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DH and I went to the BSSK's Mind, Body and Spirit event at the Lincolnshire Showground on Sunday 31st May. This year it was held in the new Epic Centre building and what a difference it made: more room, things more spread out, more to see and much better rooms for the talks and music demos to be held in....... though I do feel it lost a little of the intimacy that the smaller room gave it, iykwim. We mainly went with the intention of looking at Tibetan Singing Bowls and Dragonfly Moon CD's and so I could have my aura photograph taken again, so weren't planning on much spending..... though that isn't quite how it panned out in the end!

Now normally when we go to these events we try to have a once-around-the-room first, to get an overview of what's there and where, and then go around again, zooming in on what interests us. Not this time, as we started to spot things of interest straight away. The Dragonfly Moon stall was the first one we homed in on as I immediately spotted some Tibetan Singing Bowls and began to play. :0) This was the one I picked up straight away but I couldn't get it to sing - it was a warm day and my hands were hot and sticky, not conducive to making a Singing Bowl sing! LOL I handed it over to DH with the same result, so he had the good idea of putting the little pad on his hand first, then the bowl - result! He says it has a B note - I know it's a musical note, other than that it means nothing to me...... all I know is it sounded sweet. I tried again using the same technique and this time it sang just as sweetly for me. :0) We tried three other bowls but each time were drawn back to this one, so DH went halves on the cost and it came home with us:

I shall do a separate post on this another time, as it deserves one to itself, and I'll do more pics - there's something rather special inside. :0) Scott and Susan (Dragonfly Moon duo) were doing a workshop at that time but the young chap who served us said to come back later and Scott would show us a rather nifty technique using a bowl and water...... we said we'd be back.

The next stall was The Magik Thread, my favourite book stall as it has carries lots of esoteric books and there's usually something of interest on there. For some reason I was immediately drawn to the Oracle Card section. Now I love my Archangel Oracle cards and had no intention of buying any others but as I glanced along them I suddenly spotted the Gaia Oracle Cards, so picked up the cards to have a look at the images. Beautiful just doesn't cover it - they are some of the loveliest images I've seen on these cards - and they called to me to shuffle them....... and out popped the Transformation card. This is all about Transformation and change, not being afraid and letting the beneficial happenings from the changes happen....... it was just so apt I laughed and showed it to DH. I knew I'd been led to them: the Archangel cards deal with more Spiritual things, whereas the Gaia cards are a little more earthy (naturally enough) and I feel they'll compliment each other quite nicely. After wandering a little further (clutching the box of cards in my hand) I then found two books of interest:

The crystal book will be a supplement to the Crystal Bible I already have...... the Angel Numbers book was another item I felt led to: now I can find out the message behind all those 1's I keep seeing! Yay, mystery solved! :0)

Next I spotted a stall selling magnetic jewellery, so we went for a nosey. Now my right wrist had been bugging me for a few days, feeling hot to the touch and painful below the thumb joint - so much so I was beginning to suspect RSI from too much computer mousework (Oops!). Well I decided to give one a go, especially when the lady showed me a silver coloured bangle in an interwoven style that reminded me a little of Celtic torcs. I'm glad I succumbed - within minutes of putting it on my wrist started to feel better (three days later and it's barely bothering me..... and just as much mousework has been going on!).

The books and Singing Bowl were heavy so we decided to head round to the facilities then head back to the car to pop these items in the boot and to have our packed lunch. It's a good job I did this: the catering facilities available were a little basic, to say the least, so whilst DH could have found a pre-packed sandwich to eat I'd have gone hungry because that's all there was..... and I can't currently have bread, margarine or butter. Thank goodness for yeast free tortilla wraps and a little foresight! LOL

When we'd eaten and drunk our fill we headed back inside once more. The next stall we went to was Blue Moon Goddess. This has all kinds of lovely goodies but these were the two pieces that jumped out at me:

The picture shows: Brigid as Maid; Boann as Mother and Cerridwen as Crone. Waxing, full and waning moon..... and the complete cycle of life. This will be propped in front of my altar. The other item is a fridge magnet and has a most wonderful quote by Deepak Chopra on it which is so apt and touched a spark within (it's now on the side of me freezer, so every time I come back into the house from the back garden I will see it, read it and allow it to be a reminder).

We wandered a little further, looking at the different stalls as we went..... with DH making sure we walked very quickly past the Chinese Medicine stall - after our last encounter with that lady he wasn't keen to give her the chance to sell us any more things! LOL

DH was feeling a little uncomfortable at this point, as his back had begun to ache a little (something that happens from time to time), so he headed for the Zone of Tranquility to rest his back and chill while I carried on looking at the clothes on the Prettythings stall. Everything is gorgeous but I love the Jordash range they carry, though never had the courage to wear any of it. Well, that's about to change because I gave in and bought a gorgeous purple skirt that had velvety bands running across it and a black spider web pattern on the cotton areas - it's a glorious colour! There was a stunning dress that I kept fondling: gypsy style, with lace up bodice, long flowing skirt with added lace and it went from a vivid blue at the top to purple at the bottom..... I was tempted (won't buy anything like that unless my DSis is there though - she's honest enough to tell me when I look a total dipstick in something, whereas DH would just mumble that it looks OK whilst thinking "Can we go now?" LOL). I got chatting to the stallholder
and he recognised me from previous years and saw I'd lost weight, so I was telling him about going to the Herbalist and how my blood pressure was now back to normal. That interested him, as he's been on medication for years for the same problem: he was amazed I'd done it naturally and said how well I looked too. It's nice to know that other people can see the change. :0)

When I'd paid I went over to DH, who felt OK and was ready to carry on. Noticing the time a little later we then headed up the stairs to go and listen to one of the talks. This one was by Kit Berry, the author of the Stonewylde series of books and was about how she found the Pagan path and how it led her to write the books. A reasonably interesting talk, though not quite what I was expecting. Still, it gave us an opportunity to sit for a while and it was nice to hear how an encounter with a hare led to her becoming a Pagan and changing her life around.

