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Saturday was the day I've so been looking forward to: the day of the Angels Light the Way, an Introduction to Angels Workshop with Aureen at the Earth Energies Clinic. :0)

After getting ready and making a packed lunch I gathered that, a couple of bottles of water, my meds and my rose quartz angel into my bag and headed off down there for the 10am start. I was the first one there, soon followed in by three other ladies. Aureen came through, greeted us and took us through to the Reiki treatment room where we took our seats.

Aureen made the introductions, gave a little Welcome speech and went on to give us a quick run through of what the workshop would cover:
  • Let there be Angels
  • What are Angels and where do they come from
  • The difference between Angels and Spirit Guides
  • Signs
  • Angelic Hierarchy
  • Angels we know well
  • Her own introduction to Angels
  • Earth Angels
  • Questions

Dinner Break
  • True Angel stories
  • Angelic music
  • Grounding
  • An inner journey to our safe place
  • Meeting your Guardian Angel
  • Affirmation to the Angels
Let There Be Angels was a reading of Aureen's own poem, which was an uplifting piece - I haven't asked for permission to put it on here so can't share, unfortunately. It was a lovely way to begin. :0)

Everything was very informal: Aureen went on to give the talk but didn't mind interruptions with questions on what was being covered, which meant a nice five-way flow developed through the day........ way better than one of those stuffed-shirt lectures where you're expected to just sit and absorb everything, while you struggle to stave off falling asleep. LOL There was no danger of that here, as it soon became apparent that we had all experienced some form of angelic intervention in our lives. The spooky thing was we had all also lost loved ones too and were also able to share some of our thoughts and feelings on that. Perhaps something that affects you so deeply makes you more open-minded to things? Certainly a very deep life lesson is learned which brings about a change within. Methinks the Universe had certainly conspired to bring us all together that day. :0)

All of the information was interesting but certain parts were more relevant for me, such as Signs (when you know an Angel is around). We'd all heard of, and appealed to, the Angel of Parking and knew it worked; then there are the little white feathers that pop up in unexpected places: this has happened to me, having found a white feather in the bottom of a paper bag that was folded up and sitting on the windowsill in the downstairs loo - admittedly it's one really weird place to find one but that's how you know it's a sign. I still have the feather, tucked into the wire wings of an Angel ornament and every time I see it it lifts my heart. :0)

As an aside: she normally sits on a cupboard in the living room and I placed her on the table today to take the pic. I got a sudden feeling of rightness when I put her there and a little voice said: yes, she's supposed to be there. The table is to the side of the front door into my home so she's obviously meant to be the embodiment of our Home Angel. :0)

Clouds are another way of seeing signs of angels and I've often glanced up and seen an Angel shape form in front of my eyes. Another one is cupped hands, though I can't remember ever seeing those..... yet! Recurring words or music is another way of receiving a message: having words pop out at you when reading a magazine, newspaper or book or on advertising banners and the like and the same music being played whenever you turn the radio, TV or car radio on. I know when, out of the blue, I suddenly start humming a particular song that my Dad is around but hadn't realised that Angelic messages were given this way. Dreams are the main way of receiving messages, at least for me: one very active dream state with much symbology (something else I've been looking into). Then there are signs from Angels using a butterfly or particular bird or animal - one that draws close to you after you've asked for help/a sign or going through a rough patch. I remember the day we went to lay flowers for Dad soon after his passing and I'd asked for a sign and along came a beautiful dragonfly, dancing around the area near to his ashes, which was a truly magical experience - we'd never seen one in all the times we'd visited Rosehill before that and haven't seen one since, so I know my appeal was answered. :0) I asked if this also held true for numbers and it does. Why numbers? Well, for ages now I will just happen to glance at a clock or timer in the house and it will be showing either 1.11, 11.01 or 11.11..... I play a game of Spider Solitaire on the computer and my score will consistently be 111. I asked about this on a Wiccan Forum and was told it was all to do with binary code and I just happened to be noticing it. Wasn't convinced though, so on 1st November last year and 11 January this year I kept my head down, just in case (as you do, LOL) - then read something recently that the number 1 is an Angelic number.......... OK, so it's now a case of working out just what message is being given.

