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Back in November last year I had my first ever aura Photograph taken. Looking back, that seems to have acted as a trigger for all kinds of things: a pointing out and an acknowledgement of the fact that I was carrying around a lot of anger and negativity; receiving a healing that was the first step towards dealing with it all; receiving the courage to go on and deal with all my health issues and an opening of my mind to all kinds of possibilities. The idea to have the photograph taken happened because I couldn't have my cards read and was a "just to see" impulse..... but now I feel that the Universe stepped in that day to help sort things out, so I could then go on and walk the Path I am supposed to. You can see the first pic here. :0)

So much has happened since then I knew it was time to have another photograph taken: it was a case of wanting to know if any of it had had an effect on my aura, if it had changed at all and what a Reading would reveal this time. First up was the photograph:

As you can see, if you look at the pic via the link above, it has totally changed....... though I still manage to have a similar soppy look on my face! LOL

Not only have the colours changed but it seems much has within me too, as the reading revealed. Last time it was mentioned that I was psychic and could channel Spirit but that got "lost" in the telling, as it was mostly to do with the state of my physical and mental health, neither of which were in a great state at that time.

I remain a blue personality, though it doesn't show in the aura. Blue isn't a state of mind but means on the positive side: caring; sensitive; loyal; a communicator (written and verbal); harmony (working on it!); serenity (working really hard on it!); integrity; discrimination; intelligence (oops, somebody must be having a laugh. ROFL); reflection; still waters run deep. On the negative side: unresponsive; caution; solitude (someones heard about the agoraphobia, then. LOL); manipulation; unable to face the world (ditto the agoraphobia). I hope I'm more the positives than the negatives....... though it is still a work in progress. :0)

I need to trust and believe in myself. Well, a lack of confidence and self-belief certainly was part and parcel of the health issues but they are being worked on. I'm also learning to push aside the self doubt and re-learning to trust the insights/intuition/feelings I get and not allow anyone to tell me that it's all in my imagination.
This is a time of transition for me. It certainly is that!
A woman in Spirit was around me who Nina believes was my Mum. Nina isn't a medium but an intuitive, so doesn't see Spirit, or pass on messages, but gets a general sense of when someone from Spirit is around. It was comforting to know. :0)
Changes were mentioned again and that I was gifted: this was linked with needing to do more studying and reading to open things up. I'm good at talking but also at listening. I always had people, even total strangers, suddenly start telling me their life stories..... and the nutter on the bus always sat next to me! Now I'm going back out into the world and am meeting people again..... it's happening again. (I think I'll stay off buses for a while yet though! LMAO). And when I worked as a playgroup supervisor you could always hear a pin drop when I read a story, the kids would be so enthralled (very useful at my own DS's bedtime when he was little! LOL)

At this point Nina looked straight into my eyes and said: you do know you're psychic, don't you?
It's one thing to wonder and hope that there's a spark of something there..... and another to have Jan, someone who has regular contact with me, to say I could be a good medium..... and yes, it's that self doubt thing too....... but to have someone who has only seen me once before, many months ago, come straight out and say it like that. Wow!

I explained that things had been a bit hit and miss over the years and that I'd also suppressed it for a long time too. It was a case of anything for an easy life with a DH who wasn't open to anything like this back then and having a young DS, and his social calendar, who took up much of my time. After all those years it finally feels like I'm reclaiming myself..... being who I am meant to be. :0)

Nina asked if I'd thought of joining a psychic church: she meant a Development Circle at a Spiritualist Church. She felt I really needed to do this as there was the potential for me to be a Pure Channel, working with the Light and Angels. So I told her that I had joined a Development Circle and the one and only session it had had but that the lady organising it (Aureen) was pushing to start it up again soon. She was glad about this, as she felt I really needed to be doing this. I see it as yet another sign/confirmation that I'm currently going in the right direction.