Next stop, when we came down to the hall again, was to have a look at the JM Soaps stall. Since last seeing him at the Elsecar event he'd introduced three new soaps to the range and they are rather nice:

The Geranium soap is a lovely delicate scent, one you could use in the bath or shower and it leave you nicely scented, so you wouldn't have to bother with perfume. The YlangYlang and Cedarwood soap I handed to DH to sniff, saying it was a man's soap and the stallholder nodded his head - he'd realised most of his soaps were feminine ones and had added this as one for the men. The Patchouli had proved to be popular, as we had one of the last couple of bars left - it's reputed to be a romance mood setting scent but is a good one for use, in incense sticks, for meditation. I shall use this to wash my hands in before meditating. :0)

I then headed for the Divine Lights aura photography stand. This was one of the things I'd planned on doing: so much has happened since last time I had first had this done I was curious to know if any changes would appear. DH pointed out that it was almost time for Dragonfly Moons performance upstairs, so I told him to go on up and I'd meet him there when I'd done (see how much more confident I am! LOL). There was quite a bit came out of this session so I shall do a separate post about it, along with the pic, at a later date. When done I headed on upstairs, full of joy, and joined DH, who was nursing a cup of tea. Luckily the guy beforehand - Keith Adams - was playing his final piece so I hadn't missed any of DM's session....... glad to have heard KA though, as what I heard was lovely. There followed a rendition of five of Scott and Susan's songs from their Rigantona's Daughters and Full Circle CD's, a really lively and toe-tapping session that everyone thoroughly enjoyed - I so wanted to get up and dance!

After the session we headed downstairs again. While DH popped to the facilities I waited for him nearby and a lady struck up a conversation about DM and their music - it was the first time she'd heard them and asked whereabouts their stall was, so I told her. She'd been struck by how nice the pair were and how much they loved the music and wanted to buy a CD. I told her DH, DS and I are fans and now make a point of going to their sessions at these events, as well as having a couple of their CD's. DH came out then, so I said goodbye and we carried on wandering around the hall. When we realised Scott and Susan were now back on their stall we headed on over so we could look at more of their CD's...... the lady I'd been speaking to was there and was trying to decide which one she wanted, so I pointed out the two CD's that contained the music she'd heard upstairs whilst DS paid for the ones we were having:

He had quite a conversation with Susan and we then mentioned that we'd bought a singing bowl earlier, at which point Scott joined us, so we mentioned that the young chap mentioned the water trick. Scott shot off and brought back the larger beaten bowl with some water in it and showed us how the sound waves affected the water when it was singing, causing droplets of water to shower out of it. When he'd got it going again he got us to put our finger into the water - freaky! It almost felt like I got a shock from it, which made me pull back quickly. I told him I'd wanted the bowl for meditation, as I'd been struggling, so he talked me through the technique - will put that in the separate post. Thanking them we left them to deal with other customers whilst we headed back to the Magik Thread stall.

After hearing the talk by the author I decided to buy the first book in her series:

It also helped that we'd received a £2.00 off voucher as we'd attended her talk. LOL I was curious to see how Pagan it is...... or if it was just buying into the claptrap that's spouted about what Pagans "get up to" - some of her Forum fan club were at the talk, so I guess there must be something in it to have gathered such a following. I reckon this will be the book I next read.

We then carried on back round the hall (one of these days I'll get hold of one of those pedometers and see just how far we do walk at one of these events! LOL), as it was very quiet by this time and we wanted one final nosey while it was so easy to see everything. This time we homed in on a stall that sold Visionary PhotoArt. I immediately spotted on called Metatron..... the Oracle card that I draw most often. Every time you look at the picture you see something different. DH was really taken by one called Venus Rising:

Venus is on the left, Metatron on the right. Venus immediately made me think of chakras. :0) DH kept asking if I wanted the Metatron piece and I said I was thinking of buying it and he promptly took it off me and said he'd get it for me: he reckoned the wall above our bed was too bare and it needed something and these would be perfect. I said: Oh, a His and Hers set of pictures and grinned - he grinned back. He's never really bothered about decorations before so the pictures obviously spoke to him.... he also plans on putting a shelf up above the chest of drawers on his side of the bed so he can put his crystals out on display too. Wow! It's not just me that's being affected by changes and I feel that these, in some way, are representations of those changes. They will be interesting pieces to meditate over. The chap was quite pleased at the two last minute sales...... I did wonder if the event wasn't quite as busy as in previous years, rather than it all being due to there being more room in this hall.

By this time it was obvious that stallholders were beginning to pack up so we quickly headed to the He Hi She Lo stall where I bought a crystal (won't say what as it's a gift) and asked if he'd do me a favour and identify a small crystal piece I'd bought from Mablethorpe. He was happy to and recognised it as Bloodstone and told me its properties - so glad that was solved, so now I know why I was drawn to buying that. :0) I thanked him and we then decided it was time to go home. As we passed the Divine Lights stall Nina and Jerry called a goodbye and Nina said she was just writing a reminder for her to ask for further healing for me. How kind is that? :0)

A busy and a bit of an expensive day out but it was soooooo worth it in so many other ways.... and it very nicely finished off what was an extremely enjoyable weekend. We both slept deeply that night!

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Julie said...

Sounds to me like DH has stepped on to the spiritual path himself, he must be so proud of the way you are blossoming.