The Angelic Hierarchy was interesting. Some of this I'd kinda picked up over the years in the way most of us accumulate knowledge, almost via osmosis, as we just go about our lives, but most was new. It was interesting to go into the Angels of the four directions, as I'll call them: Michael - South (the direction my altar faces and the one I face when praying and meditating. Purists would probably say I was doing this wrong but to me it feels right, so it will continue this way); Gabriel - West; Raphael - East and Uriel - North, their attributes and what they can help with. Again there was some new info in there and much that struck a chord - some of the things I've been doing instinctively I now fully understand the reasons for doing them. I just love those light bulb moments! LOL

The concept of Earth Angels was something I hadn't come across before and it's lovely: apparently we can all be Earth Angels, in those moments when we do a kind deed for someone. Those times when someone does something kind for us, such as carrying a heavy bag to the car for us or stopping to help when there's a problem (the list is endless) - those moments when we thank them and, without thinking, say "You're an angel"...... that's when we've met an Earth Angel. :0)

Then there are the two Angels who were once human: Metatron (the prophet and scribe Enoch) and Sandalphon (prophet Elijah, Enoch's twin brother). Metatron keeps cropping up for me, especially in the Archangel Oracle cards: he helps develop Spiritual Understanding. Before going to the Workshop I pulled a card and guess which one it was? Yup, Metatron and Spiritual Understanding.

We touched lightly on the aspect of Dark Angels, the chief of whom is Lucifer. Now I'd always been led to believe that Lucifer was the Angel who turned bad and was kicked out of heaven for it. Not quite: the Supreme Being asked for a volunteer from the top Angels who was willing to go down to Earth to help strengthen humanity's Spiritual purpose by offering constant temptation. Lucifer volunteered for the job. It's all about freewill, darkness and light and having to know one to appreciate the other....... and this immediately brought to mind what had happened during my last Reiki treatment with the Angel Daniel. Can you hear another light bulb clicking on? LOL As Aureen said: why work with the Dark when you can work wwith the Light?

It was also very interesting to learn a little more about Aureen and her own experiences. She's been working with Angels since 1969 - my jaw almost hit the floor. I was 8 years old then - she looks younger than me! She was also one of those very lucky people who has always known what she was meant to do in this lifetime and has gone on to do it, though she's glad that times are changing and people can now talk more openly about Angels and suchlike - back then it was more likely to result in a trip to the special hospital. We then had a break for lunch and a much needed toilet visit!

We all decided to stay in the room to have dinner, which gave us an opportunity to carry on chatting between ourselves. E, sat to my right, had lost her Dad to cancer and had had messages from her Spirit Guide during his illness and a close encounter with an Angel afterwards ..... she also lives at the opposite end of the road that I live on!; the lady to my left had lost her husband to cancer and had lots of happenings to relate; the young lady on her left had lost her parents within two weeks of each other, both suddenly, and worked with her Angel when she gave her treatments (Indian Head Massage). What came across was that we had all had various experiences but also all suffered from self-doubt and kept questioning if things had really happened, often putting it down to imagination..... or, as in my case, regularly being told it was our imagination and allowing ourselves to be persuaded that was the case.

Lunch and another toilet break over and it was back to business. Aureen related some true stories of Angel happenings that had happened over the years, including ones of Reiki treatments where people had felt more than Aureen's hands on them.... and I mentioned that it had happened to me too. Next we listened to some gentle music, in preparation for the guided meditation, then began by grounding ourselves. Aureen then led us into our safe place - a garden we had to visualise - then on to meet out Guardian Angel and to receive a gift from them. Well I was doing OK on the garden bit and was happily visualising my garden...... though not as it as, rather as I want it to be....... and was just trying to visualise seeing my Angel approaching when two muppets outside in the street decided to have a car horn duelling contest. To say I jumped would be an understatement - I virtually lifted off the chair in fright. That ruined it and from then on I just couldn't get back into it, as then someones mobile started beeping occasionally due to the battery dying, despite being switched off, then there was banging elsewhere and my leg and back had begun to ache because the chair was too high for me in bare feet.