She then asked how I'd been sleeping and about dreaming. Well..... there are times that I can sleep for England but, no matter how many hours I sleep, when I wake up I still feel tired and I do dream. (I didn't tell her but I have a very active dreamlife, often remembering them when I wake up, with much symbolical meaning in some [which I use a book to interpret] whilst others just "feel" different somehow). Her explanation for this was that I carry out Dream State work, going off to help and do things (perhaps those things I should be doing here on Earth in my waking hours?), so I need to ask my Guide/s to allow me to rest and ask the Angels to take me to a healing chamber to work on my Four Bodies (Spiritual; mental; emotional and physical). I think Aureen and her Angels are helping greatly with that. :0)

Next she said: I'd always been a non-conformist (actually that's DH - he was brought up in the Congregationalist church! LOL). Seriously, I feel I always tried to conform/fit in for a long time but always felt a bit like a square peg in a round hole..... up until realisation struck that I am a Pagan, and always have been at heart, and have since travelled wherever that Path has led me. Just call me a slow learner. ROFL
I'm an Old Soul and have been here many times before but in this lifetime I chose to be here at this time (presumably the whole 2012 thing) and am here with a mission: to teach - not as in teacher teaching but as in showing the way.
So I need to be with people/to be with people in need - which links back to the talking/listening and people giving me their life stories and the nutter on the bus: perhaps people are drawn to me to do this because they can, at some level, sense that's my purpose/why I am here?
Animals were mentioned too (they keep cropping up, don't they?). I told her about deciding not to have any pets, the neighbours barking dogs driving me crazy and feeling more drawn to wild animals but she said it's OK, just keep it in mind. Basically, all will be revealed when it's time.
Nina gave me another straight look and said: you've waited a long time for this, haven't you? Yes: just about most of my life so far...... but after she'd said those things that little old light bulb flashed on, something seemed to click inside and I got a feeling of rightness and immediately thought: so now I know! :0)

Whilst I was still absorbing that she mentioned my eyes again then really noticed my right eye: some time on the Saturday a small blood vessel had burst on the right side of it so I looked a little like a vampire about to get the blood lust up (Christopher Lee eat your heart out - mine wasn't achieved with contact lenses! ROFL). So she asked what on Earth I'd done to it: nothing, it just happened - same as it did a few years ago, just one of those things that, thankfully, goes really quickly. She said the problem was with my sight - not my eyesight but my Third Eye and that there were blocks with my inner seeing. That's been a long term problem, I feel mostly due to the suppression, but that is being worked on.

She then said that she and Jerry would give me some healing if I wished, to help clear those blocks and dissolve some remaining anger and negativity and to connect me with the Higher Realms which would help me in my work. So I said yes, stood (this time remembering not to cross my arms) with Nina in front of me and Jerry behind with his hands on my shoulders - Nina then placed her hands on my head and upper chest and immediately a rush of energy went through me and my legs turned to jelly and they had to guide me back into the chair - I just couldn't stay upright, not even if my life had depended on it! I was then given a large geometric object to hold, made from copper wire with crystals and gemstones attached to it, and Nina placed a "crown", made from the same materials, on my head and proceeded to pray for all blocks, contracts and obligations from this and previous lives to be dissolved and a whole load of other things besides. Throughout this she gently moved my head around and manipulated the crown on my head. I had one vague thought that I probably looked a right prat but, to be honest, I really didn't care - I felt so chilled out, could feel what she was doing was working and was happy to go with the flow. :0)

When Nina had done she removed the "crown", grounded me and then the object was taken and put back on the table. She asked how I felt: a little spacey, so she did some further grounding and I felt OK then - really happy. She said she'd not only done the healing and clearing and connected me to the Higher Realms but had done this to the higher levels, so I could draw in the Light when needed - I guess this will help with further Development too, helping me to connect more easily. I thanked her and she said that next time, should I go back, she hoped to see more blue in my aura, for the Spirituality. :0)

I then went upstairs to find DH and listen to the Dragonfly Moon session - it felt like I was walking on air, as I was so happy and finally feeling as if I'm truly finding my way towards where I should be....... and the music was great and I so wanted to get up and dance. Maybe next time! LOL

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Julie said...

What a lovely experience.

You can really see the change in your physical between the photographs.