Friday, 19 June 2009


On Wednesday 17 June it was time for me to go back to the Clinic to be re-tested for Candida levels so off I went for the 10am appointment..... only the postman was just down the road and when he spotted me he shouted that he'd got a sign for package for me. OK, but I'm running late for my appointment, so he said head back and as soon as he'd given the post to the address he was at he'd come straight to me.... so I headed home again. I opened up, grabbed a pen and was ready and waiting when he arrived - package (for DS) was duly signed for, alarm reset and door locked and off I headed once more...... definitely running late now.

I quickly shot down the street, calling a quick Hello to my neighbour, who I passed on the way. Jan and Natalie were waiting for me so, once I'd got my breath back, I apologised and explained what had happened. That's the first time I've ever been late but, thankfully, they were both understanding about it.

Natalie took me through to the Reiki room and asked if I just wanted the Candida test or the food sensitivity testing as well. I was curious to know what a second test would reveal, so opted to have it done again. I removed my rings and bracelets, held the brass rod for the machine to be set up, then the testing began.

The results were interesting: tuna didn't come up - it seems leaving it out of my diet, then reintroducing and eating it just once a week has worked OK; garlic is now OK; peas had dropped from high to moderate intolerance. I registered once again as dairy and citrus intolerant, which shows it wasn't a fluke and doubly confirms what I had always suspected, and paprika and eggs came up again too. The surprises were showing moderate intolerance to carrots and pork, which I'd been eating a bit more of lately, and high intolerance to tomatoes, which I eat every day. The old adage of eating everything in moderation certainly seems to be something I need to firmly grasp! LOL

Natalie was very pleased with how I was doing on the diet, impressed with the ongoing weight loss and was pleased with how I was managing the restrictions and reintroductions of the intolerance foods. It's basically a case of continuing what I'm already doing but adapting it to include the recent findings.

Next came the Candida retest. After taking the reading a couple of times it showed that my rate had gone from 60 up to 78. A normal reading for Candida should be 90 - I have a ways to go but it has improved. To be honest I am really pleased with it, as I'm not actually on any Candida fungus killing treatments at the moment (being treated for high blood pressure and hormonal imbalances and leaky gut), apart from being on the special diet...... so it looks like the stricter adherence to that has helped quite a bit. :0)

Out in reception again I got some more herbal teas and digestive capsules and paid my dues. Jan was busy so didn't have much time for a natter but I did tell her about going shopping for clothes the previous Saturday: finding I'd dropped from a 40E to a 38D bra size and from size 22-24 clothes to size 16. She was really pleased and just then two of her students came into reception, so she told them I was one of the Clinic's success stories and asked if I'd mind telling them what I'd just told her. I didn't and they asked quite a few questions about what the diet was like (Jan piped in with: it's bl**dy awful - having been on it herself. LOL), how much I'd lost etc etc and I told them about the health warning from the GP etc and how my blood pressure was now back to normal. They were amazed, especially by the fact that this has only taken 6 months to achieve. I left soon after, as they were busy, promising Jan to get on and write the testimonial I'd promised her. :0)

When I'd done in there I stopped to browse in the Hospice Bookshop window and immediately spotted that they had some esoteric books that were definitely of interest to me, so I had to go in for a closer look. The new book display had only been set up that morning and I promptly ruined it by wanting two of the books, though they didn't mind at all. Here's what I couldn't resist:

It's unusual to find this kind of book in there, so I was glad I'd let curiosity win out when I'd stopped for a nosey. I asked the lady and gentleman behind the counter if they had much more in this line, or anything to do with Wicca, Druidism, Paganism or any kind of alternative beliefs but they said they'd used most of what they had for the display - though she pointed to the sections I'd be most likely to find them, so I had another nosey. I didn't find any other esoteric books but I did find these two:

The herbal one is full of remedies for all kinds of ailments and I couldn't believe my luck at finding that as well. I also have an interest in reading books on women in history who played a major role in their time - great role models, as they stepped out of the subordinate role they were expected to take and became powerful in their own right, and also extremely insightful as to the attitudes/trends of the day. Plus I just plain enjoy history.... I should have taken that subject instead of chemistry at school..... I'd probably have got much better marks! LOL

The lady then told me that they could take my name, phone number and details of the type of books I was interested in: I mentioned New Age and various Pagan beliefs but the chap called it Occult, so that's what went in the book. Not so sure I like the connotations of that word, but will see what comes out of this: any likely books that come into the shop and they will give me a ring to ask if I'm interested and they'll hold on to it if I am. :0)

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be clearing out and not accumulating but, as I've said before, books are different! LOL I paid for them and the lady kindly kept them behind the counter for me while I popped further down the street to get a few things I needed from another shop. That shopping was soon done so I headed back, picking up the books on my way and calling in at Tesco Express for a few things on my way home.

As I crossed the road to the block that had my house on it I spotted a woman walking towards me: I couldn't see her face as it was raining and her umbrella was held forward, covering her face - but there was something about her figure and walk that I recognised. As I passed her, just short of my driveway, I managed to see her face and stopped, just as she did a double-take, and said her name. Another blast from the past: L used to be a cleaner at the steelworks and cleaned my DH's office and always had a natter with him - plus my DH worked with her DH - and we always used to stop and have a natter whenever we saw each other, always had a laugh and a joke - she's one of those happy people who have smiley eyes and see the funny side of everything. Thanks to the agoraphobia I hadn't seen her in years. We had a quick catch up and I made sure to tell her that if ever she was passing and fancied a coffee/tea and a natter to knock and she said she would - got my fingers crossed that she does and soon. :0)

As I walked into my drive my neighbour, E, had just extracted her youngest and middle child from her car so I said Hello and had another natter. LOL She invited me round to have a look-see at her now finished kitchen, so I quickly dropped off my bags into the hall, locked up again and went round. Wow, have they made a difference to that house! The previously dark and claustrophobic galley kitchen has been opened out into the back porch and sun lounge area, with light cupboards, oak coloured work surfaces and milk chocolate coloured walls - they've made it light, airy and a lovely area to work in. I am absolutely green! After a bit more chat I left her so she could continue putting her shopping away and feed the little ones.... I went to put my own shopping away and to feed myself. LOL

It turned out to be a really good day and one that held such pleasant surprises/meetings - the sort of happenings that make me think the Universe was playing a hand in my life again. :0)

I'm back at the Clinic again next Wednesday and this time it's to see Jan and have my monthly weigh in.......... am hoping for another pleasant surpise that day too. ;0)

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