Afterwards Aureen asked each of us in turn how it had gone. the lady on my left had had the same problems as me with noise and hadn't met her Angel either but E and the young lady had. E's gift was an orange, so Aureen said it could mean something as mundane as that she needed more Vitamin C in her diet. (Oranges represent luck and prosperity: E is trying to sell her Dad's house after the first sale dropped through - I wonder if it means there'll be another buyer [the luck] to whom she will sell it soon? [bringing the prosperity] I'd love to know). I can't remember the young lady's gift but she had discovered her Angel's name for the first time. So two of us need more practice at this meditation lark - well, if they stopped off all traffic from the road outside and gagged all the neighbourhood dogs I'd probably get somewhere but it isn't likely to happen, so I guess it's just keep on trying until I can zone out those noises.

Aureen then got us all to draw one of her Angel cards and we all drew something very apt. The lady to my left drew Soulmate, the same card that she'd had in a reading by Aureen back in June, which underlined the relevance of the message it gave then. I can't remember the young lady's card (I have had a few sleeps since then!) but E's was Blessings: recounting her story of seeing a golden orb with a shaft of light beaming down from the bottom in her bedroom one night, and reaching out and touching it, I certainly think she has received Angel Blessings. And my own card? I laughed when I saw it: Spiritual Guidance. So I told everyone about my own card drawing that morning, so I'm certainly being given plenty of that at the moment and need to be open and aware of more to come. :0)

Any questions? I piped up and asked: when something happens how do I stop myself from reacting with fright? I mean true heart pounding, almost doing an Yvette Fielding, fright. As I pointed out I react this way even when I've asked for something (heard a voice say "Hello Karan" when I wanted to meet my Spirit Guide and immediately panicked) - yet when I feel more than Aureen's hands on me during a Reiki treatment I just accept it. Aureen says it's about Trust: I know and trust her and the Angels she works with so am OK - I now need to Trust that when something happens outside of the treatment room that's OK too because Angels are incapable of harming us. I also need to trust myself and my own abilities.

Aureen finally closed with an affirmation, again written by herself and extremely apt, then gave us our little booklet of the information we'd covered to take home with us.

There was a bit of chatting between the other ladies and E said to me: What are the Reiki treatments with Aureen like? So I said they were wonderful and that I'd benefited greatly from them and told her a little about having the two-pronged approach from both Aureen and Jan. The room had gone quiet as everyone else started to listen too and Aureen asked me if I'd say the treatments were a Spiritual experience. I'd never thought of it that way before but yes, I had to agree - especially when they give so much inner peace. She mentioned how much I'd changed too. Yes, definitely. I then said that I'd allowed people to persuade me that the things I'd seen and felt were my imagination, so had suppressed everything, and I now felt that because I had suppressed, rather than nurtured, it had contributed a lot to all the health issues I'd since had, especially the agoraphobia and panic attacks - Aureen agreed. So I was now reclaiming myself and getting back to being the person I used to be before the health issues. E and the young lady both mentioned they would be making appointments to have treatments soon. LOL If they benefit as greatly as I am then they will find it well worth it. :0)

Aureen also took the young lady's phone number - it seems she's also interested in joining a Development Circle, so it's looking promising for it to start up again in the not too distant future. Yay!

On that note we had to leave as Jan had to shut up shop to go home, as she had someone coming for a house viewing, so we said our goodbyes and I went home. As I said to DH later, when telling him some of what had happened: it was so good to be in a room with like-minded people and be able to talk openly, knowing that everyone understood because they'd all had experiences too.

The weekend continued on a high note, as we went to a Mind, Body and Spirit event on Sunday, but I shall do a separate post about that another time.

If you've got this far please give yourself a medal. LOL Thank you for visiting. :0)

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