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Saturday 23rd was the date for my next visit to see Jan and I was ready to see her: the previous week hadn't been a good one at all, as the nausea I'd been feeling developed into something of a stomach upset and I was struggling to eat (not like me, since the op). On top of this was some added stress that wasn't helping at all. So DH got ready and saw me safely into the Clinic, before he carried on down the High Street to do some shopping and then head home.

When I got upstairs Jan took me into what is usually the Colonic treatment room for our consultation, as Aureen was in the other room with her client. I handed over my food diary sheets and her first words were that she didn't think there was any reason for me to continue to take them in. I guess I am sticking to the healthy eating OK........ and it'll save some paper, as well as printer and pen ink. LOL

She asked how things had been going since my last visit. I told her about the nauseous feeling I'd had from the Sunday and the stomach upset it triggered and the anxiety feelings this always seems to trigger, then told her a little about the added stress that wasn't helping. She asked if I was sure that I wasn't actually causing the anxiety reaction myself. No, my stomach had already been feeling off before the added stress and I was doing my best to stay calm..... and on comparing symptoms with DH and DS it pointed to my having a variation of the bug that they had had. I'd also thought that taking one of the vitamins with my evening meal hadn't been helping (maybe giving it a bit too much to do) and I wasn't too keen on the fact that it gave me bright yellow pee. The latter was a sign that it was working but my stomach had felt better since I stopped taking it, so I'd prefer to leave it out until it was back to normal. I'd felt so crap I'd got to the point that I would have tried anything to feel better.

We chatted about a couple of other things, then she said that she felt that we had probably gone as far as we could with the herbal side and that, at this point, I would probably benefit more with a course of acupuncture instead.... and that would certainly help with the nausea. How did I feel about that? I said I'd seen the needles used when I'd spoken to the acupuncturist at the Holistic Fair she'd held last year and they didn't bother me - I don't have a needle phobia and it was only when having blood taken that I didn't like to see what was happening.

So the upshot of this was that I am now booked in for my first acupuncture session on the 2nd February - it would have been  this Friday (29th January), except that I am going to stay with my DSis for the rest of this week, so won't be here.

In the meantime Jan altered the herbal mix slightly by taking out the liquorice and adding red clover instead and also added echinacae, to help me fight the bug I've had. She would just make me a weeks worth, to see me through until the acupuncture appointment. I forgot all about asking her to weigh me, so have no idea if I've lost anything but with the loss of appetite I've had I reckon I should have...... I'll just have to see if I can be weighed at my next visit instead. :0)
Aureen had finished with her client by this time, so Jan took us through so she could mix my medicine and I could chat with Aureen. When it was ready I added some herbal teas, a couple of snacks and Osteoguard tablets and went to pay - Jan would be in with another client when my Reiki treatment would be finished, so she wanted to get it done beforehand. Whilst I was paying she mentioned that she'd sold her house, though the timing wasn't great: she's currently rebranding the Clinic, preparing a brochure for publication and generally got a lot on, so the last thing she wanted was a house move on top but the Universe has decided to pile on the pressure. She has to be packed up and out part way through February.... and currently doesn't have anywhere to go to. I wished her Luck and hoped all went well.

I then went back into the treatment/dispensary room for my Reiki session.

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Julie said...

Hope your nausea is better this week and the echinacea heped dispell the bug