Friday, 29 May 2009


Another Herbalist visit was on the cards this morning and it was a bright sunny day that saw me wearing jeans and a thin, short sleeved top to go out in. Yes, it was very warm!

First job was to drop off a bag full of videos and books at the Hospice Bookshop and then a pair of jeans at my LNS, for them to be taken up, before venturing up the stairs to the Clinic to see Jan.

We relocated from Reception to the treatment room where she immediately weighed me and took my blood pressure. I had a nice surprise from the scales: despite a holiday that saw me eating potatoes a little more often than usual and snacking on tortilla chips during those Trivial Pursuits evenings (how can you not eat when everyone else is?) and keeping the bad habits occasionally since getting home the scales showed a weight drop! Now I'd have been quite happy with a maintaining week, ie: staying the same and that's what I fully expected, so it was great news to hear that some lbs had come off anyway. At the last weight in my weight was 12st 9lbs - this time it was 12st 4lbs......... 5lbs gone! Maybe it had something to do with all the walking around we did on holiday then all the activity during the mass sort out we've been having since coming home - no idea, but whatever it was it worked! LOL

The BP reading was a bit of an odd one: it was 108/87 with a pulse rate of 100. I had lugged a couple of heavy bags down the street on a warm day, walking relatively quickly, and climbed a flight of stairs not so long beforehand, so Jan made a note of it and decided to check it again at the end of the session.

Next she asked how I was and I told her about the relaxing holiday and Reiki treatment triggering off a mammoth clearing out session at home and how liberating I'd found it. As she says: every item we have in our home holds memories for us and they can absorb that essence, so as they build up so do all the vibes that come off them - as a Sensitive I would pick up on it and that's why I feel dragged down by it all and why getting rid of it makes me actually feel physically and mentally "lighter". It was so good to hear someone say I was a Sensitive. As I told Jan, for a long time I wondered if I did have any abilities because they were so hit and miss (with the health issues overtaking all else I seriously doubted it) but she told me when I first walked into the Clinic she recognised the abilities and saw me in exactly the same state as she was 8 years ago. I know I've always picked up on people's moods and the atmosphere in places - both can affect me, especially bad moods and atmospheres. Now I'm not just healing but developing, so am learning the proper skills to protect myself when needed.

Next was a discussion about monthly problems and moods. There was a bit of a scare with the monthly, with severe clotting, but Jan explained that the mass I lost was due to the herbs in my medicine causing a sloughing that's needed to stop me developing fibroids, which was a real risk (sorry, trying not to get too descriptive but it's difficult to explain without some details). Despite this I didn't feel particularly tired afterwards and had carried on at reasonably good energy levels during and afterwards. Combining this with the need to sort out and declutter at home Jan felt everything had come together and created a kind of watershed moment for me which resulted in a sudden release of pelvic congestion and mental blockages, allowing me to move forward. (I've felt that many things recently have been giving me lessons on letting go and this just reinforces that feeling). My memory, though it still has the odd off day, seems to be sharper too. Jan said the change in me was very noticeable, as I was looking much brighter, coming over as more energetic, positive and enthusiastic. Yes, I'm reclaiming the real me - the person I was before the agoraphobia and panic attacks and all the other health issues began and it feels good! :0)

As for the treatment: the herbal mix is to remain the same - herbs for hormonal balance, the fibroid deterrent and a couple for the blood pressure, nothing for Candida killing yet. The L-Glutamine is to continue for a little longer and am to carry on taking the Chromium Complex and Acidophilus as usual. When I let her know tomorrow how many L-Glutamine I have left she'll decide when to stop it, to restart me on the Candigest. I mentioned that my nails seem to be a little brittle at the moment so now have a 90 tablet course of Zinc supplement to take to help with that.

Time for the second BP reading and this was another bit of really good news. The new reading was: 123/84 with a pulse rate of 74........... basically a normal parameter reading! WhoooHooo! When I first went to the Clinic back in November 2008 my first reading was 150/97 - 6 months down the line and it's reading normal. Now that's what I call a result! Jan was so thrilled she asked if I would be willing to write a testimonial to be put on the Clinic's web site - I shall wait until next week then get my thinking cap on........ the biggest difficulty will be stopping myself from writing the usual essay! LMAO

Next appointment made and dues paid I thanked her and left as someone else arrived. Out on the street I promptly bumped into S, who's DS had been a friend of my DS in Infant and Junior School. I hadn't seen her for years (she started working, I got busy doing my own thing then developed the agoraphobia etc) and her first words after Hello were: you've lost weight! LOL We had a very quick potted history catch up and had to say our goodbyes but am hoping we'll bump into each other again soon. :0)

After a PO trip, a call in at Help the Aged for a nosey at the books (two leapt off the shelf begging to come home with me!*grin*), a stop off in the Hospice shop where I spotted and bought a gorgeous size 16 sun dress in peacock blues and greens (to wear around the house) and a little food shopping in Tesco Express I went home. I was melting by then and glad to get into the cooler air of the house.

Later in the day I managed to have a word with Gardener Pete next door (both chaps are called Pete - to save confusion one is referred to as Gardener Pete and the other Corus Pete, due to their jobs). He came round to look at some work that needs doing in our garden and to give me a price which then led on to him asking if we were ready to take out the conifers and get the adjoining fence put up. They are willing to go halves and Corus Pete can get the wood to put up a proper lapped fence, using the existing metal uprights (one he put up for his parents is still solid after 25 years, so it's quality!). Whilst I'll be sad to take away Poppa Blackbird's nesting site those conifers have to go: we're not getting any younger and can do without all that trimming, plus it'll enable us to grow fruit trees along the fence - something we've wanted to do for a long time. I plan on planting a proper tree in the garden before long, in the hopes that Poppa Blackbird will forgive us and happily move his nesting site into that. We looked at trees at the weekend and feel a weeping silver birch would be more suitable than the mountain ash we'd previously been thinking of. Spotted just the right one with a nice vibe to it - just need to decide exactly where it's going then prepare the area and we can go fetch it. It's so goood to know another big job will get done shortly and will lead on to improvements in my haven. :0)

Tomorrow is the long anticipated Angel Workshop at the Clinic so I'm now away to my bed. Expect a write up on that in the not too distant future. LOL


Julie said...

WTG on the weight loss and BP, fabulous. You know, your writing is sounding so much more upbeat too and you sound so enthusiastic about every aspect of your life too.

How lovely to get a compliment form someone you havent seen for ages, hope you get to meet up soon.

Karen said...

well done on your weight loss, sounds like you are doing well with your treatments
I am sure the blackbirds will forgive you