Monday, 29 June 2009


Wednesday 24th was the day for my appointment to see Jan the Herbalist for my monthly check-up. Thankfully there was no repeat of the performance I had when leaving to go to the Clinic for the food sensitivity re-test, so I was able to pop into the Hospice Charity shop first, to drop off another bagful of bits, before crossing the road and going into the Clinic.

Ann, the receptionist, was back and there was time for a natter with her while Jan completed some phone calls. Ann is now walking around without a stick and her recuperation and healing are going really well - the surgeon did a great job, as the scar over her knee is extremely neat and streamlined...... and it will fade over time. She was glad to be back at work and it was lovely to see her looking so well and moving about so freely.

Jan had finished by this time, so she took me through to the Reiki room for our consult. It must be something about that room, as I found myself telling her all about Sunday's incident with my DSis's horrible neighbour and the associated upset. I'm glad I did, as she was able to offer different perspectives on what happened: no matter what I'd said or done it wouldn't have made any difference, as he wouldn't be able to see anyone else's point of view; asking the Angels to help him was a waste of my time and energy, as he clearly has no intention of changing his behaviour (he is someone who deliberately sets out to trigger the negative response/reaction he wants and expects) and if he knew wouldn't thank me for it anyway because he can't see that what he does is wrong; I need to concentrate on myself for now, to get back to good health; she once again stated that I was psychic, and that I had potential to do so much good to help those who want help I shouldn't waste time on those that haven't asked and don't want it, or I'd soon burn out. I felt a lot calmer after speaking with her about this.

She asked how I'd been, apart from that: well, before then I'd felt great - lots of energy and motivation, so the de-cluttering session was maintaining the right momentum; much brighter and happier in myself, with hardly any grief related/brooding problems - until the stroppy neighbour chose Father's Day to behave badly and I felt like I'd been pushed back ten steps; occasional digestive problems, though they were much less than they used to be, and still a few monthly niggles but even those seem to be gradually lessening.

Jan seemed pretty pleased with the progress so opted to leave the herbal mixture for my hormones and blood pressure as is, with one exception: the addition of slippery elm to help with the digestive problems. Meantime, I was to stop drinking the Cleanse tea (too harsh for me at the moment) and to drink plenty of Harmonise, Love, Relax and Chamomile teas to calm and soothe and to help me regain the more positive and happy frame of mind I had been in prior to Sunday. As there's no Reiki session before July she did suggest that I phone Aureen and have a chat with her, should I feel the need, as Aureen would probably be able to give me more Spiritual insights on things.

Next it was through into the treatment room to be weighed: I was 12stone 4lbs last month and I was...... 12stone 4lbs this month. I was happy with that - although I'd been more physically active through the month (lots of garden wotk and de-cluttering/cleaning) I'd also been eating more, as if my bosy needed the extra calories to keep the activity going. Breaking even is good - at least it wasn't a gain! LOL We didn't bother with my blood pressure, for obvious reasons.

Back in reception I added a couple of boxes of herbal teas to my bill, as my stock was getting a little low, then suddenly felt drawn to the crystal cabinet and was immediately drawn to these two:

Once I read the strips of paper I knew exactly why I'd felt drawn to them. Needless to say, they came home with me. :0)

I paid my bill, made my next appointment and then it was just a few minutes before Jan brought my medicine through. When she handed it to me I apologised for getting upset and thanked her - what she'd said made a lot of sense and had given me something to think about.

When I left the Clinic guess where I next headed? Yup, the Hospice Bookshop. Here's what I found in there this time:

The Angel book had actually been put in the wrong area but if it hadn't have been I probably wouldn't have spotted it...... one of those little "coincidences" again. Of course with a subject like that how could I resist? LOL

As I was feeling a little drained after the somewhat emotional session I opted to go straight back home, once I'd paid for my little haul. A little later I checked my emails and had had a response from a friend whi I'd confided in. This gave me yet more different perspectives on Sunday's happenings and much to think about. As the day drew on I started to feel better and better as certain thoughts occured to me: the only reason the neighbour's nastiness had a hold on me and was having other knock on effects was because I was allowing it to, so - I chose not to let it; that maybe the neighbour was so nasty and selfish because that was something he had to experience in this lifetime, so he could appreciate the difference between that and being caring so he could learn from it and grow; that perhaps, more than anything, this has been a valuable life lesson for me: to show me the difference between people who ask for and want help and those that don't ask and don't want it and to show me that some people can't be helped, so I can recognise these things later, when I go on to the next stage...... whatever that may be.

At this point what happened no longer affects me and I am regaining the equilibrium I had prior to it....... and I feel a little of that elusive wisdom was gained along the way. :0)

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