Tuesday, 5 January 2010

An Angel Held My Hand - Jacky Newcomb

From the bestselling author of An Angel Saved My Life and An Angel By my Side comes a new collection of moving real-life stories from the Afterlife that will make you laugh and cry. Inspiring. Amazing. True. Bestselling afterlife expert, Jacky Newcomb, is back with more moving and inspiring real-life dramas about people who have had 'a little help' from the other side when they most needed it. Stories include: / The baffling 'shouting' angels who saved Granddad from falling down a mine / The angels who mysteriously guided the young girl safely through the fog / The angel who wakes a mother to warn her of the house's carbon monoxide danger / The 'premonition' which saves a young girl and her grandmother from being shot on a bus / The man who was frozen to the spot so he can be saved from a falling tree / The child who writes a Christmas card for the 'ghost teacher' These are just some of the miraculous accounts in this beautiful new collection from one of the UK's leading angel experts.

I took this book into the hospital with me, as I thought it a somewhat appropriate topic to read whilst recovering from my operation. LOL

This book contains less of the writer's own experiences than the previous book I'd read (An Angel Saved my Life) and more of true life Angelic encounters from other people - ordinary men and women who were Blessed with aid from the Otherworld. Another lovely, uplifting read.

Rather than bringing the book home with me and registering it with Book Crossing I gave it to the young woman in the next bed who had been admitted the night before I came home. After she told me some of her story I felt she needed the inspiration and a little Angelic intervention of her own. :0)

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Julie said...

What a lovely thing to do, i hope the lady enjoyed it and received some angel healing.

I must look out for these myself when i am in the charity shops, on a positive note i might just take a walk to the library and see if they have them on their shelves for future ref ... only when the snows cleared though and its safe underfoot!